Best Air Fryers for healthier fried foods: Our Top 10 Picks

For a healthier alternative to indulge in some of our favourite fried foods with less oil, here are our top picks for the best air fryers in Australia, helping you decide which one is right for your needs, with a handy guide on what to consider when buying one.

best air fryer australia

Air fryers are benchtop cooking appliances that function like a mini oven, rapidly circulating hot air around your food for swift and crispy cooking. Basically, they are the opposite of a slow cooker, cooking high and fast, instead of low and slow.

Although most models are designed solely to air fry, some models come equipped with multifunctional cooking methods. Some can be used to roast, steam, grill, and bake your food, while others are even equipped to pressure cook and slow cook, making them a great versatile kitchen appliance.

Just like with an oven, food being cooked in an air fryer needs to be regularly rotated or shaken to ensure even cooking and browning. There are three different ways this can be achieved, depending on the model chosen: pull out drawer (shaken), stirrer, or rotating basket.

If you enjoy fried foods like chicken wings and French fries but want to cut back on unhealthy eating, an air fryer allows you to cook food with a similar result, using much less oil. Not only that, but there are also a multitude of snacks and meals you can prepare with an air fryer, like crispy skin salmon, fritters, pizza, vegetable chips, desserts and much more.

Air fryers usually have a simple design, are easy-to-use, with little food prep required. Some foods can be cooked within 10-20 minutes, making them super convenient for people with busy lifestyles and a great choice for families.

Deciding on the right air fryer can be an overwhelming process. But whether your focus is on budget or owning a model with all the features, there will be something in this list that is right for you, with our 10 best picks for air fryers in Australia, listed below.

Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer

1. Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer

A high-performance air fryer oven with a multitude of cooking functions

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The Breville Smart Oven Air is larger than most air fryers, and heavier, but with a 22L capacity and a wide selection of cooking methods, it is the perfect substitute for people that do not own an oven or great for people that like to entertain.

With an LCD display for easy use, you can choose from 13 pre-set cooking functions, including, broil, bake, roast, warm, reheat, and much, much more. You can even slow cook and dehydrate with this multifunctional air fryer oven. And with temperature settings that range from 25- 250 degrees Celsius, this unit provides total versatility.

Brevilles Smart Oven Air is made from brushed stainless steel, for safe cooking and easy cleaning. Cleaning and maintenance of this unit should be treated much like a regular oven to keep it in pristine working condition, removing stains and wiping spills after every use.

Although this unit is one of the most expensive on the market, the Breville Smart Oven is one of the best rated air fryers, with some reviews stating that it is so good it has overtaken the use of their regular ovens at home.

Breville ensures you get full use out of the Smart Oven, providing accessories to help get you started, including a 13" pizza pan, 2 x oven racks, a 9"x13" broil rack and enamel roasting pan, and a mesh basket rack for dehydrating and air frying. 

Philips Digital XXL Premium Air Fryer

2. Philips Digital XXL Premium Air Fryer

A powerful, family sized unit for quick healthy snacks and meals

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One of the best digital air fryers is the Philips XXL, designed to cater for the whole family and equipped with enough room to cook up to 6 portions at a time. It can even fit a whole chicken. Not only can you air fry with this unit, but it provides you with other cooking functions including grill, bake, and roast.

With an easy-to-use digital display, you can select from 5 pre-set cooking programs. From quick healthy snacks to full family meals, the smart sensor technology automatically adjusts the time and temperature for effortless perfect results. And with its fat removal technology, it is one of the healthiest ways to create some of your favourite fried food dishes and more.

The Philips AirFryer is equipped with instant heat-up so it is always ready to get started. The Keep Warm function gives you the flexibility to serve when it suits you, keeping your dish warm for up to 30 minutes. And to save time and ensure hassle-free clean-up, all removable parts are dishwasher safe.

Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer

3. Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer

An air fryer with slow-cooking and pressure-cooking abilities

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The Instant Pot Duo Crisp is one of the best air fryers on the market, with the versatility of a multi-cooker. It provides a multitude of cooking functions and features making it the ultimate choice for home master chefs and culinary explorers, or people looking for an all-in-one cooking appliance.

The Duo Crisp + Air Fryer is equipped with 11 one-touch cooking functions. With an 8L capacity and 1500W heating element, you can cook frozen foods straight from the freezer with little preheating time.

Equipped with two different cooking lids, the pressure cooker lid offers 6 wet cooking functions: use it to quickly pressure cook, sauté, steam, slow cook, sous vide and warm. And the Air Fryer lid offers 5 crisp cooking functions: use it to quickly air fry, roast, bake, broil and dehydrate.

We love that you can customise the time and temperature for total control and even save your presets for that extra convenience. The delay start function ensures dinner is ready when you want it to be, for flexible serving times.

Although, still quite high up in the price range, this unit provides you with more than just air frying. It is a super versatile, cooking appliance with sleek surfaces that wipe clean. And for that extra convenience, the pot, air fry basket, and broil/dehydrating tray are all dishwasher safe.

De'Longhi Ideal Fry

4. De'Longhi Ideal Fry

A large capacity air fryer with a double heating system

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The DeLonghi Ideal Fry delivers a large air fryer that can feed up to 8 people, ideal for bulk cooking and large families. It is crammed with tech for easy use and includes a digital display, labelled buttons, pre-set programmes, and a removable transparent lid.

This unit is equipped with a double heating system for rapid cooking with a 1400W upper element and a 300W lower element, with the option to just use the upper element on its own. With an adjustable thermostat, you can choose from 4 different levels for temperature settings.

Although the DeLonghi Ideal Fry does not come with a stirrer, it does come with a lightweight pan designed so you can easily shake your food for even cooking and browning.

This unit is made from non-stick coating and plastic, which are not our favourite materials to use for cooking. The removable pan and lid will need to be washed by hand. However, this is a great stand-alone air fryer if you are looking for one without the other added cooking functions and want one solely for air frying.

Instant Pot Vortex Plus

5. Instant Pot Vortex Plus

A fast heating, versatile Air Fryer for the whole family

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The Instant Pot Vortex Plus is a great large capacity air fryer available for under $200. It heats in a fraction of the time of a regular oven, so whether cooked from fresh or frozen, it can deliver crispy fries, beautifully browned vegetables, and even a whole chook in no time at all.

Use the preset smart programs to easily air fry, roast, broil, bake, reheat, or dehydrate your favourite foods. You can also use this unit to reheat leftovers without overcooking them. The simple touch controls are easy to use, and the Vortex Plus will remember your settings, so your favourite dishes can be made with the touch of a button.

The Vortex Plus helps to keep your kitchen clean with minimal grease and minimal mess, and the air fryer's sleek surfaces are easy to wipe clean. Plus, the air fryer basket and cooking tray are removable and dishwasher safe for that added convenience at the end of the day.

Philips Daily Collection

6. Philips Daily Collection Air Fryer

A smaller capacity air fryer with multifunctional cooking features

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The Philips Daily Collection offers an all-in-one solution for your kitchen and is our top pick for the best small air fryer. With its adjustable temperature control and timer, you can fry, grill, bake, and roast. Holding an 800gm capacity, it is not the biggest on this list, however, it is the perfect size for small households or couples.

Its integrated timer allows you to pre-set cooking times of up to 30 minutes. And the auto-off function includes a useful "ready" sound indicator. The fully adjustable temperature control allows you to pre-set the ideal cooking temperature for your food up to 200 degrees Celsius.

The unique starfish design on the bottom of this Philips AirFryer facilitates air circulation, ensuring your favourite foods cook evenly, with healthy and tasty results. This unit does not come with a stirrer, so the basket will need to be shaken to ensure even browning. However, the removable non-stick coated drawer and the food basket are dishwasher safe for a quick and easy clean up. 

Tefal Easy Fry Classic

7. Tefal Easy Fry Classic

An affordable, family sized air fryer with various cooking functions

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The Tefal Easy Fry Classic delivers a large capacity air fryer in a compact, modern design, at a super affordable rate. With a 4.2L capacity, you can prepare up to 6 portions of food at a time, perfect for busy families on a budget.

Not only can you air fry with the Tefal Easy Fry, but you also have the options to grill, roast, and bake all your favourite recipes. With high precision temperatures ranging between 80-200°C, its air pulse technology provides hot cyclonic airflow that produces an irresistible crispy outside.

You can customise your cooking with the adjustable temperature and 60-minute timer. Once your food is ready, this unit has an auto off setting and auto ring bell to let you know when the cooking process is complete.

With handy removable parts that are dishwasher safe, cleaning up takes no time at all. While the removable non-stick grid helps to capture the oil from the bottom for healthier recipes.

Healthy Choice 12 L Air Fryer

8. Healthy Choice 12L Air Fryer

A large air fryer that can also function as a rotisserie or dehydrator

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This Healthy Choice Air Fryer comes with a 12L capacity, large enough for a whole chicken or turkey. With an impressive 10 in-built cooking programs, you can choose from chips, beef, prawn, bake, chicken pieces, steak, fish, whole chicken, dehydrator and defrost. With so many options to choose from and a capacity to feed the masses, this unit is a great budget solution for large families or people who like to entertain.

Watch as your food fries, grills, roasts, or bakes its way to perfection behind the secure, retro glass viewing window which is also conveniently removable for easy cleaning. Packed with useful features, the Healthy Choice 12L is equipped with a 360° food rotating system, a 60-minute timer, removable door, and 3 separate layers for simultaneous cooking.

We love that this unit can also be used as a rotisserie and dehydrator. The dehydrate cooking program offers a time setting of 24 hours and temperatures ranging from 30°C – 80°C. The Healthy Choice is also backed with overheat protection, so you don’t have to worry about it overcooking your food, or the unit itself overheating.

Loaded with a rolling cage, rotisserie fork, three mesh racks, mesh tray, drip tray and cage tongs, this air fryer is packed with the accessories you need to get started straight away. 

Healthy Choice 7.1L Digital Air Fryer

9. Healthy Choice 7.1L Air Fryer

A super affordable unit that can cater for large families

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The Healthy Choice 7.1L air fryer is an easy-to-use unit with digital touch controls, great for people or families after a large capacity air fryer for under $100. The 7.1L capacity means that you can air fry up to 2.5kgs of chips, which also provides ample space for cooking up all your other favourite recipes.

With a 60-minute timer and seven convenient pre-set cooking programs including chips, steak, prawn, bake, chicken, beef, and fish, you will be on your way to healthier cooking and delicious meals in no time.

This state-of-the-art multifunctional air fryer uses advanced ‘turbo air’ technology, mimicking what oil does to food when frying, without having to add much oil at all. Simply add your ingredients into this family-sized unit, select a program and wait as it circulates, ‘superheated’ air ranging from 80-200 degrees Celsius for perfect results.

The Healthy Choice is equipped with a non-stick detachable drawer and pan insert, with all parts being dishwasher for quick and easy clean up.

Healthy Choice 3.5L Air Fryer

10. Healthy Choice 3.5L Air Fryer

The most affordable, small air fryer on the market

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Finally, just one more unit to add from the Healthy Choice Family. This smaller unit comes with a 3.2L capacity, ideal for singles, couples, and small households. This compact air fryer is super easy to control – simply set the timer, set the temperature, and walk away.

This sleek fryer is moderately priced and will fit perfectly in any kitchen. With 1400 Watts and an internal temperature ranging from 80-200 °C, it is a powerful little machine. Equipped with Healthy Choice’s advanced ‘turbo air’ technology, it mimics what oil does to food when frying, without having to add much oil at all.

The non-stick detachable drawer and food basket pull out from the bottom, and although it can be a little fiddly to get it back in, it’s dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning, which more than makes up for any fidgeting you may have to do.

How to choose the right Air Fryer for your needs

Air fryers are fairly new to the market, so there's not much info out there on what makes a good air fryer. When it comes to air fryers, the biggest difference in makes and models are generally determined by capacity and cooking features. Ultimately your choice will come down to personal preferences and of course, budget. We have listed a few tips below, that should help you decide on the right one for you.


Many air fryer models will describe their size in litres or kilograms. However, the litre conversion to the actual cooking capacity can sometimes be misleading. It is always helpful to check the actual working capacity or number of portions the unit can cook, to determine the appropriate size.

It is also important to note that air fryers can take up a lot of bench or storage space. They work best when they have a little extra room for ventilation, so an XXL model may not be the best choice if you have limited space in your kitchen.


The best type of air fryer is going to be an easy one to clean. Keep your eye out for easily removable and dishwasher safe parts. This will make a huge difference at the end of a busy day, keeping the mess and stress to a minimum.


Your budget is also an important factor to consider. But luckily, there is a wide selection of air fryers available ranging from as little as $60, up to the more premium models that can cost up to $500.


Many air fryers also come with multifunctional cooking features, for example: grill, bake, fry, roast. Choosing an air fryer with various cooking methods may increase the price tag a little, but they can be great value for money if you are looking for an all-in-one appliance and ideal for people that do not have a lot of room in their kitchens for multiple appliances.

If you are thinking about purchasing an air fryer with multifunctional properties, you might also like to check out our post on the best Multi-Cookers in Australia. Again, there is a wide selection to choose from, at various price points to suit different preferences and needs.