Our 10 Favourite Baby Carriers for Safety and Convenience

We've listed the best baby carriers on the market, including popular brand names like Ergobaby, Pognae, BabyBjorn and Mother’s Choice.

best baby carrier australia

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A baby carrier is a structured and supportive device you can wear to keep your baby close to your body, keeping your hands free. Designed to help keep baby happy and secure, it’s a convenient product for quick trips when you don’t want to bring the whole stroller, and it also makes outdoor adventures enjoyable for all.

Baby carriers are especially handy if your baby wants to be held all the time (so common in the first few months) but you still need to get on with other tasks!

There are various kinds of baby carriers available to suit a wide array of needs and preferences. Safety and comfort will be two of your top priorities when choosing a carrier. It can take a few tries to comfortably and easily put baby inside the carrier but once it’s learnt you will be able to do it in seconds.

Much more than just a means of transportation, there are plenty of other benefits of using a baby carrier. It can increase the amount of time you spend in direct contact with your baby, and they’ve even been described as life changing to some parents as they can do wonders to really reduce crying and fussing in newborns.

Breastfeeding mothers, with some models you can even conveniently and discreetly breastfeed on demand whilst baby is snug inside the carrier.

If baby has an older sibling, a carrier is also a great tool to have to ensure you can run around after your toddler whilst still keeping baby close.

Let's now get into the list of the best baby carriers Australia has in stock, with different designs and for all price points.

Pognae No.5 Plus All-in-One

1. Pognae No.5 Plus All-in-One

A luxury baby carrier, suitable for for newborns right up to 3 years

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The Pognae No.5 Plus All-in-One carrier allows for multiple carrying positions and a hipseat option that can be used either with the carrier or as a standalone hipseat.

The inbuilt newborn support for infants allows baby to safely sit up high in the seat and close to you and will last right up to around three years of age for ultimate longevity.

The seat base is enhanced with an added layer of anti-slip silicone, preventing baby from sliding off the hip seat. It also has a wide pocket with a zipper attached to the waist belt for storing and carrying small essential items like keys and credit cards.

The fabric is well suited to the great outdoors with a water and wind resistant outer fabric and an organic cotton inner lining that is soft and non irritating on baby’s sensitive skin.

Our favourite feature is the patented noiseless zipper, enabling you to silently remove baby from the carrier without waking. The lumbar support sits low across your lower back and features four pillar belt support for stability, and is comfortable to wear.

Included with the carrier are teething pads and bibs to protect the carrier from baby’s drool and two sleep hoods (one cotton, one breathable mesh). Easy to care for, you can take apart the carrier in pieces and wash them separately as needed. This carrier is a little bulky and you might need help to get in and out of the carrier the first few times.

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Air

2. BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Air

An ergonomic baby carrier in cool 3D mesh for children from 0 to 3 years

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The BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Air is a top baby carrier – durable, versatile and ultra comfortable. The different seating positions are suitable for different stages as baby grows from newborn up to the age of three, with a nice wide seat that provides good hip support for your baby.

The two-ended zip beneath the bottom makes it easy to adjust and position your baby’s legs comfortably depending on their age and what position you’re using the carrier in (inward facing, outward facing, back carry or hip carry). The shoulder straps are adjustable, wide and well padded to give long lasting comfort.

The BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Air offers impressive longevity and versatility with its in-built insert support for newborns and adjustable head support – there are no extras to buy with this carrier.

Constructed with an airy 3D mesh, it allows air to circulate inside the carrier, making it cooler and a good option for those who easily get hot or live in a warm climate. The BabyBjorn One Air is the best baby carrier for our hot Australian summers.

It gives the correct support to your baby’s hips and encourages good hip joint development. Its multiple buckles can be fiddly and tricky to adjust when baby is in the carrier, so it’s not the easiest to use while breastfeeding. Nevertheless, it is safe, comfortable, easy to use and made of a flexible quick-drying machine washable fabric.

Ergobaby Adapt

3. Ergobaby Adapt

The best baby carrier for dad

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The Ergobaby Adapt Multi-Position Baby Carrier features three ergonomic carry positions options – front inward facing carry, hip carry and back carry positions with no additional infant insert necessary. The innovative ergonomic bucket seat gradually adjusts to your growing baby from newborn to toddler to ensure the baby is seated in a hip healthy, natural “M shape” position.

The generously sized straps adjust easily to fit you and your baby snugly, and this carrier will easily accommodate larger bodies so its one of the best baby carriers for dad.

Lightweight, durable and sturdy, it boasts Ergobaby’s renowned comfort and ergonomics for both baby and wearer. It has excellent back support and is extremely safe for infants, with well padded straps for comfort. The crossable shoulder straps allow for a more secure and personalised fit and advanced lumbar support for the best lower back health and comfort for the wearer.

Ergobaby Adapt Cool Air Mesh

4. Ergobaby Adapt Cool Air Mesh

Seamless, breathable cool air mesh is perfect for hot weather

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Ergobaby, one of the most trusted baby carrier brands, gives us the Adapt Cool Air Mesh, which is constructed with a unique, seamless and breathable air mesh that provides optimal temperature regulation on warm days for both baby and wearer. This makes it one of the best baby carriers for summer in Australia as air circulates freely throughout and draws moisture away from the body.

This carrier is made of certified organic cotton and its adjustable straps feature high-density padding for comfort. The lumbar support waist belt can be adjusted to the height of the carry position and provides extra long-wearing comfort for parents with even weight distribution between hips and shoulders.

It’s convenient for breastfeeding with easily adjustable straps and a hood for shade and privacy, cleverly built into a zippered compartment. This baby carrier is also suitable for newborns with no additional insert required, supporting the ergonomic “M shape” hip position, and can continue to be used up to a total weight limit of 20kg, or approximately three years of age.

MiaMily Hipster Plus

5. MiaMily Hipster Plus

Ergonomic baby carrier and hipseat with high upper weight limit

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The MiaMily Hipster Plus is a sturdy baby carrier that features an inbuilt hipseat to offer multiple carry positions for babies from three months. There is no infant insert available for this carrier, making it unsuitable for newborns however the 24kg upper weight limit is higher than most carriers.

The six different configurations offered include forward-facing, inward-facing, hip or back carry, and nine wearing options. It has an ergonomic design for proper posture of baby’s spine and full lumbar support for the wearer.

The unique 3D hip healthy seat allows the wearer to maintain good spinal position whilst allowing baby to sit in a hip healthy position as their knees will be naturally supported at hip level. It protects your baby’s hips and allows for equal weight distribution.

Assisting with temperature regulation is a removable front panel and a dual-layer zippable mesh, to ensure you and baby won’t get too hot or sweaty. There’s a decently sized storage pocket under the hip seat and extra side pockets where you can conveniently keep your phone, keys, and other small essentials.

The MiaMily Hipster Plus can be used as a standalone hipseat without the shoulder straps, making it easier to carry baby on your hip for longer when you don’t want to use the full carrier.

Ergobaby Hipseat

6. Ergobaby Hip seat

Great baby carrier for parents with lower back pain

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The best baby carrier under $200 is the Ergobaby Hip Seat, which features a removable panel that allows two modes of carrying options, including forward facing options for babies who love to look around and see the world from your view.

Suitable for a baby or toddler between 5.5kg and 20kg in weight, it has a weight-bearing seat that provides excellent support and allows you to hold your baby on your hip for longer with less fatigue.

The hip seat mode is very comfortable and provides multiple fast carrying and supportive options. When in the carrier mode, the removable panel is used for hands-free snuggles and snoozing.

It comes with a privacy hood, well cushioned shoulder straps, and a handy inbuilt storage pocket.

The Ergobaby Hipseat is recommended for parents who are prone to lower back pain as it allows multiple positions of carrying to best suit you, which you can change easily to relieve any pressure. Additionally, Ergobaby’s award winning ergonomic waist band helps keep your lower back straight.

Sturdy, easy to use and machine washable, it is incredibly convenient for breastfeeding on the go and is one the top baby carriers due to its versatility.

Infantino Go Forward

7. Infantino Go Forward

Unique transforming seat actually grows with your baby for the best fit

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Under the $100 mark, the Infantino Go Forward carrier has a cleverly designed seat that progressively transforms to fit the needs of your growing baby. It is suitable for infants of 3.6kg to toddlers up to 18.1kg, supporting the inward-facing, outward-facing and backpack positions.

The ergonomic seat ensures that the baby is seated in the natural and hip healthy “M shape” position and the waistband actually extends and grows with your baby. It can be adjusted to an infant setting to support a newborn snugly, safely and ergonomically, and extends to continue providing the perfect level of support for your baby’s stage. It has extra-padded shoulder straps and a supportive wide waist belt that transfers weight and evenly distributes it to the wearer’s hips.

The included removable silicone teether and stylish soft muslin hood are nice (and most importantly, useful) additions. This carrier is equally useful both in the great outdoors as well as around the home.

Many parents rate the Infantino Go Forward as the best baby carrier because of its easy to adjust seating positions as well as being safe for baby and comfortable to wear, as well as providing the popular forward-facing position. Its easy to wipe clean exterior fabric and soft interior fabric makes it easy to maintain and keep clean, though it’s quite bulky making it difficult to fold for storage. It comes with a setup instruction manual and video instruction CD to learn how to take full advantage of its transforming seat.

Bebamour Designer

8. Bebamour Designer

Budget friendly 2 in 1 carrier with handy features

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The new style baby carrier from Bebamour offers with the option of using the whole baby carrier or the single hipseat, with various carrying positions suitable for babies that weigh between 0-14.9kg.

The included instruction manual shows you in detail the six ways you can carry your baby according to your baby’s size, making this carrier ideal for beginners.

It has adjustable shoulder and waist straps with broad and wide cotton padding, a removable hood for shade and privacy, and two baby bibs cleverly attached to protect the carrier from drool. The hip seat contains a dense, foam wedge pad which is easily removable and can be hand washed separately as needed.

This is a budget friendly choice with some useful features. The zippered pocket on the belt holds your essentials and the carrier is easy to wipe clean, with breathable, skin-friendly mesh panels and hood to encourage air circulation for breathability, however it is not machine washable and might be best suited to occasional, rather than regular, users.

Mother's Choice - Cub Baby Carrier

9. Mother’s Choice Cub Baby Carrier

The best baby carrier for newborns

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The best affordable carrier must be the Mother’s Choice Cub, suitable for newborns and babies up to 15kg offering three carrying positions – the front inward-facing, front outward-facing, and backpack carry, which are the three most popular carrying positions.

The lumbar support panel relieves pressure in the lower back and shoulders to be comfy for the wearer, and the unique adjustable leg and arm openings make for a customisable fit for baby’s comfort.

The soft and secure construction of the Cub Baby Carrier ensures optimal safety as well as snuggly comfort for baby, making it the best baby carrier for newborns, and it doesn’t require a newborn infant insert. It has a handy front pocket to store your bits and pieces when out and about and is simple to put on and off with easy to use and adjust buckles.

With safe and well structured head and neck support, there is no need to worry when your baby is asleep in this carrier. Machine washable for easy cleaning, it is affordable and designed with the safety of infants in mind. Best suited to younger babies, it may not offer optimal support for larger babies or toddlers.

Cozy 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Carrier

10. Cozy 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Carrier

Our pick for best forward facing baby carrier on a budget

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The Cozy 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Carrier is an ergonomic infant carrier with extra padding all over for comfort. It offers four carrying options, including the unusual outward-facing back carry, and is easy to convert as your baby grows. It is comfortable to wear and provides great support for you and your baby.

This is a great forward-facing carrier for newborns right through to toddler with four ways to carry them safely no matter what stage they are at.

With this baby carrier, newborns are safely supported while you carry them to soothe, settle, or do other things. The well padded, crossable shoulder straps do not dig in and are comfortable whilst providing adequate support. It is fairly simple to take on and off and is made of a light, breathable fabric which is equally easy to wipe clean or machine wash.

Useful tips about baby carriers

There are several considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right baby carrier for you. A lot of factors can influence our choice and for overall satisfaction it’s important to keep in mind that the designs and features of the various carriers can also affect their quality and durability. Just like when purchasing other essential baby products like car seats and capsules, safety should always be of utmost importance when transporting baby.

It’s advisable to focus on the most important factors when looking for the best carrier for your needs, as described below.

Safety tips

Important safety measures for a baby carrier include the support and healthy positioning of the head, neck, spine, and hips, promoting optimal baby health and development. A carrier for a newborn should provide adequate support and proper positioning until the baby has control of the head and neck. Check to make sure that the baby carrier you are considering is suitable for use in newborns, or whether an infant insert is required.

When wearing the carrier, you should ensure that baby’s chin is off their chest to keep the airways clear. You should be able to see baby’s uncovered face at all times and he should be positioned “close enough to kiss” – that is, high enough that you are able to kiss the top of his head easily without straining.

You should also regularly check for wear and tear on the fabrics and other materials, and make sure that all straps and buckles are working well and aren’t broken, as any problems here could compromise the safety of your carrier. If you notice any of these problems, you should cease using the carrier immediately and contact the manufacturer for advice.

Always dress your baby in clothing suitable for the weather before placing him in the carrier, including lightweight coverings for arms and legs to protect from the sun when outside.

Avoid cooking or drinking hot liquids when carrying your baby in case of accidental spills and any outdoor activity that increases your baby’s risk of falling. If you need to bend or pick up something, bend at the knee, not at the hip, and support your baby with your hand. It’s safest not to lie down when baby is in his carrier.

Age and weight limit

Baby carrier brands advertise a recommended age and weight range; this is the range that the product has been tested safely on. You should check that your baby weight falls within the recommended weight range to ensure safety.

A good quality baby carrier will distribute the baby’s weight evenly across the wearer’s shoulders, hips, and back, and not put too much pressure on any one area. Find out how the baby’s legs would be positioned when in the carrier – the ergonomic “M shape” position is recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute to promote healthy hips for optimal baby development and to reduce the risk of hip dysplasia.

Position options

Baby carriers can have varying and multiple carrying positions. The most common carrying positions are:

  • Front inward-facing – great for newborns that need firm neck and head support and also the most similar a cuddle from Mum, allowing chest to chest contact and the easiest position for eye contact, breastfeeding and sleeping.
  • Front outward-facing – perfect for older babies that have good head and neck control and are willing to look around and experience the world. This position can cause the wearer to fatigue faster as the natural position of the baby’s body is slightly away from the wearer resulting in an altered centre of gravity – recommended for short periods of time only and not a suitable position for sleeping.
  • Hip carry – great for small and large babies, and natural for both baby and carrier, however most of the weight will be distributed one the one side and can become uncomfortable with time. Some carriers have an included or inbuilt hipseat which acts like a seat to be worn on the hip – great for babies who insist on being carried, hipseats enable you to carry baby for longer with less fatigue.
  • Back carry – ideal for larger babies and toddlers that can sit up on their own and enjoy the freedom to look around. Perfect for bushwalking or longer periods of time, this is a comfortable position for the wearer and suitable for longer use.