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about us

We help Aussie families make better choices


BestForHome is an Australian based online magazine made by Australian parents and writers, who decided to devote their time to provide fresh, easily digestible and always up-to-date buying guides with the best products for Aussie homes.

BestForHome is your go-to spot to find the right information to make informed decisions when shopping for yourself and your family in every category of home products.

Our opinion on the products selected is unbiased, we do not receive any compensation based on the products we choose to write about.

BestForHome is readers supported, when you purchase products through our affiliate links, we may earn a commission, at no extra cost for the buyer.

We do the research

Here’s how we work. We identify the products our readers want to know more about and we search the latest trends on the market. Our goal is to find products that satisfy the purpose and suit every pocket. That’s why we cover every price range for each product category, our buying guides and lists of the best products to buy are usually listed from the premium to the more affordable choices.

Have you ever found yourself needing something desperately and at the same time being lost among countless options? This is when BestForHome comes in. We analyse multiple options and pick only the best products for each category that will be featured in our practical and thorough buying guides. We make sure to include all the important features, so that you can’t go wrong and we give our own opionions on the selected product, with an emphasis on “who the product is for” and “what kind of use”.

But wait, there’s more! We don’t just cover the technical part, we also share our own experience and give you extra tips and tricks you can’t find on the instruction manual.

We really hope you find this website useful and user-friendly, we’d love to hear your feedback on what we can do better (here’s our contact page), and if any of our content has been useful to you, please consider sharing with friends and family!

the BFH Team