Top 10 Baby Bouncers, Swings and Rockers in Australia 2021

Baby bouncers and swings provide parents and carers with more hands-free time, while keeping their baby entertained (or better, asleep) and safe. Here’s a look at our top 10 picks for the best baby bouncers and swings, suited to varied budgets and preferences.

best baby bouncer and swing australia

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Babies love to be held and feel supported, particularly in their first year of life when they still want to be close to Mum. But we understand Mum and Dad can’t always be there to hold their baby, especially when they have multiple children and busy routines. Baby bouncers and swings are a great investment that can make your life easier and enable you to have some hands-free time, with peace of mind knowing your baby is safe and secure.

Baby bouncers, swings, and rockers are designed to provide the nurturing comfort your little one longs for, equipped with added features providing entertainment and enrichment like music, sound, toys, vibrations, and movement. Not only that, bouncers and swings provide the building blocks to learning and engaging with different stimuli. Your baby will learn how to entertain themselves and be comfortable on their own, while developing their motor and interaction skills, reaching for toys, and listening to new and different sounds.

While they all come with many similar features, there is a slight distinction between bouncers and swings, differing in their purpose and function.

  • Baby bouncers - designed for entertainment and playtime. They are usually more portable and often use your own baby’s movements to create a gentle bouncing motion. These are great for developing motor skills and encouraging your child to balance and walk, while ensuring they are fully supported and secure.
  • Baby swings and rockers - their primary objective is to soothe your baby to sleep. They are often equipped with several speed modes, with some offering extra features like soothing sounds, music, toys, and vibrations.
  • Hybrids - some models offer the best of both worlds, providing you with a versatile product that can act as both a bouncer and/or swing. These multifunctional models generally require a bigger upfront investment, but it can save you money, time, and space in the long run, especially if you have multiple children.

As parents, we understand the frustration and confusion when it comes to choosing the safest and most comfortable bouncer or swing for your child. That is why we’ve created this lits of our favourite bouncers, swings and rockers currently available on the Australian market, with tips and advice on what to consider when buying one.

Graco Duet Connect

1. Graco Duet Connect

High quality automatic baby bouncer and swing

What we like
  • 2-in-1 bouncer and swing
  • Roomy seat and removable pillow
  • Multiple speed settings
  • Electric or battery powered
What could be better
  • A bit noisy when motor is in use
  • Only rocks side to side
  • Bottom leg strap is unadjustable
  • Mobile does not spin

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The best baby bouncer and swing combo on the Australian market is the Graco Duet Connect for its wonderfully versatile product that conveniently acts as both a bouncer and swing, offering soothing music to comfort your baby. This model is best suited for babies 1 month old and up, holding a maximum capacity of 13kgs.

The Duet Connect comes with some new features including two vibration settings and six swing speeds which enable you to choose the right motion that best suits your bub. 

We love that this bouncer also comes with a hanging mobile equipped with three plush toys to keep your baby comforted, engaged, and occupied. But that's not all, the Graco Duet Connect also comes with 10 melodies and 5 nature sounds for soothing purposes and entertainment. Keep in mind the motor may emit a slight noise due to the vibration features it offers.

This model is ideal for families with small living space as it provides you with a 2-in-1 product with great portability, easy to maneuver around the home. The best part is, it is both battery and electric powered for longevity and convenience.

4moms mamaRoo

 Best For Colics 

2. 4moms mamaRoo

A unique anti-colic baby bouncer with bluetooth connectivity

What we like
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Adjustable seat recline
  • Multiple adjustable settings
  • Machine washable seat cover
What could be better
  • Only be used for up to 6 months
  • No vibration feature
  • Not portable
  • Expensive

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The 4moms mamaRoo infant seat has anecdotally proven to be one of the top baby bouncers for colic and reflux designed to mimic parent-like or familiar movements and equipped with an adjustable recline, ideal for settling and comforting restless and colicky babies.

This bouncer is suitable for newborns up to 6 months of age, with a maximum holding capacity of 11kgs. This is an expensive investment for a product that's only designed for use in babies 0-6months. However, if you are planning to expand your family or have multiple young children, the 4moms mamaRoo can be a useful product to invest in.

This bouncer was designed to move up and down and side to side, mimicking the way mum and dad move when they hold their baby, offering comfort that is familiar and reassuring. It is also equipped with 5 unique motions (car ride, tree swing, wave, kangaroo, or rock-a-bye) and 5 speeds, with a total of 25 different combinations, ideal for customising the experience to suit your bub best.

The 4moms mamaRoo is not very portable as it is powered via an AC adapter and it does not have a vibration option, but we believe this bouncer is equipped with enough features that prove effective including 4 built-in nature sounds and the ability to connect any smart device via Bluetooth.

Babybjorn Bouncer Bliss

3. Babybjorn Bouncer Bliss

A simple, comfortable and highly portable baby bouncer

What we like
  • Lightweight and folds flat
  • Simple and easy to use
  • No batteries or cords required
  • Use up to 2 years of age
What could be better
  • Unadjustable bouncing movement
  • No toy bar/rack
  • Expensive

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The Babybjorn Bouncer Bliss is extremely easy to use and super lightweight for portability inside or outside your home. This product can be used as a bouncer and/or chair from birth up to 2 years of age, holding a maximum weight of 13kgs.

It offers three different positions for play, rest, or sleep with the natural rocking movements generated by you or the child, further developing their motor skills and balance. The ergonomic design provides the ideal support for your baby’s back, neck, and head.

The seat cover is conveniently removable and machine washable. The great thing about these seat covers is that BabyBjorn offers a variety of different materials, patterns, and colours that are all designed to fit this chair, delivering easy access and availability for replacements and spares.

This is a classic among the vast range of baby bouncers available and truly delivers a practical product that will allow you to have more hands-free time, while knowing your little bub is safe, secure, and comfortable. It is highly rated by parents and praised for having no batteries or cords, with the ability to fold flat for easy transport and storage.

Fisher-Price On-The-Go Swing

4. Fisher-Price On-The-Go Swing

A lightweight travel baby swing for indoor and outdoor use

What we like
  • Great portability for home or travel
  • Adjustable soothing features
  • Easy to use and store
  • Weather resistant control panel
What could be better
  • Batteries not included
  • No reclining adjustability
  • Straps are tight on larger babies

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A great portable baby swing on the market is the Fisher-Price On-The-Go Swing for its portability and functionality for indoor and outdoor use, suitable for newborns up to 9 months. This swing has been designed lightweight for one-handed lifting, ideal for multitasking parents and families with multiple kids. It holds a maximum weight of 11kgs.

The Fisher-Price On-The-Go Swing comes packed with adjustable features, including 6 swing speeds, vibrations, 12 songs, and 3 sounds. With outdoor use in mind, this swing has been designed with a retractable sun blocking canopy (UPF 20 sun protection) to keep your little one protected, as well as a handy weather resistant control panel and machine washable seat pad.

Don’t forget to purchase your batteries before unpacking this box. It will require 4 C batteries and ongoing replacements. We love that this swing folds compact and free standing with a convenient ergonomic carry handle, so you can store it anywhere in your home or pack it to go.

Chicco Hoopla Arch Hammock

5. Chicco Hoopla Arch Hammock

A versatile infant seat with multifunctional features

What we like
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Adjustable front feet
  • Big padded seat
  • Engaging toy bar
What could be better
  • Slippery fabric
  • Fiddly folding hammock

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The best baby bouncer for travel is the Chicco Hoopla Arch Hammock, a high-quality portable infant seat that functions as a bouncer, rocker, and chair, praised by parents for its adjustable features and comfortable design. It can be used from birth up to 18kg.

Parents love that this bouncer comes with a removable padded reducer, ideal for supporting newborns and small babies. This reducer can be removed as your child grows with the seat, which means you can still use it into their toddler years, utilising it more like a chair.

The Chicco Hoopla Arch Hammock is a versatile seat and can be used in rocking chair mode or fixed hammock mode. The great thing about this bouncer is that it allows your baby to rock themselves with their own body movements, which seems to be an effective way to get your baby to sleep.

This seat also comes with a 4-position reclining backrest for comfort and a removable, machine washable seat cover for easy cleaning. This bouncer does not fold flat but does pack down for storage. We love that the Chicco Hoopla comes with a toy bar with 3 hanging plush toys that are great for sensory, cognitive, and motor development.

Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker

6. Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker

An all-in-one versatile baby rocker, infant chair, and toddler seat

What we like
  • Grows with your baby
  • Removable toy bar
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Vibrating feature
What could be better
  • Battery not included
  • 5-point harness would be preferred
  • Assembly is required, tools not provided

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The Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler is our favourite baby rocker for families on a budget, as it delivers a versatile 3-in-1 chair that grows with your child and functions as a portable infant recliner, rocking chair, and stationary toddler seat, holding up to 18kgs.

This rocker comes with a deep padded seat with 2 comfy reclining positions, but can also be used as a stationary chair with the fold out kickstand which provides stability and support. We love that this seat comes with a removable toy bar, including two cute bat-at toys, and can be synced with calming vibrations for the ultimate soothing experience.

The Infant-to-Toddler Rocker is battery powered (1D alkaline, not included), so be sure to factor in the ongoing cost for replacements. Designed with a 3-point safety harness for security and machine washable seat pad for easy cleaning.

Childcare Pendule Cradle Swing

 Best For Newborn 

7. Childcare Pendule Cradle Swing

An electric baby swing with multiple features

What we like
  • Adjustable recline
  • Removable overhead mobile
  • Multiples adjustable features
  • 5-point safety harness
What could be better
  • 9kg Weight limit
  • Bulky and takes up space

The best baby swing in the mid price range is The Childcare Pendule Cradle Swing, a great value for money product offering an electronic swing with multiple adjustable features, perfect for customising to your little ones needs. Suitable for newborns, holding a maximum weight of 9 kg.

This swing comes equipped with 5 speed settings, soothing vibrations, and features 12 different musical melodies, making this swing a versatile product that can cater to different moods and needs. We love that the Childcare Pendule comes with a detachable mobile inclusive of three plush animal toys, great for enrichment, entertaining, and comforting your child.

It weighs a little more than your average bouncer or swing due to all the extra features that come with it, weighing approximately 6.1 kg, but it is still somewhat portable. Keep in mind, due to the electronic mechanism, this swing may create a little noise when in use.

This is a durable product that will enable your baby to engage and respond to the music and entertainment provided, all while knowing they are safe and comfortable, strapped in with a secure 5-point safety harness.

Ingenuity SmartBounce

8. Ingenuity SmartBounce

Durable and practical automatic baby bouncer

What we like
  • Easy to assemble
  • Detachable toy canopy
  • Automatic, continuous bounce
  • Durable battery life
What could be better
  • Lowest volume is quite loud
  • Makes a bit of noise when rocking
  • Batteries not included

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The Ingenuity SmartBounce is a great choice for parents or carers looking to catch a few extra moments of hands-free time, as it is equipped with a 30-minute automatic continuous bounce at 2 gentle speeds, with a 3-point safety harness for security. This bouncer is most suitable for newborns up to 6-9 months, with a limited weight capacity of 9kg.

With an easy-to-use and easy-to-reach control panel, the Ingenuity Smart Bounce offers 8 melodies, and 3 nature sounds with volume and speed control, perfect for settling your little one and customising their preferences. 

The Ingenuity SmartBounce comes with a removable reducer and an adjustable and removable toy canopy for your baby’s comfort and entertainment. It is powered by 3 C batteries (not included), with a convenient 30-minute auto shut off, extending your battery life which adds longevity to the product itself. Made with machine washable fabric in gender neutral tones, this bouncer is easy to maintain and suitable for both boys and girls.

Ingenuity Comfort 2 Go

9. Ingenuity Comfort 2 Go

A full-sized baby swing with multiple adjustable features

What we like
  • Easy assembly
  • Removable toy bar
  • Multiple adjustable features
  • Good portability
What could be better
  • Not ideal for small newborns
  • Regular battery replacement

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The Ingenuity Comfort 2 Go delivers a full-sized baby swing with a convenient portable design that folds and stores flat and is super lightweight, ideal for apartment dwellers and busy families on-the-go

This rocker states that it is suitable for babies 0-9 months, although some reviewers found the seat to be too deep for their newborns who needed more head and neck support with an additional pillow or bolster. Parents have seen the best results with this rocker for babies aged 4-6 weeks and up. It has a maximum holding capacity of 9kgs

We love that this swing comes with a simple control panel on the side, equipped with multiple adjustable features including 3 timer settings, 8 melodies with volume control, 6 swings speeds, and recliner adjustability. Due to its slim fold design, it is super easy to transport making it perfect for Mum groups, picnics, gatherings, and grandparents. 

The Ingenuity Comfort 2 Go is battery operated (4 C batteries, not included), so be sure to factor that into your budget as this will be an ongoing cost for replacements. Your little bub will be soothed and entertained with their cute plush forest friends toy bar, which is removable at your convenience. The seat pad and head rest is machine washable and you will have peace of mind knowing your baby is kept safe and secure in their sturdy 5-point harness.

Ingenuity Ity

10. Ingenuity Ity

A simple and practical cradling rocker

What we like
  • No assembly required
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Adjustable recline
  • Easy to use
What could be better
  • No toy rack/bar

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The Ingenuity Ity baby rocker is one of the most affordable products on the market, delivering a simple yet practical model that provides great portability, ideal for families living in two-storey homes or large living spaces as it is super lightweight and easy to maneuver around the home. This rocker is suitable to use from birth up to 6-9months, holding a maximum capacity of 9kgs.

We love the modern and aesthetically pleasing design which makes a fitting addition to any home, with neutral patterns suited for both boys and girls. It does not come with a toy bar or many additional features, but is equipped with an adjustable 3-point safety harness keeping your little one secure, and 3 reclining positions providing the ideal comfort and support.

The best thing about the Ingenuity Ity is that it comes ready-to-use straight out of the box, no batteries or assembly required. The metal frame can be easily spot cleaned with a damp cloth and soapy water, while the seat pad is removable and machine washable for added convenience.

How to choose a baby bouncer

There are so many innovative and practical features that the modern bouncers and swings have to offer these days, which can be overwhelming and confusing at first. However, we have listed some important features to consider when making your decision to hopefully help and guide you to picking the right one for your baby.

Features to consider

Safety and comfort. Safety first. All parents want that peace of mind, knowing that their baby is safe, secure, and comfortable. So, there are a few features to look out for that will ensure you have chosen the right bouncer or swing for your little one.

  • Safety harness (5-point preferred, but 3-point will do the job)
  • Weight limit or age restrictions
  • Non-slip legs or fold out kickstand (stable and sturdy the base)
  • Auto shut off technology
  • Padded seats
  • Adjustable recline
  • Safe, kid-friendly materials
  • Attachable pillows/head support
  • Removable reducer (reducers provide better support for newborns and small babies)

Cleaning. Most current models available today come with removable and machine washable seat covers. But just to be sure, we find it helps to look at the care instructions of each product you consider as it is the best way of knowing whether your chosen bouncer or swing is machine washable and helps you determine how easy it is to assemble and disassemble.

Size and Portability. We are lucky that there are so many innovative products available, with most offering compact and foldable models for portability and travel. However, some bouncers and swings can be bulkier than others so it’s important to measure the space you plan to use, in order to fit the right dimensions. The bulkier models often come with more durability but are best used in fixed positions as they can be difficult to move.

Some brands specifically design their products with portable capabilities, including battery power, flat folding designs, detachable features, and some even come with ergonomic handles designed for easy transport.

Power source. Most baby swings and bouncers are battery operated which can be great for portability, but some models require an electrical outlet and must remain plugged in to function. If you’re lucky, you can find some products that offer both options. If you don’t want to concern yourself with cords or batteries, you could consider one that does not have a motor, instead the gentle movements are generated by you or your baby.

Return policy. These products don’t come cheap and often require a hefty investment for a product you can’t guarantee to be effective until you get it home for your baby to try. Not every baby or parent is the same, and there will be varied opinions of each model. Check the return policy and warranty for the products you are considering. This can save you a headache if you were to get home and find the product is not right for either you, your baby, or your home.

Additional Features. Although they are not all necessary for your chosen bouncer or swing to function, there are some great additional features that can add value to your babies bouncing or swinging experience.

  • Multifunctional use (Recliner, bouncer, and chair)
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Toy bar/mobile
  • Vibration
  • Light
  • Music and sounds