12 Best Bathroom Scales for Accuracy and Smart Features

Mechanical, digital, smart, bluetooth and body composition, here’s a comprehensive guide to choosing the best bathroom scale for your needs and budget, we’ve rounded up the best models for accurately monitoring your weight and health at every price point.

best bathroom scales australia

We really are living in the future: instant communication with the world, dinner delivered with the click of a button, and machines to do all those pesky household chores. But with so many of us spending more days at the computer and longer nights in the lounge room, it’s becoming harder to keep track of diet and exercise, or monitor our health.

Luckily, bathroom scales are keeping up with the tech and integrating into our modern smart homes like never before. Gone are the days where our parents warned us not to weigh ourselves too frequently, modern research shows that those who regularly weigh in are 2.9 times as likely to achieve reasonable weight loss goals! It’s well established that keeping daily tabs on your stats keeps your motivation high.

If you’re looking to get serious about your family’s health, a good set of accurate bathroom scales are going to be your new best friend. This guide is here to explain the different types available, provide you with a list the best models, and give you tips on choosing the features you and your family need.

Types of body weight scales

  • Mechanical Scales - Sometimes called “analogue scales”, these are the bathroom scales your grandparents know. A simple mechanism uses your weight to push against a spring which spins the wheel, lining up the indicator with the number of kilograms being weighed. The plus side is they’ll never need batteries, but the down side is the accuracy isn’t great. Often the momentum of weighing may move the base setting slightly, meaning inconsistent or unreliable readings.
  • Digital Body Scales - These scales digitally read your weight, often to the nearest hundred grams. They’re as affordable as mechanical scales and more precise, plus are low powered enough to last all year on their first batteries. Sometimes they offer features like body fat percentage and user profiles, but you’ll have to track long term progress by hand.
  • Smart Scales - Smart scales sync with your smartphone and save you precious time in the morning by collecting your data in an app for you to monitor your progress. They usually connect either by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and make the most of your data by creating charts, calorie counts, and highlighting trends. They’re only slightly pricier for this excellent advantage, so they are sweeping our list!
  • Smart Body Composition Scales - The premium smart scales available these days also include body composition analysis, where Bioelectric Interference Analysis (BIA) will measure a signal through your feet to determine the composition of the weight it reads. This is especially important for athletes and people with health problems, who need to know body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, and more.

 Best For Carpet 

1. QardioBase2

A futuristic smart scale for futuristic fitness

What we like
  • Supports Wifi and Bluetooth, and compatible with a wide range of apps
  • Accommodates multiple users and accounts
  • Measures a wide range of health indicators and stores all the data automatically in a centralised location
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
What could be better
  • The scale may not always detect the user automatically
  • Its accuracy in measuring body fat and muscle statistics could be improved

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The QardioBase2 is our pick for the best digital bathroom scale in Australia, thanks to the amazing array of features in a chic and compact disc shape that looks great and functions anywhere, even on carpet!

Offering full digital body composition, this scale tracks weight, BMI, and changes in your body composition, such as percentage of muscle to body fat, water weight and bone density estimation.

The free Qardio app syncs the scale via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to Apple or Samsung Health, MyFitnessPal, and Google Fit to save you time by holistically tracking your health automatically.

Don’t worry about ongoing costly batteries for all these features either; this scale can be recharged using the included USB charger and will retain charge for up to 12 months.

iHealth NEXUS Wireless Body Composition Scale

 Best For Body Fat 

2. iHealth NEXUS Wireless Body Composition Scale

A medical body composition scale for lightning fast accuracy

What we like
  • Effortlessly syncs with apps
  • Can transmit data to remote destinations, like hospitals or doctors, if required
  • Seamlessly updates and tracks health data
  • Provides reasonably accurate measurements
What could be better
  • Bluetooth connection may be sluggish at times
  • A few users have reported issues while attempting to connect with Samsung Health

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This super fast scale is the best digital body weight scale for health in a hurry. Just step onto the scale on your way into the shower and within seconds the iHealth Nexus will be sending your body fat, BMI, water weight, lean and visceral fat mass logged neatly into your app before you’ve even turned on the water.

The free app is straightforward to use, but can also automatically sync to Samsung Health or Apple Health if you prefer. For up to 8 users, the scale automatically recognises who is using the scale and can display personal weight histories and suggested daily calorie intake tailored to the user and their personal weight loss goals.

For those on medical programs, there’s also a blood pressure monitor by the same company for full daily monitoring of health and recovery.

Fitbit Aria Air

 Best For Weight Loss 

3. Fitbit Aria Air

A great fitness monitoring choice for Fitbit smartwatch users

What we like
  • Easy to use and provides accurate measurements
  • Seamless syncing with Fitbit app
  • Multi-user friendly
  • Measures weight and transfers data to the app almost instantly
What could be better
  • Does not measure body fat or body water percentages

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Out of the various Fitbit scale models available, we've discovered that the Fitbit Aria Air is the most streamlined and uncomplicated version, perfect for individuals seeking improved holistic wellness tracking.

We find the design of this scale to be particularly appealing, being thin and stylish, making it a nice addition to any bathroom decor. It is suitable for anyone, regardless of whether they own a Fitbit or not. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone, allowing you to keep your data handy to browse. It scrolls through your weight and BMI, as well as your previous logs to keep your motivation high. The app is incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple to track your progress and set achievable goals.

Additionally, the scale is compatible with multiple accounts, allowing families or roommates to utilise it without having to share a single account. This enables each user to establish their account on the scale and monitor their progress independently, making it a highly convenient option for shared living spaces.

As we previously mentioned, the Fitbit Aria Air is designed solely to track your weight and does not include additional features, such as body composition measurements like body fat or body water percentages. Therefore, users seeking a more detailed analysis of their body composition may want to consider investing in a more advanced model. Nonetheless, the Aria Air still offers a comprehensive summary of an individual's overall health status, particularly for those already invested in the Fitbit ecosystem who desire an effortless way to monitor their weight and BMI.

Withings Body+

4. Withings Body+

The best smart scale in Australia for compatibility with every app you’re already using

What we like
  • It offers distinct modes for adults and babies
  • Supports Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • The app is excellent and provides detailed analytics
  • Displays recent weight trends on the scale for easy tracking
What could be better
  • Occasionally, syncing results with the app can take some time
  • The device's accuracy in measuring body fat, muscle, and water mass is not very reliable
  • Some users have reported wifi connectivity issues

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This body analysis smart scale has taken “smart” to the next level, at a very attractive price. With full body composition analysis, automatic syncing, and an array of bonus features not offered by competitors, this is the scale for data crunchers and tech junkies.

The display is very impressive, straightforwardly labelling your current mode, measurement unit, and graphs and icons to improve readability. If you can’t stand using phone apps, all your data is perfectly readable on this screen, even including a line graph of your weight loss progress and daily min/max temperature forecast, complete with cute icons for sunshine and rain!

But the top feature has to be the app, a really well designed program that has features for the whole family for up to 8 users, even offering a pregnancy mode to track your pregnancy weight and baby mode to monitor infants. We really appreciate the effort made to sync with over 100 health and fitness apps, too. Fitbit, Google, MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun, Weight Watchers… if there’s a health app you’re using, these scales will sync.

Tanita UM-051

 Best For Accuracy 

5. Tanita UM-051

The most accurate bathroom scale with advanced bioelectric impedance technology

What we like
  • High-quality construction and very dependable
  • Can save up to three personal settings, as well as a guest setting
  • Easy to set up
  • Provides fast readings
What could be better
  • The four electrodes may be easily noticeable and conspicuous as a set of scales due to the design

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Tanita is a leading Japanese brand in precision electronic scales, focusing on body composition analysis and accuracy in readings. The UM-051 is the entry level body fat model that measures weight, body water percentage and body fat percentage to the highest accuracy.

The advanced dual frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis works by sending a safe electrical signal through your body as you stand on the four electrodes, to measure hydration and body fat up to 150 kilograms in 100 gram increments.

Only downside is it does stick out a little and is immediately recognisable as a set of scales, unlike some of the more modern designs, but for highly accurate monitoring, this is an excellent choice for weight watchers.

Yunmai Pro Smart Scale

6. Yunmai Pro Smart Scale

An affordable bluetooth-only smart scale to rival the bigger names

What we like
  • Can accommodate up to 16 users
  • Rechargeable
  • Provides consistent weight readings
  • Compact and lightweight
What could be better
  • Only displays weight on the screen, other measurements require viewing through app

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If you’re looking for a feature heavy smart scale but are put off by the price of more popular brands, we believe the Yunmai Pro is a budget friendly and convincing homage in features, design, and accuracy. Weighing in at only 1.72kg, it is one of the lighter smart scales available in the Australian market. Plus, the included USB cable for recharging ensures that you won't have to worry about ongoing costs or battery replacements.

The Yunmai Pro can sync with various health apps via Bluetooth connectivity to track ten key body composition measurements. These include weight, body fat, muscle, water, bone, visceral fat, BMI, and proteins.

We've noticed that the Yunmai Pro Smart Scale stands out from other fancy smart scales we've listed, as it has the capacity to track up to 16 users. While it's uncertain if all users will take full advantage of this feature, it can be particularly useful for households with multiple generations or shared living spaces.

We do have one minor complaint about the Yunmai Pro Smart Scale, which is that the screen only displays weight and not other body measurements. To view additional metrics, users need to access the app. However, based on the reviews we've gathered, syncing the app with the scale is a straightforward process. Once connected, it only takes a few extra seconds to view the other measurements, and we have not seen any significant issues reported by users regarding the app's connectivity.

Eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro

7. Eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro

Glass bathroom scale with a stylish non-slip surface and clear display

What we like
  • Measures 15 detailed body readings
  • Offers both Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Allows for an unlimited number of accounts to be created through the app
  • Includes special modes for babies and pets
What could be better
  • Some attributes may be slightly inaccurate, such as the protein percentage
  • Has a small footprint, which may not be suitable for larger individuals

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This chic digital glass smart scale feels like a luxe addition to any smart home, and has the number crunching power to back up looks with functionality.

As you stand on the scale, the non slip ITO covering is sensitive to conduct the bioelectronic impedance signal accurately while reducing the chance of sliding across the surface. The LED display is very clear and stylishly gives you 15 different measurements without crowding the screen.

The measurements include body fat, BMI, water, muscle, visceral fat, lean body mass, and BMR, and these are all kept clear in the phone app, too. The app has excellent integration across various phone and operating systems, allowing users to add an unlimited number of people, as well as offering baby and pet modes.

Withings Body

8. Withings Body

A slick smart scale with excellent app support

What we like
  • Offers a baby mode and pregnancy tracker
  • You can customise the information displayed on the scale
  • The app functions well and includes many useful features
  • Great build quality
What could be better
  • Some users report that the initial setup process is cumbersome
  • The scale's feet have no pads, and the smooth top cover may become slippery on tiles and laminates

Loading ...

This beautiful black digital glass set of scales is a great entry point for smart scales, for people who want tracking weight trends and BMI to be automated and simplified.

With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, Withings Body connects to the excellent associated app Health Mate to keep track of all your progress and fluctuation trends. The large display clearly shows your current result, along with your recent results in an intuitive point graph, a rare find in even modern bathroom scales.

This entry set doesn’t have the full body composition analysis of its mid-tier sister, Withings Body+, but for weight and BMI tracking with a range of stats, charts, and goal support, this is a beautiful and affordable option that’s easy to use.

Renpho Smart Body Fat Scale

9. Renpho Smart Body Fat Scale

The best value body composition scale that doesn’t cut back on features

What we like
  • Rechargeable with a long battery life
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • The app supports an unlimited number of users
  • Includes baby and pet modes
What could be better
  • Some attributes, such as fat and muscle percentage, may not be precise
  • The app works but could be improved
  • People with larger foot sizes may find the scale to be too small

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The Renpho smart scale offers strong value-for-cost with a wide array of features, making it an excellent choice for people who want to try smart tracking without risk.

Auto-calibration allows the user to simply step on the plate to weigh without waiting, and the BIA points are high contrast to ensure your feet never miss the contact points. BIA measures 13 body composition data points and stores them in the Renpho app, connected by Bluetooth 4.0 and above.

The built-in lithium battery is fully rechargeable through USB, and will last approximately one month even with continued Bluetooth use. Renpho’s app isn’t really the most intuitive, but auto syncs with all the main apps like Samsung, Apple, Google, and Fitbit.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale

10. Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale

The budget smart scale that look great and work fast

What we like
  • Ultra-thin design makes it easy to store
  • Reliable and accurate measurements
  • Bright and large screen display is easy to read
  • The Zepp Life app is easy to use and works well

What could be better
  • Not compatible with Samsung or Google Health, cannot be synced

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This smart scale has a clean and snappy design in both form and functionality, with 13 body composition points calculated through high accuracy algorithms of their advanced bioelectric impedance analysis.

The screen is invisible while not in use, but lights up crisply with results through the tempered glass. To track your weight, the Bluetooth connection is nice and speedy, catching all your log data within seconds for easy tracking in the Mi app. This data can be stored to up to 16 user profiles of all ages; the minimum weight is 100 grams, so even babies can have a profile for optimal health monitoring.

Bit of a shame there’s no direct syncing to the big name brand health apps and smart watches, but until they implement support there is a somewhat clumsier method to sync, through third-party apps.

Propert Speedometer Mechanical Bathroom Scale

 Best For Elderly 

11. Propert Speedometer Mechanical Bathroom Scale

The best mechanical scale to compete with the digital age

What we like
  • Features a large screen and non-slip mat, making it ideal for seniors
  • Classic and reliable design
  • Does not require batteries
  • Displays weight in both kilograms and pounds

What could be better
  • The dial needs to be re-adjusted almost every time it's used
  • It would be helpful if the numbers had a built-in magnifier to make them easier to read

Loading ...

For simple mechanical weight monitoring, this scale is non-slip, have a large dial that’s easy to read, and retain accuracy over repeated weighings.

When looking to cater to less mobile members of the family, it’s important to prioritise sturdy construction and stability in standing on a raised platform. This scale is metal with rubber grips, to ensure an even and non-slip surface to keep you steady, while the large numbers show weight in black for stones, and red for kilograms.

One problem often encountered in mechanical scales is difficulty in calibrating, where the marker will be at zero before weighing but will move in the weighing process, affecting accuracy. The solid construction allows this scale to swing less wildly creating less momentum to move the base weight out of place, making this the most accurate mechanical bathroom scale in Australia.

NewlineNY 700 Series Travel Scale

 Best For Travel 

12. NewlineNY 700 Series Travel Scale

An accurate digital mini scale for small bathrooms or travel

What we like
  • Bright and trendy colours
  • Portable and easily fits in a suitcase or carry-on
  • Fairly accurate measurements
  • Solid build quality

What could be better
  • Due to its small footprint, it can be tricky to balance on the scale while barefoot
  • The display is not back-lit, which can make it somewhat difficult to read

Loading ...

If you’re low on storage or living away from home, this travel scale is a lightweight, small and simple, accurate way to monitor weight without taking up space.

About the size of an extra-long iPad, this portable scale uses “step-on” technology that keeps calibration from last weighing, so you won’t need to tap or calibrate the scale before use. This also means minor deviations under 0.1 kilograms will be consistent as you track progress, making readings less inclined to fluctuate.

Underneath, the mini scale is simple and robust, making it very portable for travel. A single CR2 battery provides long lasting power, and a button at the back provides conversion to kilograms, pounds or stones.

How to choose a bathroom scale

These are the main features to look out for when picking the best bathroom scale for your family.

Estimated weight range - It may sound silly, but if you have any particularly full-figured family members you should check the weight range before you buy! There is no standard for weight ranges, but there are scales with limits as low as 120kg, so it’s an important consideration.

Physical design - Some beautiful sleek scales attractively glow readings through a tempered glass surface, but may be dangerous around tiny tots or elderly at risk of slipping. Keep an eye on photos that show real displays and their measurements, and consider readability and where your scale will be used.

Units of measurement - If you have older or foreign users, consider what units they will be most familiar with and check the scale options. Nearly every modern scale covers pounds and kilograms, but it can be tricky finding one that displays in stone.

Batteries - Check what batteries your scale takes, they’re an ongoing cost. Some require simple AAAs but others need rarer watch batteries. Smart scales that stay connected on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi drain through them faster, of course. You might also consider a rechargeable scale, but they are a rare find.

Body composition - Bioelectric Interference Analysis technology is an inexpensive addition that can provide amazingly useful data on the composition of our bodies, and this could be a huge help to adults working on specific health issues where these numbers matter. Unfortunately, these numbers can be more alarming than useful to young users, and are recommended to be avoided for people under 18.