The 11 Best Coffee Machines for Barista Coffee at Home

Indulge in barista-quality coffee at home while putting the savings back in your pocket with our buying guide of the best coffee machines available in Australia.

best coffee machine australia

Australians are serious about their coffee, and we certainly have high standards when it comes to where our coffee comes from. But, when it comes to home coffee machines, they often don't get the love they deserve.

With such a wide array of options available - espresso, pod and capsule machines, fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual machines, and even drip coffee makers - it's no wonder the task of choosing the perfect one can feel overwhelming. Which machine suits you best? Which ones give you the best bang for your buck? The confusion can lead many of us to simply opt for the easy way out and head to our local café instead.

Sure, treating yourself daily (or multiple times daily!) café visit is enjoyable, but it can quickly drain your wallet. Luckily, you don't need a café barista to whip up a delicious, barista-quality cup of coffee, and choosing the right coffee machine doesn't have to be a kitchen nightmare!

In fact, most home coffee machines are user-friendly and won't break the bank. By investing in one of these gems and brewing your own coffee at home, you'll not only enjoy top-notch coffee but also save money for the things you truly desire. Our straightforward guide showcases the best coffee machines available in Australia, making it easy for you to find the one that perfectly suits your needs.

DeLonghi Dinamica ECAM

1. De’Longhi Dinamica ECAM

Intelligence and simplicity in one beautiful machine

What we like
  • Fully automatic functionality
  • Customizable settings with My Menu feature
  • Supports up to three user profiles
  • Easy to clean and maintain
What could be better
  • Higher price tag
  • Instructions could be clearer
  • Can be noisy during operation

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One highly-regarded option for the best automatic coffee machine in Australia is the De’Longhi Dinamica ECAM. This fully automatic coffee machine is designed with simplicity and personalization in mind, allowing users to enjoy barista-style coffee tailored to their preferences.

It comes with a range of features that make it stand out. The My Menu functionality enables users to customise each coffee recipe according to their taste. Additionally, the machine supports up to three separate user profiles, making it convenient for households with multiple coffee drinkers. This ensures that everyone can easily prepare their favourite coffee with the right temperature, strength, and style by simply pressing a button.

The built-in grinder and crisp LCD screen with clear prompts make the coffee-making process straightforward, even for those who are not familiar with barista skills. The automatic cleaning feature adds to the user-friendly experience, ensuring easy maintenance without much effort. In terms of design, the De’Longhi Dinamica ECAM is compact, lightweight, and sleek, making it suitable for those leading busy lifestyles.

Although this espresso maker comes with a higher price tag, numerous users find the investment well justified, especially if they value time-saving benefits during their morning routine. However, potential buyers should be aware that being a fully automatic coffee machine, it may not offer the same level of control as manual machines. This could be a significant consideration for coffee enthusiasts who enjoy experimenting with various brewing techniques before making a purchase decision.

Breville The Barista Pro

2. Breville The Barista Pro

Speed and efficiency without compromising on perfection

What we like
  • ThermoJet heating system with fast heating up
  • Large LCD display that is easy to read and check status
  • Built-in grinder
  • Fully customizable
What could be better
  • Heavy and large footprint
  • Some users prefer the steam/hot water feature to be a level instead of a dialling knob
  • No pressure gauge

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One of the most popular semi automatic coffee machines in Australia and, quite simply, the next best thing to going to a café, is the Breville Barista Pro, with none of the waiting in line for the barista to call out your name.

This espresso coffee machine is ultra-fast, boasting an incredible 3-second start-up time with its ThermoJet heating system, during both the brewing and steaming cycles, which can be switched without missing a beat.

Its fully adjustable, built-in grinder allows for fresh, full-flavoured coffee whenever you want it, depending on your preferred strength and the number of beverages being made. A clear, easy-to-read LCD screen allows you to monitor your settings and brewing progress.

Although heavy, its brushed steel design makes for a sleek and attractive feature in any kitchen, and comes in a wide variety of colours to match your decor.

The downside is having to steam your own milk, which is not difficult to learn or master, but can be intimidating for first-timers. There’s also the fact that you have to clean the machine yourself, but that’s a small price to pay for this great home coffee machine.

Breville The Barista Express

3. Breville The Barista Express

The people’s favourite and the best coffee machine under $1000 in Australia

What we like
  • Feature a huge range of programmed and manual procedures
  • Pressure gauge for accuracy and consistency
  • Includes Dosing Funnel attachment to reduce mess and waste when grinding coffee
What could be better
  • Can be overwhelming for beginners to use at first
  • Lack of low water indicator

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It’s easy to see why Breville’s Barista Express machine is perhaps the mostly highly rated and loved coffee machine in Australia. Brother of the Barista Pro, the Barista Express compromises on its price tag while retaining almost all the features of its sportier higher-end sibling.

Great for beginners and pros alike, the machine can be operated in both semi-automatic and manual capacities.

In the semi-automatic setting, the coffee will automatically cease flow from the group head based on a preset volume; the manual setting, conversely, gives the user more control over the dosage and volume of the coffee poured.

Like the Barista Pro, it comes with an in-built hopper and adjustable grinder, allowing for coffee-house freshness every time, and a steam wand for heating and texturing milk to your desired style and temperature. The machine’s display is a bit more old school, with analogue dials and gauges, but still intuitive with a lovely, classic aesthetic.

Unlike the Barista Pro, however, the Barista Express only has a single boiler, and thus you cannot steam your milk until the coffee has finished pouring. The steam wand also takes a bit longer to heat the milk while the boiler reheats to build the necessary pressure for the wand to steam effectively.

The official product page promises “bean to cup in under a minute”, and even though this is a bit of an exaggeration, it still produces fast, high-quality coffee, and with the middling price tag, it is certainly the most popular and best coffee machine under $1000 in Australia.

Gaggia New Classic

4. Gaggia New Classic

No fancy gizmos or gimmicks, just good old school barista coffee

What we like
  • Easy to use
  • Durable and solid built
  • Compact design
  • Capable of making good milk froth
What could be better
  • Limited cup size compatibility
  • Instructions could be more detailed

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Speaking of old school, there’s no school quite like it and the Gaggia New Classic is the headmaster. Don’t let the “new” in its name fool you—this is pure, classic coffee at its finest.

Designed and made in Italy, the Gaggia New Classic is compact, minimalist and elegant, with none of the fancy LCD screens or automated options of many modern automatic or semi-automatic machines. This one is entirely manual, so while there is a bit of a learning curve involved, but if you’re a purist—or someone that just really digs their coffee—there’s just nothing else quite like a manual coffee machine.

The machine uses a three-button interface, indicating their function with simple, easily understood graphics: one for power, one for coffee, and one for steam. The steam wand is controlled with a knob on the side, but temperature will have to be monitored manually, either by hand or a thermostat.

Like most things artisanal, this espresso maker does take time to prepare its beverages, so it’s probably not suited to people rushing around getting ready for their daily commute.

You have to grind the coffee yourself (with a separate grinder, as one is not in-built), or buy ground coffee; you need to time your coffee pours yourself (which itself requires you to understand the best time for extraction, for best flavour and dosage); and then steam the milk yourself.

But it’s totally worth it, if you have the time and patience, to get things exactly the way you like them by hand, especially with the thick, golden crema produced by the machine’s 15 bar pump system. It really does make the Gaggia New Classic one of the most affordable and best manual coffee machines available.

Breville The Infuser

5. Breville The Infuser

Maximum focus on flavour

What we like
  • Well-written instruction manual
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Provides consistent coffee extraction
  • Includes hidden storage tray and tamper storage to save space
What could be better
  • Unable to steam milk and make espresso simultaneously
  • Slightly noisy when starting

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You might initially find it confusing to differentiate between the Breville The Infuser and its sibling, the Duo-Temp Pro (read our complete review of this coffee machine here). They share a similar size and appearance, but the Infuser stands out as the more advanced option.

The Infuser can be set for one or two cups, with the volume of coffee extracted fully controllable to exactly the amount of espresso you like for that perfect full-bodied coffee. A high-power 1700w heating element rapidly heats and alternates between steam and extraction functions, giving the right pump pressure and temperature for each task with little waiting time. The steam wand in particular makes excellent micro-foam, perfect for silky, beautiful coffee art (if you want to show off your fancy skills and wow your guests!).

This is a no-frills, affordable option that doesn’t do everything other machines do, but what it does, it does well. This small, unassuming machine is a fine way to class up your kitchen and your social gatherings at home.

A moderately priced option, The Breville Infuser really sets itself apart from other semi-automatic machines on account of its pre-infusion process: a slow, controlled infusion with the coffee grounds inside the group before extraction, giving time for the flavours to rise before the actual extraction into the cup. The result is a more balanced, flavoursome cup, and all still done relatively quickly.

Breville The Bambino Plus

6. Breville The Bambino Plus

Economic on time and space

What we like
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Super quick to heat up
  • Pulls a good shot
  • Large water tank for a small machine
What could be better
  • Requires both hands to operate due to its light weight
  • Only comes with a pressurised basket
  • Removing the portafilter can be fiddly
  • No hot water feature

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Sporting the same ThermoJet technology as its bigger brother (the Breville Barista Pro) the Bambino Plus saves both time and space, heating up within 3 seconds without hogging bench space, making it a great espresso maker for smaller kitchens.

Low pressure pre-infusion before extraction into the cup makes for a focus on flavour, producing excellent tawny crema and a dark full body.

Milk steaming is fully automated in this pint-sized beauty, with three pre-set temperature and pressure options to choose from, all by simply pressing one of the two corresponding buttons. The Bambino Pro can switch between extraction and steaming modes instantly without missing a beat, making it the fastest fully-automatic option out there.

Don’t let the size of the machine fool you, though: with a water tank capacity of 1.9L, you’ll be able to get many cups of coffee out of it before you need to refill. Cleaning is a breeze as well, with the steam wand’s auto-purge function, once the wand is returned to its starting position.

It’s not the nicest looking espresso coffee machine available, but for the economy on space, and the best features and functionality of several of the higher-end Breville models, it’s hard to fault the Bambino Plus, especially with its reasonable price.

Sunbeam Barista Max Espresso Machine

7. Sunbeam Barista Max

Superior function over form, best bang for buck

What we like
  • All-in-one machine
  • Fully adjustable
  • Provides coffee quality comparable to a professional cafe-style machine yet operates quietly
  • The steam wand is one of the best among home machines
What could be better
  • Requires some practice to get the hang of it
  • The grinder cannot be set to automatically grind a specific dose
  • No pressure gauge

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Our favourite of the Sunbeam Café series, the Sunbeam Barista Max Espresso Machine’s plastic frame and button panel may not look as nice as other machines on the market, but its solid functionality outweighs its more basic appearance. Its combination of features from several higher-end brands and models into one affordable, do-it-all machine make this probably the best value coffee machine currently available, great for everyday use.

Using its own version of pre-infusion technology, called Temp IQ Shot Control, the Barista Max manages the flow and temperature of the water in three different phases during extraction, evoking a more fully realised flavour from every cup. Each “shot” can be automatically ground via a button press, for one or two cups, pouring exactly the right amount of coffee with the boldest and most balanced flavour. But if you want a bit more control over the volume, you can also run your shots manually.

The addition of the hopper and adjustable grinder in a budget model is a nice touch, leaving more space free in the kitchen and less time mucking about with different devices, as well as giving you extra value for money. The fact that it has 30 grind settings seems a little excessive and you’re probably going to have very little use for most of them, as coarse grinds are generally not optimal for espresso coffee, but it’s nice to have options.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus

8. Nespresso Vertuo Plus

Convenience never tasted so good with this coffee maker

What we like
  • Sleek design and small footprint
  • Low noise
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comes with a box of sampling coffee
What could be better
  • Ongoing capsule costs may become expensive

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If you’re looking for the fastest and most convenient, easy-to-use way of getting your daily caffeine dose with half a foot already out the door, the Vertuo Plus is fast and efficient and can get you on your way without mess or fuss.

The Vertuo Plus uses CentriFusion technology in its brewing process, spinning the pod up to 7000 times to pull the best flavour from the ground beans before extracting. It can make up to four different cup sizes, all with a single button, so it is incredibly user-friendly. The machine is small and compact and comes in an array of vibrant and sleek colours. (Cherry Red looks particularly nice!)

The Vertuo also has a wide variety of coffee pods on the market, and even comes with a welcome set of twelve different pods out of the box to get you started—however, you can only use pods specifically made for the Nespresso Vertuo, no other brands. The pods are now recyclable, and while it still isn’t the most eco-friendly coffee machine on the planet (as the pods tend to be a little hard to recycle correctly), this may alleviate some of those concerns for environmentally conscious buyers.

The other con of the Nespresso Vertuo - like most pod machines - is that pod coffee packs tend to be expensive, and when the cost is broken down, each cup works out to be more costly than a machine using whole bean coffee.

All in all, if the benefits of speed and convenience outweigh the wastage and cost, then this is the machine for you.

De’Longhi Dedica Pump Espresso

9. De’Longhi Dedica Pump Espresso

Versatility with espresso level class

What we like
  • Stylish and portable, perfect for travel and small spaces.
  • Offers versatility and excellent value for the price
  • Temperature adjustment feature
  • Auto-switch-off delay period
What could be better
  • Limited cup size capacity
  • Comes with only one coffee basket
  • Steam knob is flimsy and less durable

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The best small coffee machine in our list is the De’Longhi Dedica Pump Espresso. It has all the attributes of a classic espresso machine in terms of functionality, product, and aesthetic, while retaining all the convenience and efficiency of a pod machine.

The machine itself looks fantastic and screams class and elegance with its solid metal body in any of its four available colours. It's great to carry anywhere, whether it's for a caravan, camping, or an Airbnb stay. Additionally, it’s small and lightweight, measuring at a tiny 15cm wide, making it perfect for kitchens with limited bench space.

The Dedica Pump Espresso’s strongest selling point is its versatility: it can use both powdered or ground coffee, like an espresso machine, or coffee pods (and not just one particular brand, like many pod machines).

You can switch up how you want to make your coffee every time depending on your needs and desires. Whether you choose powder or pod, it doesn’t really matter, because the machine heats up and starts brewing within 40 seconds—that’s not as fast as some machines on the market, but what it lacks in relative speed it makes up for with the options it allows its owners.

Its Cappuccino System milk-frothing capability is fully automatic and adjustable depending on the kind of drink you want. This function isn’t going to allow for a lot of personalisation, but if you’re after the basic coffee types with minimal middle ground—cappuccino, latte, flat white—with a minimum of fuss and a whole lot of brewing options, this is the best small coffee machine for you.

Sunbeam Mini Barista Espresso Machine

10. Sunbeam Mini Barista Espresso Machine

Simple, effective and beloved by Australians

What we like
  • Nice array of accessories included
  • Clear and comprehensive instructions in the manual
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Features an auto shot control function
What could be better
  • Some users face challenges getting the dial to return to the center position
  • The group handle might be stiff to operate
  • The drip tray is small and requires frequent emptying

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A award-winner and the best budget coffee machine right now is the Sunbeam Mini Barista Espresso Machine, a triumph in simple, functional design beloved by Australian coffee drinkers.

The user interface is incredibly easy-to-use and intuitive: a power button, and a dial for selecting the desired function. Coffee volume is pre-set to two settings: single or double shot, to allow for one to two cups of coffee at once, or a stronger single coffee.

The steam wand is also controlled seamlessly through the dial, allowing you to focus on foaming your own milk to your desired consistency and texture. It may not have all the bells and whistles, but if simple, honest coffee is what you’re after, this is a great value choice.

Despite its small size, the Mini Barista packs a 2L water tank, which is larger than many of the higher-end machines available and will save you time having to constantly refill between cups. It also comes with a 58mm cafe-sized group handle for better extraction and flavour.  The machine’s design is unpretentious but attractive, looking very nice for the accompanying price tag.

Sunbeam Café Espresso II

11. Sunbeam Café Espresso II

The most affordable option optimised for beginners

What we like
  • Quick heating
  • Produces excellent coffee and milk texture
  • Simple to use, idea for entry level
  • Compact
What could be better
  • No brew timer; manual handle operation
  • Low-cost design and build quality

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The Sunbeam Café Espresso lacks any pretensions: it is simply a good, easy-to-use, cheap machine, probably the best coffee machine under $200 you can buy. It delivers exactly what it promises, nothing more, nothing less: great coffee, done easily by anyone.

Its design is even more humble than Sunbeam’s Mini Barista model: while it retains the unassuming dial and single button aesthetic of the other Sunbeam cafe series, the Café Espresso II simplifies it even further with only two functions on the dial: coffee, and steam.

There is no distinct option for one or two coffees, and while you could probably still get two coffees out of a single extraction, it’s not likely to be an optimal amount in each cup. But for single cups, it will do quite well. The downside to this is the machine’s very small size prevents larger coffee cups and mugs from fitting beneath the group head.

This coffee machine is not pretending to do anything more than it does, and that is a welcome change. It delivers on its intended function and produces solid coffee without intimidating beginner users. It won’t satisfy pros or connoisseurs, but you could do a lot worse than this machine.

Types of coffee machines for home use and how to choose

With so many options out there, it’s hard to know which coffee machine type and which models are going to be best for you. The simplest way is to take a quick look at which machines cater to which general need and how your personal needs (e.g. your lifestyle, your preferred beverage and types of coffee, etc) compare.

Fully Automatic

With the ability to brew coffee and often steam/foam your milk as well, automatic coffee machines are usually one-touch and self-cleaning, making them extremely easy-to-use and time-saving. While many higher-end models have personalisation options built into the machine, some people might feel limited by the options they can program.

Automatic espresso machines are really targeted at busy people who have limited time and desire to do the work themselves. They often have the added benefit of including a in-built hopper and coffee grinder, reducing the amount of separate appliances in one’s kitchen.

Although an automatic machine might not be able to tailor every little thing about your coffee to your exact specifications, it will be able to get pretty close if not perfect. Automatic espresso tastes excellent and the final product is almost as good as a handmade barista coffee.


Aimed at coffee initiates, a semi-automatic machine offers options that neither automatic or manual machines can deliver by themselves: you can brew your coffee shots to a pre-set volume for a set number of cups, or you can start and cut the flow manually. You also need to steam your own milk, which beginners might find intimidating at first, though it is not difficult to master. Semi-automatic machines also usually have a built-in hopper and coffee grinder, and some other automatic features, depending on the brand and model.

Semi-automatic coffee machines allow you to take more control and tailor your coffee experience in more detail, without throwing you completely in the dark. They are generally cheaper than fully automatic machines and are suitable for everyone, provided you have the will to do more of the work yourself.


Manual is the best option for coffee connoisseurs, discriminating coffee lovers and baristas moonlighting as everyday coffee drinkers at home. Everything is DIY but the user interfaces are simple and intuitive, and the coffee produced is generally much better, as long as you know what you’re doing. These machines usually look the classiest too, with sleek metallic designs drawing on professional espresso machines and classic minimalist elegance.

The fact that you need to own a coffee grinder (unless you decide to buy already ground coffee), and the ongoing cleaning and maintenance, can both be potential turn-offs, but if you’re a pro, a connoisseur, or a wannabe café barista patient enough to learn, a manual machine is an option you’ll never regret. There’s nothing else quite like it. And in case you haven't got a good grinder yet, here are the best coffee grinders in Australia for your consideration.

Pod/Capsule Machines

Convenient and easy-to-use, pod and capsule machines have taken the coffee world by storm. The quality of the coffee they produce is comparable to some of the best espresso out there, so it’s a good option for people wanting a higher quality of beverage than instant freeze-dried coffee. They’re usually small and require minimal cleaning, with drawers to capture used pods before they need to be disposed of.

The downside of pod/capsule machines lies in the expense to both your wallet and the environment: good pod coffees aren’t cheap and they can be extremely wasteful. If you’re concerned about your finances or environmental footprint, you probably should steer clear of these machines. If you’re busy and chasing convenience, however, these are a great option.