10 Best Dummies and Pacifiers for Newborn Babies

Here are our top picks for the best dummies and pacifiers for newborn babies, available in the Australian market, with all the features you need to know before buying.

best dummy for newborn australia

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A soother, pacifier or dummy is a very helpful aid to help your baby relax. Newborn babies have a highly developed sucking instinct, and while they cannot drink milk all the time, the soother provides them with comfort and peace. It helps them settle down easily and fall asleep faster.

Also with a pacifier, baby won’t suck his fingers, thus preventing deformity. It also significantly decreases the chances of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in the first year of baby’s life, as suggested in this article by Red Nose Australia.

The sucking feeling provides comfort for baby, and believe us when we say that they will learn fast how to attach to their favourite dummy. It is a helpful little friend during the immunisation process, as well as in the teething period.

Of course, baby dummies are a true lifesaver for crying and discomforted child, and parents around the globe praise this product as one of the most useful during baby’s first year.

So, without further ado, here’s a handy list of what we believe are the best dummies for newborns right now.

NUK Soother Genius

1. NUK Soother – Genius

Great for the healthy development of teeth and jaw

As the name of the soother indicates, it is a truly genius dummy, and one of the best that you can find in Australia today. What makes it so special is its particular size, designed for a tiny newborn and premature babies, and it is suitable for a baby up to 2 months old.

Its orthodontic shape easily adapts to baby’s mouth and even mimics a mother’s nipple during breastfeeding. This greatly comforts baby and provides a truly natural soothing experience.

The NUK Soother Genius has a unique, flat shape and it helps prevent pressure marks. Also, it stops the soother from falling out of baby’s mouth.

Its narrow design and particularly thin teat neck help in reducing the pressure on gums while exercising the lips, tongue and facial muscles.

It is sterilized and ready for usage, with a handy soother bag that keeps it clean and safe while we're out and about. Very soft and flexible, many mums are pleasantly surprised by their babies’ reactions to this dummy, and highly recommend it.

Philips Avent Ultra Air Soother

2. Philips Avent Ultra Air Soother

Very soft pacifier with maximum airflow

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The Philips Avent Ultra Air Soother is suitable for a 0 to 6 month old baby and is designed for natural oral development. Its special design with 4 extra-large air holes enables maximum airflow to keep baby’s mouth dry. In this way, baby’s delicate skin can breathe and stay drier while sucking.

Extremely lightweight and with rounded edges, it’s certainly one of the best pacifiers for newborns and, statistically speaking, is accepted by 98% of the babies. Pretty close to perfection right?!

The Philips Avent Ultra Air Soother is very soft and features a textured and silky nipple for ultimate baby’s comfort. The teat is made of silicone and its symmetrical shape adapts to baby’s palate, teeth and gums.

It is very easy to keep clean and you can sterilize it in just 3 minutes in your microwave. It comes with a carry case for storage when not used, for hygiene.

Philips Avent Ultra Soft Pacifier

3. Philips Avent Ultra Soft Pacifier

Soft, flexible and round shield for less irritation

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The Philips Avent Ultra Soft Pacifier is an ideal choice for newborn babies with sensitive skin. It features a rounded shield, for extra comfort while the extra 6 air holes let your baby’s skin breathe.

It has a special technology that makes the soother soft and flexible, meaning it won’t leave any skin marks or irritation. Up to 98% of the babies easily accept the soft textured silicone teats and have positive reactions to them. Also, the round shape of the dummy minimizes the cheeks’ pressure, thus increasing comfort.

The Philips Avent Ultra Soft Pacifier features an extremely comfortable, textured, and silky nipple, enabling natural sucking motion. The soft and silky nipple for soothing and comfort is designed for natural oral development, and adaptation to baby’s palate, teeth, and gums.

Sterilizing in the microwave is safe and extremely easy, as it will only take 3 minutes, and you can keep it stored in the carry case. This is a great pacifier and one of the softest soothers available on the Australian market.

Chicco Soother Physio Soft

4. Chicco Soother Physio Soft

Natural tongue positioning for great oral progress

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The Chicco Soother Physio Soft features an extra ergonomic shape, leaving enough space for baby’s nose and chin, enabling comfortable movements and breathing.

The area around the teat base is quite wide as it leaves space for the lip movements. This characteristic makes the sucking process very natural and makes the Chicco Physio one of the best soothers especially for breastfed babies. It promotes oral development and it also enables a soothing and comforting experience.

The Chicco Physio Comfort Soother has soft and rounded base that rests on baby’s face and ensures delicate support. The teat is made of natural rubber, very resistant and elastic, as well as tasteless and odourless.

The dummy has 3 different sizes to choose from: 0 – 6 m, 6 – 12 m or 12m+, for each stage of baby’s growth, and the teat will likely not deform over time.

We love that it also has a range of designs to choose from, as well as other practical accessories for a trendy look, such as a stylish pacifier holder which can also be sterilised.

NUK Soother

5. NUK Soother

Silicone soother with excellent features

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The NUK is a 0 – 6 months soother with an asymmetrical shape which adapts to baby’s mouth while leaving baby with an optimal posture between the lips, palate, jaw and tongue.

The teat is modelled like a nipple, so it fits optimally into the mouth. For this reason, the NUK soother is one of the best dummies for breastfed babies.

The NUK Soother assists in healthy oral development in life and helps in areas such as trouble-free breathing, easy feeding and, later, speech development.

The special air system allows the air to escape through the valve. In this way it enables the teat to stay soft and flexible, keeping its shape and providing a satisfying sucking action.

Made of high-quality silicone, these soothers are free from harmful substances, they're odourless, transparent and with a smooth surface. As it is heat-resistant, the soother is very easy to clean and sterilise.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Any Time

6. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Any Time

Orthodontic Dummy with a symmetrical shape

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The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Any Time is one of our favourite pacifiers for infants. It is specially designed for supporting the oral development of the child, due to its symmetrical orthodontic shaped baglet.

It improves balance and makes it very easy for babies to hold it in their mouth. Made from a super-soft silicone that flexes and stretches with ease, this pacifier has a BPA free teat for ultimate reassurance.

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Any Time is an ideal soother for everyday use since it is a reversible soother that makes it easier for babies to correctly insert it into their mouth.

MAM Perfect Soother

7. MAM Perfect Soother

Very comforting and natural feeling soother

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One of the most supportive pacifiers is the MAM Perfect soother. Made in close collaboration with designers and orthodontists, this dummy offers a great level of comfort for babies at any growth stage.

They fit perfectly in the mouth, due to their smart design and allow anatomically correct development of a healthy jaw and teeth.

It feels just like a mother’s breast and this is what most comforts and calms newborn babies. The clinically proven soother is recommended by medical experts as a dummy created to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth.

The MAM Perfect Soother meets the highest standards and does not slip from the mouth. The natural latex is grown and harvested under ecological conditions.

It features big air holes that make it skin-friendly and does not leave any skin irritations. Its grasp button is just perfect for baby’s tiny hands and it can also be attached to a soother saver. This is an excellent choice, with innovative features and a very high rate of acceptance among babies.

Tommee Tippee Cherry Latex Baby Soothers

8. Tommee Tippee Cherry Latex Baby Soothers

Innovative soother made from natural rubber latex

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The new version of this famous pacifier from this well-known brand includes some extra features and new stylish designs. Its speciality is the orthodontic baglet, shaped like a bottle teat in order to encourage babies to suck in the same way as if they were breastfeeding.

The classical air vented and soft rim on the soother cushions baby’s face, which makes it ideal for your child’s delicate skin. Its cherry shaped air vented teat is what creates a comfortable experience.

These soothers are BPA-free and you can easily throw them in your baby bottle steriliser for regular daily cleaning.

They are available in two sizes 0-6 and 6-18 months in a pack of two. Specially designed for the tiny mouths of smaller newborns and premature babies, this is currently one of the recommended infant pacifiers in the lower price range.

HEVEA Orthodontic Pacifier

9. HEVEA Orthodontic Pacifier

Unique, plastic-free, natural and ergonomic dummy

Meeting all the relevant safety standards and regulations, the HEVEA Orthodontic pacifiers are considered one of the best for any stage, as they come in any size, from 0-3 months up to 3-36 months size. This is why they are very suitable for both infants and toddlers.

The most unique feature of this soother is that it is made from a natural rubber derived from the tree Hevea Brasiliensis, thus it is completely plastic-free. Also, the colour is made from FDA approved natural mineral colour pigments. A great natural choice for baby’s safety.

They have an ergonomic butterfly shape, which is thoughtfully designed to give enough space for baby’s nose and chin. The brand’s unique ventilation holes are soft and gentle on the infant’s face. It is orthodontically shaped, resistant enough to bites, while still very soft and smooth.

Mary Meyer Wubbanub Infant Dummy and Soft Toy

10. Mary Meyer Wubbanub Infant Dummy and Soft Toy

Unique soother + toy for baby’s entertainment

The most authentic and unusual baby pacifier on our list is the Mary Meyer Wubbanub. It is a stuffed animal and pacifier combined into one soft, cuddly and soothing toy.

The 15 cm long animal friend hanging from the pacifier makes it easy for baby to grasp and manipulate the pacifier without any cords or clips.

The soother is made of medical-grade silicone which is latex-free, very easy to clean with warm water and mild liquid soap, and also machine washable in a mesh laundry bag. The teat is made of durable and sturdy material, but soft and appealing enough for baby.

The Mary Meyer Wubbanub Infant Dummy and Soft Toy is also BPA, PVC and phthalate-free and it comes with a variety of animal shapes and colours to choose from.

This is a very thoughtful and fun way of combining the soother with a baby toy for play-time with a unique design and outstanding quality.

The fabric is also very soft, and this environmentally-conscious company has numerous awards for making safe and fun toys. This product might be your baby’s favourite all-in-one friend and pacifier for a long time.

How to choose a dummy for baby

You must be wondering, what are the features you should look for when choosing and buying a pacifier? Here is everything you need to know.

Material, design and safety

A pacifier is most commonly made of latex or silicone. The teat should feel natural in baby’s mouth and should not jeopardise breastfeeding, it should be soft and smooth, yet sturdy enough. You will have to change it frequently, at least once a month, and immediately if there are any signs of damage or weakness, so we do recommend buying a couple at a time for backup.

There are so many stylish and decorative dummies on the market that it is so hard to choose, however, the safety features should be your priority when choosing one for your newborn. Check if there are some additional attachments that the baby may pull easily and swallow or cords that may tangle around their neck.

Can I give my newborn a dummy?

Not only you can have peace of mind and offer your newborn baby a dummy, but you can rest assured that it will help him establish a good sucking habit, especially for those babies born prematurely. Babies cannot be breast or bottle-fed 24/7, but they do need to satisfy their sucking instinct, and the pacifier is the best and safest way for that.

Which dummy is best for a newborn?

It is recommendable to get an orthodontic dummy, as it is the best baby’s mouth and jaw development. They also mimic a mother’s breast and is the best possible choice for a breastfed baby.

Also, the holes for ventilation are a preferable feature to have, as they help in maximising airflow, thus keeping the baby’s mouth dry. Be extremely cautious in choosing the soother and always keep it clean, sterilised and hygienic. It is extremely hard to be swollen, but still, it is a product that has close contact with your little one and might be a source of infections.

Sleeping with a dummy

It is absolutely safe and secure for the baby to fall asleep with a dummy. Also, during the night it is so much easier to put your baby back to sleep and do not disturb his/her sleeping pattern. The baby cannot swallow the pacifier, as it is essentially impossible, but you have to make sure that you have the correct dummy size for the appropriate age stage.

Newborn dummies: key takeaways for parents

  • The first and utmost feature is the soothing and comfort experience a dummy gives to baby. This calms them and helps them fall asleep easily.
  • Control its usage, which is much more possible than thumb sucking.
  • Sucking a pacifier helps to master jaw movement and this is especially helpful for premature babies, as they will easily learn how to eat and will progress faster.
  • A dummy is also very helpful if you want to transfer from breast to bottle-feeding and get the baby acquainted with various ways of feeding and make them more adaptable.
  • During the immunisation and teething period, sucking a dummy is very useful to relieve pain.
  • It also reduces ear pressure when travelling in an airplane, just as breastfeeding.
  • Last, but not least, the chances for parent’s greatest fear, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in the first year of their little one, significantly decreases if using a dummy.

Dummies and pacifiers: the disadvantages

If used constantly and for a very long time, there are some disadvantages that you must know and prevent.

One of them is the development of a middle ear infection, which may cause bacteria from your child’s mouth into the tubes between his throat and ears.

Overuse also impacts a child’s ability to speak and changes the regular teeth growth of the children. Therefore, once the baby’s teeth start to grow, you should consider quitting it as it is hazardous for continuous usage.

By limiting and allowing the baby to find comfort only for sleeping purposes, you will be able to control and eventually give up their luscious habit.