12 Best Cold Press Juicers to Buy in 2021

Searching for a cold press juicer to enhance the health of you and your family? We’ve done all the research to bring you the best cold press juicers on the market today, so all you need to do is squeeze and enjoy!

best cold press juicer australia

Looking to up your fruit and veggie intake in an easy and delicious way? Juicing is currently trending, with promises to help you cleanse your system, lose weight and boost your immunity. Whether or not you believe the hype, waking up to fresh juice each morning is something the whole family can enjoy and most of us could benefit from adding more fresh produce to our diets.

Cold press juicers, also called masticating juicers, are the best equipped for this job. They work by slowly crushing and squeezing fruit and veg, resulting in a high yield with maximum juice extraction and nutrient retention.

Traditional centrifugal juicers use ultra fast spinning blades to quickly shred up your fruit and veg into liquid, but during this process, both heat and oxygen is exposed to the produce which can quickly destroy the quality of nutrients and enzymes.

It may take longer to extract, but the juice produced by cold press juicers tend to retain more of its nutrients as well as last for longer, with a shelf life of several days. Its slow method means that very little heat is produced and very little oxygen is exposed to your produce.

Cold press juicers are also ideal for juicing produce as such leafy greens, with its extraction method much more suited to squeezing out every last drop of juice. You’ll be able to see the difference by the bold, vibrant colours of your cold pressed juice, and taste it with the ultra smooth texture.

There’s no hiding from the fact that cold press juicers are more dear than centrifugal juicers and even blenders, but the quality of the juice is really second-to-none, and are a worthwhile investment for the juicing enthusiast as well as those looking out for their family’s health.

Here are our picks for the best cold press juicers on the Australian market today to suit different needs and budgets.

Omega NC1002HDC

 Best For Celery 

1. Omega NC1002HDC

Outstanding performance with multiple functions and possibilities

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This horizontal cold press juicer makes juicing a breeze with one of the most powerful motors around and an extra large, 5.5cm feeding chute so you don’t have to waste time chopping your fruit and veg into tiny pieces.

There are five adjustable pressure settings to suit any fruit or veggie as well as six nozzles and two juicing screens which allows it to extract more juice than most other domestic models.

With dual stage juicing and an ultra low speed of 80rpm, there’s minimal heat build up and oxidisation to preserve maximum flavour and nutrients, all whilst working hard to extract as much juice as possible from hard-to-juice produce such as wheatgrass, carrots and leaves. In particular, it’s specifically recommended for celery with outstanding celery juice yield, making this the best cold press juicer for celery on the market today.

Easy to disassemble after use, the parts are dishwasher safe and just as easy to put back together again when clean. It’s sturdy yet lightweight and no problem at all to move about if needed.

Truly multifunctional, you can also use your Omega to turn whole nuts into nut butters, grind coffee and spices, mince garlic and make baby foods and purees.

Breville The Big Squeeze

 Best For Carrots 

2. Breville The Big Squeeze

The best cold press juicer for carrots, boasting a powerful motor to make quick work of all your hard produce

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This slow juicer certainly does its job by powerfully crushing and squeezing to extract maximum juice with a beautifully smooth texture with hardly any froth. Excelling at extracting juice from hard to juice produce like small berries and leafy greens, its powerful 240 watt motor is impressively quiet as it tackles whatever produce you can throw at it with ease.

With one of the largest feeding chutes on the market, you can simply pop in many varieties of whole fruits and veggies, such as apples and tomatoes, which cuts back massively on prep time and unnecessary washing up.

You’ll find that the pulp left over at the end is very dry, which goes to show just how much juice The Big Squeeze has been able to extract.

We love the Quick Rinse technology which lets you quickly rinse between juices thanks to the spout plug. A dedicated scrubber brush is also included to make clean up as quick as possible. With six removable parts, it might take a little while to get used to putting it all together (we recommend reading the included instruction booklet properly for this one), but once you get the hang of it you’ll almost be able to do it with your eyes closed.

Oscar Neo DA 1000

3. Oscar Neo DA 1000

European, high end design producing a velvety juice out of all produce

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This 200 watt, horizontal juicer is European engineered and designed with sleek yet sturdy parts and finished in a high shine chrome to suit any stylish kitchen, but it’s not all just good looks from the original slow juicer brand Oscar. It will juice with ease anything from soft, squishy strawberries to hard, raw veggies such as carrot and everything in between, and is the perfect companion to the health conscious family.

Made from high quality, BPA free and heat resistant parts, the juicer works in a three stage system to first crush, then squeeze, and finally strain, to produce a velvety smooth juice every time.

The versatile pulp adjustment nozzle lets you choose the amount of pressure your produce is squeezed under. Not only does this have health benefits as there is an optimal pressure amount for different fruits and veggies for the preservation of nutrients, it also allows you to choose how much pulp is left in your juice to suit your preference.

Its solid, durable construction is so strong you can use your Oscar as a food processor, to make pasta, crush nuts into nut butters, and make baby food, dips, ice creams and more, making this a truly impressive piece of kitchen equipment.

Naturopress Cold Press Juicer

4. Naturopress Cold Press Juicer

Best for small kitchens with limited bench space with handy features

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One of our favourite countertop cold press juicers, the Naturopress Cold Press Juicer delivers great quality juices time and time again without the premium price tag. Accessible for those just beginning their juicing journey as well as the juicing pros, it effortlessly handles leafy greens as well as hard fruits and veggies like celery, ginger and beetroot.

The two speed, 55RPM 250 watt motor delivers ultra slow mastication, preserving the precious nutrients in your produce but fast enough to still be convenient so you can have your morning juice before work with time to spare. If any produce happens to get stuck in the machine, the handy reverse feature brings it back up so you don’t need to take the juicer apart to pull out any chunks.

There’s an included jug strainer for those who prefer their juice extra smooth, as well as smoothie and sorbet accessories so you can make your own nut milk, sorbets and smoothies, saving you time and money.

Taking up little counter space as well as gorgeous to look at, you won’t want or need to ever pack it away and it’s extremely easy to take apart, clean and and put back together again for its next use.

Aobosi Bright Red Masticating Juicer

5. Aobosi Bright Red Masticating Juicer

Budget friendly horizontal juicer perfect for green juice enthusiasts

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The best budget friendly horizontal cold press juicer we’ve come across, the Aobosi masticating juicer can’t match its more high-end competitors, but it can successfully juice a wide range of produce with high yield and nutrient retention. It’s perfect if you’re looking to purchase your first cold press juicer to see if it suits your lifestyle and you’re only interested in using it as a juicer, not a food processor or grinder.

Best suited to leafy greens, citrus and dense fruit and veg, it can also handle common produce such as cucumber, celery, apple and carrots reasonably well, but will struggle with mushy items like bananas and mangoes.

The amount of juice extracted is high and it produces very dry pulp so you can be sure you’re squeezing out every last drop. With a slow 80RPM motor, maximum nutrients are retained and these high levels will be retained for up to three days when stored properly, so the output quality is excellent.

The feeding chute on this machine is small and narrow so it won’t be able to tackle large whole fruits and veg, but the advantage of this is you won’t be dropping anything in accidentally such as fruit stones or curious fingers. The juicer also won’t start unless all parts are in place correctly and locked, so the Aobosi wins extra points for safety.

Amzchef Slow Masticating Juicer

6. Amzchef Slow Masticating Juicer

Featuring an upgraded auger for even more nutrient retention

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This horizontal, low speed juicer makes quick work of all your favourite fruits and veggies, including wheatgrass, carrots, leafy greens and bananas, making it a solid performing all rounder for those who enjoy juicing a wide range of produce.

The current model features an updated auger which results in less oxidation and froth for a smoother, more nutritious juice with excellent yield, evidenced by the ultra dry pulp production, and is a top choice for if you’re especially concerned with nutrition.

Also new to the Amzchef Slow Masticating Juicer are the Intelligent Protection Chips, which automatically make the juicer stop after 20 minutes continuous operation, allowing the motor to cool down properly and prolonging the juicer’s service life, which already comes with a generous 2 year warranty on the motor and parts.

The feeding chute is very small, which means you will need to chop most produce up before juicing. However, this gives you the opportunity to remove seeds, stems and other parts that can result in a bitter taste to the juice.

Optimum 600M

 Best Value For Home Use 

7. Optimum 600M

The easiest to assemble and clean, perfect for families

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If you’re after a high performing, versatile juicer for your family but can do without the massive price tag, then look no further than the Optimum 600M. Its slow speed of 40-45RPM effortlessly extracts maximum amounts of goodness from your produce with less pulp than most of our other reviewed models (ideal for fussy kids!), and can handle just about all produce well, from hard, raw veg to squishy bananas and leafy greens. Everyone can have their favourite!

For dessert lovers, you can also use this machine to make tasty ice creams and sorbets. Further, if you enjoy or are looking to transition to a more plant based diet, you can also use this nifty model to make soy milk and even tofu, making it truly multi purpose.

Ultra sleek and compact, it’s perfect for small kitchens with limited bench space and runs so quietly you won’t wake the entire household when using it. Designed with just four parts, it’s oh-so-easy to assemble, disassemble and clean and also features advanced safety features, sensing whether or not the feeding tube is locked in place correctly before starting. This truly is the best cold press juicer for home use for its value, performance, versatility and compact, easy to use design.

Breville the Juice Fountain Max

8. Breville the Juice Fountain Max

The best choice for large families or those who drink a lot of juice

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This best selling model from Breville is ideal for larger families or those who like to prepare juice ahead of time for consumption over the next few days. It boasts a huge 1L juice catcher that is cleverly designed to fit neatly in your fridge door.

Quite a large and bulky unit, it will take up significant space on your bench so singles, couples and those with small kitchens might like to consider a smaller and more compact model.

Despite its size, the Juice Fountain Max is well designed and styled with upscale finishes, making it easy to operate, clean and take apart. The extra large feeding chute lets you throw in whole fruits, such as apples, without needing to chop into small pieces and the two speed motor is powerful enough to handle tricky produce like raw carrots and celery, as well as citrus, berries, leaves and even squishy fruits like bananas.

The micromesh filter successfully separates the juice from seeds, pulp and other bits you don’t want ending up in your juice, resulting in a velvety smooth juice with little froth. The pulp that is left over was not the driest we have seen and still slightly wet, but you can simply feed it through the juicer again if you wish to extract every last drop.

BioChef Axis Compact

9. BioChef Axis Compact

Ultra user friendly and the best option for travelling and families on the go

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This entry level juicer is compact, lightweight and perfect for those new to juicing. Ultra portable, it’s also a great option for those who travel and want fresh juice no matter where they are.

For those who love their green juices, the single gear motor will handle produce as such leafy greens with ease, as well as hard root veggies and celery, but seems to struggle with citrus, bananas and other very soft fruits.

The standout feature is the Pulp Adjustment Nozzle, which allows you to change the pressure under which your produce is being squeezed to most efficiently extract the maximum amount of juice. It takes a little while to get to know which pressure setting is best for which item, but as a general rule, higher settings are better for harder produce, lower settings for softer, and with practice you will learn to know just by feel.

The BioChef Axis Compact is incredibly user friendly, featuring easy to use operation with a fool-proof on/off switch and a quick release function for the easiest clean up ever. All juicing parts are made of BPA free, high quality food grade plastic so you can enjoy all of the nutrients with none of the nasties.

Russell Hobbs Luxe

10. Russell Hobbs Luxe

Three different filter attachments for different preferences

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Best suited to occasional use, the Russell Hobbs Luxe cold press juicer is a compact unit delivering high quality, nutrient dense juice fast. It produces high yield and nice, dry pulp when used for softer fruits and veggies. Leafy greens are accepted but with slightly less efficiency, and less again with hard veggies like celery.

The feeding chute is of reasonable size but produce larger in size than small apples and oranges will need to be chopped first. The pulp does have the tendency to get stuck in the chute if large amounts are juiced without being cleaned out properly in between. Luckily, the cleaning process is quick and simple, with most parts top shelf dishwasher safe and its own dedicated cleaning brush included.

It comes with three different filter attachments which deliver less pulp for straight juice, more pulp for a more textural juice and frozen for a thick, smoothie consistency. This is a great feature to suit your family’s different preferences, and the filters are practical and easy to swap out.

Devanti Cold Press Slow Juicer

11. Devanti Cold Press Slow Juicer

With excellent performance, this is the best cold press juicer for those on a budget

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With low vibration and almost silent operation, the Devanti Cold Press Slow Juicer is a sleek, budget friendly option for singles and families alike, with extremely easy operation and high juice yield.

Working beautifully with a wide range of produce, large chunks of hard veggies may become stuck but this is solved easily by chopping into smaller pieces first. Other tricky produce such as leafy greens and wheatgrass were well handled with practically no pulp left in the juice.

The slow, 60RPM motor ensures maximum nutrients are retained whilst still producing juice quickly and efficiently, perfect for before work or school.

We love the non-drip juice plug on the end of the spout so you can mix your juice, or swap out the collection jug for another - a feature not commonly seen, especially in lower end juicers. Silicone, non slip feet ensure the juicer stays put and doesn’t move around when in use and the reverse function successfully unclogs the machine when needed.

All round, the Devanti Cold Press Slow Juicer is a solid choice for those on a budget as it successfully handles a wider, more impressive range of produce that other cheaper juicers can’t.

ADVWIN Juicer Wide Mouth Masticating Juicer Extractor

12. ADVWIN Juicer Wide Mouth Masticating Juicer Extractor

Best for fruit juices, the wide feeding chute cuts back on prep time

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This ADVWIN Juicer features a wide feeding chute to accept whole fruits like apples and orange, making faster work of your daily juice routine, and super quiet operation so you won’t wake the family.

The two speed motor allows you to juice soft and hard produce alike, but we found leafy greens to be the biggest challenge. This means green juice enthusiasts might be better off with another model, but fruit juice lovers will be pleased with the performance of the ADVWIN, delivering high yield with a silky, frothless texture and minimal pulp.

Its main downfall however is its size - at almost 30cm deep it will take up ample bench space, especially as it has such a small juice collection cup with capacity of just 500mL.

Boasting a unique anti drip design, it’s easier and, of course faster, to keep your juicer clean with no juice dripping down the sides or under the feet. The body wipes clean easily and most of the removable parts are top shelf dishwasher safe.

How to choose a cold press juicer

Let’s go through the two main types of cold press juicer and what to look for when choosing one for your home.

  • Horizontal cold press juicers are ideal for a wide range of produce and tend to handle tricky produce such as leafy greens and wheatgrass more effectively than other types, giving a greater yield. Additionally, they are typically versatile and multi functional, offering functions such as grinding nuts into nut butter, making pasta, sorbet, baby food and more. Generally with fewer parts than vertical juicers, you can also expect shooter and easier clean ups.
  • Vertical cold press juicers have one very practical benefit - their footprint is smaller, resulting in a more compact unit that can fit easily onto small kitchen benches, an important consideration for city dwelling families. Whilst not as multi functional as horizontal juicers, they are budget friendly and well suited to those who don’t juice every day.

What produce do you want to juice?

Whether you are a green juice enthusiast or a simple OJ kinda person, certain juicers are more effective at juicing certain produce over others, so it’s wise to check that your new juicer will do the job you want it to. Some models will excel at leafy greens but struggle with hard root veggies, whilst others will rip through carrots with ease but have more trouble with soft fruits.

How easy is it to use?

If you love the idea of simply throwing in whole fruits like apples and oranges without having to chop up first, then look for juicers with wide feeding chutes to minimise prep time. Don’t mind chopping first? A smaller chute which is easier to press might suit you better.

How easy is it to clean?

You don’t want to spend ages each day painstakingly cleaning out every part of your juicer, so look for models that are easy to clean - the fewer parts, the better! Many models come with their own cleaning brush which makes cleaning the filter much more convenient, and look out for dishwasher safe parts and easy wipe surfaces.