10 Best Double Prams for Twins (or Newborn + Toddler)

Are you expecting twins or having a second child in close age with your firstborn? This ultimate buying guide with the 10 best double prams in Australia will help you make the right choice.

best double pram australia

There is nothing as good as the joy of having two babies, or a second baby while the big brother or sister is waiting for their new best friend.

A double pram is probably the first thing on your mind for outdoor activities and having fun with your family. With only two hands and so much to handle, this type of stroller easily becomes mom and dad’s best ally in maintaining the hustle in control while on the go.

A double pram is a great investment, that is why it’s so important to make a sound decision, according to your preferences and necessities. Whether for jogging, shopping in urban areas, or going in the playground, you will use it on a day-to-day basis, and its practicality is essential.

Choosing the right double stroller is a vital choice, as they are quite pricy and it is practically an essential item. With so many models and features, sometimes it’s hard to pick a product and not to make a mistake. Your time is precious and that is why we focus only on key areas of your concern and provide you with only the relevant information.

This article explains the difference between side-by-side and tandem prams and gives you an overview of the types of toddler attachments you may find on the market.

Types of double prams

Not only there is a vast choice of double prams, but also there are several different types with their exclusive features and functions for best customer satisfaction. You should know them before choosing one that would best suit your family lifestyle.

  • Side-by-side double prams. Both children sitting next to each other is what best describes this pram. Some have the option of reclining the seats independently and this is a preferable feature to look out for, as each child has individual preferences. Since there are two children sitting side by side, these double prams are wider, however, they are not that heavy and you can go through standard doorways and narrow aisles without worries. Also, some of them are easily foldable and lightweight, which makes them very portable and easy to push.
  • Tandem Double Prams. This type is narrower than the side-by-side pram, but also longer and heavier. They can be for a baby and a toddler, or two toddlers, the tandem prams have one seat in front of the other one and are not suitable for newborn twins. You also might find it difficult to open doors, however, you don’t have to worry about their width as they are slimmer than the side-by-side prams.
  • Toddler seat attachments. If you are having a baby and a toddler or two toddlers, keep in mind that there are some attachments and different accessories that you might purchase and add to your regular stroller to make it easily convertible into a double. In this way, you are saving money for buying a new or bulky double pram and keep the size of a single pram rolling on the streets. The toddler seat attachments can be placed in the front or rear part of the pram, and are intended for the bigger or more active child. You should make sure that the pram is balanced and the children are safely placed.

Below, we’ve picked the top 10 best double prams in Australia for their uniqueness and value for money, and last but not least, we’ve listed the features to look out for when buying.

Joolz Geo2

1. Joolz Geo2

Ultimate comfort and mobility pram with a two-seat option

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The incredible design and ability to transform in either single or double configuration is what makes this pram truly remarkable for every family. It features a compact one-piece fold system, very smoothly even with the two seats.

The pram offers perfect mobility and manoeuvrability thanks to the one-hand steering option. The narrow width of just 60cm is just ideal for any turn and twist with your baby comfortably tucked inside.

Get ready for your new adventures, as you can easily pack your house essentials in the easy-access XL basket. The Joolz Geo2 has a washable fabric with a possibility to iron it on low heat. Whether you are in the park, shopping groceries or on a family weekend getaway, this pram will be your best companion. Your baby’s safety will never be at stake, as it has up to 5 ergonomic positions, large canopy, and hypo-allergenic mattress with extra head cushion.

The Geo2 is one of the best tandem prams on the market, even with two kids on board, and it is also ultra-lightweight and easily adjustable. It also comes with a possibility for a lifetime warranty.

Nuna Demi Grow

2. Nuna Demi Grow

Pram with multiple options and smooth ride

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This amazing stroller is everything but simple. With extraordinary features and the ability to expand to a double or even a twin, it is one of the best double pushchairs to be found on the Australian market. The Nuna Demi Grow is very easy to fold and flip the seat, or to switch to carrycot or car seat modes. The versatility of this pram and the multiple options enable you to have a truly comfortable and customised ride with your children.

The Nuna Demi Grow has an all-season seat and you can use it up to 22.7 kg, which means that it may serve you well for many years. Do not worry about the terrain as this stroller has tough and foam-filled tires, ready for any weather. The rear-wheel braking system is as simple as one-touch, as well as the luxurious storage system.

This innovative technology enables you to have a comfortable and smooth ride with a five or three-point anti-loop harness. As part of the handy accessories, it features a removable and extendable UPF 50+ canopy.

3. Bugaboo Donkey 2 Duo

All-terrain, side-by-side stroller

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This is absolutely one of the best double prams for toddler and newborn currently in Australia. It has an extension set which converts the pram into a double in just three simple clicks. It is ideal for combining both kids at a different age side by side, as it quickly converts from a single to double stroller if the toddler does not want to sit.

Its special features are the big foam-filled tires, making it easy to slide on any terrain, sand, or snow. It also has some accessories for keeping the child dry and warm in the cold winter days. Thanks to the front swivel wheels and tight turn radius it is very easy to maneuver with just one hand. With the Bugaboo Donkey 2 Duo’s fully adjustable handlebar you will be able to effortlessly adapt to the comfort it provides, as it is a very lightweight double pram. Also, it is quite compact and suitable for any doorways.

Double or single-mode, this fashionable and super spacious pram has everything a family needs for spending the days out of home and enjoy the fun with children. It is designed for your own convenience and it will make your journeys enjoyable.

4. Baby Jogger City Mini GT2

Budget-friendly twin stroller, with extraordinary features

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This is a simple, yet super comfortable side by side double pram with all-terrain wheels. The new design of forever air rubber tires and the all-wheel suspension is what provides robustness and easy movement at any weather. Its greatest features are the lightweight and narrow design, allowing you to move around smoothly while carrying both of your children with you. It can be used from birth up to 15kg and it also has adjustable calf support for the legs.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 is definitely the most compact double stroller, and one of the best twin prams in Australia. It is also affordable, so you should consider it if you are looking for good performance features, but you are tight on budget.

Featuring a UV 50+ canopy for maximum sun protection, with two magnetic peek-a-boo windows that can be adjusted individually, this is the ultimate design for best support and convenience. It comes with a hand-operated parking brake, and it is easy and compact for folding with just one hand. The seat can be near flat reclined, as to allow the child to have a comfortable sleep while riding around.

Mountain Buggy Nano Duo

5. Mountain Buggy Nano Duo

Compact double pram, ideal for twins

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Some of the best features of this stroller are the ultra-lightweight and the ultra-compact fold. Also, it is car seat compatible and with an adaptor, you can easily use it with a range of models on the market. The pram is suitable for one or two kids, and the set includes additional cocoon accessory for lightweight newborn comfort.

The Mountain Buggy Nano Duo is perfect for urban city environments and a great solution for siblings or twins, from newborn up to 3-year-old, the adjustable leg rest makes the pram grow with the child. The seat is very tall and can be deeply reclined for napping time. It is amazing how effortless you will be able to push it, due to the even weight distribution.

Its signature feature is the range of colour options of the sun canopy for extra protection from harmful rays. The two-step compact fold will allow you to hop on a train or put it in your trunk very easy and conveniently. It also comes with a carry handle and a shoulder strap, so you can also have your hands free while on the go.

6. Valco Baby Snap Duo

A stroller with great quality and many options

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With 4 tubeless tyres, manoeuvrability is a piece of cake, and security and comfort are at the highest level with this pram. It features a range of exclusive accessories, such as a mirror mesh to keep the baby safe from bugs, a walkabout cocoon for keeping the baby warm in winter, or a pack of sport tyres for sports activities with baby.

It folds flat when not used and is very compact, while the seats have individual recline systems, enabling each child to recline and sleep or to sit up awake. You can walk your children in the hot Australian sun, knowing that they are well protected from the harmful rays by the extra canopy coverage, which is very stylish too.

The Valco Baby Snap Duo is a great design and high technology stroller which is robust enough for your greatest comfort. It automatically secures once the stroller is in place and folded. With only 9.8 kg weight, it is one of the most lightweight double prams on the market. Also, its embedded carry strap and adjustable handle will allow you to transport it with ease.

7. Steelcraft Agile Twin Stroller

Comfortable pram with an excellent design and extra storage space

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From a tiny newborn, up to a 20 kg child, you will be able to move quite smoothly and effortlessly with this pram. It’s quite lightweight for a double pram, 12 kg total and it has the ability to pack additionally 6 kg in the basket. It features large extendable sun canopies, with a magnetic peek-a-boo window, just perfect for peeking in on your babies or for air circulation.

The Steelcraft Agile Twin Stroller has a great multi-position recline option, and if the child falls asleep you can simply recline the backrest with one-hand. The material of the seat is soft, padded woven knit, as well as of the shoulder pads and head support. The pram is so simple, yet so secure and functional for everyday usage.

Parents especially like the one-foot brake for the back wheels and the option to lock the front swivel wheels. The set also includes a rain cover, shoulder pads, 2 child trays, and one set of steel craft infant carrier adapters. The seats are forward-faced, and it is particularly designed for active parents, in pursuit of practical, easy to use and great children comfort stroller.

Maxi Cosi Dana for 2

8. Maxi Cosi Dana for 2

Good value for money, flexible and lightweight double pram

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This is such a great duo stroller, suitable for twins or siblings that are close in age. Perfectly comfortable with padded peached fabric seat pads and head pillows, this pram is all you need. It offers multiple position recline with full layback, thus allowing the babies to enjoy comfort and safety.

The Maxi Cosi Dana for 2 will make your journey a unique experience with a travel system that easily transforms from street to car and up to 5-point harness with removable harness pads. Its extra-large UPF 50+ canopy has a maxi airflow window, very convenient for the driver to peak once in a while.

The set also includes some valuable accessories: 2 travel system capsule adapters, 2 seat pads, head pillows, and a duo rain cover. Having in mind the ease of manoeuvring through standard doorways and other narrow spaces, easy braking system and rear-wheel suspension are all the favourable features to be found in a pram for two.

You will probably be able to use it up to your children’s 4th year of age, which makes this double stroller a great option for parents of two kids.

BebeCare Apari Twin Stroller

9. BebeCare Apari Twin Stroller

Premium features and many options

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If you are a growing family with twins and have an active lifestyle that you want to continue, this is the pram to consider. An excellent design with a flat-folding compact system with just one hand, lightweight aluminium frame, and easy to operate are the greatest features of this twin stroller.

Some of its top characteristics are also the 5 point harness, and 4 wheel suspension for the absolutely safe and unique driving experience. The adjustable seat extension and shoulder pads will make your babies have the ultimately enjoyable positions. It also comes with a sun visor and bumper bars, included rear storage pockets, all features with great quality and brilliant design.

The BebeCare Apari Twin Stroller is your essential item if you are looking for enough space for carriage alongside with the babies, as it comes with two large shopping baskets with a weight limit of 5 kg per basket. It is suitable to use for a newborn up to 20 kg weight, while the pram itself is only 10 kg. Last, but not least, this is also a very affordable pram, good to know if you are on the budget.

Mamakiddies Tandem Stroller Pram

10. Mamakiddies Tandem Stroller Pram

Multiple positions, safe and compact tandem stroller

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This stroller is the ultimate value for your money and ideal if you are expecting a second child. The design allows a newborn to be placed at the rear seat, while the front seat is for a child that can sit on its own and should be at least 6 months old. It can handle up to 15 kg weight in each seat, while the pram itself is around 13 kg.

Some of its top features include removable and adjustable full canopies with full coverage, 5 point harness, and several seat positions. The front has 2 different options, while the rear 3 reclining positions. The stroller is very compact and foldable, with lockable wheels and front swivel.

The Mamakiddies Tandem Stroller Pram has an easy and very quick folding system, as well as a large storage basket. The handle is also very soft and adjustable. The rear seat is somewhat higher than the front, however this type of prams are much narrower than the ones that are side-by-side, but a bit longer too. This particular type is front-facing and both of the children look in the same direction.

Features to look for when choosing a double pram

The most important feature to look out for is the size and weight of the stroller. You should be able to put it into your car trunk, or simply to pass through your front door. Therefore, make sure to measure if it fits, as almost all the double strollers are much bulkier than the single ones.

Also, keep in mind that you will have to push two babies/toddlers so the weight of the pram should be considered, as well as the pram’s weight limit. It is preferable to be able to fold flat, as this is the most suitable position for transport.

In terms of safety standards, every company selling prams in Australia must obey the prescribed standards and you should look for a certificate in order to confirm them. Even when buying online, prior to buying check if the safety standards are in compliance.

Another safety feature is the brakes of the stroller. Not only they should be easily accessible, but also, the rear brakes should be on both wheels. Whether hand or leg operated, the most important thing is that you can use them with ease, so check them before buying.

The five-point harness straps, which are easy to use and safe for the children, should also be on top of your list. Look for an adjustable length of the strap, as kids will overgrow it very quickly.

It is convenient if both seats of the pram can independently recline, as each baby has special preferences, whether it is to sit or lie down and take a nap. Some prams offer many reclining options, while others only one. Newborns and babies less than 6 months old should be placed in a pram only if the backrest can be reclined more than 130°. It always comes handy to have more modes for reclining and to adjust them according to the child’s needs.

It is easy to store and hang bags on a single pram, however, with the double strollers, storage might be challenging, both due to weight, as to space and balance. Nevertheless, some models offer baskets large enough to fit all your needs, but not to look overloaded. Look for one which will be convenient enough to pack at least clothes, food and diapers, and anything else is just a plus.

Many strollers offer canopies for sun protection which apart from protecting the children from the sun rays, are also very fashionable and stylish. Keep in mind to check for the ones with the highest UV protection as the babies’ skin is very delicate and burns easily. Also, they are suitable for pulling down once the baby falls asleep so that it has his/her own peaceful time.

If there is a possibility to get removable seats you should definitely go for it, as this will make your life easier. The detachable seats could be removed once the child overgrows it. Also, the removable capsule comes convenient for baby transport from car to pram or home. Some prams offer this possibility, check before buying and make a sound decision for your family.