Best Booster Seats for in-car Kids’ Safety

We have done the research for you and selected the best booster car seats for children and kids, available today in Australia, easy to use and with great designs.

best booster seat australia

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When do you need to start considering buying a booster car seat? Whilst a harnessed car seat meets the needs of your baby or toddler, from the age of around four your child will outgrow their car seat and that’s when they’ll be ready to move on to a booster seat.

By Australian standards and law, a child travelling in a car must be properly restrained in a car seat or booster appropriate to his size. Children aged between 4 and 7 years must use a forward facing seat with either an inbuilt harness or a booster seat with a lap-sash seatbelt. The suggested minimum height for a child to safely use an adult lap-sash seatbelt alone is 145cm, which most children won’t reach until they are 8 or 9. Until then, they should use an approved booster seat.

A booster car seat is forward facing and designed to be used with your vehicle’s standard lap-sash seatbelt, simply “boosting” your child up to properly fit the seatbelt. The primary function of a booster seat is to provide elevation and support so a young child can be positioned in such a way that they are safely restrained by the seatbelt, which are designed for adults who are larger and taller. Modern booster seats also offer side, back and head protection, and it’s strongly recommended not to use a booster cushion as there is no protection to the back, sides or head.

Like baby car seats and infant capsules, all booster seats sold in Australia will meet strict safety standards and will be safe for use, however there are many differences between models and some will better suit you and your child over others.

So without further ado, let's take a look at this year's selection of best booster seats, chosen for their safety, value and convenience. 

Britax Safe N Sound Kid Guard

1. Britax Safe N Sound Kid Guard

The best car booster seat for a child up to 10 years of age

What we like
  • Longer usage time compared to most booster seats
  • Designed with an additional 4th attachment point
  • Certified SecureGuard Anti-Submarining system
  • Expandable side wings, extendable seat base and 9 points adjustable headrest
What could be better
  • When fully extended can block rear vision
  • No cup holder
  • Not budget-friendly

Britax Safe n Sound Kid Guard is the best booster seat in our list, and one of the safest in Australia. Suitable from the age of 4 all the way to 10 years (or 135cm), it’s the only booster seat of its kind to be approved for up to 10 years so you can feel confident that your child can ride in safety and comfort for longer.

To accommodate your child at any stage, the seat base cleverly extends. The lower side wings also expand and an impressive nine height adjustments ensure that this seat will keep up with your growing child.

Active Head Restraint in the easily adjustable headrest is designed to shield your child’s head in a side impact crash. Enjoy the patented SecureGuard secure seatbelt which adds a 4th point of contact to the standard 3 point lap-sash belt, keeping the belt in the optimal position for the highest level of safety and security.

The seat fabric is made of luxurious Thermo5 with bamboo charcoal offering soft, moisture wicking comfort that is odour resistant and quick to dry.

Despite its broad age range, Kid Guard is deceptively slim and you will easily fit three across in the back seat. It gets all the ticks from us!

Maxi Cosi Rodi AP

2. Maxi Cosi Rodi AP

Super comfortable with luxe features

What we like
  • Very safe
  • 2 position recline for sitting or resting
  • The headrest vibration dampener provides extra stability
  • Machine washable and cool baby wicking cover
What could be better
  • Reclining function is not easy to set up if a child is sitting on the seat
  • No cup holder
  • Not a competitive price

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The Maxi Cosi Rodi AP could very well be the most comfortable booster seat on the market today for use in children aged between 4 and 8 years of age. Featuring a two position recline, one for sitting upright and one for napping and extendable side wings to comfortably accommodate your child as they grow, Rodi AP ensures your child is always travelling in comfort. Maxi Cosi’s exclusive Cool Baby wicking fabric draws moisture away from the skin for dry, soft touch comfort.

The six position headrest is adjustable with one hand and features Air Protect Superior Side Impact Technology for superior protection in a side impact collision. It’s also fitted with an anti vibration dampener which ensures the booster seat stays as still as possible when not in use and doesn’t annoyingly bounce in the backseat.

Used with your lap-sash seatbelt, Rodi AP ensures an easy belt path with handy belt guards fitted to guide you and easily use and adjust the belt in seconds with no fussing around. These belt guards also adjust to ensure the seatbelt is at the correct and optimal position for your child.

Safety 1st Apex

3. Safety 1st Apex

Lightweight and slimline booster seat with exclusive safety features

What we like
  • Ventilated mesh panels to add more airflow
  • Side protection system
  • Slim and compact, takes minimal space in the car
  • Large cup holders on both sides
What could be better
  • Might not be suitable for kids with wide shoulders
  • No seat reclining function

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Suitable for children aged between 4 and 8 years of age, the Safety 1st Apex is an unharnessed booster seat for use with your lap-sash seatbelt. Lightweight and super easy to install, this is a budget friendly choice that doesn’t skimp on features and with a generous six year warranty it will be sure to last the distance.

The Apex features Safety 1st’s exclusive Air Protect Superior Side Protection which provides excellent protection from side impact collisions by reducing force through precise releasing of air. This technology exceeds our tough Australian safety standards for booster seats and has undertaken rigorous testing.

The four position headrest is easy adjustable and the whole seat is fitted with a comfy, moisture wicking and well padded fabric. It’s on the narrower side which is perfect for smaller cars, especially if you need to fit multiple car/booster seats in the back, however shoulder room may be a bit tight on larger children with broad shoulders.

With large cupholders on both sides and well ventilated mesh openings for increased air flow, your child will travel in comfort and stay cool even during the hottest of summers.

Infasecure Aspire

4. Infasecure Aspire

The tallest booster seat for your growing child

What we like
  • Tallest booster seat on the market
  • Luxe fabrics
  • Anti-submarining design
  • Easier installation
What could be better
  • May be too tall for smaller children
  • No cup holders

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One of the best booster seats for 4-8 years old kids, the Infasecure Aspire Premium has a seated shoulder height of 57cm, making this the tallest booster seat on the Australian market, allowing your child to stay safer for longer.

Featuring an adjustable, lockable five level headrest for ultimate comfort and safety, this booster seat is made of premium materials including Infasecure’s new Active Bamboo covers which actively wicks moisture away from the skin. And with three times the padding of other Infasecure booster seats, this could well be the comfiest ride yet!

Not forgetting safety, the Aspire features integrated Air Cocoon Safety and Secur-Air Technology which effectively manage side collisions in two stages for superior protection. As a forward facing seat which uses your car’s lap sash belt, the arm rests and base are uniquely designed to keep the seatbelt low and flat and minimise forward movement in the event of a collision.

Easier to install than previous models, the Aspire boasts all new easy-to-follow instructions and seat labelling so you won’t be left scratching your head. And as a welcome bonus, a seat fabric protector as well as Infasecure’s SafeGrip Belt clamp are included in the package.

Britax Safe n Sound Tourer

5. Britax Safe n Sound Tourer

Super lightweight and portable – a great option for travelling and our best untethered booster seat

What we like
  • Can be used with either a child harness or a lap-sash car seat belt
  • Compact non-tethered booster for easy portability
  • Provides exceptional protection with deep headrest, impact-absorbing base and rear impact bars
  • Install and remove with ease
What could be better
  • When the child is not sitting on it during a drive, it can slightly move and distract the driver

Britax Safe n Sound Tourer is a super lightweight, slimline untethered booster seat and is extremely easy to transfer and install between different vehicles. This makes it perfect for a spare seat, grandparents or for travelling in a hire car. It’s designed and made right here in Australia and is created for families on the go.

Although it weighs less than 2kg it still provides Britax’s top safety features so you can be assured of your child’s safety whenever travelling in the car and is why it’s our pick for the best untethered booster seat.

The unique contoured, moulded seat will comfortably suit children from ages 4 to 8 years with the deep headrest providing optimal protection from side impact collisions. The base of the seat is cleverly designed to effectively absorb any impact and rear impact bars are built into the back of the seat for extra strong structural support.

The patented Slideguard clip ensures the seatbelt is positioned correctly for the size of your child to prevent slumping.

With a soft, durable seat fabric the simple design boasts no little cracks and crevices for food and mess to hide in, but is also machine washable and easy to remove in case of the occasional accident

InfaSecure Versatile Folding

6. InfaSecure Versatile Folding

Unique folding booster seat for easy portability and travelling

What we like
  • Foldable with built-in carry handle
  • Injection moulded shell and side-impact head protection
  • Taller reclining headrest and higher shoulder height markers for longer use
  • Does not require top tether straps
What could be better
  • The padding could be thicker
  • Might not be ideal for long trips

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The InfaSecure Versatile Folding folds neatly for easy transport and storage. Super lightweight at less than 2kg and with a built in carry handle, it is an ideal booster seat for travelling in a hire car to keep as a spare for guests and carpools.

Suitable for children aged 4 to 8 and for use with your lap-sash seatbelt, it can be installed in just seconds and its ultra slimline build means you can fit three across.

The plastic shell is injection moulded with a reclining backrest which shoulder markers higher than previous models, so you can get more use out of this seat as it will accommodate a larger child.

There is limited padding on this seat so it isn’t as plush or comfortable as other boosters, but will be fine for shorter trips. The armrests provided give extra comfort and the generously sized headrest makes a comfy nap on the go. The seat fabric can be easily removed for cleaning.

Available in six different fun, bright colours, this seat will be popular with the kids when choosing their favourite.

InfaSecure Roamer II

7. InfaSecure Roamer II

Unique blow moulded, anti-submarining design gives this convertible seat the edge in safety

What we like
  • Versatile as baby car seat and booster seat
  • Air cocoon and anti-submarining technology
  • 5 different positions to adjust build-in harness
  • Shell design, big belt path access and wide side wings provide great protection
What could be better
  • Convertible car seat, yet not ISOFix compatible
  • Some users find the crotch strap uncomfortable for their kids

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This convertible booster seat, suitable from ages 6 months to 4 years as forward facing, harnessed car seat, and then from 4 to 8 years as a booster seat for use with a lap-sash seat belt.

Air Cocoon Technology for superior protection in side impact collisions is built into the strong blow moulded construction and the belt path is large for easy, no fuss bucking up. The removable headrest pad adjusts to five levels to best suit your child no matter their size or height.

Roaming II features a unique design in that its seat surface slopes, so in the event of a frontal collision there is much more downward force rather than lateral, reducing forward movement and the risk of submarining (where the force of the collision pulls the child is deep into the seat cushion and slips beneath the lap belt, potentially causing internal injuries to the abdomen area). In booster mode, the arm rests act not only as a comfort feature but also help to keep the lap belt low across the lap to effectively reduce the risk of submarining.

Britax Safe N Sound Hi Liner

8. Britax Safe N Sound Hi Liner

Slimline and functional with exclusive safety features

What we like
  • Tall seat height for growing children
  • Tethered booster for additional stability
  • Easily removable, washable covers
  • Slimline
What could be better
  • Harness tether tricky to install

For a safe and functional booster seat at a good price and from a brand you know you can trust, you can’t go past the Britax Safe N Sound Hi Liner. This slimline, forward facing booster seat is suitable for children 4-8 years of age and is one of the tallest of its kind, perfect for taller children.

The one hand adjustable headrest is quick and easy to adjust as needed and the deep, comfy foam filled side wings offer excellent protection in the event of a collision (as well as being super comfy for naps).

Equipped with Britax’s exclusive adjustable SlideGuard clip to keep the seatbelt low and secure, it prevents your child from potentially sliding under the lap belt, otherwise known as “submarining” which can be a real concern when it comes to booster seats using the car’s lap sash belt, particularly for younger children.

The Hi Liner also allows you to tether the top of the booster to your vehicle’s anchor point for additional stability for further peace of mind.

Your child will love the comfort features - generously padded seat, arm rests, two cup holders and side pockets for storing small items. Available in five colour choices to suit any car interior (or child’s preference!), as parents we also love that the covers are easily removable for machine washing. 

Safety 1st Solo

9. Safety 1st Solo

The best convertible booster seat is as versatile and comfortable as it is safe

What we like
  • Built-in harness and a lap-sash seat belt to suit child’s age and length
  • Reclining seat and adjustable headrest for extra comfort
  • Cup holders on both sides
  • Well-padded seat and machine washable cover
What could be better
  • The air head protection is located quite high
  • Shoulder straps could be better
  • The reclining position seems still upright for some users
  • May block part of the rearview mirror

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The Safety 1st Solo is a convertible and reclining booster car seat, suitable for use from 12 months firstly as a forward-facing harnessed car seat, and then to a booster seat for use with a lap-sash seat belt from 4 to 8 years of age. One of Australia’s safest car seats, it combines long lasting versatility without sacrificing on comfort and safety, and is also a great budget friendly option.

The removable infant insert makes the transition between ages easy and the large side wings provide excellent protection from impact. The headrest adjusts to five positions and is quite deep though doesn’t obstruct vision.

We love that the backrest reclines into several positions in order to fit your vehicle as snugly as possible and the belt path is easy to use for fast installation. The machine washable seat covers are particularly easy to remove which will be much appreciated by busy parents of messy kids.

There’s also a retractable cup holder on each side and softly padded arm rests so your child will ride in comfort.

Mother’s Choice Levi

10. Mother’s Choice Levi

The best budget friendly harnessed booster seat offering longevity with no frills

What we like
  • Long lasting
  • Budget friendly
  • Three position recline
  • Suitable for small cars
What could be better
  • Basic seat fabric

The Mother’s Choice Levi is a forward facing harnessed convertible booster seat, approved from 6 months to approximately 8 years of age. This is perfect for those looking for longevity and are hoping to avoid buying many different car seats over the years.

Use the six-point harness from six months to about four years old, and then convert to a booster, to be used with your car’s lap-sash belt after your child hits the top shoulder markers. The harness is easy to adjust up and down as needed and is covered with plush covers for comfort, while in booster mode the simple belt path is foolproof and quick to install.

An infant insert is included for tiny bubs to ensure a snug fit, which along with the rest of the seat cover is removable and suitable for machine washing. While it is easy to maintain, the seat fabric is quite basic and doesn’t feature the moisture-wicking or cooling properties that more premium booster seats offer, which could lead to stickiness in the summer months on long car rides.

The three position recline is great as it allows the booster seat to fit the recline of your car’s back seat closely so there are no large gaps in between. There are also two extra large swing out cupholders for convenience and the slimline design promises you’ll be able to fit three across in even the most compact of cars.

How to choose a booster car seat

When making your choice selecting the best booster seat for you, you should consider the following points:

  • Age limit. Most booster seats are suitable for children up to around 8 years of age, however there are some models available that offer an extended age limit of up to 10 years to ensure your child rides in maximum safety for longer.
  • Convertible car seats. For maximum lifetime, you could consider a convertible booster seat which is typically suitable for use from 6 months of age with an inbuilt harness. It then converts to a booster seat for your older child at around 4 years and lasts until 8 years.
  • Convertible vs booster seat. Whilst a 6 month-8 years convertible car seat offers the longest lifetime – you will only need to purchase one product during this time and is therefore also an economical choice – consider the possible disadvantages of this. One consideration is whether or not the seat fabric will still look and feel good for so many years after all those spills, washes and general wear and tear. Is this important to you or are you okay with a few possible stains? Also, it’s common for children, once they reach around school age, to prefer to sit on a booster seat rather than their convertible baby seat as they want to feel “grown up” and not “babyish” anymore. Simply, they’re a big kid now and don’t want to sit in their old baby seat!
  • Tethered/untethered. Some booster seats are tethered, or anchored to your vehicle, whilst others simply sit on top of the car’s seat and are held in place by your child’s weight and your lap-sash seat belt.
  • Safety features. Look for seats with high backs and generous wings (sides) for maximum safety. Booster seats have inbuilt features to keep the lap sash tight and low against the child’s lap at all times and especially in the event of a collision. In a model with arm rests, ensure that the lap sash always passes beneath them and never over.
  • Comfort features. As your child will be using his booster seat for at least four years, it’s important to consider the comfort of the seat. Look for soft, well padded, moisture wicking seat materials and that the arm rests are in a comfortable position. A cup holder is a nice addition and also prevents sticky spills in the backseat.
  • Size and weight. Consider the overall size of the booster seat. Like baby car seats, some booster seats are more bulky, whilst others are more compact and better suited to small cars. If you have multiple children or otherwise need to fit several car seats or boosters in your backseat, you will want to consider the dimensions of the booster seat to ensure everything fits. If you plan to move the booster seat between vehicles regularly, you might want to consider a very lightweight seat.