11 Best Baby Sleeping Bags and Swaddles

We bring you our picks for the best baby sleeping bags and swaddles, for safe and comfortable sleeping and for all seasons, with great products chosen by Australian mums.

best baby sleeping bag and swaddle australia

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We all want our baby to sleep well so everyone can get a good night’s rest. Baby sleeping bags and swaddles create a safer and more convenient sleeping environment than sheets and blankets, which are not recommended for use in children under the age of two.

A safe sleeping environment is one where all potential dangers are removed, which include soft surfaces, loose blankets, head coverings and pillows.

Sleeping bags and swaddles manufactured for infant sleep are an easy way to ensure your baby is sleeping safely. Fitted to the body, there’s no chance of baby slipping down, getting tangled up inside loose sheets, or kicking off their blankets. They also help to maintain and regulate temperature so baby is never too hot or too cold, and great for you as no other bed linen is required except for a fitted sheet.

A swaddle can be thought of a tight sleeping bag for use in newborn babies. Baby is securely wrapped, typically with his arms in, to resemble the warm, snug environment of the womb. Baby can be put down to sleep safely in his swaddle and may even sleep for longer as he feels so secure. Swaddling is traditionally performed by wrapping baby in a blanket or cloth, however modern swaddles, which are more like small sacks, are now widely available for ease of use.

In contrast, sleeping bags are larger and looser fitting than a swaddle and can be thought of as a wearable blanket. Designed for older babies and toddlers, sleeping bags allow for freedom of movement as baby no longer needs the snugness of a tight swaddle. Super easy to use, simply pop baby in and zip him up and he’s ready for bed! They’re fantastic to use as part of a nap or bedtime routine as baby will learn when his sleeping bag comes out, it’s time for sleep.

Now, here is our selection of the best baby sleeping bags and swaddles currently available in Australia to cover all age groups, styles and room temperature range.

Ergo Pouch 2.5 TOG Sleep Suit Bag

 Best For Winter 

1. Ergo Pouch 2.5 TOG Sleep Suit Bag

Cleverly converts from sleep sack to sleep suit with legs for little walkers

What we like
  • Can be used as sleeping bag or sleep suit with legs
  • Stretchy side and shoulder panels
  • 400 thread count organic cotton fabric
  • Hip-friendly
What could be better
  • For tall baby it’s tricky to pop the legs in the sleep suit as the zip is quite high
  • Does not have double zipper
  • The zipper goes only half way down so might be difficult for nappy changes

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The best sleeping bag for baby is the ErgoPouch 2.5 TOG Sleep Suit Bag, perfect for keeping baby snuggly during cooler evenings, it cleverly converts from a sack style sleeping bag to one with legs for little wrigglers.

The clever four way zip allows you to easily transform the Ergopouch from sleeping bag to sleep suit, allowing for unrestricted leg movement, with little grips on the bottom of the feet for the safety of walkers.

Made with 100% unbleached organic cotton in a luxurious 400 thread count,
ErgoPouch is soft, gentle and silky against baby’s skin, with a similar feel to your favourite flat sheet on your own bed. Endorsed by the Eczema Association of Australasia as a skin friendly product, its adorable design is printed with a non toxic, water based dye. It also features long stretchy sleeves for warmth with fold over mitts to stop potential face scratching during sleep.

It’s available in four sizes to suit all babies and toddlers from two months to six years and comes with a handy room thermometer and dressing guide so you can always be confident that your baby is at the correct temperature.

Lekebaby Swaddle Wrap

2. Lekebaby Swaddle Wrap

Set of 2 unisex swaddle wraps, designed for ease and comfort

What we like
  • Set of 2 wraps
  • 100% Cotton
  • Gender neutral designs
  • Comfortable and breathable fabric
What could be better
  • Sizes run on the small side

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One of the best baby swaddles on the market today is the Lekebaby swaddle wrap that conveniently comes in a set of 2 and has been praised for its easy-to-use function and affordability. These swaddle wraps are made of 100% breathable cotton with adjustable wings, ideal for restless or colicky babies, suitable for ages 0-3 months.

This swaddle consists of one pocket for the legs and two wings that wrap safely around your baby. The wings have been designed adjustable and self-fastening with the use of strong velcro, giving you flexibility in finding the perfect fit for your baby. Just be sure to give your baby plenty of room to move their legs and feet, including room to bend their legs up and out at the hips.

Using this type of swaddle greatly reduces the risk of SIDS by eliminating the dangers of loose sheets or blankets in the crib, that can potentially smother your baby in their sleep.

We love that the Lekebaby swaddle set comes in unisex colours and gender-neutral patterns, making them suitable for boys and girls, perfect for a set of twins.

Tommee Tippee GroBag

3. Tommee Tippee GroBag

One of the most popular sleeping bags on the Australian market

What we like
  • Special design for natural hip healthy position
  • 2 way zippers on the side for easy nappy changes
  • Soft cotton rich materials with free of fluorescent
  • Includes a ‘what to wear underneath sleeping bag’ guide
What could be better
  • Zippers on the side may not be some parents’ favourite feature
  • No “long sleeves” option

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The Grobag sleeping bags by Tommee Tippee are among the most popular products available, and are used in daycare nurseries all around the country. Available in lots of cute designs, a variety of TOG ratings to suit all seasons and sizes for babies between six and thirty six months, these are high quality products you can use right into the toddler years.

With a hip healthy design endorsed by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, these sleeping bags are snug and cosy around the torso and then loose around the hips and legs to allow for a natural hip healthy position.

The cotton rich fabrics are luxe and soft to the touch and will handle many, many washes without losing their quality. They are also suitable for tumble drying for those days when you need a clean sleeping bag quickly!

The unique two way zipper makes nappy changes no problem and unlike most sleeping bags which zip down the front, it zips away to the side and underneath for a wider, easy access opening so there’s no trouble getting baby in and out.

Aden and Anais muslin swaddles

4. Aden and Anais muslin swaddles

Breathable and lightweight, our favourite for traditional swaddling

What we like
  • Can be used as a pram cover, burp cloth, breastfeeding cover and more
  • Lightweight and breathable to prevent overheating
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Large size
What could be better
  • Some pattern prints do make the muslins feel a little stiffer when touching
  • Because the material is super soft, the muslins don't hold a tight swaddle

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These gorgeous muslin swaddling blankets are a firm favourite amongst mums and celebrities alike, and are an ever popular addition on baby shower registries . Made with 100% super soft cotton muslin, they become softer and even more cosy with every wash.

These swaddles are lightweight and breathable for easy wrapping and to avoid overheating, can be used in any season and are great for layering.

Extra large in size at 120x120cm, there’s more than enough fabric for easy and secure swaddling even for beginners, although it might take a few tries at first!

Available in so many gorgeous designs and collections to suit every nursery, they are also extremely versatile and can be used as a burp cloth, picnic blanket, nursing cover, for tummy time, the possibilities are almost endless! You’ll find you’ll always want to have one on hand and all round, these are our best baby swaddles. Certainly useful far beyond the swaddling days, these easy care, quality swaddles will serve you well into the toddler years.

ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag

5. ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag

This hybrid baby swaddle sleeping bag gives you the best of both worlds

What we like
  • Can be used with arms tucked in or out
  • Certified organic cotton and natural bamboo
  • Tight enough to minimise startle reflex yet stretchable
  • Bell shaped design improves proper hips and shoulders growth
What could be better
  • The flap at the top to cover the zip tag doesn't work well sometimes

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Our pick for the best newborn sleeping bag is the ErgoPouch Cocoon. These amazing sleeping bags combine the comfort and snugness of a swaddle with the convenience of a sleeping bag, perfect for tiny babies.

For secure swaddling with no fuss or tricky wrapping, newborn babies can be zipped straight up to sleep with their arms securely tucked in. When baby begins to roll, simply undo the snaps at the armholes for an easy transition to arms out sleeping while still retaining the comfort of a snug, swaddle-like fit. Or even transition to arms out sleeping slowly by letting one arm out at a time, giving baby time to get used to this new feeling.

Made with a breathable, 100% organic cotton, the ErgoPouch Cocoon is soft and gentle on baby’s skin with a bamboo rich inner lining for a touch of luxury. There are no harsh chemicals used to keep baby comfortable and irritation free. The bag is bell shaped with plenty of room around the hips and knees for healthy leg movement and minimising the risk of hip dysplasia.

Available in three different TOG ratings for all seasons and three sizes to suit newborn babies of all sizes, these can be used all throughout the first year of life.

Tommee Tippee Newborn Grobag

 Best For Newborns 

6. Tommee Tippee Newborn Grobag

Award winning design for simple, hassle free swaddling

What we like
  • 2 in 1 swaddle wrap and sleeping bag
  • Can be unzipped at the bottom for quick nappy changes
  • Hip Healthy feature
  • Super soft, cotton-rich and fluorescent-free
What could be better
  • Only suitable for small babies up to 3 months

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The perfect fusion of a swaddle and sleeping bag in one, the award winning Tommee Tippee Newborn Grobag makes swaddling completely fuss free. Simply open the bag flat, pop baby in, zip up and wrap each wing over for the perfect snug fit. This is our best swaddle for newborns due to its complete ease of use which is so important during those first few months.

Designed for newborn babies 0-3 months, this Grobag will serve you well throughout the newborn period but baby will quickly outgrow it. There’s an easy zip bottom to let you change nappies without undoing the entire swaddle and starting again, saving you a lot of time and hassle during those frequent night time wake ups, and keeping baby warm and comfy with minimal disruption. 

Suitable for layering to suit the room temperature, baby can just wear a singlet and nappy in warmer temperatures, or rug up with pyjamas. No matter what he’s wearing, you’ll always be able to achieve the perfect fit by adjusting the clever wings.

The new and improved hourglass shape of this swaddle has been carefully designed to give the most hip healthy position ever, so little legs can fall into their “froggy leg” natural position with ease. Cotton rich fabrics are soft against baby’s skin for snug sleeping and choose from oodles of super cute prints.

Little Archer & Co. Muslin Wraps

7. Little Archer & Co. Muslin Wraps

Traditional swaddling wraps from a contemporary, boutique label

What we like
  • Extra big size and multipurpose muslin wraps
  • Bamboo cotton, gentle on sensitive skin
  • Breathable fabric
  • It dries fast after washing
What could be better
  • Since the fabric is very soft, the muslins won’t hold baby as tight as expected

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For those wanting a high quality product whilst supporting small business, these muslin swaddling wraps are for you. Little Archer & Co. is a small Australian boutique business providing quality baby essentials with the firm belief that all families should be able to spoil their little ones without breaking the bank.

For classic swaddling, wrap your baby up nice and tight with these quality wraps. Made only from organic, eco friendly and non toxic materials, these gorgeous muslin swaddling wraps are extra large at 120x120cm each and provide ultimate coverage for all situations. Perfect for layering as they are ultra breathable and super lightweight, they will take up next to no space in your nappy bag.

You’ll want to take one everywhere as they are so useful in so many scenarios. Aside from swaddling for sleep, you’ll use them as a pram cover, play blanket, burp cloth, and to mop up any spills along the way.

These wraps come in a pack of two beautiful, coordinating unisex designs to suit any nursery and would also make a fantastic baby shower gift for expecting parents!

Aden and Anais Muslin Sleeping Bag

8. Aden and Anais Muslin Sleeping Bag

Our favourite classic muslins transformed into an ultra lightweight sleeping bag

What we like
  • Good quality cotton
  • Zipper at the bottom for convenient nappy changes
  • Remains soft and dries quickly after wash
  • Thin and breathable fabric
What could be better
  • The muslin cotton may not feel as soft as other cotton types
  • The zipper’s quality could be better
  • Might need to wear extra layers for super cold nights

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This is Aden and Anais’ ever popular muslin swaddling blankets made into a sleeping bag for total convenience. Soft and durable, this sleeping bag is made of single luxurious layers of Aden and Anais’ signature 100% muslin cotton. For 2.5 TOG muslin sleeping bags, there is an addition of a hypoallergenic fill for cushion-feel comfort.

It offers exceptional air flow with its breathable weave whilst also helping to keep the body warm. It’s also very portable as it folds up small so is wonderful for travelling or to take to grandma’s.

Of generous size and with plenty of room for movement, your little one will sleep comfortably no matter his preferred sleeping position and there’s more than enough space to add or remove layers with ease. It features short, T shirt like capped sleeves and a zipper at the bottom for convenient nappy changes.

You’ll fall in love with all of the gorgeous designs available which you can coordinate with other Aden and Anais nursery products.

So easy to care for, it only gets softer with every wash and the lightweight weave means it will air dry in next to no time ready for its next use.

Baby Studio Swaddle Bag

9. Baby Studio Swaddle Bag

All in one stretchy bag for young babies

What we like
  • Affordable price
  • Roll back cuffs feature
  • Stretchable fabric
  • Long sleeves design allows baby’s arms to move around with ease
What could be better
  • Hand covers are quite loose and do come off sometimes
  • Does not have high TOG

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This all in one baby swaddle bag is made of a soft, stretchy cotton, allowing baby to move and stretch throughout the night whilst still feeling snugly held. There’s still plenty of room in the bag, particularly in the lower half, to allow natural movement of the legs for healthy hips.

This is a sleeved design for extra warmth with the sleeves featuring a clever cuff that can be rolled back for exposed hands, or rolled over the hands to create snug mitts to prevent scratching in the night and to allow skin-to-skin contact with mum.

The soft neck cuff and zipper cover ensures no irritation and ensures baby’s delicate skin is never caught in the zipper. It’s lightweight, cotton and elastane construction is suitable for layering to suit a variety of room temperatures and should see you season to season.

This is also a good bag to transition to after the initial swaddling stage when baby is able to roll or even sit as it allows complete freedom of the arms, yet still fits more closely than a traditional toddler sleeping bag for security.

Baby Studio Swaddle Wrap

10. Baby Studio Swaddle Wrap

Clever wings offer super easy, no escape swaddling

What we like
  • Tight across shoulder to hold arms firm and minimise startle
  • Natural fibres bamboo from viscose
  • Versatile swaddle positioning
  • Large pouch promotes “frog-like” sleep position
What could be better
  • Not suitable for winter due to low 0.2 TOG rating
  • Only great for young babies up to 3 months

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The Baby Studio Swaddle Wrap is a good value for money and perfect for young babies who love being swaddled tight, and for parents who don’t like the fiddly hassle or otherwise never quite got the hang of wrapping. Simply pop baby in and wrap up tight with the two generously sized wings for a custom fit every time – no escaping!

You can adjust this wrap to suit baby’s needs as he grows. Swaddle with one or both arms out, or swaddle more loosely to gently transition baby away from swaddling and into roomier sleeping bags.

Ultra lightweight and perfect for layering, you can layer under or over the swaddle to suit the room temperature, all the while ensuring a perfect fit thanks to the stretchy adjustable wings.

As velcro is used to keep the wings in place, it can be loud when unwrapping which could disturb some babies, although the strength of the velcro also means it will be incredibly difficult for baby to escape from this swaddle.

Made with 100% natural fibres bamboo from viscose, this is a naturally breathable sleeping bag and irritation free for delicate skin, suitable for babies up to around 3 months of age.

Baby Studio Swaddle Pouch

11. Baby Studio Swaddle Pouch

The easiest ever one step swaddle

What we like
  • Makes swaddle job effortless
  • 2 way zippers for easy access and quick nappy change
  • Stretchy and soft organic cotton
  • Lightweight and breathable material
What could be better
  • Available in 0.2 TOG and 1 TOG so may need extra layers during cold weather
  • Only for newborn or baby who prefers arms down sleep position

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A great no fuss option, the Baby Studio Swaddle Pouch is a super simple alternative to traditional swaddling and is perfect for you if aren’t interested in any unnecessary hassle. A simple, one action zipper is all it takes for your baby to be securely snuggled up for safe and soothing sleeping. Nappy changes are also made easy peasy thanks to the handy two way zip.

The pouch is constructed with a specially designed cotton and elastane blend to give the perfect amount of stretch for your baby to move without being too restricted, all the while feeling secure. There’s also extra room around the bottom part of the pouch to allow for free leg movement to promote healthy hips.

This swaddle pouch is also perfect for little Houdinis who constantly break free from their traditional wraps as the super snug fit ensures no escaping and no accidental wake ups from the startle reflex.

How to choose a baby sleeping bag or swaddle

Not sure which sleeping bag or swaddle is right for you? Here are our handy tips on how to choose the best one for you and your baby.

Size. Not all sleeping bags are the same size, so you want to make sure you are choosing one appropriate to your baby’s age and size. A sleeping bag that is too large may cause your baby to dangerously slim down through the neck hole, and it will be obvious if a sleeping bag, which tends to be fitted, is too small – it just won’t fit.

Types of swaddles. Many parents love the traditional wrapping of a newborn baby with a flat swaddling blanket, while others prefer a modern style zippered or winged swaddle which are generally much easier and faster to use. It’s really up to personal preference which one you choose, though keep in mind that ultra strong babies may be able to Houdini their way out of even the tightest wrapping.

Types of sleeping bags. Sleeping bags are generally more generous in size and closed with a front zip. Some will have arms that are either attached or detachable to suit the room temperature, and some have legs so your baby is completely unrestricted in leg movement and can even walk. In fact, some sleeping “bags” look more like little suits than sacks, and are really handy in cold climates as they can be used as a wearable blanket.

Versatility and longevity. Think about how versatile your choice will be. You can end up with a lot of sleeping bags very quickly if you aren’t careful as you will likely find you need different weights depending on season (see TOG rating below) and sizes as your baby grows. You may also prefer to have several in each category so you always have one clean for emergencies. This might be acceptable to you but if you prefer to be more minimalistic, consider looking for products that have the versatility to be used in different seasons and across different ages. Traditional muslin swaddling blankets are perhaps the most versatile of all the styles, and also consider sleeping bags that allow you to easily layer up or down as you need.

TOG rating. TOG stands for “Thermal Overall Grade” and is used to determine the thermal insulation of the sleeping bag. Put simply, the higher the TOG rating, the warmer the bag. A bag with a TOG rating of 0.2 is ultra lightweight and suitable for hot Aussie summers, while a TOG rating of 3.5 will be for cold winter nights with room temperatures under 16ºC. TOG 1.0 or 2.5 are good inter seasonal choices. Remember that you can layer pyjamas and singles under the bag to add warmth and to adjust easily as the room temperature may change over the course of a night.

Fabrics and materials. Ideally, you want a sleeping bag made of soft, natural, breathable materials for minimal irritation and so your baby won’t sweat too much whilst asleep. All sleeping bags should be kept away from high heat and fire for safety reasons, and there will be a label inside the bag informing you of this.

Hip healthy. Check that the sleeping bag or swaddle is hip healthy. This means that it is loose around the hips and legs so the legs can move freely and rest in the natural “froggy” position. Old style swaddles that restrict movement in this area can be detrimental to hip health and increase the risk of developing or worsening hip dysplasia, which is a condition in which the “ball and socket” joint of the hip is not formed normally.

What is swaddling?

Swaddling is an age old practice of tightly wrapping a young baby with a blanket with the aim of resembling the warm and snug environment of the womb to help soothe your baby. When done correctly, it can effectively calm newborn babies and help them to sleep better and for longer.

As arms are tucked in when swaddled, baby feels secure and also can’t accidentally wake himself up when sleeping by hitting himself in the face, thanks to the Moro (or startle) reflex, which is an involuntary motor response involving baby suddenly jerking his arms and legs out in front of him, as if he were falling. This is completely normal and safe, however it can wake baby up from a deep slumber. Swaddling baby keeps his arms tucked in close to his body and prohibits this reflex so he can remain soundly asleep.

Swaddling should be stopped as soon as your baby shows signs of rolling over in either direction because of the potential danger of baby rolling over in his sleep and being unable to roll himself back over without the use of his arms and hands.

Most newborns love swaddling, however for those who don’t, it’s safe to move straight to a standard baby sleeping bag, which are looser in fit than a swaddle and allow the arms to be free.

There is a bit of a technique to traditional swaddling and it might take a little bit of practice but before long you’ll be swaddling with your eyes closed! There are also plenty of swaddle bags and pouches available for those who just can’t get the hang of it, or for those whose babies just continue to escape!