6 Best Baby Nests and Sleeping Pods

We’ve rounded up the best baby nests and sleeping pods in the Australian market. You can use them for placing baby in a safe place anywhere at home for sleep or playtime.

best baby nest australia

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A baby nest, also called newborn lounger or baby pod, is a mattress with high edges, crafted to create a warm, soft and safe space for baby without the risk of falling or rolling out. It offers an ideal transition into baby’s 4th trimester, building a sleeping environment that mimics their mother’s womb.

Here are a few reasons why these baby sleep pods are worth considering:

  • Hands-free comfort. Here’s arguably the most important benefit of a baby bed: it eliminates the need to always have your baby warmed up in your arms. They offer your little one comfort and safety while you spend time with other necessities.
  • Flexibility. Besides that, they are easy to set up - a newborn lounger fits on any flat and reliable surface such as the floor or bed.
  • Portability. While it may be seemingly bulky for holiday luggage, they are amazingly convenient when moving them around the home, especially when compared to baby bouncers and baby swings. They also fit well in your vehicle’s backseat or trunk. In fact, many models come with a double-sided handle for mobility ease.
  • Relief. Although it can be fulfilling to watch your baby sleeping in your arms, the luxury to see them play or sleep in a cozy spot and free up your tired arms is also a great relief.

Let’s now dive into the list of the best baby nests in Australia, recommended for their value-for-money, features and versatility. 

Clevamama Clevacushion Pillow & Baby Nest

1. Clevamama Clevacushion Pillow & Baby Nest

Supports you and baby through all stages from pregnancy to two years of age

What we like
  • Versatile as nursing pillow as well as a baby nest
  • Suitable for tummy time
  • ClevaFoam technology to help prevent flat head
  • Additional toys for entertainment
What could be better
  • Not great for long naps
  • High price tag

The Clevamama Clevacushion is the best all round baby nest and particularly for parents looking for the ultimate in versatility and quality. This awesome nest comes with its own specially designed pillow and can be used in up to 10 different positions. The multi-use package promises ultimate comfort, versatility, and support for you and your little one.

The Clevamama Clevacushion Pillow and Baby Nest is suitable for use right from pregnancy straight through until your baby clocks two years old.

The 10-in-1 nursing pillow can serve as a backrest for you during pregnancy, comes in handy for nursing your newborn, as a snuggle rest for your baby, and gives additional support to your baby in high chairs and prams.

It also comes with toys to help entertain your kid during tummy time, a welcome add-on that certainly makes this model worth the price.

Machine washable, it comes in five designs and includes a soft cover that offers soothing comfort.

The pillow utilises ClevaFoam, which, researchers say, may help prevent flat head syndrome. Although some parents say the price is on the high side, it offers unrivalled flexibility, functionality and versatility.

With its combination of eco-friendliness, safety, easy maintenance, affordability, and extra add-ons, the Clevamama Clevacushion Pillow and Baby Nest is our top pick.

Red Castle Cocoonababy Ergonomic Nest

 Best For Co Sleeping 

2. Red Castle Cocoonababy Ergonomic Nest

Ideal for safe co sleeping during the daunting fourth trimester

What we like
  • Ideal for babies with reflux
  • Suitable for co-sleeping
  • Snug rounded shape provides cozy sleeping environment
  • Firm strap to prevent baby from rolling or falling off
What could be better
  • Pricey for only short term use

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The Red Castle Cocoonababy Ergonomic Nest is our top pick for co-sleeping mummas due to its safety features and snugness for baby. Also recommended for babies suffering from reflux, it actively helps you to put baby to sleep for a refreshing nap during the day or a longer spell at night with its curved yet firm sleeping surface that cuddles your baby, reminiscent of the womb. It’s designed for babies from birth to three months of age so while its lifespan is relatively short, it boasts numerous benefits.

Its portability and lightweight design makes it even more desirable for nursing mums. It’s so lightweight you can easily carry it from room to room, for instance to the kitchen as you prepare meals while baby dozes off comfortably.

This nest may help babies with reflux and is designed with a soft, breathable material and a firm middle strap to keep your baby from rolling off.

The Cocoonababy’s manufacturer claims that the design helps relieve strain on your little bundle’s head, hence preventing flat head syndrome. When it comes to comfort and safety, the Red Castle Cocoonababy ticks the right boxes.

Further, the cover is designed with a removable technology that makes washing a breeze. Behind the leg area is a foam support that you can adjust to best fit your baby as he grows.

Little Archer & Co. Newborn Baby Nest

3. Little Archer & Co. Newborn Baby Nest

Super soft, eco friendly materials, perfect for new babies with very sensitive skin

What we like
  • Adjustable cord and clip
  • Includes handy carry handle and travel bag for easy transportation
  • Eco friendly
  • Surrounding cushion for extra protection
What could be better
  • Cover does not separate from cushion so must be washed together

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The Little Archer and Co. Newborn Baby Nest is remarkably soothing and cozy and is the best baby nest for babies with super sensitive skin. Boasting eco-friendly and non-toxic cotton materials, the lightweight fabric is oh-so-gentle on your baby’s delicate skin and won’t aggravate skin conditions like eczema. It’s breathable and soft on your little bundle.

This nest offers your newborn the best place to rest and play, perhaps while you get busy on other important tasks around the home.

While other similar products only serve you and your baby for a short period of time, this newborn baby nest remains useful until your baby reaches around eight months.

This baby nest really understands your baby’s support needs. Although soft to touch, the mattress is firm and sleep safe, providing a thoughtful balance between bouncing and sinking when baby is lying on his back or during all-important tummy time.

The cushion surrounding the nest offers an excellent barrier that protects your baby from rolling off. It also comes with an adjustable clip and cord that allows you to adjust the sizing as your baby grows.

When it comes to maintenance, the nest comes with a removable cushion and cover, suitable for a regular wash in your washing machine. Talking mobility, this newborn baby nest offers the ultimate convenience. It has a carry handle and a travel bag to keep your baby safe on-the-go so as long as you have a flat, sturdy surface, your baby can feel at home right in their nest.

Eip.t Baby Nest

4. Eip.t Baby Nest

Lightweight and easy to transport without sacrificing comfort or safety

What we like
  • 100% soft, breathable cotton fabric
  • Double-sided use and adjustable size
  • Long lifespan and suitable for babies up to two years
  • Ultra lightweight and easy to transport
What could be better
  • Does not come with travel bag

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For mums looking for an ultra lightweight and portable option while still enjoying all the safety and comfort benefits, look no further than the Eip.t Baby Nest. This 100% cotton baby lounger offers newborns real comfort and warmth and its soft, breathable organic cotton is no threat to your baby’s sensitive skin.

This nest is impressively lightweight which makes it easy to move around the house or in the car for trips around town. With its adjustable design, you can easily loosen the cord around the bumpers for more space as your baby grows, or for larger babies, the bumper ends can be opened completely.

Another fantastic feature of this baby nest is its flexibility - it can be used on the floor, cot, pram, etc. so you can use it anywhere you find a stable flat surface. Aesthetically speaking, the double sided cover lets you switch the pattern in and out so it’s almost like two nests in one!

Easy to clean, this baby nest comes with a zipper and buckle which allows you to remove the pad and replace the cover with ease. It’s also machine washable for no-fuss maintenance.

The Eip.t Baby Nest is designed for babies from birth until around two years which makes it one of the longest lasting products on our list.

Purflo Breathable Sleeping Nest

5. Purflo Breathable Sleeping Nest

The breathable mesh base provides comfort as well as optimal air flow

What we like
  • Certified air-permeable and breathable mesh base and sides
  • Designed with extra Amicor Pure fibre
  • Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial material
  • Generous size
What could be better
  • No handle so inconvenient to carry around

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If you seek the best baby lounger that attends to your baby’s tender skin, consider the Purflo Breathable Sleeping Nest. This bubnest is built with 100% breathable cotton fabric, while the padded 3D mesh is 100% quality polyester. It offers baby a sound, safe and serene rest, especially during those daily quick naps. 

The base and the sides are breathable, so air can easily circulate, great for hot Australian summers, and the filling is made of a hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial material. This nest is designed with additional Amicor Pure(TM) which can help to prevent dust mites and reduce the risk of allergies such as asthma or eczema. The sleeping area for baby is generous at 64 x 28 cm. 

Many new mums have attested to the safety and peacefulness this co-sleeper offers their newborn babies. For co-sleeping, the nest fits nicely on your bed, or you can place it on the floor of your living room or in your baby’s cot.

This nest is intended for babies from birth until around one year. The only downside is the absence of handles, which would make it more convenient to carry around the house.

Despite this, the Purflo Breathable Sleeping Nest is lightweight and portable and features an easy-to-maintain fabric. Weighing just 1.2kg, it’s not hard to move around and it also sports a handy zipper at the bottom which allows for easy removal for cleaning.

Chicco My First Nest

6. Chicco My First Nest

This multipurpose baby nest and play mat is versatile and low maintenance for the modern mum

What we like
  • Versatility usage from newborn to sitting up baby
  • Features with selections of classic music and lifeful light effect
  • Includes mirror, soft teether and 2 rings to play with
  • Machine washable
What could be better
  • Only suitable for short nap and playtime

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The very multifunctional Chicco My First Nest can be used immediately after delivery, specially designed to offer the safety and cosiness newborns need. It’s also suitable for tummy time and the sitting up stage for extra longevity.

Three-in-one, it comes with add-ons including a mirror, cuddly toy, label, and teething rings. The cuddly toy even features built-in musicals by Mozart, Bach, and Glinka to help stimulate your baby’s mood, alongside rhythmic lights and adjustable volume. This is powered by three AA batteries which are unfortunately not included in the package.

Another great feature is the washable material, which makes maintenance super easy and it’s washing machine-friendly, and the textured patterned surface which hides stains and spit ups, helping to keep your nest looking its best.

How to choose a baby nest

If you seek something outside the options above, or want to know more about baby nests, here are some helpful tips to note.

Safety. Your child means the world to you. Ensuring your little bundle’s safety is the most important thing on your mind. So, when shopping for a baby nest or lounger, you will first and foremost want to consider your baby’s safety and security. Inspect the nest’s sidelines: while some product’s sidelines are notably thin, others are thicker and plusher, the thicker ones are preferable as they provide better protection. Also, check the contours: the deeper the contour, the more warmth and comfort the nest will provide, however too deep can pose a safety risk if baby rolls face down into it and can’t roll out again.

Material. When shopping, take note of the fabric used. Cotton fabrics are your best bet for your little one, as they are the most soothing and breathable. While there’s an extensive range of fabric options on the market, insist on 100% cotton-made nests. Some cotton options are also organic and hypo-allergic which may be something to keep in mind for babies with extra sensitive skin. Too often, mothers notice their baby nests give their kids rashes. Among other reasons, that’s the main reason why you should pay special attention to the material quality before you purchase.

Shape and size. Baby nests come in a range of sizes and shapes so you will want to factor in your baby’s size for a perfect pick. It will be good value for money if your baby nest serves for a long while. Many people buy baby nests that are the exact size of their baby but are then useless a few weeks later when baby has outgrown it.
Maintenance. Is the nest’s cover removable? Is the fabric easy to wash? Is it ideal for the washing machine? If any of these answers is NO, you may want to reconsider your choice. The best baby nests are low maintenance and wash easily with your general laundry. If the cleaning process seems unclear or stressful, it may not be worth it.

Warranty. Everyone wants something that assures durability and longevity. So, see what your preferred brand offers. Look away from products with no reliable warranty offer – too often, they end up a regrettable investment. At least a one-year warranty is fair enough and should cover the reasonable life span of many baby nests.

Reviews. As with any purchase, it’s worth spending the time checking out previous buyers’ experience with the product. Genuine online reviews will help you to make a well-informed decision.

Extra features. While the tips above may offer your baby safety, comfort, and durability, remember there are other nice-to-haves. For instance, you may prefer a lounger that comes with toys such as mirrors, teddy bears or even programmed musicals. These help keep your baby entertained and excited while you are neck-deep in some chores. Aside from entertainment, additional features like a belt may help create extra security for your little one, preventing baby rolling off the sides.

Safety Tips. While baby nests are no doubt one of the more useful baby items to have, the wrong usage may put your baby at risk. Here are some care tips to uphold:

  • Always ensure your baby lies back-down face-up while in the nest.
  • It is not advisable to move the nest around with your baby inside.
  • Transfer your baby into his/her cot as soon as they fall asleep in the nest. Do not allow unsupervised sleep.
  • Ensure close adult supervision at all times.
  • Although the nest can be placed on practically all flat surfaces, avoid elevated surfaces such as benchtops. This is to prevent it from falling from a height.

Are baby nests safe for newborns?

Baby nests are a relatively new baby product on the market. Although reviews from parents have been promising, there are yet to be any Australian safety regulations that guarantee their safety.

Notably, nests with mattresses and too-soft edges may expose baby to the risk of SUDI (Sudden Unexplained Death in Infants). The risk is that a baby could place their face along the soft edge and become helplessly stuck.

With this in mind, test for appropriate firmness and consider a product with breathable but firm air mesh. For additional safety, keep your baby in his nest within close range for constant supervision and regular safety checks.