The 8 Best Electric Woks and Electric Frypans for 2021

Fill your family’s bellies with more healthy, delicious home-cooked food with a minimum of mess and fuss! Our useful buying guide will help you choose the best electric wok and frypan for you and your family’s needs and cuisine preferences.

best electric wok and electric frypan australia

Most people love home-cooked meals: the way it brings family and friends together, the fact that home-cooked food is often healthier, tastier and more fun to make than anything you can buy at a restaurant or takeaway shop. But even for people who enjoy it, home cooking can often feel like a chore, and the mess—forget about it!

Luckily electric woks and frypans are an excellent, easy-to-use and affordable alternative to traditional cookware, great for people who either don’t like to cook (or hate cleaning all those pots and pans afterwards!) or who just want to simplify dinner time.

Here we will list the 8 best electric woks and frypans from the most expensive models to the budget options, with features and characteristics to suit all needs - and then we'll help you sift through the pros and cons in our "how to choose" section below to make sure you pick the right appliance for you.

Breville the Hot Wok & Steam

1. Breville the Hot Wok & Steam

Simply the best, better than all the rest!

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The Breville Hot Wok and Steam is, quite simply, the best electric wok on the market in Australia. Like its traditional manual counterpart, the Breville Hot Wok heats up quickly, able to generate temperatures of up to 218 degrees Celsius thanks to its 2400 watt heating element, to evenly distribute heat across the wok’s entire 8L capacity. While it won't heat up quite as fast as a carbon steel wok, it will come pretty darn close.

The Hot Wok has precision temperature control with many different cooking settings: it can sautée, boil, caramalise, simmer and steam, and is excellent for making stir fries, curries, hot pots and so much more. It even comes with a stainless steel steaming tray that can be set within the wok bowl.

The bowl locks in during cooking, making it more secure and less messy than traditional woks for the average home cook—and to clean up, simply unlock the bowl from the heating element and throw it in the dishwasher: it’s dishwasher safe, as is its tempered glass lid!

It is probably the most expensive option available in Australia, but with its many cooking functions, ease of cleaning and strong reviews, the Breville Hot Wok and Steam is well worth the investment.

Breville the Thermo Pro Stainless

2. Breville the Thermo Pro Stainless

Brilliant long term investment

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The Breville Thermo Pro Stainless is easily the best electric frying pan on this list. Though electric frying pans are not generally optimised for cooking stir fries and Asian dishes like an electric wok, there is still plenty the Thermo Pro Stainless can do and do well. As a banquet frypan, it can cook up plenty of food for a large family or gathering.

It has 5 intuitive cooking settings: Simmer, Sautee, Keep Warm, Pan Fry and Sear. These last two in particular the Thermo Pro can do better than an electric wok, given the electric frypan’s large, flat stainless steel surface.

With a 2400 watt heating element, Breville the Thermo Pro will cook enough food for a large family thoroughly and quickly, and retain and evenly distribute that heat. The steel base is nonstick coated (BFOA-free, of course) for easy cleaning—however, this electric frying pan does not seem to be dishwasher safe.  

On the plus side, the Thermo Pro Stainless is covered by a 25-year warranty guarantee on the cooking surface, making it an excellent long-term investment that will give you peace of mind and excellent value for money. Add to that the bonus trivet for steaming and roasting that comes in the box and you’ll have no doubt why this is our pick for best electric frying pan in Australia.

Breville the Thermo Pro Non-Stick

3. Breville the Thermo Pro Non-Stick

Same functionality, better on price

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Another excellent banquet frypan model, the Breville Thermo Pro Non-Stick is the most economical and best nonstick electric fry pan on the market. It possesses the same 5 setting heating control and 2400 watt heating element as the Thermo Pro Stainless and can be used for sauteing, simmering, warming, pan frying and searing, as well as roasting and steaming thanks to the included trivet.

The major difference between the Thermo Pro Stainless and the Thermo Pro Non-Stick is the material of the cooking surface: the Thermo Pro Non-Stick has—you guessed it—a black non-stick rather than stainless steel surface—still BFOA-free, to prevent food from sticking without harmful man-made chemicals leaching into your food or our waterways. This model also only comes in grey, so it’s not as nice-looking as other more expensive frypans.

The lack of stainless steel also means the Thermo Pro Non-Stick does not come with the same 25-year guarantee as its shinier older brother. But with the significantly lower price, it provides the best value for money out of all the models of nonstick electric frypans on this list.

Sunbeam DuraCeramic Frypan

4. Sunbeam DuraCeramic Frypan

Versatile, reliable and affordable for everyday cooking

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The Sunbeam DuraCeramic Frypan is an excellent budget choice with plenty of versatility. Its DuraCeramic coating cooks food for a large family faster and is 4x more durable and more scratch resistant than other electric frying pans. This frypan has cool touch handles and is easy to clean with its non-stick surface and dishwasher safe, with food sliding away with a minimum of effort.

The Sunbeam DuraCeramic has dial-operated temperature control, allowing you to set the temperature to minimum, medium and maximum (or anywhere in between), allowing you to warm food up, simmer, slow cook, fry, roast, sear and bake as you need it. Its extra deep pan allows for larger items such as roasted meat to be cooked inside, and its tilt lever helps move juices around to make more flavourful sauces without burning, as well as help drain excess fats before serving.

The temperature probe is easy to use but isn’t the most intuitive, as the three base settings are rather ambiguous and non-specific, but if you’re a confident cook and this doesn’t bother you, this is a great reliable option that won’t break your budget.

Breville the Quick Wok

5. Breville the Quick Wok

Compact, fast and budget friendly

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The Breville Quick Wok is the smaller cousin of Breville’s Hot Wok and Steam, and the best affordable electric wok currently available. With an emphasis on minimalist design, compact size and fast cooking like a traditional wok, this 5L capacity electric wok with tempered glass lid boasts a high powered “butterfly” element with fast even heat distribution from the base all the way up into the wok’s deep sides. 

The Quick Wok features 10 numerical temperature settings, which again does rely on you to have some idea of the proper cooking setting for whatever dish you may be cooking, but it also gives you greater ability to adjust and fine-tune the temperature to make perfectly cooked food every time. Its non-stick surface is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. 

The Quick Wok’s smaller size makes for easier storage while being perfectly sized to cook for small families, couples and singles, with strong cooking power and efficiency like its more expensive counterpart.

Oster DiamondForce Electric Wok

6. Oster DiamondForce Electric Wok

Tough as diamonds with a touch of coolness

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The Oster DiamondForce electric wok is built with longevity and durability in mind: its non-stick, dishwasher safe cooking surface is reinforced with diamond particles for increased structural integrity and resilience, making it more scratch resistant and giving it a much longer lifespan than other frypans.

The DiamondForce electric wok comes with a power cord and removable temperature probe, with all settings marked in both Celsius and Fahrenheit for precision temperature control. This nice little feature lets you cook at exactly the right temperature and removes the guesswork, especially for those more delicate meals.

Another great feature of the Oster DiamondForce is the cool touch handles and cool touch knob on the tempered glass lid, allowing for easier transportation around the kitchen while minimising the risk of burning yourself.

The DiamondForce has a relatively small capacity of 4.7L, the smallest wok on this list, so it isn’t ideal for larger meals or families. But if you’re after something tough and long-lasting, you can’t beat this model.

Anko Electric Frypan

7. Anko Electric Frypan

Cheap but powerful

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The Anko Electric Frypan is one of the best cheap electric frypans available: no frills but all powerful. It heats up quickly with a 2400 watt element comparable to the more expensive models and brands, with a large deep pan big enough to feed the entire household. This electric frypan is non-stick and comes with a glass lid, power cord and a removable dial-operated temperature probe, featuring an array of different settings for all your cooking needs.

There are no extra features on this one: the benefits here stem from the outcomes rather than any extra capabilities, focusing on simplicity, reliability and affordability.

You might be alarmed to learn this electric frypan is also available at most K-Mart stores, but don’t let that fool you—with strong reviews and strong cooking performance, this unlikely contender is perhaps one of the best cheap electric frypans on the market.

Sunbeam Classic Skillet

8. Sunbeam Classic Skillet

Best for couples and singles

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The Sunbeam Classic Skillet is the smallest and most cost-friendly electric frypan for couples and singles. Its curved sides allow for easier, mess-free cooking and are perfect for easy flipping and evenly cooking pancakes and omelettes.

Coming in at only 25cm diameter, this electric skillet is not only compact for easy storage and space economy, but it also doubles as a compact oven. When combined with the high-domed lid, the skillet becomes a great way for cooking small roasts and steaming.

With 10 temperature settings and 1200 watts of power cast entirely into the skillet’s cooking plate, it’s powerful and versatile in spite of its size, and dishwasher safe. It’s not suited for family cooking, but for couples and singles—or whipping up those delicious Sunday morning pancakes for yourself and the kids—this is the best small electric frypan available, and extremely affordable to boot.

The different types of electric frying pans and how to choose

The two main types of this particular kitchen tool, each with distinct pros and cons, are electric woks and electric frypans. You may see the term electric skillet come up occasionally as well, but these generally fit within the second category. Which one you choose depends entirely on your needs—mainly the types of food you’ll be cooking, and the volume of food you need to feed your household.

Electric Wok

Electric woks are all about fast cooking at high temperatures, making them the optimal choice if you cook lots of stir fries, curries, hot pots and other saucy foods. Electric woks heat quickly and are extra deep, generally have higher capacities for a larger quantity of food. If you're making saucy foods, electric woks are great for getting all the food coated evenly.

Electric woks can do most things well, able to stir fry, deep fry, sear, caramelise, simmer and braise—however they are not optimal for cooking foods requiring a flat surface, like steak, and are not suitable at all for foods like roast meats.

Since electric woks are locked in during cooking, you need to make sure you are regularly stirring and keeping an eye on the food, especially when using high temperatures, to prevent food from burning and adhering to the surface. This means you can’t just walk away during cooking.

They are however typically easy to clean with non-stick coatings that prevent food from sticking and easy detachment from the cooking element, but their large size can make them unsuitable for small kitchens or fitting them inside the dishwasher.

Electric Frypan

Electric frypans are a good all-rounder, able to cook a range of dishes at a variety of different temperature settings. They are great for roasting, searing, grilling and sauteeing but not well suited for cooking stir fries—though of course you still could. Most electric frypans have excellent heat distribution just like their wok counterparts and heat up quickly, albeit not quite as fast as a wok, due to the flatter shape.

Also due to their shape, electric frypans don’t generally have same volume capacity as most electric woks, and may not be as optimised for cooking saucy foods, but they can still cook plenty if food to feed a family without all the mess of several pots and pans. However, their flat surface and wide space give electric frypans an advantage over electric woks if you prefer eating foods like roasted meats, roasted or grilled vegetables, steaks and chicken pieces.

The great thing about electric frypans is that for many foods needing a bit of time to cook, you can “set and forget” without worrying—these frypans are well suited to long cooking on lower settings with minimal risk of burning. Of course, the heating control is a little less precise in most models, so getting to know the best temperature settings for your food can involve some initial guesswork. This can be a double-edged sword, at least until you’ve cooked with it a few times. It really depends on the model and how intuitive or self-explanatory each model’s temperature control is.

The one unique downside of electric frypans is, with a few exceptions, that the fats and oils from foods, particularly meats, can collect and soak into your food. Some electric frypans have features to help drain fats away from the food, but only one from this list. This could be a bit of a turn-off for health conscious buyers.