10 Best Bassinets in Australia for Your Newborn Baby

If you’re about to welcome your little one into the world, a co sleeper bassinet is one of the must-haves, so here’s a buying guide on how to choose one and a list of the top ten best bassinets in Australia for safe sleeping with your baby.

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It’s almost time to welcome your little one into the world, you’ve looked through all the car seats, you’ve got your baby carrier, your nappies, all the baby products and your nursery and baby furniture is all ready to go, but you’re still wondering if you should get a baby bassinet, on top of the baby cot you already bought and assembled.

Many Australian parents prefer a bassinet especially for the first few months, so they can safely co-sleep with their newborn. A co-sleeper bassinet is great for its small size, portability and also because it can be placed right next to the parent’s bed, making it super easy to check on baby.

Given that many pediatricians recommend keeping baby in the same room with you during sleep time for the first six months of life, a bassinet is a great option in terms of convenience, accessibility and safety.

Smaller than a cot, it represents for the newborn a comfortable, safe and narrow sleep space, which is probably the best way to transition from mum’s womb to this new world.

So, let’s help you choose the best and safest bassinet available in Australia in [year], to match your budget and specific needs.

BabyBjorn Cradle

1. BabyBjorn Cradle

The best bassinet for small spaces

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The gentle rhythmic movement of the BABYBJÖRN cradle is a very soft and secure way for peacefully soothing your baby to fall asleep. Lightweight, small and easy to move around, this freestanding bassinet is a great option for narrow spaces and when folded up it measures only 13cm in height.

The downside is that if your infant grows very fast you will need to upgrade it to a bigger one before the standard six months.

We love that the transparent mesh fabric makes it easy to check on baby while sleeping and keeps the cradle very ventilated so that even when the face gets close to the side of the bassinet, it won’t obstruct normal breathing. Another good point is that it comes with a fitted mattress, which is machine washable at 60°C.

Suitable from 0 to 6 months, the BabyBjorn Cradle is a premium choice, and one of the safest bassinets Australia has on offer at the moment.

Arm's Reach Cambria

2. Arm’s Reach Cambria

Our choice for best bassinet for breastfeeding

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The Arm’s Reach Cambria can be used as a regular bassinet or as co-sleeper so you can conveniently breastfeed, comfort and enjoy close contact with your baby throughout the night. Suitable for bed heights of at least 56cm (floor to top of mattress), simply drop the side down for instant access to your baby.

All four sides are constructed with a breathable mesh fabric for optimal airflow, and also allow you to see your baby from across the room. Four swivel castor wheels let you smoothly transport your sleeping baby around the house as needed without waking him, and they are also lockable to keep the bassinet safely in the one spot.

Its classic silhouette is made of solid New Zealand pine and finished in a timeless crisp white colour, Cambria will suit any nursery and decor.

As a bonus, the matching mattress and fitted sheet is included with your new bassinet, as well as the plate and strap to secure it safely to your bed if used as a co-sleeper. Easy to put together with simple instructions included, it also packs away flat for storage once bub has outgrown it.

Graco Dream Suite

3. Graco Dream Suite

The best 2-in-1 bassinet & changer choice

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A super stylish and absolutely convenient item, the Graco Dream Suite is one of the best baby bassinets for combining the sleeping zone and changing area all-in-one. A gentle swinging effect made possible by 2 speeds vibration and soft toys at the top of the crib help entertaining and calming the baby.

In bassinet mode, it guarantees great visibility and ventilation and can be used until bubby reaches 6.8kg. When changing station, it is super easy to clean and can carry up to 13.6 kg, so even after your child is no longer sleeping in the bassinet.

On top of that, an integrated storage basket keeps essentials close at hand and thanks to the four locking wheels is absolutely easy to maneuver around.

A downside that a few moms highlighted is that while flipping from bassinet to changer is pretty easy, doing the reverse with one hand is more challenging, as you have to pull the trigger in while keeping a button pressed.

Furthermore, while the vibration mode can be an amazing feature to entertain the little ones, it can be a bit too loud for some moms, especially if the crib is right next to them at night. Rather than this, it is a great choice for night-time diaper changes.

Star Kidz Intimo

4. Star Kidz Intimo

The best co-sleeper bassinet

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What moms literally adore of this Italian designed bassinet is that it’s easy to assemble, lightweight, attachable to bed, portable and it comes with removable and washable bedding.

If you’re particularly concerned about conformity to standard and regulations, stop looking around as this bassinet meets European Safety Standard EN1130-1/-2 Cribs and Cradles, which makes it totally safe.

Definitely the number 1 among co sleepers, and definitely one of the best bassinets for breastfeeding, with eleven different adjustable heights, this product has the simplest and safest fastening system to be attached to basically any bed type and height.

Before bedding down bub in the bassinet, always make sure that the connection belts are well hooked and tightened so that the bassinet is attached to the parents’ mattress without any space in between. It is also equipped with a recline feature which is fantastic for babies with reflux or colic.

Love N Care Dreamtime Sleeper

5. Love N Care Dreamtime Sleeper

The extra comfy infant sleeper

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The Love N Care Dreamtime Sleeper can be conveniently used as a bassinet during day time and as a bedside co-sleeper at night. Equipped with a handy storage bag at the bottom, can be also inclined on one side to help babies with reflux.

Thanks to soft padding on both sides, it provides an extra comfortable sensation and during summertime the inner liner can be removed to prevent sweating. The height can be adjusted  to 6 different levels, but it might not reach high beds with mattress toppers, so just be mindful to measure the height of your bed before buying it.

Also while its big size may not make it suitable for smaller spaces, it gives you the chance to have bubby next to you for a bit longer.

Lastly, it’s extremely easy to assemble and disassemble, many parents found it perfect for camping and overnight trips.

Star Kidz Vicino

6. Star Kidz Vicino

The best bassinet for summer babies

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An affordable luxury choice, the Star Kidz Vicino is one of the best co sleeper bassinets in Australia. Adjustable to 6 different height levels,  with a gentle swinging option to help baby fall asleep and an incline function to help with reflux or colic.

With net windows on both sides, fresh air circulation is guaranteed and the mosquito net provided helps to protect the little one from insect bites, making this bassinet a great sleeping companion during the hottest Australian nights.

The removable and washable bedding is a lifesaver too! Just remember that when you use the Star Kidz Vicino in side-sleeping mode always have to secure the bassinet to your bed and disable the rocking and incline/recline function beforehand.

Boori Urbane Universal

7. Boori Urbane Universal

The most sustainable infant sleeping choice

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The brand Boori, Australian leader in nursery furniture for 25 years, is well known for its commitment to eco-friendly materials and the adoption of processes that reduce the impact on the environment.

In fact, this minimalist bassinet on wheels is made of sustainable Australian timber, well-known for its longevity and high quality.

A combination of tradition and modern technology, this compact bassinet has a washable polyester sleeping basket and 4 small wheels for easy movability. Sometimes the wheels can be squeaky, so we suggest avoiding moving the bassinet with baby inside while sleeping, as he/she might wake up.

The mesh breathable zones are great for airflow, the firm and comfortable mattress and the squared design make it perfect to just stick in a corner without taking plenty of space. A great choice in terms of practicality, cost and quality.

Chicco Next2Me​

8. Chicco Next2Me

Adjustable to suit the height of almost every bed

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This popular co-sleeper bassinet from trusted babycare brand Chicco offers the best in terms of safety, versatility and ease of use. Its six position adjustable height suits almost all beds, including those with drawers.

It’s fast and intuitive to attach the bassinet safely and securely to your bed. When morning comes, it’s just as easy to unhook the bassinet and wheel it swiftly into the living area so you can always be close to your sleeping baby.

There’s the option to tilt the bassinet to aid babies who suffer from reflux, however for safety reasons it should always be used at minimal tilt.

Styled in a unisex pearl grey colour, the cotton lining is soft and breathable, and its mesh side panels on all four sides allow optimal air circumlation for the safest sleep. To keep the fabrics clean, the lining of the bassinet can be conveniently removed for laundering.

The included mattress is firm yet comfortable and is made of a special breathable fabric which facilitates airflow from beneath the bassinet, and will suit most fitted sheets designed for bassinets.

With an included carry bag for easy transportation, the whole bassinet is ultra lightweight, weighing in at under 1kg, so it’s convenient to take with you for travel.

Arm's Reach Mini

9. Arm’s Reach Mini

The top rated co-sleeper bassinet for portability and versatility

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This co-sleeper bassinet has been specially designed to suit beds which are shorter than average, from heights of 40cm (floor to top of mattress), which is perfect for European style platform beds. For extra versatility, the included leg extension kit can also be added to suit beds up to 60cm.

You and your baby can sleep side by side all night in complete comfort and safety by simply dropping the mesh side down, and it’s quite simple to attach this bassinet to your bed at night, as well as taking off in the morning.

Its two castor wheels let you move the bassinet around during the day (don’t forget to zip the side back up!) and we absolutely love the generous, easy access storage compartment underneath, which easily holds all your newborn essentials such as nappies, burp cloths and spare sheets.

Constructed of a sturdy steel tubing, it’s covered with a soft breathable fabric on all four sides and has its own water resistant mattress and matching fitted sheet. Lightweight and easy to fold away for storage, it comes with its own travel bag making this bassinet our top choice for portability and travel.

Love N Care Complete Bassinet

10. Love N Care Complete Bassinet

The best affordable bassinet

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The classical design of the Love N Care Complete Bassinet is perfect for the most nostalgic and traditional mommies! This gorgeous bassinet with an adjustable canopy comes with a designer quilt set, inclusive of pillowcase, mattress and mattress protector. And of course the mosquito net, you won’t realize how vital it is until you get a crib equipped with one.

Just be aware that the mattress might be a bit too thin for someone’s tastes. The lightweight frame (7.40kg) with locking wheels makes it easy to move from one room to another and it’s especially suitable for carpetlinoleum floor types.

This affordable bassinet comes with a convenient big storage bag at the bottom to keep baby’s essential and large air pockets on the sides to guarantee good ventilation. No doubts that this is the best choice for smaller budgets.

How to choose a baby bassinet

To help you find the best Australian bassinet we asked a group of parents to list down the main features they would now consider if they had the chance to choose again their bassinet to put into their baby registry. Here’s what they suggested to check:

Location. As many pediatricians recommend, it would be best if the newborn could sleep in the same room as the parents for the first six months of life, even better if just next to their bed. Having bub next to you lets you immediately understand if there is something wrong going on during the sleep, without having the little snuggle-bunny with you in the bed (which might be dangerous). That’s why many parents find it super convenient to have a bassinet with a side that drops down and securely attaches to your bed.

Space. It’s important to make sure that the bassinet size fits the room where you’ll bed down your little one. So if you decide to place the bassinet in your room and then move it to the nursery, make sure that there is enough space in both rooms. Also buying a mini crib could help you save a lot of space, but bear in mind that it’s likely that baby outgrows the bassinet before the famous six months.

Safety. Although there is no Australian safety standard for bassinets and bedside sleepers, some of the safest bassinets in Australia comply with the European standard EN 1130 and the US standard ASTM F2194. This is something that you can check, especially if it’s an international brand commercialized worldwide. Talking about not so common common sense, during the first months of life it’s advisable to avoid any laces, ribbons, bows and flounces in the bassinet, to try to minimize unnecessary risks that might affect normal breathing. The same goes for toys and stuffed animals. Besides being dangerous, as they might cover baby’s nose and mouth while sleeping, they harbor germs and collect dust mites.

Baby bedding. Still talking about safety, experts advise to buy a thin and hard mattress and avoid using a pillow for the first year of life, to foster a natural position of the vertebral column, which requires a solid and rigid base as it’s still very delicate. Thumbs up for organic cotton linen, possibly hypoallergenic and non-toxic, well tucked under the mattress to prevent the baby from twisting around it.

Material. There are so many different bassinet models available on the market, from the traditional wooden or wicker type to modern fabric co-sleeping options in pure cotton. Although it’s very difficult to define which one is the best, we believe that what should be prioritized is a non-toxic, hypoallergenic fabric, possibly removable, washable and as natural as possible.

Rocking or static. Depending on parents’ preferences, a rocking bassinet can be the best choice if the infant struggles to fall asleep or suffers from colic. The swinging movement works as a natural sleep aid since it reminds them of being in their mom’s belly.