9 Best Bottle Warmers for Breastmilk and Formula

A baby bottle warmer is without a doubt a handy gadget to have in your arsenal, taking the hassle and guesswork out of preparing bottles. Here we’ve reviewed the best bottle warmers in Australia to help you choose the one that fits you.

best bottle warmer australia

A bottle warmer is one of the more useful baby products if you plan to bottle feed on a regular basis. Although designed more for convenience rather than need, the time and effort saved when using a bottle warmer can be invaluable, especially for tired new parents.

Whilst cold milk is perfectly safe for your baby to drink if he will accept it, babies will commonly prefer warmed milk, whether expressed milk or formula, as breastmilk is a warm body temperature. 

Heating milk in the microwave is a big no-no as it doesn’t heat the milk evenly, potentially resulting in hot spots which can scald your baby’s mouth, and as you might already know it can be painfully time consuming to warm milk in a bowl of lukewarm water. 

This is where the bottle warmer comes in. Baby bottle warmers work to safely bring the temperature of your baby’s milk to the preferred temperature, and can deliver this in as little as just a couple of minutes whilst preserving as many of the precious nutrients as possible which would otherwise be killed by aggressive reheating. In short, they take most of the guesswork out of preparing your baby’s bottle so you have more time for the more important things.

Read on for our list and reviews of the best baby bottle warmers currently available in Australia. We have a range of models listed to suit all types of milk: breastmilk, formula, fresh, frozen, in bottles or pouches, and even some that warm food and sterilise bottles.

Philips Avent Electric Bottle Warmer

1. Philips Avent Electric Bottle Warmer

Warms milk and baby food quickly, gently and safely, even from frozen

The Philips Avent Electric Bottle Warmer warms milk and food quickly and evenly - 150mL of milk in just three minutes, gently swirling water around the milk to avoid dangerous hot spots and retain the nutrients in the milk.

Easy to operate with a simple dial, it features a defrost setting which allows you to easily and safely defrost frozen food or milk, and a keep warm setting to maintain the correct temperature if baby is not yet ready for his bottle.

A helpful warming guide is included so you can know how long it will take to warm your bottle, however remember to keep an eye on the time as there is no timer built into the device, automatic shut off or alerts, and the unit will continue to heat until you turn it off manually. 

Designed to suit all Avent bottles and containers, both glass and plastic, you’ll also find many other bottles will fit into this generously sized unit, with the exception of particularly long bottles which might be too tall for the comparatively shallow basket.

NUK Thermo Express

 Best For Glass Bottles 

2. NUK Thermo Express

Simple one press operation with overheating technology for safety

For a quick and gentle warm, NUK Thermo Express ticks all the boxes. Compatible with all commercial baby bottles and glass baby food jars, it uses steam to gently warm milk and food to the correct temperature safely. 

Our best bottle warmer for glass bottles, Thermo Express features a very handy and practical removable basket that allows you to lift bottles in and out of the unit easily and avoid burns to yourself. It is, however, not designed to be used with breast milk storage bags, nor frozen milk as it will only effectively warm from either room temperature or cold (refrigerated) milk and food.

Simply add the specified amount of water depending on your bottle size, and then one press of the single button is all it takes to begin the super fast warming process, taking just 90 seconds for a 120mL bottle. You’ll know when the unit is warming, indicated by the warming light which will switch off automatically when the optimal heat is reached. Overheating technology ensures that the bottle never gets too hot, and as soon as the water has evaporated the unit turns itself off automatically.

Despite its generous interior space, Thermo Express still manages to boast a compact, space saving design so you can pack it neatly away after use with ease.

Tommee Tippee 3-in-1 Advanced Bottle and Pouch Warmer

3. Tommee Tippee 3-in-1 Advanced Bottle and Pouch Warmer

This all in one unit quickly warms all types and temperatures of milk

This all in one bottle warmer is a favourite of Australian mums for its versatility and ease of use. Suitable for breastmilk, formula, bottles, pouches and breastmilk storage bags, it’s compatible with most branded bottles and pouches and will effectively heat milk from room temperature, cold or even frozen.

The clever automatic timer accurately heats milk to room temperature in as little as four minutes, based on a 150mL bottle of room temperature milk. Whilst certainly not the fastest on the market, Tommee Tippee 3-in-1 makes up for this with its intelligence - working out the optimal heating time based on bottle type, volume and starting temperature, automatically ceasing to heat when this is achieved and switching to the keep warm setting, letting you get on with other important tasks in the meantime. 

Simple to use with just three easy read operation buttons, Tommee Tippee 3-in-1 also features an easy-lift cradle to easily and safely lift and lower bottles and pouches. It’s compact in size and doesn’t make loud noises when in use so it won’t disturb your sleeping baby, but the beep to alert you that heating has finished is so quiet you could almost miss it yourself so don’t forget to check back.

Beaba Baby Milk Bottle Warmer

4. Beaba Baby Milk Bottle Warmer

Patented steam heating system for super safe and accurate warming

Boasting a patented steam heating system as well as an ultra compact, unique and stylish design, Beaba Baby Milk Bottle Warmer is perfect for those looking for a super fast and accurate solution to warming baby’s milk. 

Heating bottles in less than two minutes, the highly accurate timer can gauge when the milk has reached the correct temperature depending on the size and material of the bottle and instantly switches off when this is achieved, alerting you with an audio signal. The airtight bell lid keeps bottles warmer for longer than traditional, open topped bottle warmers, and it’s insulated to prevent accidental burns to your hand.

Beaba Baby Milk Bottle Warmer works hard for you as not only does it heat milk and baby food effectively and safely, it also hygienically steam sterilises individual bottles, bottle parts and dummies for two-in-one function, and is compatible for use with all commercial baby bottles.

Chicco Bottle & Baby Food Digital Warmer

 Best For Breastmilk 

5. Chicco Bottle & Baby Food Digital Warmer

12 settings to accurately warm bottles of almost any temperature, volume or size

Designed to warm milk and food in all shapes and sizes of bottles and containers, this Chicco model offers the best in terms of customisation and is a brilliant choice if you have multiple children with different bottles, or a range of differently sized bottles and food containers needing to be warmed.  

With 12 different warming settings and preferences, you can program this clever bottle warmer depending on the size, type and volume of the bottle or container and whether the starting temperature is room temperature, cold or frozen. Whichever settings you choose, Chicco Bottle & Baby Food Digital Warmer will do the rest, resulting in perfect temperature milk or food with no hot spots. This is our best bottle warmer for breastmilk as it can preserve high levels of your breastmilk’s nutrients thanks to the customisable programming, which allows the most appropriate warming, in turn reducing inefficient heating that can destroy nutrients.

The large digital display features an illuminated countdown so you’ll know how long there’s left to go. There’s also an optional timer delay to keep milk warm after it’s finished heating and automatic shut off so baby’s milk doesn’t overheat. 

Compatible with almost all bottles and baby food jars, a removable insert is included which holds baby food jars and very small bottles so they don’t get lost inside the unit.

Dr. Brown's Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer

6. Dr. Brown's Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer

Simple, effective and safe electric steam warmer with both audio and visual alerts

A simple, no fuss and effective solution to bottle warming, Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer uses electric steam to safely and quickly warm bottles whilst retaining maximum nutrients. With a quick one button start, it’s extremely easy to use and program and cleverly remembers your preferred warming settings for added convenience.

Audio and visual alerts on the LCD display screen let you know when the heating cycle is finished, and for safety it shuts itself off automatically after ten minutes to avoid overheating.

Its compact design lets it sit unobtrusively on your countertop ready for its next use. Designed for use with most bottles and baby food jars, not just the Dr. Brown brand, it includes an adjustable inner basket to perfectly fit small bottles and baby food jars.

This is the perfect choice for busy parents who are warming many bottles of milk each day because of its simplicity - simply pop the bottle in, press the button and return just minutes later to perfectly warmed milk.

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day and Night

7. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day and Night

Best choice for formula fed babies who feed through the night

If your baby takes bottles of formula overnight, Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day and Night will be an absolute lifesaver. It takes just two minutes to perfectly prepare a bottle so you can feed baby faster and everyone can get back to sleep!

There’s no need for fancy distilled water and you can safely use water straight from the tap thanks to the filtration membrane which effectively eliminates harmful bacteria and contaminants. Simply dispense the correct amount of formula in your bottle, place it in the dock, and with the press of a button the purified water will be dispensed at the correct temperature ready to serve. The initial 70ºC “hot shot” of water effectively kills any bacteria that may be present in your formula for the highest level of hygiene.

We love that the whole operation is close to silent, ensuring your sleeping bub isn’t disturbed. The inbuilt, gentle glow night light lets you see what you’re doing and the tank lights are softly illuminated so you can see if it needs refilling in the dark.

Equally useful during the day, this product can help you prepare bottles up to ten times faster than boiling and cooling water using your kettle, saving you precious time when you have a crying baby to attend to.

Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer

8. Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer

Simple and convenient solution to warming bottles on the go

This ultra convenient portable baby bottle warmer comes with insulated bags to keep prepared bottles warmer for longer and is perfect for travel, whether it be a short day trip or a longer holiday or adventure. 

So simple in operation yet so useful, it’s suited for warming breastmilk, formula and baby food. Securely holding hot water in its thermal flask for 8-12 hours with no electricity required, it’s guaranteed to be leakproof so you can toss the compact unit into your nappy bag with confidence until it’s time for the next feeding. 

To use, simply fill the flask with boiled water for transportation and when it’s time to make a bottle, carefully pour the water into the insulated container lid and pop the bottle inside until warm. With no electric functions, you will need to use your judgement as to when the bottle is adequately warmed and remember to always test the milk on your inner wrist before serving to bub.

Philips Avent Thermal Bottle Warmer

9. Philips Avent Thermal Bottle Warmer

Portable bottle warmer with generous capacity

Perfect for bottle feeding families on the go, the Philips Avent Thermal Bottle Warmer allows you to warm bottles quickly, electricity free, no matter where you are in the world.

The thermal flask keeps water hot for up to six hours and can warm a bottle in less than three minutes - pretty good considering it can be used absolutely anywhere. Simply fill the flask with boiled water before you leave and when it’s time to use, place the bottle in the beaker, carefully pour in the hot water and screw on the lid to keep the steam inside.

We love that the beaker includes a very handy warming guide to indicate the amount of time it takes to warm your bottle according to the volume of the bottle and its starting temperature, taking the guesswork out. 

This bottle warmer features an easy pour lid designed to eliminate spills for safety, especially important if you’re also juggling a hungry, squirming baby. The 500mL capacity of the flask should be enough to warm at least two or three bottles so you can be out for longer, with the flipside of this being that the unit is larger and bulkier, and therefore less portable, than other similar products.