10 Best Baby Bouncers and Swings in Australia

Here’s a list of the 10 best baby bouncers and swings in Australia, so you can find the right one for some me-time, while keeping baby entertained and safe. In our guide, you’ll find swings and bouncers for every budget and taste.

best baby bouncer and swing australia

Babies love to be held and to cuddle, especially in their first couple of months, when they still want to be close to mommy. Baby bouncers and swings are designed to provide the comfort they long for, along with some entertainment with music and toys, as well as soothing through vibrations and swinging motion.

Not only baby bouncers and swings will make your life easier and enable you to have some hands-free time, but also, they will provide a unique possibility for your baby to learn how to entertain on their own and even develop their motor skills and start to exercise while reaching for toys and rocking.

While baby bouncers and swings have many similar features, there are also some key differences between them that may be important for you when deciding for the best choice.

Bouncers are used for entertainment and playtime. They are usually more portable and often use baby’s movements for motion, thus enabling a gentle and natural pace of rocking.

Baby swings and rockers’ primary objective, on the other hand, is to put baby to sleep. There are several speed moods, while music and other technological features can be very relaxing for little babies.

Some models offer the best of both worlds, with both options of bouncing and swinging in one product. These types generally require a bigger upfront investment, but are way worth it for space and time saving.

As parents, we understand the frustration when choosing the safest and most comfortable baby bouncer or swing. That is why we’ve created a list of the 10 best products currently available on the Australian market, for every budget and with different entertainment features.

In this article you will find the best models as well as some extra tips and hints to be aware of when buying a bouncer or swing. Let’s get right into it.

Graco Duet Connect

1. Graco Duet Connect

High quality automatic baby bouncer and swing

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One of the best baby bouncers and swings on the Australian market is definitely the Graco Duet Connect Swing + Bouncer. The possibility to have both options in one product is very convenient, and the music options it offers are also another interesting feature.

The infant bouncing seat is very comfortable for baby due to its head support addition. It also doubles as a portable bouncer, quite flexible for moving around the house.

There are some new features such as two speed vibration and six swinging speeds which enable us to choose just the right motion for baby. It comes with three soft toys to keep baby occupied while swinging or bouncing and even 10 different melodies and 5 nature sounds for entertainment.

We think this is a good automatic baby swing and bouncer as it has both options in hand for your convenience. You can also use is on battery or attached to an electricity outlet. Keep in mind that the motor might emit loud sounds due to the vibration features it offers.

2. 4moms mamaRoo

Great smart anti-colic bouncer

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The 4moms mamaRoo baby bouncer is considered one of the best baby swings for colic and reflux. It offers 5 motions and speeds, (car ride, tree swing, wave, kangaroo or rock-a-bye), and 4 built-in nature sounds or MP3 connection. This is a smart bouncer, since it is Bluetooth enabled, it can be easily operated through a compatible smart device for controlling the speed or sound volume.

What is especially good to know is that this product offers parent-like movements, which allows you to take a breath and leave the infant in a cosy and comfortable position. Baby can entertain in it from birth up to 12 kg and it is easy to use, just have to be plugged into a power outlet.

This is quite a compact product with unique options which are highly praised by parents and loved by babies. However, you should know that it does not have a vibration option and it comes with a 3 point harness.

The seat can be placed in multiple positions so that baby can sit up or lie back and look at the reversible overhead toy balls and interact. The seat is made of a soft, machine washable fabric, which is very convenient for moms.

3. Babybjorn Bouncer Bliss

Simple, comfortable and highly portable baby bouncer

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This simple and extremely lightweight model is one of the best baby bouncers Australia has on offer, it is very easy to use and carry around the house or elsewhere since it can fold to a flat position. It offers three different positions for playing, resting or sleeping with natural rocking movements made by you or the child, which further helps your infant’s development of motor skills.

It is highly rated by the parents, and we especially like the fact that there are no batteries or cords necessary, thus it makes no noise whatsoever, apart from your baby’s pleasant sounds. The Babybjorn Bouncer Bliss can be used from birth to approximately 2 years as a bouncer or chair afterwards.

The material is machine-washable and child-friendly. It is ergonomically shaped to perfectly fit the newborn’s body and evenly distributes its weight while offering great back, head and neck support.

This is a classic among the basic baby bouncers, it weighs only 2.3 kg and helps baby learn how to establish balance and play, with the coloured toys and rotating figures for more fun. You can perform your daily activities, without worrying about your baby’s comfort or safety, because she will fit perfectly in this bouncer and will have lots of fun.

4. Childcare Pendule Cradle Swing

Good value for money and various options in hand

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The Childcare Pendule Cradle Swing is yet another great electronic swing with 5 point safety harness. It has 5 swing speeds and features 12 different music sounds. Also, it has soothing vibrations and it is suitable for babies from birth up to 9 kg.

The reclining seat increases the comfortable feeling of the baby while gently swinging and enjoying the soothing vibrations of this swing. The crotch strap cover is perfect enough for your baby and will give you peace of mind.

It is also not much heavy, it weighs approximately 6.1 kg, which makes it somewhat portable and able to move around the house. It comes with a detachable toy bar and three animal toys. Keep in mind, due to the electronic additions it might be a bit noisy.

Baby will definitely soothe and entertain in this cradle, due to its specially reclined seat. It also provides extra safety as it has a crotch strap cover, which is compact and stylish. This is a durable product that will enable you to give the baby extra fun moments and music entertainment at an early age.

5. Chicco Hoopla Rocker

Compact baby rocker in Australia with stimulating features

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This is probably the lightest baby swing on the market and one of the best baby swing rockers on a budget. It weighs around 4.4 kg, which makes it highly convenient to fold and move around the house according to your needs, or transport elsewhere.

The Chicco Hoopla Rocker can be used from birth up to 18 kg, as a bouncer in the first 6 months, and as a chair afterwards. It does have a small weight limit of around 9 kg, so it might not be suitable for bigger babies. It has 4 adjustable positions and side pulsates for quick and easy regulation.

The fabric is quite simple to remove and washable, very convenient for tiny messy babies and busy moms. It has 6 songs and 6 natural sounds and a toy bar with 3 hanging toys. It can also be a baby bouncer with various vibration modes and 4 options for the backrest.

The best feature of the rocker is the system for stimulation of baby’s sensory, cognitive and psychomotor development. It is an innovative SlideLine system, developed with psychologist’s aid, and enables you to slide the games along the toy bar, in order to create new game scenarios.

Ingenuity SmartBounce

6. Ingenuity SmartBounce

Durable and highly practical baby bouncer

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What is extraordinary about this baby bouncer is its 2 speed bounce that mimics the mother’s natural movement, as well as the 30 minutes continuous bouncing motion. This gives mom time for extra activities, assured that her baby has comfortable and entertaining moments in this cradle.

It is powered by batteries, but it has been optimised to have a better performance and the Hybridrive technology enables the batteries to last up to twice as long as traditional bouncers.

The Ingenuity Smart Bounce offers 5 swing speeds, 8 different songs and 3 nature sounds with volume control. It also has a detachable vibrating seat, a toy bar with 2 soft toys and 3 additional loops. It has a 3 point safety harness and the premium fabric is conveniently machine washable. You should know though that the maximum baby weight it can handle is only 9kg.

One of the best baby bouncer rockers on the market comes with an extra head support cushion that can be removed as the infant grows and a bolster cushion for baby’s maximum comfort. This versatile baby bouncer is suitable for traveling as it is light enough and the design is simple to fold.

Tiny Love 3 in 1 Close to Me

7. Tiny Love 3 in 1 Close to Me

Innovative height adjustable baby bouncer

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This is an excellent baby product, currently in line for a patent. It has unique 3 point adjustable height positions and up to 25 minutes of continuous soothing music. It offers 3 modes of usage.

In high position mode, baby is at eye-level and you can make her part of the everyday activities, having her close to you while having dinner on the dining table and start the solid feeding process easily.

In bouncer mode, baby relaxes through the calming vibrations and enjoys at sofa level while playing with the cute arc toys.

In soothing mode, baby enjoys exploring the environment in its reclined seat while listening to sounds.

Very easy to fold and store, due to its two rear wheels which enhance its compact design and make it highly movable. Also, it is an excellent baby exercise for the motor skills and practicing eye-hand coordination.

Tiny Love 3in1 Close to Me can be used from birth up to 18 kg and requires 3 x C batteries for operation. Great product with multiple functions and loved by the whole family. It might not be a rocker, but it does offer some calming vibrations.

8. Love N Care Rock My Baby Swing

High quality sturdy baby swing

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This is one lovely baby swing with dual position recline and 5 swing speeds. It also comes with 16 musical melodies and 2 sound levels which are programmable for 10, 15 or 30 minutes at a time. It offers the baby fun and safe entertainment through the 5 point safety harness and a special locking mechanism, as well as the removable and adjustable toy bar.

The head pillow is removable, while the swing’s fabric is washable. The swing is operated with an additional power adapter or D batteries. However, there are no vibration or rocking options.

It is very compact and portable, suitable ages are 6 months to 12 kg weight babies and it is available in two colours (pink and beige). It weighs 4.3 kg, and is one of the lightest on the market, and one of the best baby swing chairs at an affordable price.

The Love N Care Rock My Baby Swing is a good choice and offers high quality for greater comfort and child’s enjoyment. It is an absolutely great choice for playful moments with your infant in the convenience of your home.

Love N Care Harmony

9. Love N Care Harmony

Durable baby bouncer, perfect for traveling

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Another great baby bouncer is the Love N Care Harmony, which comes in grey or beige colour. It has a 3 point safety harness and a removable toy bar with colourful toys for your baby’s utmost security and entertainment. It is made from sturdy materials which makes it durable.

The best part and feature of this bouncer is that it does not require batteries, cords, adapters or something similar, as your baby’s natural motions will put it into operation at their own pace and speed. It also has a magnificent height adjustable feature and padded insert.

Very compact when folded, perfect enough for traveling or backyard activities with your baby’s company by your side. This baby bouncer is a good choice for your baby as it is one of the most lightweight on the market, with just under 3 kg weight.

This one does not have music or other electronic features for entertainment, and we definitely like its simplicity. This baby bouncer will enable you to have an extra hands-free time, as your baby will have so much fun while bouncing and entertaining on their own.

Fisher-Price Colourful Carnival

10. Fisher-Price Colourful Carnival

Very cute, two-in-one baby set

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This is currently one of the best swings for newborn on the Australian market, which could also serve as an infant seat, deep and comfortable. It is also quite versatile in its functions and options, such as 6 swing speeds, 12 songs and soothing sounds as well as calming vibrations.

The material on the seat pad, which is super soft, is machine-washable. It is easy to fold flat and it has a handle to carry with you when travelling.

Ths Fisher Price baby bouncer might be your perfect choice if you are looking for a practical swing to carry around and soothe your baby. The lovely little animal toys that come along enable the baby to exercise its motor skills and stimulate baby’s senses for reaching and colour recognition.

What we especially love about it is that it is an absolute space saver and budget friendly product, with a range of features for adjustment to just the right motion and speed. It has a weight limit up to 11.3 kg, or until your baby is approximately 9 months. Also, it requires four C alkaline batteries to operate properly.

How to choose a baby bouncer or baby swing

We believe that this might be one of the most important decisions that you will make when purchasing baby products, since there are so many innovative and practical features that the bouncers and swings have to offer.

Most of the babies just love to be cradled in these comfortable and high tech seats, and the experience shows that they enjoy some sensational and serenity moments while gently rocking and swinging.

Types of baby bouncers and swings

Here are the differences between the types of bouncers and swings, to minimise the surprise effect once you put your baby in it.

  • Baby bouncers are mainly used when the baby is awake and stimulates the baby to move and bounce so that he/she entertains. This is an amusing product as some of them have a vibration option which is particularly relaxing for the infant.
  • Baby swings are greatly loved by moms, because they make babies fall asleep. It is kind of like a car ride on car seats, so you should consider them if your baby has trouble falling asleep on his own. In order to move and swing for a long time, they must have an electrical motor, and that is why they are heavier than others, thus less movable.
  • Baby Rockers provide backward and forward movements, mimicking parent-like movements that tranquilise the child and provide comfortable and safe cradle experience.

Features to consider

Last but not least, have in mind the following important features and choose wisely without hesitation.

Safety and comfort. Providing maximum safety is the most important feature when choosing any movement baby product. No exception here, especially because the baby will be left for some time alone, make sure that it is well secured and safe. Also, some extra additions, such as head rest offer more comfortable positions. Others offer auto shut off buttons, so that your baby is not too long in the same position. Make sure to know the maximum weight limit, some babies are more energetic even at an early age.

Size and Portability. Make sure to look at the dimensions and whether they fit in your home and in the space where your baby will reside. Most of them are quite bulky, but still do have some space around for swinging or bouncing. On the other hand, if you want to travel and take it with you or to use it outdoors, you should consider the smaller versions, which also offer great features and won’t deprive your baby from the comfort it needs. Some of the bouncers and swings need a motor for proper functioning, and this feature makes them prone to malfunctions and parts replacement. However, it is also the feature that enables the product to provide extra innovative options, such as vibration, swinging or music sounds. Therefore you should be highly observant when deciding your preferences.

Cleaning and Durability. It is preferable to get a product with machine-washable fabric, since if your baby uses it during the day, it will probably be messy and will need frequent cleaning in order to be hygienic enough for the infant. Also, the more bulky ones are usually more durable, but that does not have to be the case, since there is a tendency of minimising the size of the products and ease of use, without losing their comfortable features.

Power source and Return policy. With so many types available on the market, such as adapters, batteries or power cords, combination of them or none of them, you may choose according to your desire and lifestyle. These types of products are usually more expensive, therefore you might consider the returning policy, in case your baby does not like to spend time in it, or prefers other types of entertainment, other than your choice.