10 Best Electric and Manual Coffee Grinders for Home

Investing in a coffee grinder for your home can benefit you financially and deliver a fresher tasting, high-quality home brew. Whether you’re looking for an electric or manual unit, this guide will take you through our list of the best coffee grinders in Australia.

best coffee grinder australia

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Coffee culture in Australia has created a frenzy of avid coffee drinkers and connoisseurs, with many people these days taking to home brewing. But the secret to achieving the best-quality home brew isn’t just in the coffee machine you use, but in the freshness of the bean, making a coffee grinder an essential tool for delivering a balanced and flavourful cup of joe at home.

You may already own a coffee maker, but most people still use store-bought coffee grounds which can be super convenient, but also expensive and limits your range of choice. Making the switch from pre-ground beans to owning your own coffee grinder gives you the flexibility and control to trial and choose the beans you like best, while retaining their freshness for longer. Storing whole beans at home can extend their shelf life up to 6 weeks, whereas pre-ground beans from the store may only retain their freshness for up to 2 weeks.

With your own grinder, you can source whole beans from your local cafés, the supermarket, local roasters, or market stalls, allowing you to experiment and personalise your own perfect blend. This can be achieved by using either an electric or manual grinder, which we will discuss in a bit more detail at the end of this article.

So, whether you are looking for an electric burr grinder with multiple features, or a simple manual grinder for personal use, we have got you covered with our top 10 picks for the best coffee grinders in Australia, for varied budgets and preferences.

Breville The Smart Grinder Pro

 Best For Espresso 

1. Breville The Smart Grinder Pro

A programmable precision grinder ideal for making espresso

What we like
  • 600 possible grind settings
  • Fine espresso grind
  • Caters to all coffee types
  • Easy-to-use
What could be better
  • Motor not as powerful as premium competitors

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The best electric coffee grinder for espresso must be Breville The Smart Grinder Pro, which looks like a hefty investment, but delivers in value for money, offering precision grind control and features you won’t find in many other grinders at this price point.

With a large capacity airtight 450g bean hopper, the Smart Grinder Pro offers programmable, precision timed grinding using stainless-steel conical burrs, with 60 grind settings on the dial, providing a good range suitable for alternative brews.

However, if you're looking for even more control over the grind size, especially if you’re making espresso at home, you can pop off the hopper and remove the top burr, revealing another 10 adjustments, offering you a total of 600 grind settings

This grinder might look intimidating, offering so many quality features, but it has been designed super easy-to-use with a modern digital display with clear indicators. It also comes with added accessories including an airtight storage container, 2 x portafilter cradles, and a burr cleaning brush. Backed by a 2-year warranty.

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

2. Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

A high-quality entry-level home grinder

What we like
  • Reliable
  • Consistent grind
  • Compact and simple
  • Accessible replacement parts
What could be better
  • Grind collar not easy to adjust

Our pick for the best home coffee grinder is the Baratza Encore ideal for automatic drip and pour over methods (Chemex, AeroPress, French Press, V60), and suitable for introductory level espresso machines that have pressurized portafilter baskets.

The Baratza Encore has a hopper capacity of 230g and is equipped with 40mm stainless-steel conical burrs, praised for its ability to pull almost all the beans through, minimising coffee grounds left in the grinder.

This grinder is suitable for most coffee brewing methods, offering 40 grind settings. The internal collar can be adjusted for a fine espresso grind, however it’s a fiddly process that requires taking the unit apart. So, the Barazta Encore can produce a fine ground for espresso, but it is not the best for ease of use.

We love the sensitive gearbox that automatically turns the unit off if it encounters anything too tough to grind (rocks, pebbles), preserving the motor and blades for extra longevity. If you are new to grinding coffee at home, this model comes with a handy manual indicating the approximate grind setting for different styles of coffee.

The great thing about the Baratza Encore is that all the pieces have been designed replaceable and are readily accessible for hassle-free maintenance and repair, also backed by a 1-year warranty.

Breville The Dose Control Pro

3. Breville The Dose Control Pro

A precision grinder ideal for home use

What we like
  • Easy-to-use
  • Quality features
  • Value for money
  • Precision espresso grind
What could be better
  • Some portafilters don't fit the cradle

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The Breville Dose Control Pro is the best electric grinder under $200, which includes features of grinders that cost twice as much, like precise grind control with timed and manual dosing, and hands-free grinding into filter baskets. The Dose Control Pro is an excellent choice for home use, suitable for alternative brews, providing a vast range of grind settings including precise control for espresso.

This model comes with commercial-standard steel conical burrs with 60 grind settings on the dial. But, like the Breville Smart Grinder Pro, you can remove the hopper and top burr for an extra 10 adjustments, offering a total of 600 grind settings.

We love the removable no-spill bean hopper, equipped with a lock knob at the bottom which makes it super easy and mess-free when changing out the coffee beans. This is particularly useful if you use different beans for different brewing methods.

The Dose Control Pro also comes with a razor dosing tool with height adjustability, which can be used to trim your coffee, achieving consistency each time. We also love that this unit gives you the option to remove the cradle and grind directly into paper filters, filter baskets, or a container of your choice, delivering great versatility for different brewing methods. Backed by a 1-year warranty.

Bodum Burr Bistro

 Best For French Press  

4. Bodum Burr Bistro

An entry-level electric burr grinder at an affordable rate

What we like
  • Adjustable settings
  • Modern compact design
  • A good entry-level option
  • Dishwasher-safe grounds catcher
What could be better
  • A little noisy
  • Creates a little static
  • Not ideal for espresso

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The Bodum Burr Bistro is one of the best entry-level electric burr grinders, ideal for people wanting to upgrade from a blade grinder and a great choice for beginners looking to ramp up their barista skills at home. This grinder is not intended for high volume coffee making or espresso making but is ideal for French Press, pour over, and drip coffee.

The Bodum Burr has 35mm stainless-steel conical burrs, equipped with 12 grind settings and an integrated timer dial for dosing from 5 to 20 seconds. We love the unique borosilicate glass grounds container that comes with this unit, keeping your kitchen mess-free when grinding while sealing in all the freshness of the beans.  

The lid to the 220g capacity hopper doubles as a handy guide for grind size and provides a time chart for dosing. You will be able to play around and experiment yourself, but this just gives you a good starting point, especially if you’re new to the process.

For your convenience, the top burr is easily removable for cleaning and with any Bodum product purchased within Australia, it will be backed by a 2-year warranty with proof of purchase.

De'Longhi  KG79

5. De'Longhi KG79

The best electric burr grinder for under $100

What we like
  • Compact
  • Easy-to-use
  • Electric burr grinder under $100
What could be better
  • Not suitable for espresso
  • Grind not very consistent

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The best electric coffee grinder for under $100 is the De'Longhi KG79, which is a great choice for anyone using manual brewing methods like AeroPress, French Press, or filter coffee. 

Some may argue this is not technically a burr grinder, because its mechanism differs slightly, using two grinding wheels (similar to a flat burr) to push the beans through. However, we find this is a great upgrade from any blade grinder, ideal for beginners who don’t want to invest too much as a novice coffee brewer.

The De'Longhi KG79 has a 120g hopper capacity with simple and practical features. The side dial indicates your grind size on a sliding scale of 16 settings from fine to coarse, the front dial indicates your dosing time from 2-12 coffee cups, and there’s a simple on/off button to initiate the grinding process.

Although you may be able to achieve a reasonable shot using a pressurised portafilter basket, we do not recommend this grinder for espresso. This unit is easy-to-clean and maintain, with the cleaning brush provided. Backed by a 1-year warranty.

Sunbeam GrindFresh

6. Sunbeam GrindFresh

From a reputable brand, with easy-to-use features

What we like
  • Easy-to-use
  • Includes accessories
  • Good customer support
  • Affordable electric burr grinder
What could be better
  • Makes a bit of a mess
  • Does not grind very fine
  • Not suitable for espresso

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The Sunbeam GrindFresh is another great budget burr grinder available for under $100. With a 250g capacity hopper, this electric conical burr grinder is fast and practical, ideal for medium to coarse grinds for brewing methods like stovetop coffee, AeroPress, right through to French Press. We don’t recommend this grinder for espresso, as even at its finest setting, it will still produce a medium to coarse grind.

The Sunbeam GrindFresh is designed easy-to-use, grinding directly into your group handle, with 25 grind settings at your control. Some argue this is where things can get a little messy, as the grounds tend to overshoot the portafilter basket. However, this problem can be easily addressed by using a container or jar, providing a wider base to catch all the grounds.

The great thing about purchasing this model from Sunbeam Australia is that they provide great customer support, detailing the locations of various service agents all around the country that can assist you with repairs and spare parts. We also love that this unit comes with extra accessories including, group handle adapters, ground container, silicone mat, and cleaning brush. 

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill

7. Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill

Best manual coffee grinder for simple and practical use

What we like
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Quality construction
  • Simple and practical
  • Great for camping and holidays
What could be better
  • Hands-on
  • Small capacity

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Our pick for the best hand grinder is the Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill which can produce a consistent grind to a capacity of 100g, ideal for making small batches at a time (1-2 coffees). Its mechanism works with ceramic conical burrs, ideal for precision and uniform grinding, made from heat proof glass manufactured in Japan, with a silicone rubber collar.

Out of all the manual coffee grinders available, the Hario stands out for its quality construction offering a more durable product and is easy-to-use with simple adjustability using the top knob. 

It takes roughly 6-8 minutes to pass a full hopper (100g) of beans through the ceramic burrs. This can be a little hands-on, but the ergonomic crank handle and non-slip rubber base ensure stability and comfortable handling, making the process easy, and even fun.

The Hario Coffee Mill can be disassembled for easy cleaning and storage, with the glass catcher dishwasher-safe for your convenience and it makes an ideal coffee grinder for taking on holidays or camping. The great thing about any manual grinder is that it is going to make very little noise compared to any electric model. 

Bodum Blade Bistro

8. Bodum Blade Bistro

A small and affordable stainless-steel blade grinder

What we like
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Ideal for singles
  • Small and compact
What could be better
  • Tricky to clean
  • Blades not burrs
  • Not very powerful

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The best small coffee grinder available on the market is the Bodum Blade Bistro, holding a 60g capacity, ideal for brewing in small batches, perfect for singles and occasional coffee drinkers. As this is an electric blade grinder, which functions like a mini blender, it is not going to deliver the best consistency compared to a burr grinder. However, this unit is ideal for plunger or filter coffee as they don't require as fine a grind.

This little unit is super easy to use, equipped with one button to pulse grind, while holding it down will produce a continuous grind. The Bodum Blade Bistro is not a high-powered grinder so be sure to go easy when using the continuous grind setting, sticking to intervals of no more than 20-30 seconds at a time. This will ensure your motor stays in good working condition for longer. 

This self-contained unit does not have a removable grounds catcher making it a little fiddly to clean. This also means you may need to have a spare container handy to store the excess coffee grounds. But if you are looking for a compact coffee grinder for personal use or to take on holidays, the Bodum Blade is a great basic grinder, more affordable than any of the larger electric models on the market.

Breville The Coffee and Spice Grinder

9. Breville The Coffee and Spice Grinder

A compact electric blade grinder for multifunctional use

What we like
  • Easy-to-use
  • Multi-functional
  • Small and compact
  • Rust-resistant blades
What could be better
  • Small capacity
  • Grounds not very consistent

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The Breville Coffee and Spice Grinder is a handy electric, one-speed device that functions like a mini bullet blender. With a small 1-cup capacity, this compact unit can grind your coffee beans up with the touch of a button. Not only that, but it can also handle other products like herbs, spices, and roasted nuts and seeds, great for making homemade spiced chai, teas, salsa, sauces, and much more.

The durable, rust-resistant blades and removable bowl, both made from stainless-steel minimise the transfer of flavours and allow for easy cleaning. The Coffee and Spice Grinder is simple to use with a press and release mechanism that allows for pulse or continuous grinding.

If you decide on this model, you should remind yourself that this isn’t a premium coffee grinder, and it has a much smaller motor. If the blades are having trouble grinding, do not attempt to power through the obstruction. Instead, start with short sharp pulses between 5-10 seconds, once the contents start breaking down, then you can try a longer continuous grind. This will be easier on your little motor extending its longevity.

The Breville Coffee and Spice grinder is a handy device, much quicker than using a mortar & pestle for your herbs and spices, and a great size for people with limited kitchen and bench space.

Zolay Manual Coffee Grinder

10. Zolay Manual Coffee Grinder

The most affordable coffee grinder for those on a tight budget

What we like
  • Good for travel
  • Ceramic burr mill
  • Consistent grounds
  • 18 in-built click settings
What could be better
  • Hands-on process
  • Not fine enough for espresso

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The Zolay manual coffee grinder is an excellent choice for anyone looking to grind coffee from home, but can’t afford a huge investment, ideal for kitchens with limited space.

This hand grinder can still deliver a precision grind with 18 adjustable click settings, suitable for most coffee types, and perfect for pour-over and press brewing methods.

Designed with a convenient hand crank mechanism, using ceramic burrs which have been quality tested, outperforming burrs made from stainless-steel. The great thing about this little unit is that it can all be disassembled for easy cleaning and storage, and makes very little noise in comparison to the larger, electric models.

For only $30, the Zolay hand grinder is great value for money for those looking to brew small batches at a time, save space in their kitchen, and not break their bank. Designed compact, lightweight, and portable, great for travel and camping holidays.

How to choose the right coffee grinder for your home

Let’s face it, everyone has an opinion on what makes the best coffee, so choosing the right coffee grinder can be confusing and overwhelming with almost all the products claiming to deliver ‘the best’ results. So, we have listed some features and specs to consider in making the right choice for you and the brewing method you prefer.

Electric vs Manual

Choosing between an electric or manual coffee grinder will depend on what type of coffee you drink and your home lifestyle. If you live in a family household with infants or small children, you might want to consider a manual grinder which produces a softer sound when in use. But if you have a busy routine and are looking for something convenient and hassle-free, an electric model might be better suited for you.

  • Automatic and convenient
  • Multiple settings
  • Often come with digital display
  • Quite noisy and loud
  • Can cost quite a lot more than a manual
  • Take up more space
  • Electric burr - easy to achieve consistent results
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Portable for travel
  • More affordable
  • Accessible on a budget
  • Hands-on
  • A lot quieter than an electric grinder

Blades vs Burrs 

  • Two sets of blades in uniform rotation, crushing the beans
  • Grinds beans in between the top and bottom burr
  • All commercial coffee grinders will use burrs over blades
  • More precise adjustability
  • Produces a consistent ground
  • Cost more than a blade grinder
  • Acts like a blender with a single or double rotating blade
  • More affordable than a burr grinder
  • Can handle other products like herbs and spices
  • Not very consistent

Conical Burrs vs Flat Burrs

Conical Burrs
  • Coned shaped with ridges
  • Pull the beans into the cutting burrs
  • Producing uniform particles for a consistent ground
  • Often found in manual hand grinders, some domestic models, and commercial units
Flat Burrs
  • Burrs with flat serrated sides
  • Like a shearing effect, breaking up the beans
  • Producing uniform particles for a consistent ground
  • Most used in electric grinders for home or cafes

The difference between the two burrs won’t necessarily impact your decision making, as both types produce great results and are favoured over blade grinders in commercial settings. We just wanted to include these definitions to clear up any confusion you might have when stumbling upon some of these new and unfamiliar terms.

Grind Settings - Brewing Method

What kind of coffee do you want to brew at home? And how much do you drink?

This will help you determine what kind of coffee grinder you should consider. If you are a big Turkish or espresso drinker, you want to look for a grinder with conical or flat burrs and incremental adjustability to achieve the fineness required for an ideal extraction. For the other brewing methods, that don’t require as fine a ground as Turkish or espresso, there is a much wider range of grinders, both electric and manual, that will cater to those types of coffee.

  • Turkish coffee - extra fine
  • Espresso - super-fine
  • V60* - fine to medium fine
  • Stovetop - medium fine to medium (slightly coarser than espresso)
  • AeroPress - medium grind
  • Pour over - Fine to medium coarse (depending on your system*)
  • Chemex* - Medium coarse
  • Cold brew - Medium coarse to coarse
  • French Press/Plunger- Medium coarse to Coarse

Cost and Budget

The cost of a coffee grinder can range from as little as $30 for a small manual unit, right up into the thousands for commercial models. But spending more won’t necessarily deliver better value, depending on your personal circumstances.

Example 1: If you are looking for a burr grinder for your morning espresso, your budget is going to start from at least $100, as this is as cheap as a burr grinder can get, extending into the thousands for premium and commercial models.

Example 2: Say you live in a small apartment and like to drink French Press coffee, you may not have to spend so much on a grinder with multiple features, conical or flat burrs. There are many types of grinders available under $100 that can produce a medium-coarse to coarse grind to suit that brewing method.


Coffee grinders can be big investments and it helps to be reassured with a good warranty, with most of the grinders we looked at offering either 12 months or 2-year warranty. It also helps to do a little research into the brand or reseller of your chosen coffee grinder, as this can help determine how accessible the replacement parts are.