6 Best Baby Nests for your Bub’s Snug Sleep

“Should I buy a baby nest? And which one is worth considering?” These are common questions among expectant and new mothers. So we’ve put together a buying guide for you to get your head around this topic, and help you choose the best baby nest currently available in Australia.

best baby nest australia

Understandably, crossing the threshold to motherhood is arguably the most exciting phase of a woman’s life. The joy that comes with holding your cute little idol for the first time. That’s one moment every woman looks forward to.

Childbirth is a game-changer. It ushers a whole new design. Notably, there comes, suddenly, a new addition to your typical everyday roles, catering to the need of your little bundle.

For a modern-day new mother, balancing child-raising and other life demands like work, career, shopping, hangout, wifely roles, etc. can be overwhelming.

For your little one, they continuously crave the warmth and comfort of your bosom. To satisfy these demands simultaneously, among other nursery products, you may consider investing your money in a baby lounger. These nests can do the trick and relieve you a bit while you attend to other pressing needs.

What is a Baby Nest?

Baby nests are mattresses with high edges well-crafted to create a warm, soft, and safe sleep space for baby, without falling or rolling out.

Alias baby sleepers, or sleeping pods, these 100% organic mini bed-like units offer an ideal transition into baby’s 4th trimester, building a sleeping environment that mimics their mother’s womb.

Why Baby Nests?

  • Hands-free comfort. Here’s arguably the most important benefit of bubnests. It strikes out the need to always have your baby warmed up in your arms. They offer your little one comfort and safety while you spend time with other necessities.
  • Flexibility. Besides that they are easy to set up, baby loungers fit on any flat and reliable surface – floor, countertop, bed, etc.
  • Portability. While it may be seeming bulky for your trip luggage, it is amazingly convenient moving them around the home – compared to baby bouncers and baby swings. Also, they fit well in your vehicle’s backseat or trunk. In fact, many models come with a double-sided handle for mobility ease.
  • Relief. Although it can be fulfilling to watch your baby sleeping in your arms, the luxury to see them play or sleep in a cozy spot and free up your tired arms is also a great relief.

While the need for a baby nest is one thing, the truckload of loungers on the market can quickly get you confused as to which to buy. No worries, though. This guide offers a review of 6 of the best baby nests in Australia, so you can choose the one that fits your needs and budget.

Clevamama Clevacushion Pillow & Baby Nest

1. Clevamama Clevacushion Pillow & Baby Nest

The best baby nest in Australia

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When it comes to choosing the best baby nest pod, think Clevamama Clevacushion. This item comes with a pillow and is designed for use in up to 10 different positions. The multi-use package promises ultimate comfort, versatility, and support for you and your little one.

The Clevamama Clevacushion Pillow and Baby Nest is suitable for use right from pregnancy straight till your baby clocks two.

The 10-in-1 nursing pillow can serve as a backrest for you during pregnancy, comes handy for nursing your newborn, as a snuggle rest for your baby, and gives additional support to your baby in high chairs, prams, or while in the car.

These pillows also come with toys to help entertain your kid at tummy times, an add-on that certainly makes this model worth the price.

Besides, these options are machine washable and come in five various designs and with a comfy cover that offers soothing comfort.

The pillow is a product from CLevaFoam, which, researchers say, may help prevent flat head syndrome. Although some parents say the price is on a high, it’s flexibility and versatility is uncommon.

With its fine blend of eco-friendliness, safety, easy maintenance, affordability, and extra add-ons, the Clevamama Clevacushion Pillow and Baby Nest is our top pick.

2. Red Castle Cocoonababy Ergonomic Nest

Portable and lightweight baby nest for nursing moms

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This nest bed can help you put baby to sleep, for a refreshing nap at day and may double as an impromptu baby seat.

Its portability and lightweight design makes it even more desirable for nursing moms. With the lightweight, for instance, you could take it along to the kitchen as you prepare meals while the baby dozes off comfortably.

The pod may help babies with reflux and also an ideal pick for parents who insist on co-sleeping. The nest is designed with a soft and cozy material and a firm middle strap to keep your babies from rolling off.

Its manufacturer claims the design helps relieve strain on your little bundle’s head, hence preventing flat head syndrome. Indeed, when it comes to comfort and safety, the Red Castle Cocoonababy ticks the right boxes.

Even more, the cover is designed with a removable technology that encourages washing. Behind the legs is an adjustable foam support that enables you to adjust as your baby grows.

Sadly, the baby nest is designed for babies from birth to three months. Most parents think for a pod that would serve for such a relatively short span, the Red Castle Cocoonababy may be too expensive.

Little Archer & Co. Newborn Baby Nest

3. Little Archer & Co. Newborn Baby Nest

Baby nest from birth to 8 months

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This nest is remarkably soothing and cozy. It offers newborn the best place to rest and play, perhaps while you get busy on other important duties around the home.

While products like Red Castle serve your baby for about three months, the Newborn Baby Nest from Little Archer & Co. remains useful until your baby reaches around eight months.

Again, the manufacturers boast eco-friend and non-toxic cotton in producing the nest. The lightweight fabric is adorably gentle on your baby’s overly sensitive skin. It is breathable and calm on your little bundle.

The product understands your baby’s support needs. Hence, though soft, the mattress is firm, providing a thoughtful balance between bouncing and sinking when lying on their back or at the all-important tummy time.

The cushion surrounding the cot offers an excellent barrier that protects your baby from rolling off. It also comes with an adjustable clip and cord that allows you to adjust the sizing as your baby advances in age.

Talking mobility, the Newborn Baby Nest offers extreme convenience. The item has a carry handle and a travel bag to keep your baby safe on-the-go. As long as you have a flat, sturdy surface, your baby can feel at home right in their nest.

When it comes to maintenance, the nest comes with a washable mattress, cushion, and cover. Interestingly they are suitable for a regular wash in your washing machine.

4. Eip.t Baby Nest

Baby nest from birth to 2 years

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Eip.t Baby Nest is a worthy item on the list of the best baby nests in Australia. This 100% cotton baby lounger offers newborns real comfort and warmth. Besides, its soft, breathable organic cotton is no threat to your baby’s sensitive skin.

Away from comfort, the lounger is easy to clean. It comes with a zipper and a buckle at the extreme, which allows you to remove the pad and, perhaps, replace the coverage with ease. Impressively, it is washing-mashing-compatible.

Another fantastic feature of this baby pod is its flexibility. That is, the nest can be used on the floor, cot, pram, etc. So you can use the baby rest anywhere you find a stable flat surface.

The nest is impressively light weighted which makes it easy to move around the house. Eip.t Baby Nest cover is double-sided, which allows you to switch patterns in and out. With its adjustable design, you can easily loosen the cord around the bumpers for more space as your baby grows. The bumper ends can be opened completely.

The Eip.t Baby Nest is designed for babies from birth until around two years. Indeed, this product offers babies a semblance of the coziness found in their parent’s bosom.

Battilo Home Baby Lounger

5. Battilo Home Baby Lounger

A great baby lounger for your baby’s skin

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If you seek the best baby lounger that attends to your baby’s tender skin, consider Battilo Home Baby Lounger. This bubnest is built with 100% breathable cotton fabric. It offers children a sound, safe, and serene rest in their co-sleeping crib.

The unit adopts the American bionic idea to create a sleeping environment resembling the mother’s naturally comforting womb.

Not a few mothers have attested to the safety and peacefulness this co-sleeper offers their kids. For co-sleeping, the nest fits well on your bed, or you can place it on the floor of your living room or in your baby’s cot.

Again, the Battilo Home Baby Lounger is portable and features an easy-to-maintain fabric. Its lightweight and double-side handles make it easy to move around, such as while on a trip, or hangouts. It also spots a zipper at the bottom, which allows for easy cleaning.

Although baby heights vary, the nest is intended for babies from birth till one year. It comes with losable cords at the bumper ends, which can be adjusted for a larger size. One thing to keep in mind is that the cover is not fully removable for washing.

Chicco My First Nest 3-in-1

6. Chicco My First Nest

Multipurpose baby nest and play mat

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This multifunctional baby nest can be used immediately after delivery. This baby lounger is suitably designed to offer the safety and coziness needed at birth.

The three-in-one nest comes with add-ons like a mirror, cuddly toy, label, and teething rings. Even more, the toy features built-in musicals by Mozart, Bach, and Glinka to help stimulate your baby’s mood, alongside rhythmic lights. The sounds can be modulated suitably.

Another impressive feature is the washable material, which makes maintenance easy. It is washing machine-friendly. While the nest works with three AA batteries, the batteries are not included in the package.

How to choose a baby nest

If you seek something outside the options above, or merely wish to know what makes the best baby lounger, here are some helpful tips to note.

Safety. Your child means the world to you. Watching your little bundle’s safety is the most important thing on your mind. So, when shopping for a lounger, consider your baby’s safety and security. Inspect the pod’s sidelines. While some products’ sidelines are notably thin, others are broader. Settle for the broader ones as they promise better protection. Also, check the contours (the deeper, the better). This factor is vital as it brings more warmth, general comfy, and, importantly, safety.

Material. When shopping, take a close look at the fabric used. Here, cotton fabrics are your best bet for your little one, as they are most soothing and warm. While there’s an extensive range of fabric options on the market, insist on 100% cotton-made nests. These options are organic and hypo-allergic. Too often, mothers notice their baby loungers give their kids rashes. Among other reasons, here’s why you should pay special attention to the material quality before you purchase.

Shape and Size. These sleeping pods are in a broad range of sizes and shapes. So, importantly, factor in your baby’s size for a perfect pick. It will be a good value for money if your baby nest serves for a long while. Many people buy pods the exact size of their baby and maybe investing in another in only a few months.

Maintenance. Is the nest’s cover removable? Is the fabric easy to wash? Is it ideal for the washing machine? If either of the answers is NO, you may check the next option on the listing. The best baby nests wash seamlessly with soap and water. Better still, look out for baby loungers that are compatible with washing machines. If the cleaning process seems unclear or stressful, it may not be worth it.

Warranty. Everyone wants something that assures durability. So, see what your preferred brand offers. Look away from products with no reliable warranty offer – too often, they end up a regrettable investment. At least, a one-year warranty is fair enough. So, if anything odd shows up within this duration, it could be exchanged.

Reviews. As with any purchase, if you seek the best baby nest beds, spend time to check out previous buyers’ experience with the product. Genuine online reviews would help you make a well-informed decision.

Extra Features. While the tips above may offer your baby safety, comfort, and durability, remember there’s more. For instance, you may prefer a lounger that comes with toys like a baby mirror, teddy bear, and even programmed musicals. These would help keep your baby entertained and excited while you are neck-dip in some cores. Besides entertainment, additional features like a belt may help create extra security for your fragile little one, preventing falls.

Safety Tips. While baby nests are no doubts one of the best things that can happen to you, the wrong usage may put your baby at risk. To avoid endangering your child’s health, here are some care tips to uphold:

  • Always ensure your baby lies back-down face-up while in the lounger
  • It is not advisable to move the nest around with your baby inside.
  • Transfer your baby into his/her cot as soon as they fall asleep in the bubnest. Do not allow long unsupervised sleep in the lounger.
  • At all times, as long as they remain in the pod, ensure close-enough adult supervision.
  • Although the nest can stay on practically all flat surfaces, avoid elevated surfaces as much as possible. This is to prevent the lounger from falling from such heights.

Are baby nests safe for newborns?

Baby nests are relatively new on the market. Although reviews from parents have been promising, till now, there are yet no safety regulations that guarantee their safety.

Notably, nests with mattress and too-soft edges may expose baby to the risk of sudden infant death. Babies would most likely place their face on the soft edges and could get helplessly stuck there.

With this in mind, test for firmness and prefer a product with breathable but firm air mesh. While this spec helps your baby breathe through, they cannot drill their face in the foam.

For additional safety, do well to keep your baby’s lounger within close range for regular safety checks.