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How to Clean Shower Glass: A Handy Guide

Discover how to clean and maintain your shower glass with our step-by-step guide, including daily maintenance tips to keep it sparkling and spotless.

How to Clean Shower Glass: A Handy Guide

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July 2, 2024

Here’s my personal experience with robot vacuum cleaners, detailing my daily and weekly routine and what it’s like having one of these little helpers at home.

What It’s Like to Live with a Robot Vacuum

February 10, 2024

Wish your home would look as fresh as cleaning day, every day? Try a quick vac with a stick vac! Here’s our guide with the best stick vacuums in Australia, for carpets and floors that know our dusty country all too well.

Top 10 Best Stick Vacuum Cleaners

February 10, 2024

An outstanding stick vacuum that effortlessly alleviates the burdens of daily cleaning tasks. It offers a delightful user experience, boasts a plethora of practical features, provides robust suction power, and is exceptionally easy to maintain.

Shark Detect Pro Cordless Vacuum Review

February 10, 2024

Are you a frizz fighter, a lion mane tamer, or looking to keep curls cute? We’ve got your hair hassles sorted with the best hair dryers that will keep you looking glossy and stylish all day long.

Top 10 Best Hair Dryers in Australia

February 10, 2024

Our review of the very first hair dryer from the Shark family, the Shark SpeedStyle, a premium, versatile tool that’s recommended for those ready to take the leap to a high-end product.

The Shark SpeedStyle RapidGloss Finisher & High-Velocity Dryer Review

January 17, 2024

We got our hands on the Ninja Blast Portable Blender and gave it a thorough test over a few days. In this review we share our thoughts on this unique product.

The Ninja Blast Portable Blender Review

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