10 Best Wraps and Slings for Carrying Baby

We have listed our favourite baby wraps and slings that will look stylish while helping you carry baby around safely.

best baby wraps australia

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A baby wrap is not a novelty on the overwhelmed market of baby products. Actually, it was used for centuries by parents looking for food in order to survive. Not only could they carry their baby with them and provide the much needed comfort, but also they had their hands free for finishing the job too.

Those simplified versions of baby carriers are nowadays well improved with advanced features for creating ultimate comfort. From the ergonomic and supportive health benefits for baby and postpartum mommies, to the several carrying positions, or even extra pockets for some diapers, these baby wraps represent a whole new level of baby carriers. Also, designers made sure that they are stylish enough to be your perfect outfit accessory.

The security and bond they provide to baby in those first months out of the womb are priceless. Keeping your little one close to your body not only makes them feel safe, but also improves their digestive system and decreases stress and anxiousness level. You will be able to see nothing else but content to your infant’s face when cradling him close to you and listening to your heartbeat.

So, read on to find the best baby wrap for carrying your child. For this selection we closely looked at the parents’ experiences and recommendations, and we've chosen these products for their value for money.

(note: in this guide we specifically list baby wraps and slings, if you’re looking for a classic baby carrier click here to see the related guide).

Moby Ring Sling

1. Moby Ring Sling

Cotton soft baby wrap with front or hip wearing options

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From newborn to toddler, the best baby wrap in our list is the Moby Ring Sling. It is made of lightweight breathable and high quality woven cotton fabric, very soft and machine washable. There are also lightweight rings included in the package for perfect adjustment to your body as the baby wrap is in one size only.

This intuitive design of the newborn carrier enables you to carry your baby in front or hip position and to have an alternative to the classic wearing position. This more approachable method allows the parent to change positions, while still maintaining baby’s ultimate comfort. This baby carrier evenly distributes the weight of the baby across the back, shoulders, and hips.

The Moby Ring Sling Silver baby wrap is super comfortable and functional to wear even for longer periods of time. Though some parents find it hard to adjust and repeat the procedure several times, which might make the baby anxious, still this is a very popular type of baby carrier.

It is easy to carry with you when out of home in case you might need to comfort your baby, while still using both of your hands for shopping or else. It allows you to keep the baby very close, warm, and secure and encourages parent child bonding with skin to skin contact.

Hug a Bub Organic Pocket Wrap Carrier

2. Hug a Bub Organic Pocket Wrap Carrier

Nautical baby carrier with great support features

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The Hug a Bub is a truly delightful stylish baby wrap, which brings you back to the fresh air of the open sea with its unique sailor stripes. Made from 100% certified organic cotton, this is the most suitable fabric for your little baby’s sensitive skin. Definitely one of the best baby wearing wraps currently available on the Australian market.

The Hug a Bub Organic Pocket Wrap Carrier has a signature self-storage pocket that allows you to quickly pack it away if you do not use it or for traveling purposes. It is very suitable for newborns from just 3.2 kg, up to a big boy or girl of 14 kg. This Australian made lightweight wrap makes for a sleek marine look and is suitable with your everyday outfit.

The perfect baby positioning of this baby carrier promotes orthopedically correct placement for your baby’s delicate hips and spine. This creates perfect support for the infant and the parent as well. You will be able to cradle and soothe your infant attached to your own body, next to your heart so she can feel your smell, all while being hands free.

BabiJoe Mustard Linen Baby Sling

3. BabiJoe Mustard Linen Baby Sling

Practical and lightweight linen baby carrier

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The BabiJoe is one of the best ring slings made of 100% stone-washed linen, much stronger than cotton. It does not stretch and keeps its shape. It is very soft and gentle for the baby’s delicate skin, while still comfortable during hot or humid weather, and the fibres cool and refresh the baby.

With only 340 grams weight, it is probably one of the lightest on the market, and the aluminium rings of ring slings are easily adjustable to accommodate the position you need.

You will be able to easily walk and cradle your baby, allowing him to enjoy your company, without carrying heavy baggage, able to easily perform your daily activities. Place your baby in the front position or your toddler on your hip and enjoy the bonding experience. This wrap has also a handy pocket for your phone or keys.

The BabiJoe Mustard Linen Baby Sling is suitable for newborns, from 3 up to 15 kg babies, even your little toddler can fit in. It has a great feature to double as a pregnancy belt and it is especially convenient for discreet breastfeeding your little one due to the extra length it provides. Maintaining it clean has never been easier as it is easy to wash and fast dry.

Moby Evolution Wrap

4. Moby Evolution Wrap

Versatile baby wrap, perfect for a newborn

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Among the best baby wrap carriers for newborns, we find the Moby Evolution to be suitable for breastfeeding sessions when out and about. It is made of 70% viscose and 30% cotton knit material and it is very popular among parents as being one of the best for summer time. The even distribution of the baby weight across the back and hips allows you to feel comfortable for a longer period.

The Moby Evolution Wrap is a machine washable newborn carrier and is one-size-fits-all. It offers up to four different positioning of your baby, front inward, front outward, kangaroo and hip carrying position, making it suitable enough for a toddler too. The best feature is that it is actually just one single long piece of fabric, which wraps and safely secures an infant around your body. You can use it for a child from 3 up to 15 kg.

The Moby Evolution Wrap is one of the best baby slings in Australia, an award-winning product, made of durable material with many options to offer and to make your life easier when moving around with your little one. With this solution you will have hands free comfort and a perfect baby snuggle.

Moby MOBYFit Hybrid Carrier

5. Moby MOBYFit Hybrid Carrier

Smart, safe and super comfortable baby wrap with multiple positions

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The MOBYFit is a one size fits all baby carrier and is very easy to customize to the desired position, just like a t-shirt. Just slip baby into the double layer of fabric and adjust it with the mandatory safety sash. You will definitely feel in control with this carrier, and it's quite practical.

Made from machine washable 100% cotton knit material, with some stretch and lightweight rings, you may rest assured that your baby is in contact with a soft and breathable fabric. Also, it offers several positions for carrying your infant, front inward, front outward and hip posture for more control over the child and carrier convenience.

The Moby MOBYFit Hybrid Carrier is well appropriate for a newborn as it is for a toddler too, with a weight range up to 13.5 kg. Families especially like this wrap as it is suitable for all the members of the family, for its simplicity to use and provide the baby safe snuggle. It is an interesting and innovative hybrid carrier, which conveniently combines the closeness of a wrap with the ease of the carrier, giving an option for providing best baby care and support.

Boba Baby Wrap

6. Boba Baby Wrap

Affordable, simple and ideal for a newborn

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Suitable for babies from 3.5 up to 15 kg, and with two carrying positions, the Boba Baby Wrap is one of the most popular on the market. Mommies love this one size fits all baby carrier since it is certified as hip healthy.

Nursing your infant in the wrap is also very comfortable and discreet and there are some tutorials on YouTube to master the technique better. It is not complicated at all and due to the no guess tying process, you will be able to comfortably cuddle your baby in just a few seconds.

The Boba Wrap is budget friendly, yet high quality wrap with some excellent features in hand. Made of 95% French terry cotton with a spandex in order to retain its shape, it is a machine washable carrier that has a lifetime guarantee.

Due to the carefully selected material, it won’t sag or loosen, making it an essential and extremely practical piece of baby equipment. It is in classical and universal black colour, suitable for any parent outfit, while still being a very flexible and lightweight carrier, with safe positioning for soothing baby.


7. DaisyGro

Safe, practical and natural baby wrap with a lifetime guarantee

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The DaisyGro is an extra soft baby wrap which provides natural positioning for you and your little one. The wrap is available in regular and plus size and it is very easy to use, without any straps or buckles. It is also suitable for nursing due to its stretchy material and it comes with a handy bag so that it can be stored away when not in use.

The DaisyGro baby wrap has a lifetime guarantee, only confirming its outstanding features. It has an excellent quality, as it is made of soft cotton and spandex blend, however strong enough to last for years. The fabric is also machine-washable, cool and breathable. Another great characteristic of the carrier is that it can help ease the discomfort of colic/reflux, thus helping your baby to have a comfortable snuggle close to you.

It is such a lovely and safe wrap, allowing you greater bonding with your baby, while still having your hands free to do everyday tasks around the house or outside. You won’t miss your baby for a second, and still you will be able to perform all your activities with ease.


8. KeaBabies

Soothing baby carrier with excellent features

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The KeaBabies is a baby wrap which can also be used as a postpartum belt, thus helping mom to reduce her pregnancy belly and get back in shape.

The infant carrier is made of high quality cotton and spandex blend material that will keep your baby safe and comfortable. It is also machine washable and provides very good back support.

The KeaBabies enables mommy to discreetly breastfeed in public, without any other additions for covering. Its outstanding colic relief feature helps the baby to expel wind naturally without any extra effort, while lightly rocking your body and baby being in an upright position.

This is a one size fits all, as it is especially designed to distribute weight evenly while you are hands free to continue your activities.

You can use it as a forward facing carrier or a sling carrier and keep your little one warm and comfy. It is obviously made to last and with a lot of love and thoughtfulness for both the parents and the baby. Stretches just enough and allows the baby to fall asleep very fast, listening to your heartbeat and safely snuggling in mommy or daddy.

Kids N' Such 4 in 1 Baby Wrap

9. Kids N' Such 4 in 1 Baby Wrap

Great value for money solution

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The great lush woven fabric of the Kids N' Such baby wrap is an intelligent choice for your baby’s sensitive skin. It is both lightweight and silky smooth, while still ultra strong and durable for your utmost satisfaction. The special design of mimicking the womb-like position and reducing the stress of your baby through close contact is what differentiates this baby wraps from others.

The Kids N' Such 4 in 1 Baby Wrap is one size fits all and it is made of cotton with two rings included for adjustment. You can rest assured that your baby is settled in the perfect position as the sling harnesses your baby naturally, in the M position, so that hips can develop properly while keeping you and your baby comfortable for daily activities. The front carry position gives a massage to your baby’s belly, improving digestion, thus preventing reflux or colic.

It is very easy to use as a nursing cover and breastfeed your baby privately due to the tail fabric that doubles in size. The breathable material will prevent your baby and you from overheating and will keep you cool and control the baby temperature. Embrace your little one and do not deprive yourself from conquering the world!

Be Lenka 4ever People

10. Be Lenka 4ever People

Ergonomic and adjustable baby wrap with folk pattern

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This beautiful baby wrap is handmade in Europe from 100% Organic Pure Cotton which makes it extremely comfortable and skin friendly. Its unique folk pattern in grey colour makes it suitable for both boys and girls, and you will be able to wrap and carry your child in one of the best baby wrap carriers from 3 months up to around 3 years old.

The baby carrier Be Lenka 4ever People is a quite stylish and innovative baby wrap which perfectly fits to the parent body, while adjusting to exactly fit the baby’s size too. Also, you can choose the type of shoulder straps, standard and classic, which don’t have to be crossed on the back, or a wide one, whose straps can be crossed on the back. The hook that comes in the set is great for sun, wind or noise protection, while your baby comfortably sleeps close to mommy or daddy.

You can choose the right length that you need according to your size. The shoulder straps and waist belt have buckles for securing the baby carrier tightly to the parent´s body. A great feature is that the buckles have elastic bands which prevent them from accidentally opening.

It is especially loved by parents for its comfortable positioning, and front and back support it provides due to the ergonomic M-position and ease of use.

How to choose a baby wrap and sling

After giving birth to your child, bear in mind that she’s faced with a whole new unknown world full of sounds and lights. In order to make the transition more peaceful, it is recommended to keep baby close to you and give her time to watch and adjust to the new environment. Here’s some features to look out for when buying the perfect baby wrap:

Security and Comfort

Baby slings might be dangerous if they are not worn correctly or if you choose the wrong type. According to the safety brochure of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), you should follow the TICKS rules when choosing and wearing a baby wrap:

  • T — Tight: The wrap should be tight enough to hug your baby close to you.
  • I — In view at all times: You should always be able to see your baby’s face by just glancing.
  • C — Close enough to kiss: Tip your head downward and you should be able to kiss your baby.
  • K — Keep chin off the chest: A baby should never be curled as this can restrict their breathing.
  • S — Supported back: The baby’s back should be supported in a natural position so their tummy and chest are against you.

Once your baby is in an ideal posture, with their head and back getting enough support, they will also get the comfort that this type of product offers. Also, especially for a small newborn, it is essential to place the infant in a cuddling position with their legs around the thighs and bottom.

Size and Health Benefits

In relation to the sizes of the slings, there are the ones one size fits all, or ability to choose one according to your size. It also depends on your personal preference whether you will choose one that enables you to hold your baby in multiple positions or only in the classic front and back ones.

The mere fact that the baby is close to you and can feel your smell creates a comfortable and soothing feeling to them, thus you are not depriving them from your presence while gently rocking them. Some of the wraps are so versatile that they can even be used as postpartum belts, for better mom support. Also, the fact that if the baby’s weight is evenly distributed, that it relieves the back pain, which is a common feature.

Weight range

Prior to buying the product, check the weight range, as some are not suitable for a newborn, but rather for a slightly bigger baby. Most of them can be easily used for toddlers too, though do check the age recommendation if you want to use it for a longer period of time.

Material and Cleaning

From organic cotton to mixtures of cotton and viscose or cotton and spandex, the range of material of choice widely differs. Most of the baby wraps are easy to clean, as they are mostly made of machine-washable material. Make sure to choose the one that will be soft enough for the baby’s delicate skin, but also the one that will not loosen up and sag after using it for a while. Therefore, the durability of the product is just as important as the breathability of the fabric and the ability to regulate baby’s temperature, thus avoiding overheating.

Breastfeeding Friendly

Some of the models above offer you the possibility to easily breastfeed your baby while on the go. Nursing is so much more convenient if you are able to discreetly feed the baby without disturbing him/her and taking them out of their comfort zone. The skin to skin contact also helps to boost the breast milk production, while your baby is securely tucked in the snugly breathable wrap.