12 Best Breast Pumps in 2021

We have selected the best breast pumps currently available in Australia, with electric, manual, single, double, battery-powered and portable models to suit your lifestyle and budget, from top-notch to affordable.

best breast pump australia

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Among the must-have baby products for mum and her newborn, a breast pump is a useful gadget that helps nursing mums to express and store their breast milk, subsequently allowing breastfed babies to take in the benefits of breastfeeding even when their mums are unable to feed them, without the need of using baby formula.

Nothing needs to stop your breastfed baby accessing breastmilk despite any distance, and you can make breastfeeding a doable option through expressing milk during your work hours or even whilst travelling or having a day out without baby.

The dilemma is that not all breast pumps are suitable for your personal needs and comfort. A particular breast pump may work fine for your friend, but may not work the best for you. For many new mums, breast pumps enable them to feed their babies beneficial breastmilk when they are not present, or for dad to experience feeding baby.

Before you start browsing, you should have a brief understanding of what you are investing in and what the payoff is.

Choosing wisely is key to a successful and comfortable expressing journey; that’s why we’re helping by providing this buying guide so you can easily understand and choose the best breast pump for you, your baby and your unique circumstances and needs.

Let’s now dive into our handpicked selection of the best breast pumps in Australia right now, so you know what your options are in terms of brands, functionalities and price points, and then we take a look at some key features to look at when choosing.

Medela Swing Maxi Flex Double Electric Breast Pump

 Best For Working Mums 

1. Medela Freestyle Flex Double Electric Breast Pump

The best breast pump for active mums on the go

What we like
  • Ideal for double breast pump on the go
  • Much faster compared to single pumps
  • Breast shield included
  • Easy to use and clean
What could be better
  • Price tag
  • Battery is not rechargeable

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Our top pick for the best breast pump in Australia is the Medela Freestyle Flex. Its modern design is a treat to all new mums with an active lifestyle and for busy working mums. It stands out on the portability factor with a lightweight, compact and easy to carry design. This double electric breast pump is perfect for mums who are on the go and need to extract milk several times a day.

Due to Medela’s 2-Phase Expression Technology, it offers maximum flow through the efficient pumping of milk. Besides, the breast pump comes with a unique breast shield called PersonalFit Flex. It brings extra comfort and minimises issues with nipple pain while pumping. This breast pump is also really easy and simple to operate, you can adjust the suction level or phase mode with 4 simple buttons.

The closed system design also ensures the most hygienic pumping, providing overflow protection and preventing breast milk from entering the tubing. It’s easy to use, clean and maintain for long term use, maximising the amount of breastmilk expressed whilst minimising the time it takes to do it.

The only downside for this breast pump is that it requires 6 AAA batteries and they aren’t rechargeable. Therefore, if you are on a long trip and there is nowhere to use an electric plug, make sure you bring sufficient batteries to use.

Whilst a bit of an upfront investment, this Medela breast pump will be well worth it in the long run for mums who express multiple times a day, exclusively express, or are often out and about.

Spectra S2+

2. Spectra S2+

A hospital-grade, double breast pump with customisable settings

What we like
  • Hospital-grade
  • Discreet motor
  • Equipped with a nightlight
  • Efficient at expressing milk
What could be better
  • Not portable
  • Expensive

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One of the most loved breast pumps is the Spectra S2+, a hospital grade pump that provides you with the option to use it as a single or double pump and delivers a comfortable experience with a quiet motor and adjustable settings. If your budget isn’t your main concern, the Spectra S2+ is a great choice for new mums as it seems to be one of the best for its efficiency at expressing milk. 

With 2 phase cycling technology for stimulation and expression, you can customise your settings with complete suction adjustability from 1-12 levels. Conveniently, the S2 will use your previous settings as the default for your next session, so it’s ready to go for your next use.

The S2 is super easy to assemble and clean with most parts made safe for use in microwave sterilisation bags or the dishwasher. The tubes should never be washed and shouldn’t have to be as it has been designed as a closed system with the backflow protectors stopping any milk from flowing back into the pump.

It’s a shame this model is not portable as it runs on an AC adapter that must be plugged into an outlet when in use. If you’re looking for a portable model, the Spectra S1 costs a little extra, but comes equipped with a rechargeable battery and all the same functions as the S2.

We love that this breast pump comes with a 2-setting backlight, perfect for sneaking in some night sessions without having to wake or disturb the rest of the family. This is a great way to increase your supply and have spare milk bags at hand in your freezer.

Philips Avent Ultra Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump

 Best For Low Milk Supply 

3. Philips Avent Ultra Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump

The best breast pump to increase milk supply

What we like
  • Really efficient
  • Great design with massaging petals
  • Quiet, yet powerful
  • Allows for a comfortable position
What could be better
  • Not a portable pump

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The Philips Avent Ultra Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump is the best for dealing with low milk supply and a great choice for fatigued and tired mums.

Not only does it have outstanding suction strength to increase milk supply, but it also has a soft massage cushion with massaging petals for extra comfort made of soft polypropylene and silicon. Its unique design allows for a comfortable pumping position – you can sit semi-reclined whilst the milk still collects, rather than having to sit forward.

Users have said that the pumping sound is quiet and discreet when compared to other similar breast pumps, and this is also a great pump for breastfeeding mothers with sensitive nipples thanks to the quality materials of the cup. 

Packed with useful features and praised by many positive reviews, this pump is an interesting option, especially for stay-at-home mums. It plugs directly into the AC and doesn’t have the option for batteries so it can’t be used when you’re out and about.

The Philips Avent Ultra Comfort Double Electric Pump is compact and spill-proof. It is a reasonably priced product that offers great value for money. So, if you pump exclusively and prefer an easy to use and comfortable option for home, then this breast pump comes highly recommended.

Medela Swing Flex

4. Medela Swing Flex

The best single breast pump for new mums

What we like
  • Comes with breast shields
  • Portable with 4 AA batteries
  • Medela 2-Phase Expression technology
  • Small and lightweight
What could be better
  • Does not come with baby teats

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The best electric single breast pump on our list is the Medela Swing Flex. It is especially recommended for its Flex technology, with the two included flanges that adapt to your breasts for ultimate comfort and efficiency.

Its design is compact and lightweight, and its easy-to-operate technology, with only four operation buttons, enables first time mums to use it with confidence, either plugged in or with batteries on the go.

Most importantly, it allows you to collect more milk in less time. Its two-phase expression technology gives a natural feel by mimicking the suckling rhythm of the baby. You can also quickly adjust and readjust the speed and power.

Many mums love that this pump features adjustable vacuum levels and suckling options. You can begin with a low to moderate level of vacuum and increase it gradually or regulate it to your comfort. Many mums have claimed that this product has made their motherhood journey effortlessly manageable.

Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump with Battery

5. Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump with Battery

A portable and lightweight single breast pump for busy mums

What we like
  • Quiet motor
  • Rechargeable and portable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Great customer service support
What could be better
  • Expensive
  • Not very powerful, don’t expect great suction

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The Avent Single Electric with Battery is a breast pump that will fit many mums as it was designed to accommodate different breast and nipple sizes with their adaptable, one size fits all, soft silicone cushions. From the reputable brand, Philips delivers an upgraded version of their original Avent model, this time equipped with a rechargeable battery. 

This breast pump is now easily portable and rechargeable with a micro-USB adapter. It's quiet motor and sleek, lightweight design make it ideal for travelling and busy mums, especially recommended if you’re working full time and need to bring this along at work.

The Avent Single Electric Breast Pump is easy to use with 2 main settings for breast stimulation and expression, designed to mimic your baby's natural drinking motion.
With 8 levels for stimulation and 16 for expression, we’re pretty sure every mum can find a setting that suits best.

For your convenience, this pump is easy to assemble and clean. As it has been designed to be a closed system, you won’t have to worry about cleaning the tubes, with all other parts of this BPA-free product designed dishwasher safe. When you are ready to pump again, your settings will automatically be set from your previous session, so you won’t have to fiddle around with the settings every time.

Tommee Tippee Made for Me Single Electric Breast Pump

6. Tommee Tippee Made for Me Single Electric Breast Pump

An excellent mid-tier option for fatigued mums

What we like
  • Rechargeable power
  • Gentle and suitable for sore nipples
  • Overflow protection
  • 5 massage modes and 9 express modes
What could be better
  • The battery only lasts 60 mins after being fully charged
  • Not as strong as other hospital grade pumps

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Tommee Tippee Made for Me is true to its name when it comes to the comfort and convenience of a nursing mum. It has been well-tested and known to have promising results with its leading technology.

It feels super gentle on the breast due to its soft and cushioned silicone cup and is well suited to mums with sore nipples. Powered by a USB rechargeable battery, it’s easy to take with you and use whenever you have a moment. 

When fully charged, it allows you to use it for up to 60 minutes, and there’s also a handy timer on the LED display screen so you can keep track of expressing time duration. You can also use it while it’s plugged into the wall socket, which is great because you’ll surely forget to charge it at some point. 

A closed tube system prevents backflow into the tubes and the hardware, for the highest level of hygiene. Not only this, but the unique design also guarantees that no drop of milk is wasted as milk is collected directly into the bottle.

Last but not least, it gives you five massage settings and nine pumping settings to stimulate your flow and express milk in a comfortable and personalised way.

Tommee Tippee Electric Breast Pump

7. Tommee Tippee Electric Breast Pump

A budget-friendly set

What we like
  • Easy to clean and put together
  • Special soft silicone cup
  • Battery operated
  • Comes with a microwavable steriliser box
What could be better
  • Noisy
  • The tube between the pump and the bottle can come loose sometimes

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A great value for money pump is the Tommee Tippee, a favourite for its usability and results. This single electric breast pump is easier to maintain than most other breast pumps on the market, with only three parts to clean and assemble.

The suckling action mimics baby to best stimulate milk supply, and it provides a good level of comfort as the pump is fitted with a soft silicone flange.

It will also fit neatly in your handbag for days (or nights) out and is extremely lightweight. Besides, the pump can be battery operated, so it becomes handy when you are out and about with no electric plug around. 

On the negative side, some mothers have stated that this pump does make a noisy sound while in operation, so it’s not the best for discreet pumping or night sessions. If you usually pump during the day at home and away from your sleeping baby, you won’t have issues. 

The Tommee Tippee is also one of the best pumps for hygiene, as it utilises a closed system to prevent breastmilk from entering the tubing or motor. Further, it comes with a convenient steriliser box and is also BPA free for complete safety.

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

8. Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

The best hand breast pump for occasional use

What we like
  • 2 stage pumping technology
  • Super easy to use and maintain
  • Lightweight and handy for infrequent pumping
What could be better
  • Does not come with baby bottle teat

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The Medela Harmony is our pick for the best manual breast pump, an ideal choice for nursing mums who express milk only occasionally.

Complete with features seen in electric Medela products such as the personal fit breast flange and a stand to hold the bottle securely, it is lightweight, compact and perfect for first-time mums who plan to be with their baby almost all of the time and only need to express for the occasional time spent apart.

It’s really easy to use, discreet and almost completely silent during operation – this is a great model to get the hang of manual breast pumps.

The two-phase expression technology mimics baby’s suckling action in a way that no other manual pump offers. Moreover, the cleaning and maintenance take almost no effort at all, perfect for time-poor mums.

The Harmony is small and light, it fits easily into your handbag so you can take it almost anywhere and express comfortably.

Chicco Natural Feeling Manual Breast Pump

9. Chicco Natural Feeling Manual Breast Pump

Comfortable manual pump from a reputable brand

What we like
  • Soft silicone cup for extra comfort
  • Efficient
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy to wash and assemble
What could be better
  • The bottle tends to unscrew sometimes while expressing
  • More expensive than some competitors

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With an extra soft silicone cup and a gentle expressing motion, the Chicco Natural Feeling Manual Breast Pump gives a comfortable and natural feel when expressing.

It’s one of our top picks for manual breast pumps, and it’s compatible with Chicco’s popular Natural Feeling and Well-being bottles for easy feeding. So if you already have some of these bottles laying around, or passed on by a friend, this pump will be a great addition to your kit. 

The cup has a soft and gentle texture, is easy on the skin and mimics the natural sucking behaviour of baby when expressing breastmilk.

Despite this delicate, comfortable feel, it is also very effective with good amounts expressed in surprisingly little time. The ergonomic handle is covered with a soft covering for good grip and minimises the hand strain experienced over time so you can express comfortably for longer. It’s also super easy to clean with very few parts to wash and dry.

Tommee Tippee Made for Me Manual Breast Pump

10. Tommee Tippee Made for Me Manual Breast Pump

An affordable ergonomic manual breast pump

What we like
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Soft silicone cups
  • Suitable for Tommee Tippee bottles
What could be better
  • Does not come with a bottle stand

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The Tommee Tippee Manual Breast Pump is small and lightweight, a sound choice for mums on the go, best suited for occasional expressing and is perfect for travel.

The soft silicone cups will suit all breast sizes and feature massaging ripples to closely mimic baby’s feeding action, and the strong yet gentle suction means it will remove breastmilk almost effortlessly in little time.

The curved handle is ergonomically designed to reduce hand strain and allow an easy and natural action. With Tommee Tippee’s unique three piece design, there aren’t many pieces to clean and keep track of so it’s super easy to take with you anywhere and it’s almost completely silent when in use for privacy and discreteness.

This is an effective, no-nonsense manual breast pump that is easy and intuitive to use, collecting straight into the popular and widely available range of Tommee Tippee bottles.

With the next versions of this pump, we would love to see a little stand included. As of now, it is difficult for the bottle to stand on its own when all parts are attached and when the bottle is empty.

Haakaa Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast Pump

11. Haakaa Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast Pump

Affordable and effective manual pump

What we like
  • Fits in a handbag
  • No cords, batteries or expressing handle
  • Super easy to clean and maintain
What could be better
  • Does not collect as much milk as electric pumps
  • Does not come with a lid or cap

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The best affordable manual pump is the Haakaa Breastfeeding Manual Silicone Breast Pump, a firm favourite of nursing mums who want to save every last drop, and also a great choice to collect let down milk from one side while nursing the other side.

So simple to use, the Haakaa suctions in place to your breast and gently draws out and collects breastmilk – no manual hand pumping necessary, you can leave it completely alone while it does its thing. Whilst it is not a traditional breast pump and you will not collect the large amounts of breastmilk you could with an electric pump, it’s a great idea for nursing mums who know that every drop is precious.

Requiring almost no effort at all to use, it’s also 100% eco friendly and has no complicated cords, pieces or assembly or cleaning requirements. As it consists of just one piece, it is ultra small and compact, fitting into even the smallest of handbags so you can express discreetly wherever you are.

Made of 100% food-grade silicone, it’s soft and comfy to use. Its simple design also means it’s easy to clean and maintain and with no moving parts or motors, it will last a long time with the correct care.

NatureBond Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast Pump

12. NatureBond Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast Pump

The best breast pump to relieve sore or engorged breasts

What we like
  • Ideal for sore breasts
  • Collects let down milk
  • Prevents engorged breasts
  • New-gen “dual ring" design
What could be better
  • The dust cover lid is not 100% secure and comes off sometimes

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The NatureBond Breastfeeding Silicone Manual Breast Pump naturally removes breastmilk via suction with no aggressive pumping. It’s a great choice if you suffer from sore breasts as its gentle suction mechanism won’t cause further discomfort.

Collecting the “let down” milk and leaks, you can keep every last drop of precious breastmilk for your baby. It also helps to provide welcome relief for engorged breasts.

The suction used to draw out breastmilk is even customisable as the pump is made with varying thicknesses and ridges at pressure points, allowing you to adjust it to suit you best.

It is extremely soft and comfortable to use as it doesn’t have a pour spout which can potentially cause discomfort and pinching whilst suctioning, and the handy strap and patented silicone stopper ensure there will be no accidental spills.

It is also a good choice if you are looking for a portable breast pump, as it is compact, lightweight and is completely silent.

Made of high quality, BPA free food-grade silicone, it has been independently tested to ensure absolute safety and hygiene.

Some mums said that the dust cover lid is not sealed properly, therefore, make sure that you never leave the breast milk in the pump with the dust lid covered on an uneven surface. Regardless, for safety and hygiene purposes, you should always transfer the breast milk into a sterilised milk bottle or seal the storage milk bag after pumping, so we don’t find this being a particularly challenging issue.

How to choose a breast pump

With so many portable breast pumps available in the market, how do you know which is the best breast pump for you? Here are some of the major considerations to keep in mind when choosing a breast pump.

Electric vs manual breast pump

There are different types of breast pumps, to suit every new mum’s different needs. Here we look at the most important decision you’ll have to make, i.e. “should I buy an electric or a manual breast pump?”

How often will you be expressing breastmilk? If you will only be using a breast pump occasionally, then a manual pump may serve you well. It is the most cost-effective of all breast pumps and suitable for mums with a well-established supply. They are also very easy to maintain, with no electric components.

If you will be expressing daily, returning to work or your baby is less than six months old, we believe an electric pump will be more effective for your needs due to the heavier level of usage.

Electric pumps become an absolute necessity if you are using your breast pump to increase supply. An electric pump will be more effective at stimulating and removing breastmilk and you will save yourself from hand fatigue from the manual pumping process.

Single vs double breast pumps

Electric breast pumps are available in single or double models. Single pumps are sufficient if you are expressing less often, a couple of times a day or less. With a double pump, however, milk flows from both breasts simultaneously allowing you to be more time-efficient but also more effective in removing milk.

If you are expressing exclusively, are trying to increase supply, or are expressing for twins, then paying the extra for a double pump will be well worth your money.
Breast pump flange size

The breast pump flange is the plastic, funnel-shaped part of the pump that covers your breast and nipple and creates suction to remove breastmilk. Most breast pumps will include a flange (or two in a double pump), however, one size does not fit all, so you may need to purchase one that fits correctly.

Flanges are measured in millimetres and refer to the diameter of your nipple. It’s important to use the right-sized flange for you. Using the wrong size can result in not removing as much breastmilk as is possible, which can have implications such as blocked ducts, mastitis and over time, reduced supply. A flange that is too small may rub on the nipple and cause damage, cuts and pain.

When in use, a well-fitting flange will feel comfortable with no pain, with only the nipple (little to no areola) being pulled into the tunnel without any rubbing against the sides. You should feel your breast emptying evenly and completely.

As your breasts and nipples change size and shape during your breastfeeding journey, you should recheck the fit of your flange from time to time, and it’s a good idea to have a variety of different sizes on hand.