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12 Best Food Processors, Mini Processors and Choppers

In need of some help with food prep? We’ve listed here the best food processors on the Australian market to handle all your slicing, dicing, chopping and more with ease, so you can find the one that fits your budget and features.

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We all know food prep can be a labour intensive chore that eats into precious time we’d rather be spending elsewhere. A good food processor can do wonders to save you time and energy in the kitchen, almost like having an extra pair of hands, or even better - it won’t complain!

Unlike a slow or multi cooker, food processors won’t do any cooking for you, instead handling all of your prep work which can be just as, if not more, time consuming than cooking. Think about all the time and energy spent slicing vegies for your evening stir fry or salad, beating egg whites or grating block cheese. Your food processor can perform all of this for you and more. They can chop, slice, dice, peel, puree, shred, mince meat, knead dough and more, all without the elbow grease, and create delicious dips, sauces, dressings and emulsions.

Specifically designed for the job, a quality food processor will have a more powerful motor and sharper, more resilient blades than blenders, multi cookers, or other similar appliances, promising great results every time for years on end, making it a worthwhile investment for any family who love the benefits of home cooking. While everyone who cooks will enjoy the convenience a food processor brings, they’re doubly useful for large families, entertaining and especially batch cooking, cutting down on prep time massively.

Sounds good but not sure you need a full featured beast? Mini food processors or choppers are younger sibling to the full sized food processor. With less capacity and fewer functions, typically sticking to the basics such as chop and puree, they’re best suited to smaller jobs  yet still have enough oomph to handle everyday tasks such as dicing onions, pureeing baby food and mixing salad dressings. They’re a wonderful option if you don’t want or need a full sized food processor but still keen on help with the basics.

Modern food processors usually come with different features and attachments to suit a range of jobs, so some may suit you better than others depending on your needs, and with so many options out there, it can be confusing figuring out which one will be your best option.

Read on to learn about the best food processors in Australia, we’ve selected models for all price points and to tackle different necessities, to help you find the perfect match for you.

Magimix 4200XL

1. Magimix 4200XL

Truly multipurpose for those who want it all

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The Magimix 4200XL is the best food processor and blender combo, aiming to make your everyday cooking tasks faster and simpler. With super simple three button operation, its powerful 950W motor cleverly adjusts its speed to best suit the task at hand, which means there’s no manual adjusting for you - Magimix will figure it all out automatically.

Fabulous for bakers, it excels at kneading dough for perfect pastry as well as whipping cream and beating eggs to perfect peaks. You can also blend, mix, chop, grate and slice, and we were pleased with the results, with slices of uniform thickness and size.

The extra large feeding tube accommodates whole fruit and veg for faster prep time and it comes with plenty of quality accessories - three shatterproof bowls, ranging from 6 cup to 14 cup capacity, two blades, dough blade, egg whisk, two grating discs, two slicing discs, spatula and a storage box to keep it all together. Keep in mind that the Magimix is quite tall and bulky and may not fit in smaller cupboards, and the storage box, whilst appreciated, also takes up ample cupboard space.

With a 30 year guarantee on the motor and 3 years for the parts, you know you’re buying quality with this French made model. We recommend it for families who value high quality, performance and versatility, where storage space isn’t an issue.

Kenwood Multipro Excel FPM910

2. Kenwood Multipro Excel FPM910

Boasting the largest bowl on the market as well as handy inbuilt scales

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Kenwood’s largest food processor is perfect for families, entertainers, and those who have plenty of work to be done in the kitchen. It will chop, slice, grate, whisk, knead and squeeze to deliver a wide variety of recipes and results.

Its powerful 1300W motor features easily adjustable variable speed to allow for maximum control for the best results. You are afforded the option to switch to auto speed if you’re unsure, letting your Kenwood figure it all out for you.

The two Tritan bowls, 4L and 1.6L, are made of an innovative shatter resistant material that can withstand heavy use, dishwashing, and extreme changes in temperature without any risk of cracking or shattering, perfect for multitasking and daily use.

We love the built in weighing function which lets you weigh the ingredients straight into the bowl, and together with the extra large feeding chute you can just about drop in all your raw ingredients with barely any prep work. Talk about time saving!

Performing very well at slicing, grating and pureeing, this Kenwood has a bit of trouble with whipping cream and eggs, struggling to get optimal air whisked through the ingredients, so is not your best bet if you love making meringues and cakes.

It automatically switches itself off after 30 minutes to save power and whilst not all parts are dishwasher safe, they are easy to remove, replace and store in the included storage box.

Breville the Kitchen Wizz Pro

 Best For Nut Butter 

3. Breville the Kitchen Wizz Pro

This beast is all about high performance, convenience and ease of use

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Breville the Kitchen Wizz Pro features a great range of handy functions, ticking all the boxes for many Australian families and receiving consistently positive reviews. Whether you’re turning potatoes into french fries to feed the family, julienning carrots for a dinner party, kneading dough for freshly baked bread or pureeing vegies for your baby, the Kitchen Wizz Pro is well equipped for any job you can throw at it with its super powerful 2000W motor backed by a generous 25 year warranty.

Its micro-serrated Quad Blade System delivers outstanding, consistent results that is particularly adept at blitzing hard ingredients down in seconds, making this the best food processor for nut butter whether you prefer it ultra crunchy or silky smooth.

Use the inbuilt timer to set the desired time, with the unit switching itself off when complete, so you can truly multitask by leaving it along whilst you go about your day. The timer is handily displayed on the large LED display so you can see how long there is to go at a glance.

The large 3.6L bowl is perfect for large families as well as batch cooking, and there’s also a mini 1L bowl for smaller jobs such as grinding coffee or chopping herbs. With six different attachments, a handy storage box is included to keep everything together neatly and we found all the pieces remarkably easy to remove, clean and replace.

KitchenAid 13 Cup Artisan with ExactSlice System

4. KitchenAid 13 Cup Artisan with ExactSlice System

Excels at slicing and chopping with a one-of-a-kind externally adjustable slicing disc

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If you do a lot of cutting and slicing, look no further than the KitchenAid 13 Cup Artisan. Its innovative ExactSlice System is like no other, featuring the only externally adjustable slicing disc available on the market, ranging from a paper thin 1mm to thick cut 6mm. This is massively useful, giving you so many slicing options with barely more than a touch, making this the ultimate electric vegetable chopper ideal for stir fries and salads and perfect for batch cooking.

We also love the 3-in-1 ultra wide feeding chute, another feature unique to this model. Here you can adjust the width of the feeding chute to best suit the ingredient, from slender carrots to round apples to a block of cheese ready to be shredded.

Speedy and efficient, it features two speeds plus pulse and an ultra tight lid seal so nothing, including runny sauces, will escape the bowl. Two bowl sizes are included, 13 cup and 4 cup, with a dedicated blade for each.

The heavy duty processor base is strong and sturdy and feels completely safe when in operation. Weighing in at just under 9kg, it isn’t as heavy as other high capacity models so you should have no trouble moving it around if needed.

Kenwood Multipro Sense

 Best For Dough 

5. Kenwood Multipro Sense

Eco friendly and offering innovative features

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Offering outstanding versatility, Kenwood Multipro Sense is easy to use, eco friendly and features innovative technology to further improve on the many functions and benefits we already enjoy in food processors.

First up is Kenwood’s newly patented folding tool, which recreates the classic baking technique of folding to suit any style of cake or bread, and an improved dual whisk for better and fluffier eggs and whipped cream.

But it’s the accurate, inbuilt scales that are the star feature, hugely cutting down on prep time and creating much less mess to clean up later. You can either weigh straight into the bowl or use the separate weighing tray as an independent tool, and it can be zeroed between ingredients. With a maximum weight of 3kg, this feature could well replace your existing kitchen scales and measuring tools.

When in operation, we were pleasantly surprised that the Multipro Sense is a lot quieter than expected, definitely a huge plus and especially for evening food prep when the kids are sleeping.

Included is a generous 3.5L bowl, a smaller 1.5L mini bowl and a blender jug for smoothies and liquids. These are all made of ultra tough, BPA free Tritan plastic, which is shatter resistant and designed to withstand extreme use and temperature changes, so you can really put this model to work without the worry.

Breville the Kitchen Wizz 8

6. Breville the Kitchen Wizz 8

Performance and versatility without the premium price tag

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This little brother to the Breville Kitchen Wizz Pro is probably the best value food processor around, it focuses on the elements you really need in a food processor, forgetting about all the rest. With no digital display, it relies on the old fashioned yet effective three setting knob to operate its features. The decently sized 2L capacity and wide 7cm feeding chute will be enough for a wide array of kitchen tasks.

The two speed plus pulse, 1000 watt torque motor powers its unique quad blades which perform well, easily handling hard root veg, frozen fruit and tough cuts of meat and chopping evenly for a consistent result.

Included as attachments are an adjustable slicer, which produces slices of reasonably uniform thickness and will be good enough for most household jobs. There’s also a potato peeler, which saves precious time when doing this tedious task and works surprisingly well, a shredder and a dough blade, taking the hard work out of kneading. One minor annoyance is that there is no storage provided for these attachments. You will need to source a storage solution yourself as the blades are very sharp.

Although the Kitchen Wizz 8 feels lighter and less robust than some of the other products we’ve listed here, the base is sturdy and stays put when in use. The lightly contoured surface is easy to wipe clean with no corners for bits of food to get stuck in, and the parts are dishwasher safe though it’s just as easy to give them a quick rinse after use.

Russell Hobbs Classic Food Processor

7. Russell Hobbs Classic Food Processor

Perfect for beginners and those on a budget

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The Russell Hobbs is an ideal choice for beginners looking for a good food processor to handle the basics  and who don’t need the full range of features available on more premium models.

The 750W motor features three speeds plus pulse to successfully chop and blend hard and soft foods alike, included in the package are a dough blade, shredding disc and reversible slicer to get the common jobs done with minimal fuss, and for these it performs well.

The generous 2.6L bowl is enough for those larger tasks and feeding a small family, but probably won’t be enough for weekly batch cooking. We love the mini work bowl with its own mini S blade, perfect for smaller jobs when you don’t want to dirty the whole unit, and it neatly nests inside the larger bowl for compact storage and convenience.

The dishwasher safe parts are easy to remove and assemble, making cleaning up no big deal. We will mention that this food processor is very noisy when in operation and will disturb anyone working quietly in the next room. Best suited for occasional use rather than every day, for the lower end of the market, this is a solid product and one of the best budget food processors around.

Kambrook 550W Direct Drive

8. Kambrook 550W Direct Drive

This entry level food processor offers just the basics but gets them right

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This entry level, no frills food processor will suit the needs of anyone who just needs a straight food processor without the extras. Its reversible stainless steel blades are powered by a 550W motor and both a slicing and shredding disc are included for added versatility. For casual home cooks looking to make their lives just that little bit easier, this is all you will likely want or need in a food processor.

Our pick if you’re looking for the best cheap food processor, don’t be fooled by its low price - it performs well as a basic food processor, chopping, slicing and mixing a variety of fruits, vegies, meats and grains in its 1.5L bowl, with surprisingly quiet operation.

Very simple to take apart, clean and put back together, there are hardly any little corners or cracks for food to get stuck in, and all its parts are top shelf dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Lightweight and compact in size weighing just over 3kg, you can store it away neatly and because it doesn’t come with a multitude of accessories, you won’t have lots of loose parts to contend with, nor will you accidentally “lose” a seldom used attachment at the back of your cupboard.

Breville the Mini Wizz

 Best For Baby Food 

9. Breville the Mini Wizz

Ideal for small batches of smooth purees and baby food

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A handy little tool to have around the kitchen, Breville the Mini Wizz is the perfect solution for all those small food processing jobs like chopping nuts and herbs, making dips and sauces and grinding coffee. Particularly ideal for preparing baby food (or you can check out our best baby food makers blog post for more options), it can achieve the smoothest of purees for young babies, or a lumpier mash for older babies.

With a simple, ergonomic design, it fits into the palm of your hand and includes three easy to use settings - chop, and grind and whisk, including a separate whisking attachment so there’s something to suit every task. The snug fitting lid features two separate holes you can use to add liquid ingredients if your sauce needs a bit more oil or stock, and for safety, the lid must be locked in place correctly before it switches on.

The bi-directional stainless steel blades are powered by a 250W motor and are enough to tackle tricky ingredients like nuts and seeds, but depending on the amount of food needing to be processed, you’ll find you’ll probably need to process these sorts of ingredients in batches as the unit will need a minute to cool down between uses.

Sunbeam MultiChopper

 Best For Crushing Biscuits 

10. Sunbeam MultiChopper

Unique double blade system makes fast work of nuts and biscuits

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Super efficient at chopping vegies into pieces all the way to a smooth puree, the Sunbeam MultiChopper may just be the best mini food processor available now. With a unique double blade system, the two sets of serrated stainless steel blades can work together or independently of each other, depending on the task at hand.

This system makes crushing nuts, biscuits and other hard items a dream, as the top blades actively push the bouncing product down towards the lower blades for fast and effective chopping - no more poking large chunks down over and over.

Featuring intuitive two speed operation, it breaks down food at an amazing speed. While it is noisier than other mini food processors, we can just about forgive that because it takes so little time to do its job, and it does it well.

Its streamlined design makes it easy to pull apart, wash, and put back together again, with dishwasher safe parts and no cracks or grooves for food to collect in.

Advwin Food Chopper

11. Advwin Food Chopper

The mini food chopper with the largest bowl

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This mini food chopper boasts a roomy 1.2L bowl in a compact and lightweight design, suitable for chopping everything from soft mushy fruits to hard nuts and leafy vegies. The s-shaped stainless steel blades are powered by a 400W adjustable two speed motor.

As a chopper, it doesn’t break up food into pieces so you will need to make sure your food is in small enough chunks for it to handle. There’s also the possibility that you haven’t added enough food to the bowl for it to work optimally, and figuring out what the best amount of each type of food is a bit of a learning curve. Additionally, this product needs time to cool down after two minutes of use, so we can’t say it’s terribly time efficient and can get frustrating if you need to chop several things quickly.

Having said that, if everything is done correctly it does a good job of cutting and mincing and for its price does what is asked of it. A nice touch is the non slip rubber ring included in the package, to pop under the unit when in operation to keep it stable on the countertop, minimising vibrations and noise.

Russell Hobbs Desire Mini Chopper

12. Russell Hobbs Desire Mini Chopper

The best budget food chopper for its performance and features

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Capable of a variety of tasks, the Russell Hobbs Desire Mini Chopper will be a welcome addition to any household and is the best food chopper around for its price. Dice onions, puree baby food, mix salad dressings or mince meat all within minutes and with minimal effort so you can spend more time on the things that really matter.

Finished in a beautiful matte black and featuring a roomy 1L glass bowl, it looks great on your benchtop and its curved, ergonomic design means it’s easy to clean as well as handle and operate. There’s even a handy storage lid included for storing any leftovers in the fridge without dirtying extra dishes or containers.

The ultra strong S-shaped stainless steel blade will chop through anything you can throw at it including whole nuts and ice, however be wary of overfilling as liquids and purees can escape the lid, which is not completely airtight.

Taking good care of the little everyday tasks that eat away at time, a mini chopper like this will make a fine compromise if you’ve been asking yourself whether or not you really need a full food processor.