About BestForHome

At bestforhome.com.au, our aim is to bring our readers easy-to-understand recommendations on the best products to buy for home, along with guides and tips on how to choose.

By scouring online information, selecting products that are loved, and leveraging our own experience we put together buyers guides that we hope are found useful across Australia.

We provide information filtered and processed by locals, to locals. For us, it’s important that the tips provided in this website are relevant to Aussies.

Our methodology

  1. For each of our guides, we first come up with what to look for when choosing. We make a list of the essential features a product must-have, and a list of the extra nice-to-have features.
  2. We look at what the current market has to offer.
  3. We then go ahead and analyse each product based on their features, real reviews, technical specs and price, and we come up with a shortlist of what we think are the best products.
  4. We aim to give a suitable option at every price point, we generally list products from premium to budget so our readers can pick within their preferred range.
  5. We work with great Aussie writers who share our passion of doing research and learning about users' experiences. By reading real online reviews, comparing technical specs, analysing value for money at the time of writing, and all aspects of the products that we select, we provide our readership with information that can help make better purchasing decisions.

Our sources and inspirations are: 

  • mainstream reviews and comparison websites (such as productreview.com.au, choice.com.au, canstarblue.com.au and others);
  • online stores real customers reviews;
  • technical reviews;
  • manufacturers’ technical information;
  • videos and demonstrations;
  • our own experience.

Our opinion on the products selected is unbiased, we do not receive any compensation based on the products we choose to write about, and we aim to keep our guides as fresh as possible, by updating our content as often as required.

How we make money

We monetise our site by affiliating with online stores, which means when you purchase items through our links, we may earn a commission of the sale, at no additional cost to you.

We strive to provide our readers with the best possible solution for their needs. If you’re looking to buy a product, we want you to find the right one for you, at a reasonable price, available in Australia at the time of reading.

For this, we have partnered with amazon.com.au and ebay.com.au, as platforms that our readers can trust and confidently buy from. As such, bestforhome.com.au is part of the Amazon Associates Program and the eBay Partner Network.

If our site’s content is useful to you, every time you buy products through our links you will support us, so we can keep doing what we are doing.

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Mattia Callian

Mattia Callian (Founder and editor) - lives in Sydney, he’s a full-time dad and husband, and a part-time dreamer. When he’s not changing a nappy or cleaning his home, you can find him wandering around with his camera.