10 Best Baby Monitors for Your Little One’s Safety

Discover what type of baby monitor is right for you and how to choose one, with this buyer's guide and selection of the best baby monitors currently available for Australian families.

best baby monitor australia

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A baby monitor is a system which transmits to you the sounds and vision of your baby to give you peace of mind when you’re not around. Typically used when baby is sleeping at night to alert you when he wakes, baby monitors can really be used in any scenario where you are in a different room than your baby, but you still want to keep tabs on him.

This invaluable tool is a must-have item on baby registries everywhere because of the peace of mind they can offer. If you have tasks to complete in another room or area, you don’t have to keep darting back and forth checking on baby’s wellbeing.

You’ll find that you’ll use your baby monitor every day and with so many options out there, choosing the best one for you can be a daunting process. This guide will go through the different types of baby monitors available, review our top baby monitors available in Australia, and in the end we will run through the important features to look out for.

Types of baby monitors

  • Audio baby monitor. The simplest type of baby monitor and working much like a walkie talkie, audio baby monitors are what we typically think of when we think of baby monitors and is what our parents likely used with us. Whilst there are still some good ones available on the market, they are slowly being phased out by newer technology and video baby monitors.
  • Video baby monitor. A camera set up in baby’s nursery transmits video to a paired device in real-time. Video baby monitors are popular as parents tend to feel closer to their baby if they can be seen. Most video baby monitors will also transmit sound, though not all do.
  • WiFi baby monitor. Operating over WiFi, these systems rely on your home Wifi or network signal to operate. The video and audio will be shared with the paired device/s, which often includes an app you can download to your smartphone or tablet. It’s also common for the feed to be able to be shared with remote family members. Your internet connection should be fast and reliable if you opt for a WiFi baby monitor.

Let’s now dive into our top picks for best baby monitor in Australia this year. We’ve listed them from the most expensive and advanced models down to the more simple and affordable ones. Whether you’re looking for an audio, video or WiFi baby monitor, you will sure find some good recommendations here.

Cubo Ai Plus Smart

1. Cubo Ai Plus Smart

The best baby breathing monitor offering the latest in technology and innovation

What we like
  • Sleep safety alerts
  • Sleep analytics and picture capture
  • Multiple cameras capabilities
  • Comes with 3 different stands
What could be better
  • Unable to adjust the camera through the app
  • Price tag

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Our top pick for best baby monitor in Australia is the Cubo Ai Plus Smart. Created in collaboration with paediatricians, this monitor offers the latest technology for safer sleep. The innovative AI movement monitor can detect if your baby’s airways are covered or if baby becomes stuck when rolling over onto their tummy, alerting you immediately, unlike wearable devices that alert you only when breathing is impacted.

Create your own personalised “danger zone” and this clever monitor will use motion sensors to let you know if your little one crosses it, equally useful for young babies who may become stuck in the rails of their cot and for toddlers wandering off into unsuitable areas in your home.

It can even sense when baby is smiling, giggling, or sitting up for the first time, and snaps a photo for you for your scrapbook.

Professional grade security camera lens gives impressive wide-angle HD vision including superior night vision. No more fuzzy green images and squinting in the dark.

Super easy to set up, this baby monitor comes with three different stands for a customised set up, and the app is intuitive, user friendly and most importantly completely secure, operating over an encrypted Wifi connection. You can share it with up to seven different family members so everyone can see what baby’s up to and the cute, gender-neutral Scandinavian design will be unobtrusive in any nursery.

iBaby Care M7

2. iBaby Care M7

Video baby monitor with high-quality camera

What we like
  • Full-screen or split-screen option
  • Temperature, humidity and air quality alerts
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Great picture and sound quality
What could be better
  • The app crashes sometimes
  • The motor that moves the camera can get stuck

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The iBaby Care M7 WiFi baby monitor is jam-packed with features to make your life as a new parent as easy and hassle-free as possible whilst ensuring your peace of mind knowing that baby is safely sleeping. With both sound and motion detection, you will be alerted of potential risks immediately via your smartphone app, wherever you are.

One of the best baby monitors with camera, full HD 1080p video connects to your smartphone so you can see baby remotely, anywhere, anytime. iBaby Care M7’s camera pans a full 360º and tilts 140º with just a swipe of your finger so you can see every angle of your baby’s environment on demand.

You will also be informed of air quality and oxygen levels, humidity levels and even the presence of dangerous Co2 gasses so you can be sure baby is always sleeping in complete safety.

Whilst you can invite the whole family to join in on the live feed, you’re also able to block users temporarily using “Sleep Mode” with just one touch for privacy during nursing or nappy changing.

Two-way speakers allow you to talk to and soothe your baby over the monitor, and there’s also a full library of over a thousand lullabies, bedtime stories and white noise for your baby to discover. The built-in starry night projector will ease your baby into sleep time.

VTech RM7754HD

 Best For Long Range 

3. VTech RM7754HD

The best baby monitor for range

What we like
  • Direct Wifi mode and Router mode
  • Large 7 inch full colour HD LCD screen
  • 3 level sound indicator on parent unit
  • Functions as a night light
What could be better
  • Can only set up one device for remote access
  • Battery life could be better

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This remote access baby monitor boasts extended Wifi range and allows up to two cameras to be connected to the one parent unit making it easy to set up another camera in a different corner of the house so you never miss a thing.

The motorised, wide angle camera allows it it tilt and pan remotely, controlled by either the parent unit or the app on your smart phone. This is especially handy as it means as long as there’s an internet connection, you can see all corners of your baby’s nursery from anywhere in the world, and is the feature that makes this model a winner.

The generous 7 inch LCD screen in 1080p HD colour delivers an outstanding picture, even in low light with 4x local digital zoom and 10x remote digital zoom. It also displays the temperature of the room as well as the motion detection feature which will alert you if there’s any problem. You also have the option to turn the screen off for just audio if you prefer, or if you find the picture distracting.

Other features include local and remote two way talk and nine sounds and lullabies, with sound quality surprisingly good. Lasting up to five hours before a charge, it’s also quite portable. The camera and parent unit both stand independently, or the camera can be mounted to the wall with the included mounting kit.

Nannio Comfy

4. Nannio Comfy

Great mid-price point baby monitor for range

What we like
  • Smart Vox mode for power saving
  • Remote control pan and tilt camera with huge range
  • Wall-mounted kit included
  • Feed timer feature
What could be better
  • No split screen option when multiple cameras connected
  • The temperature sensor isn’t really accurate

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The Nannio Comfy Video Baby Monitor is one of the best baby monitors for range, with impressive coverage of up to 300 metres, perfect for large properties with ample backyard space. The portable parent unit can be carried around easily, boasting a long-lasting battery life of up to ten uninterrupted hours.

Up to four cameras can be linked to the one parent unit which cleverly jumps to the camera that is detecting noise. This baby monitor does not detect movement, nor does it have Wifi capabilities, making this a good choice for parents who just need quality basics.

Smart voice detection picks up on baby’s cries and illuminates the parent screen so you can have a closer look and watch over baby. You can soothe, talk or sing to your baby through the monitor with its handy two-way audio function, or simply turn on one of the three included lullabies.

The high contrast 3.5” display screen with 2x zoom and enhanced super night vision offers a clear view of baby no matter what time of day or lighting conditions.

There’s also a clever feed timer alert, a great tool in reminding you of the next approximate feeding time.

Stylish in a crisp white with natural trim, this top-rated baby monitor will look great in any modern nursery. For detailed review about this Nannio Comfy baby monitor, check here

HelloBaby HB32

5. HelloBaby HB32

This is our best video baby monitor at a budget-friendly price

What we like
  • Good value for money
  • Vox mode and room temperature display
  • Stable connection and great range
What could be better
  • No split screen when multiple cameras connected
  • The camera can not be remotely controlled

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The HelloBaby HB32 is the best video baby monitor around the $100 price point and is packed full of useful features. Its long range of up to 300 metres makes this monitor reliable for large houses and its long-life battery with optional power-saving mode ensures you’ll never be caught out

The ample 3.2” LCD display on the parent unit allows you to see baby at a glance, and the sound activated LED light bar alerts you when baby is crying. You can even set the sound monitor to a high level of sensitivity for the sensors to pick up on coughing, heavy breathing or excessive movement for absolute peace of mind.

The provided camera unit is mounted on a wide based stand for easy setup and fully pivots to 360º with a 120º tilt for a good view of all corners of the nursery. The only downside is that the camera can’t be adjusted remotely. However, this may not be a dealbreaker depending on your room setup.

For complete convenience, the camera and parent unit come already paired – just plug in and begin monitoring with no complicated setup. Enhanced 2.4GHz wireless technology uses secure encryption to ensure privacy.

This monitor also features a small library of lullabies, temperature monitoring, two-way audio and optional expansion to up to four cameras – all the features you’d hope for at a surprisingly budget-friendly price.

VTech RM901

6. VTech RM901

Monitor baby with flexibility with both the parent unit as well as the app

What we like
  • Multi-cam viewing modes
  • Remote pan, tilt and zoom
  • Temperature, motion and sound detections
  • Large size screen
What could be better
  • Connection does drop off sometimes
  • Battery life could be better

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VTech RM901 connects sound and picture to both the parent unit as well as the included VTech app, downloadable to your smart phone. Both are intuitive to use and use secure, encrypted Wifi for local and remote connections. This baby monitor is a good choice if you prefer the traditional parent unit to keep docked in your place of choosing whilst also offering the freedom of the app when outside the home.

The large, full colour 5” parent screen allows you to view your baby at a glance and the 4x local digital zoom and 10x remote digital zoom lets you see baby up close, if only to admire her little sleep twitches. The parent unit is capable of up to five hours active video monitoring before needing to be recharged.

Enhanced infrared night vision allows a clearer and crisper image for overnight sleeps, and built in 120º wide angle lens means no more panning the camera around the room. Also, the remote pan, tilt and zoom function also comes handy for you if needed. 

Other features include the nine different sounds and lullabies to soothe your baby to sleep, and motion and temperature sensors with simultaneous alerts on both the parent unit and the app.

Uniden BW 3001

 Best For Twins and Two Rooms 

7. Uniden BW 3001

This wireless video monitor is the best baby monitor for twins

What we like
  • Multipurpose adjustable clamp included
  • Good range, quality image and clear sound
  • Simple to set up and easy to use
  • Temperature display with temperature range alert
What could be better
  • Small screen
  • Loud beep noise when turning the camera on
  • Battery life needs improvement

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From Uniden, one of Australia’s most trusted names in top baby monitors, comes the new BW 3001, a wireless video monitor combining the ease of use you want with the safety features you need. Simply attach the monitor to a cot railing or bookshelf with the integrated clamp and away you go.

The system includes a 2.3” colour LCD display screen for a clear picture with fair quality night vision, two way “walkie talkie” function and a small library of lullabies. There’s also an integrated night light for low, soothing light for when you attend to your baby at night and a temperature display and alert.

Moreover, zoom and pan options let you see all corners of the nursery with just a few button pushes and the parent unit is compact enough for you to comfortably move and carry around the house as you go about your day.

The digitally encrypted system gives you complete protection against hacking and eavesdropping so you can be sure of complete privacy.

You can expand the system to up to four different cameras with personalised split screen monitoring options, making this the best baby monitor for twins or multiples.

Oricom Secure 715

8. Oricom Secure 715

High-quality entry-level baby monitor with both video and audio capabilities

What we like
  • Vox mode
  • Great range and signal pickup
  • User friendly
  • Compact and portable
What could be better
  • Vox mode can only be turned off when parent unit is plugged in
  • The camera can only be moved manually
  • No temperature sensor

The Oricom Secure 715 is the perfect choice for new parents looking for a quality entry-level model with all the important basic features.

The camera unit is versatile for use in any space with a 360º pivoting base, allowing you to position and reposition it to face any corner of the room. The lightweight, easily transportable parent unit features a 2.4” colour display screen which is large enough to get a decent view of baby and features simple, intuitive buttons for operation. Easily adjust the volume as needed with simple digital volume control.

The included rechargeable battery will last up to eight hours before needing to be charged again and there’s the option of adding up to four cameras to the one parent unit so you can monitor two rooms or more at once.

Also equipped with upgraded night vision, two-way audio and five different lullabies, this top-rated entry-level baby monitor has all the basic handy features you want for ultimate convenience without compromising on quality.

Motorola MBP161

9. Motorola MBP161

The very best in audio quality, sensitive and crisp

What we like
  • Feeding, sleeping and changing settings
  • Night light, music and temperature sensor
  • Small and portable
  • Low battery and out of range audible warnings
What could be better
  • No camera
  • Battery life could last longer

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Motorola is synonymous with high quality and reliable audio products so it’s no surprise that the MBP161 is our best audio baby monitor, perfect for parents who don’t require video stream and are after the very best in audio technology.

Equipped with an ultra-sensitive microphone to pick up on even the quietest of sounds, it will deliver it to you loud and clear, with no static picked up, so you never miss a thing, up to a very generous 990-foot range.

Be notified of noise coming from your baby’s room either by audio alarm or by the completely silent, visual LED sound indicator. One-touch two-way communication allows you to soothe your baby from a distance or play one of the five relaxing melodies.

The baby unit sits on a nice wide base for stability and features a warming, soft glow amber night light for late-night wake-ups. The built-in temperature sensor lets you know if the room is at a comfortable temperature for sleeping and the gentle LED backlight is easy on the eyes.

Futhermore, three handy timers suggest when it might be time to feed or change your baby, or to record nap time and length, making this monitor useful in more ways than one throughout your day.

VTech BM2150

 Best For Travel and Camping 

10. VTech BM2150

Budget-friendly audio baby monitor for practical parents

What we like
  • Clear and quality audio
  • Reliable connection and good range
  • 3 level sound indicator on parent unit
  • Alerts when battery is running low or when monitor is losing connection
What could be better
  • No camera
  • Battery performance needs improvement

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This budget-friendly audio baby monitor is easy to use and set up and performs just as well you’d hope it to. You can expect to hear clear digital sound quality with no interference or white noise thanks to secure Wifi compatible DECT technology.

The parent unit boasts up to fourteen hours battery life with an audible alert when the battery is running low as well as when the unit moves out of range, so you can be sure you’re always tuned in. There are five levels of volume and the backlit display is of generous size with large, easy touch buttons you can feel in the dark. The unit stands freely or can be easily transported in your pocket or in the palm of your hand, perfect for travel or camping.

The baby unit features a warm glowing night light and sensitive microphone and temperature sensor, with two-way communication capabilities between the two units and a selection of soothing lullabies.

There will be no disappointments with this baby monitor; whilst it does not feature any of the more modern frills and thrills, it serves its purpose well and as intended with no fuss, and is recommended for the practical parent.

How to choose a baby monitor

These are the main features you should be looking out for when deciding on the best baby monitor for you and your family.


Consider the operating range of the baby monitor. If you live in a small apartment this won’t be an issue, but if your property is large, set over multiple stories, or you want to take your monitor out to the far corners of your backyard while you do a spot of gardening, you should be looking at long-range baby monitors to ensure you are always tuned in. Some baby monitors will alert you if you venture out of range.

Battery life

If the device is not battery operated and is connected to the mains, you won’t be able to move around with the monitor or use it anywhere that is unpowered. For battery-operated models, look at the advertised battery life. You don’t want your monitor constantly running out of battery so consider your needs surrounding this. There is also often a power-saving mode for when you’re low. Another thing to consider is whether the battery is rechargeable or if disposable batteries are used? You may have a preference for one over the other.


Baby monitors that use radio frequencies will, from time to time, pick up interference from nearby devices, while monitors using DECT (digital enhanced cordless telecommunications) are usually more quiet as you can expect less interference. Wifi monitors can be private if your preferences are set up correctly, but keep in mind that your monitor will use up data.

Camera and night vision

If you want a video monitor, the camera should be of good enough quality that you can see the images clearly. Whilst most models should be able to produce a good quality image in good light, the quality of night vision varies greatly between monitors. If a clear picture in the dark is important to you, then look for models with high quality, high contrast infrared night vision.


The screen size and resolution directly affects the quality of the picture as well as how clearly you are able to see it, especially at a distance. Newer style monitors that integrate with smartphones will normally boast high definition 1080p vision, offering a very high standard of picture across most viewing devices.

Camera position and installation

Where will you be positioning your camera? Some monitors come with wall mounts so you can position your camera practically anywhere, whilst others clamp onto cot rails or sit flat upon shelves.

Pan and tilt capabilities

For the best view, cameras will often pan (side to side) or tilt (up and down) to varying degrees. Is this function manual, meaning that you need to go into the room to adjust the camera view, or can you control this remotely as needed?

Multi-camera support

If you want to set up multiple views in multiple areas then look for models that support additional cameras. Although you will need to purchase the additional cameras separately, this feature can be especially handy if you have twins or multiple children – simply set up one camera in each room. The parent unit they are paired with will monitor all cameras simultaneously and if one goes off it will alert you to which one it is.


Many new baby monitors feature a downloadable app to your smartphone or tablet. If you intend on using this feature, you should first check that your device is compatible with the app and that you are comfortable with using it. Most apps are designed with usability at its forefront so you and anyone else intending to use it shouldn’t have any trouble. Is there in-app support for troubleshooting?

Extra features

Common features outside of direct monitoring include two-way communication, so you can talk with or sing to your baby through the monitor, a library of lullabies or white noise, integrated night light, and temperature monitoring. Other extra features in very modern baby monitors include motion detection that can even take photos for you to keep, and air quality sensors.