11 Best Baby Play Gyms for your Child’s Development

An activity gym will increase baby’s sensory skills and will help develop her muscles and brain. It’s a must-have for your newborn and toddler, so here’s a list of the best baby play gyms in Australia for all budgets and needs.

best baby play gym australia

An activity play gym is one of the first interactive toy for your newborn’s earliest development. It will stimulate the infant’s motor skills and muscle movements, alongside with their soft skills.

As the baby grows, you will be amazed to see their key milestones development and the support the play gym provides. You will easily follow the infant’s progress and growth, thus ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for exploring.

Once your child starts to roll over, activity mats are just perfect for tummy exercises and some of them also offer other musical or light features for ultimate play and learning moments. This type of toy offers you plenty of interesting options for entertainment and brain development, while at the same time stimulating the sensory skills.

We must mention the other benefits that play gyms offer such as improving hand-eye coordination, or preventing getting a flat head, stimulating the baby’s crawling phase, and finally giving mommy some hands-free time for other things at home.

Though hard to choose the most suitable, this guide will help you to make a sound decision and choose the best activity gym for your baby. By a mix of thorough research and parent experience, we made sure that you know the best features to look for when purchasing.

The following products are the top 11 best baby play gyms currently available on the Australian market.

Lovevery The Play Gym

1. Lovevery The Play Gym

Innovative baby play gym for development of baby’s motor skills

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This is a product that is in line for a patent due to its uniqueness and the excellent features it offers for baby’s first year. The designer had in mind all the baby’s learning stages, and the development of their physical, cognitive, visual and motor skills when creating Lovevery The Play Gym.

It has five different zones to be created, thus enabling entertainment from infant to toddler:

  • Learning to focus – mirror card set included,
  • Making sounds – with ergonomically designed batting ring,
  • Encourage sensor exploration – organic cotton teething toys and silicone rings,
  • Hiding and finding – secret pockets for hiding things and playing,
  • Exploring colours – colourful cards with everyday objects and a Montessori high contrast ball.

There are also removable accessories included in the set, 100% organic cotton toys, as well as a guide to discover age appropriate activity possibilities. It is easy to assemble and disassemble in just 2 minutes time and it has wooden legs for better stability.

The floor mat is machine-washable, easy to fold, compact and very portable as it is lightweight. This is one of the best baby gyms currently in Australia, produced with safe materials, without BPA, phthalates and non-toxic.

Skip Hop Doubleplay Reversible Playmat

2. Skip Hop Doubleplay Reversible Playmat

Stylish, reversible and waterproof play mat

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The reversible play mat offers two sided modern patterns for baby’s ultimate party time. Very easy to fold up, just roll it up and move it around the house during the day or leave it in the corner. The best part of the Skip Hop Doubleplay Reversible Playmat is that the soft foamy material is a perfect choice for the child to roll or crawl and it is made of PVC and phthalate-free materials, hence it is extremely safe for your little baby.

  • Waterproof material – Easy to clean with just wipes.
  • Reversible material – On the one side there is a colourful design for the child’s enjoyment and playing moments, while the other is more modern and suitable for the living room environment, still offering comfort to your baby.
  • Jumbo size – Its jumbo size offers so much space for the baby to play around and entertain. You can rest assured that your baby is in a safe place that does not slip, which is perfect for making the first steps.

This is a very convenient play mat, easy to use and store, even easier to clean, while giving a lot of safe space for your baby to enjoy in their moments of learning and exploring.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Music & Lights Deluxe Gym

3. Fisher-Price Rainforest Music & Lights Deluxe Gym

Colourful activity gym with music and light activities

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This lovely gym is a truly indulging and delightful experience for your newborn. With 10 toys in its set, as well as other music, nature sounds and light activities, your baby will definitely be very busy in discovering all the options the Fisher-Price Rainforest Music & Lights Deluxe Gym has to offer. There are three ways to play with it:

  • Lay & Play – the hanging toys and music will encourage the infant to reach and bat,
  • Tummy Time – when the toys are lower or moved, the baby will try to reach them and push up,
  • Take-along – remove the toucan, it has the possibility for up to 20 minutes of music in long-play mode and colour changing lights.

The sensory development boost that your baby will experience while playing, will foster motor skills and also increase their curiosity for cause and effect activities. So many interactive toys are included, such as a monkey, mirror, jungle lion, rollerball snail, clacker zebra, making it hard to choose form, or to reach the butterflies dangling overhead.

This is one of the top baby activity gyms, so easy to fold and store, while the mat fabric is machine-washable, hence no problems with keeping it clean and tidy.

Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym

4. Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym

Cloud-like comfort with stimulation activity toys

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This is such a cute, puffy and oversize cloud-shaped gym for party time with your adorable baby. You can use it from day one, thanks to the softness it provides, safe PVC and Phthalate-free material, and its weight of just under 1 kg.

Five hanging toys are included in the set, for engaging baby’s developmental activities and stimulate their sensory feelings:

  • Musical sheep,
  • Light-up star,
  • Cloud squeaker,
  • Bird rattle,
  • Baby-safe sunshine mirror.

Once your baby starts to turn on its tummy and practice rolling, the Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym has a cloud-shaped tummy time pillow, with a plush minky surface, plush velour on the one side and an interesting print on the other.

The colour palette stimulates the baby’s sight as it is neutral with pops of neon. It is a good money value and loved by parents and babies, and you will most probably use it during the whole first year of your baby. Also, this is a very portable play activity gym, so your infant won’t miss it, wherever you go, you can easily assemble it and take it with you on the road.

Skip Hop Camping Cub Activity Baby Gym

5. Skip Hop Camping Cub Activity Baby Gym

Baby gym for development of sensory feelings

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This is a nature inspired baby gym, as it stimulates the baby to actively learn their environment and enhance their mental and physical abilities. The mat offers four different ways to entertain:

  • Overhead play,
  • Tummy time mat,
  • Seated play,
  • Playmat.

Its unique feature is the pole construction with wood grain pattern and rope ties, which gives forest feeling, as well as the hanging toys firefly, raccoon and others. Babies especially enjoy the peek-a-boo flap that reveals a skunk and a plush minky on a bear’s belly. The Skip Hop Camping Cub Activity Baby Gym is an inspiring mat for encouraging baby’s imagination.

It has up to 17 distinctive development activities, such as: light-up firefly, turtle mirror, bear rattle and musical raccoon with wooden teether that plays “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. This is a BPA, PVC and Phthalate-free safe material for utmost comfort and security of your newborn.

Featuring a bear-shaped tummy pillow, for practicing and exercising, you can be confident that your baby’s development and skills will significantly improve. Easy to clean, highly portable and a must-have feature for your little one.

Skip Hop Treetop Friends

6. Skip Hop Treetop Friends

The best play gym for tummy time

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This play gym is one of the top baby activity gyms as it offers multiple developmental activities for baby. A range of 17 developmental activities are included in the set, as well as five playful multi-sensory hanging toys, 13 loops to hang toys low or high or on the mat itself. There are several fabrics and activities:

  • Crinkle leaves,
  • Squeaker flower,
  • Baby-safe mirror in the tree trunk.

The Skip Hop Treetop Friends is one of the best for practicing tummy time, as it has a special pillow that comforts baby in this position and helps them learn how to practice their muscles. The pillow is an especially designed feature for support and assistance while your baby masters tummy time and has enough strength to lay on her own.

This mat helps keep your baby entertained while engaged with multi-sensory features and fun activities. The fabric is also machine-washable and it assembles and disassembles in only 2 minutes, very easy to move around so that the baby can always enjoy in its nature-like company. For production of this mat, all the applicable safety standards were met.

Woodlands Playgym by O.B. Designs

7. Woodlands Playgym by O.B. Designs

Handy play gym for sensory development

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The highly functional and comfortable activity gym which fosters baby’s development is every parent’s necessity in the first months of his life.

The Woodlands Playgym by O.B. Designs not only enables your baby to feel secure and lay down on the mat, but also, it encourages babies to improve their core strength, hand-eye coordination as well as the motor skills. It has three sensory toys in the set for brain and motor skill development:

  • Mirror,
  • Rattle,
  • Crinkle.

Also, the play mat features a play bar with eight hooked toys for the baby to play with them and learn new techniques. The extra padding in the mat encourages them to independently practice tummy time, while still enjoying the comfort and security.

Experts recommend practicing tummy time with your baby from their early days as it will help them in their future development. It has a great modern design that easily fits in any home style. Very practical and easy to assemble, this product also comes with a carry bag for your convenience while traveling.

Yookidoo Gymotion Robo Playland

8. Yookidoo Gymotion Robo Playland

One of the best baby 3-in-1 play gyms

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This is definitely a great play mat currently on the market in the budget friendly range, with various features for motor skills development and strengthening of baby’s tiny body muscles.

The 3-in-1 Yookidoo Gymotion Robo Playland is an award winning patented activity gym with more than 20 developmental activities. It offers three stages of entertainment:

  • Stage 1: Lay & Play – Promotes eye-hand coordination and side-to-side encouragement,
  • Stage 2: Tummy & Play – Strengthens the baby’s physical condition and develops motor skills,
  • Stage 3: Sit & Play – Teaches cause and effect and encourages curiosity.

Another great feature is the 2 modes of 10 minute continuous music for relaxation or stimulation. There are so many other accessories and colourful toys included in the set, such as: tummy pillow, mirror for hanging on arch or standing on mat, flower face rattle with beads and robo plush figures.

It is easy to fold and carry it as a bag, as well as to keep it clean and tidy. You will definitely not make a mistake if you decide to buy it, as it will foster baby’s creativity and imagination at a whole new level.

Chicco My Firts Nest 3-in-1

9. Chicco My Firts Nest 3-in-1

3-in1 cuddly nest with a 30 minute classical music mode

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This play mat offers a truly comfortable experience for baby, and apart from the regular cuddly experience of this type of products, it additionally offers listening to 30 minutes classical music.

Researchers believe that the effect of listening to classical music is a ‘temporary increase in their intelligence’, also called the “Mozart effect”, which is an extraordinary feature for such a tiny baby. Also, the mat follows their growth, adapting in 3 rest positions:

  • 0m+ Lying down position – comfortable nest for cuddle time,
  • 2m+ Tummy-time position –  great for baby’s muscles development,
  •  6m+ Sitting Up position – support for beginning to sit up-right.

The pillow included in the set has a lovely teddy head and fits perfectly for tummy exercises. Both the pillow and the play mat are machine-washable, and 3 batteries are required for the musical features.

It also has a mirror, soft plastic for teething and 2 rings to grasp and play. Very easy and practical due to its compact size, both for home and usage while on the road. The Chicco My Firts Nest 3-in-1 will definitely provide your baby ultimate comfort and unusual musical experience in the first couple of months of their life.

Tiny Love Dynamic Gymini

10. Tiny Love Dynamic Gymini

Affordable play gym with multiple activities in hand

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This is definitely one of the best baby gyms, with so many options for stimulation and encouragement of baby. Electronic recording, bird toy with lights and music, for stimulating babies to talk and foster their language abilities, to allowing parents to record messages and for the toddlers to record themselves, this is an ultimate play gym.

The Tiny Love Dynamic Gymini is such a spacious and wide mat suitable for rolling, sitting or playing even for toddlers. There are two arches which are both adjustable and up to 12 stimulation activities, and also including the following:

  • House mirror doubles as picture frame,
  • Raccoon blanky,
  • Cloud mobile,
  • Tummy time pillow,
  • Wind chime,
  • Rattle doll and others.

The colourful design also affects the imagination and creativity, thus developing the fine motor skills alongside with the sitting, crawling and walking. This play gym is an exciting adventure for the baby as it allows spending quality time for the parent with the child while teaching her of the environment and helping them improve their cognitive skills.

This play gym is an excellent choice and many features to discover, while following the inevitable growth and development of your infant. The mat is also machine-washable, very easy to use and maintain clean.

Bright Starts Floors of Fun Activity Gym & Dollhouse

11. Bright Starts Floors of Fun Activity Gym & Dollhouse

Baby’s convertible gym and dollhouse with lights and music

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This is an adorable baby gym and dollhouse with many options in hand for encouraging the development of motor skills of your little princess. The set entails:

  • 20+ minutes of lights and music played by a plush unicorn – to keep the child engaged,
  • 6 Sensory activity toys – hanged on the arches or spread around the baby,
  • 4 different ways of usage and play – as a play mat, for tummy time, music and light entertainment or hanging-dollhouse for adventures with the toys.

The Bright Starts Floors of Fun Activity Gym & Dollhouse also comes with a rainbow tummy time pillow and lovely mirror for smiley reflections.

This colourful design and the various playing modes it has is a truly delightful and creative experience for your baby girl. Her imagination will further grow as you convert the play gym into a wall-hanging dollhouse with flaps, pockets and many floors.

Very easy and quick to assemble and pack, alongside with a zipper case for storage or when travelling. This is definitely not a classical play mat, as its innovations go beyond its meaning, alongside with the adventures and skills development.

How to choose the best play gym

It is difficult to entertain baby all day long and provide the cuddle experience 24/7 when you should also clean the house, make dinner or do the laundry. That is why experts have developed interactive toys such as the play gyms which not only offer baby with perfect relaxation moments, but also stimulate their skills development.

Play gyms are a perfect option for your newborn as they will keep the baby occupied and eager to discover the environment, and you will be able to see the benefits of it, as your baby grows and practices developmental milestones, such as rolling, crawling, reaching toys and walking a lot sooner than you think.

You can create a safe play zone in just seconds, and be confident that your baby is in a secure place with plenty of party activities around to stimulate and support their development. Time just flies by as you see your baby entertained and amused by the colours and sounds around.

The best part is of course the encouragement of imagination and creativity, thus enabling your baby to grow their skills. You are also teaching them to play on their own and increase their independence, a characteristic that you will greatly appreciate in their older age.

Also, if you are looking for the perfect entertaining baby gift for your family or friend, look no further as they will definitely fall immediately in love with the play gym. Make sure you do know the following features prior to buy a play gym:

Safety. Always make sure to buy the safest product for your baby, and double check even in your slightest doubts. Look for materials and designs with fine endings and be careful if there are any damages on the arches and the other somewhat ‘dangerous’ hanging additions. Also, place the mat on the floor and never leave the baby unattended on it, as it only takes seconds for an accident to occur.

Portability/Size. Play mats for babies are usually easy to fold and pack, even the large ones, since they are lightweight. Still, make sure that it suits your lifestyle, can be easily packed and moved around the house or to provide your baby a familiar comfort when travelling elsewhere.

Cleaning/Material. The fabric of the activity mat should preferably be natural and eco-friendly. It is especially important to be easy for cleaning and maintaining utmost hygiene in your baby’s environment. Also, the material of the activity toys, teethers and other accessories included should be easy to clean and immediately replaced if damaged.

Design and tummy-time additions. Choose wisely according to your preferences and budget, but still have in mind that the ones with music and light features are more inspiring for the baby. Also there are some that also come with a set of toys and other accessories which create a fairy tale for your baby and a comfortable all-in-one area. The tummy-time pillow encourages the baby’s developmental milestones and the play gym with such a pillow should definitely be considered as a bonus plus.