Top 10 Best High Chairs for Australian Families

It’s feeding time! This guide will show you the features to look out for when purchasing a baby high chair and help you choose the best high chair for your needs, from the premium brands in the market to the more affordable models.

best high chair australia

When baby is ready to start eating solids, typically around 6 months of age, it’s time to get a baby high chair fit for the job. One of the essential baby products, high chairs create a safe space for your baby to enjoy the first years of his food journey and keep him secure and comfy. You’ll be using your high chair for at least two or three years so you want one that is safe and sturdy and will accommodate your growing child comfortably.

Types of high chairs:

  • Convertible high chair. These highchairs will be able to convert to different heights and functions as your baby grows offering more bang for your buck. For example, it may convert from high chair to low chair to toddler or booster chair, and some even convert to a toddler table and chair set.
  • Clip on high chair. These portable highchairs have no legs, but securely clasp onto the side of the table. Instead of its own tray, your baby will use the surface of the table. Clip on high chairs are ideal for travelling and small spaces.
  • Booster feeding chair. Booster chairs securely attach to your dining chair so your toddler can enjoy family meals at the table. They provide the height needed for your baby to reach the table top, will have a harness for safety, and sometimes arm rests or a back rest. Many convertible high chairs will include a booster, or you can buy one separately.

Features to look out for:

Safety harness. Your high chair should be fitted with an adjustable safety harness, ideally a fivepoint harness. You also want the harness and its buckles to release quickly in case of emergency.

Feeding tray. The tray should be large enough to comfortably fit all your baby’s usual utensils – plate, sippy cup, bowl – yet small enough that your baby can reach everything. A handy feature to look out for is a double tray – one tray simply clips on top of another so clean ups are a cinch – simply remove the top tray to wash, revealing a clean tray underneath. Also worth considering is if and how the tray detaches from the chair – some swing open with a push of the button whilst others require a bit more effort.

Footrest.  A footrest offers stability to your child whilst eating and you should look for an adjustable footrest so it is always at the optimal level.

Storage pocket. Some high chairs feature a built in storage pocket or basket – whether for bibs, bowls and plates, sippy cups – this could be a useful feature to keep essential feeding items close by, especially if you are short on storage space or the high chair moves from room to room frequently.

Fold. Consider how easy it is to fold the high chair, if at all, what the folded high chair dimensions are and if it fits where you want it to fit.

Wheels. Wheels offer portability so you can easily move your high chair between rooms, or push up closer to the table. Make sure they are fitted with brakes so your baby can’t move the high chair himself.

Recline. Check to see if the seat of the high chair reclines for extra comfort or milk feeds for young babies, and how easy and smooth this mechanism is. However, keep in mind that it is not safe for baby to eat solids in any position other than fully upright.

Safety note: Never leave your baby unattended in his high chair, even for a minute. Always make sure baby is securely strapped in when in use. Keep the high chair within arm’s reach at all times in case of emergency.

Here are our top 10 best baby highchairs in Australia, chosen for their safety, ease of use and practicality:

1. Graco Duo Dinner Presley 3-in-1

Versatile and practical, this is one of the top rated high chairs

This very versatile and practical high chair grows with your child throughout the years.

Start out at the beginning of baby’s solids journey by using the comfy and removable infant seat, and when it’s time, simply remove to form a conventional high chair. It then converts to a booster seat when your toddler is ready to join the family dinner table.

The adjustable seat reclines to three positions with one hand for comfy meal times every time, and the chair adjusts to five different height levels to ensure baby is always at the perfect height. The padded seat cushion and infant seat wipe clean easy and it folds away easily – however, its folded dimensions are not the most compact and would suit larger storage spaces. Its two fixed front wheels let you push the high chair easily into place.

Generously sized to accommodate larger babies, the seat leaves ample room between baby and the high chair tray, so you might find that a lot of food finds its way into the lap of smaller self feeding babies. The included double tray pops on and off easily with one hand and is dishwasher safe for quick clean ups. It is a good size, extending beyond the edge of the high chair and has four sections including a cup holder.

2. Love n Care Pandora

Comfy deep seat, best for older babies

The Love n Care Pandora high chair features a nice deep, padded seat for comfort and safety; your baby is sure to feel safe and secure.

The double tray is dishwasher safe and features a cup holder, with the leg divider cleverly attached to the bottom of the tray. The tray is of fixed height and sits quite high – it could be a little awkward for young babies and is better suited to older babies and toddlers. You also have the option to remove the tray completely so baby can be pushed up to the table with the rest of the family.

Featuring adjustable height, the backrest also reclines to four levels and the footrest to three, giving plenty of options. There are very few crevices in the cushioned seat pad for quick cleaning on the go and is very easy to remove for a deeper clean.

Two front wheels allow you to move the highchair back and forward and it folds down easily. Pandora is a more streamlined version of other similar high chairs and is suited to families who favour simplicity and ease of use.

3. Beaba Up & Down

A stylish high chair that is cleverly height adjustable

A modern, ergonomic high chair made of plastic, aluminium and a beautiful wooden trim, Up & Down will look great in any modern home.

The patented “up and down” mechanism allows you to adjust the height in seconds to six different levels, so baby can dine with you at any level, be it the dining table, breakfast bar or at your desk.

Its minimalistic design not only looks great but is super easy to clean with a quick wipe – no crevices for food to hide here! Its wide legs give superior stability without extending too far out from the chair but Up & Down does not fold away so storage could be a problem in small spaces.

The seat is on the smaller size which is great for younger babies, but older toddlers may have trouble fitting in comfortably. A padded, machine washable insert is available for purchase separately and will create a comfy and snug fit for your young baby and the five point harness has an easy release clip.

The included tray is decently sized, comfortably fitting a plate and a cup and is easily removed by simply clicking two buttons. Up & Down is easy to maintain and is suited to the busy, modern family.

4. Childhood Evolu 2

Classy and simple with lots of optional extras

Childhood Evolu 2 is an attractive and versatile highchair offering three different height options: conventional high chair, tall high chair suited to breakfast bars (extra long legs are sold separately), and then to a low chair to suit a children’s table, suitable for ages between 6 months and 6 years. It’s a great option if you don’t always dine at the same table, or often have a quick meal in the kitchen.

Made of a durable plastic in black, white or grey, Evolu 2 features natural timber legs for a modern and streamlined look to suit any decor. It doesn’t fold away but its good looks ensure it will look at home out on display.

Included is the fivepoint harness, safety bar and footrest, with all other options – plastic tray, timber tray, seat cushion and storage basket – sold separately, so you can mix and match the features you need. The moulded seat isn’t adjustable but provides a comfy fit for most babies and with no nooks and crannies is very easily wiped clean.

5. Ingenuity SmartServe 4 in 1

Highly versatile with a handy swing-open tray

Ingenuity Smart Serve 4-in-1 is all about ease of use and versatility – use it as a standard high chair, booster seat, or toddler chair. You can even seat two kids at once using the booster and toddler chair options, so this high chair is great for families with multiple children.

Importantly, Smart Serve 4-in-1 is super easy to clean. The seat cover is machine washable so you can give it a quick wipe between meals and throw it in the wash for a deeper clean every few days. It also has not two but three trays, all removable with a one handed push and all dishwasher safe. When the top tray is soiled, simply remove it to reveal a new, clean tray underneath ready to go. We love that the tray swings open, allowing fast access to your baby and easy access for cleaning.

The tray cleverly attaches to the back of the chair when not in use and although it folds, Smart Serve 4-in-1 doesn’t fold flat and would best suit larger spaces. Two front wheels make moving your high chair around easy.

6. Childcare 360

Innovative 360 degree swivel so baby can face in any direction

Unlike any other highchair, the Childcare 360 highchair features an innovative seat that rotates and locks into twelve different positions, so you can easily swivel the seat to face baby in any direction – towards you for one on one feeding and then turn to face the rest of the family!

Additionally, this highchair converts into a stool or mini stool with no extra purchases necessary so it will last your child well into the toddler years, representing excellent value for money.

The tray adjusts to two positions to best suit your baby’s size, and removes easily for cleaning. It’s on the smaller side however due to the shape of the seat, the highchair pushes neatly up against the table. Bits of food can get stuck between the seat pad and the actual seat, but it is easily removed and wipes down quickly. The fivepoint harness and footrest are both adjustable to give the best fit no matter the size of your growing child.

Childcare 360 doesn’t fold but is quite compact, attractive and stylish to suit any decor, and will look good on display.

7. Love n Care Techno

This full sized high chair is our pick for comfort

Adjustable to six heights including a low chair, Love n Care Techno is on the larger size and may be better suited to older babies rather than those just starting on solids. The rear legs extend quite far beyond the edge of the chair so Techno takes up a reasonable amount of space, however does fold neatly and is free-standing when folded for more storage options. Its four swivel castor wheels let you move around with complete ease, and the rear wheels lock for safety.

The tray is of very generous size that adjusts to three positions so it’s always at the optimal level for minimal lap spills. The secondary tray, complete with cup holder, is dishwasher safe and easy to remove.

The padded seat on this chair is definitely more plush and comfortable than others and the included removable infant pad is also very cushiony. It’s still super easy to wipe clean. With a three level adjustable seat, you can ensure your baby is always in perfect comfort.

8. Chicco Polly Double Phase Sunny

Full featured highchair with a compact fold and the best high chair with footrest

Bright and cheerful, Chicco Polly Double Phase is a fun 2-in-1 highchair that converts to a toddler chair for extended use up to three years of age. Adjustable to seven different heights, it will always be the perfect height for your table.

Four wheels swivel for easy pushing and turning and are equipped with brakes for safety. The base of the chair feels strong and sturdy whilst also being lightweight, and it’s compact when folded and easy to store.

The double tray is super practical – large and wide allowing good access – baby sits nice and close to make self feeding easy (and less messy!). It also removes quickly and clips to the rear legs for no fuss storage when not in use. The leg divider is removable and we love the handy pocket on the rear of the seat to keep bibs and other essentials within easy reach so you never have to leave baby’s side.

There are two layers of cushioned seat padding, both machine washable, so you have the option to use one whilst the other is being washed. The ergonomic calf and foot rest adjusts to three levels and are also easy to clean.

9. Ingenuity SmartClean Trio 3-in-1

Our top pick for easy cleaning

With a smart, clean aesthetic, Ingenuity Smart Clean Trio 3-in-1 will suit many decors. Featuring soft foam seat pads that don’t have any grooves or crevices for food to get stuck in, it wipes clean instantly and is also dishwasher safe – simply throw the pads in the dishwasher after use. The large double tray is also dishwasher safe and easily removable with one hand. It locks into four different positions so the tray will always be in the optimal position for your child as they grow.

This high chair is super versatile as it’s three chairs in one – conventional high chair, booster seat and finally toddler chair. You can even accommodate two children at once – one using the booster and the other using the toddler chair – so this is a really great choice if you have two children close in age.

Four auto locking swivel wheels allow you to roll the highchair around the room effortlessly and three levels of recline and height adjustable fivepoint harness ensures the perfect fit.

The maximum weight capacity is particularly generous at 22.5kg, ensuring this chair lasts as long as possible. Budget friendly and packed with impressive features, Ingenuity SmartClean Trio 3-in-1 really offers exceptional value.

10. Joovy Nook

Super lightweight and compact, the best portable high chair for baby

The Joovy Nook is a great portable or spacesaver high chair, lightweight and compact and folds to almost flat with one hand for the easiest storage. At just under 7kg, it also has a carry handle for easy transportation – this is a great high chair to take along to the grandparent’s.

Ready to go straight from the box with no assembly necessary, this no fuss high chair is simplicity at its best.

There aren’t many adjustable features on this high chair with height, seat back and footrest all in a fixed position, but the tray does slide into two positions so your baby can eat comfortably. The cushion and straps are super easy to wipe clean with few crevices, and whilst not the easiest job in the world, the cover can be removed in case a deeper clean is necessary. The tray is large enough to fit most toddler mats, with a cover that can be popped off and put straight in the dishwasher for ease of cleaning, and our favourite feature is that it swings open with one hand.

The legs do extend quite far beyond the edge of the highchair and have no wheels, though it’s so lightweight to move this likely won’t pose any problem. Our best high chair for small spaces, Joovy Nook is a good choice if you’re after a simple, no frills high chair that still performs!

How to choose a high chair

It can be helpful to ask yourself the following questions when choosing the best baby high chair for you and your baby:

How easy is it to clean?

One of the most important factors, when making your decision, is ease of cleaning. It’s no secret that babies create a lot of mess and that is doubly true when there is food around. Ideally you want a high chair that can be quickly wiped clean after every use. Any covers or cushions should be easily removable for cleaning, bonus if they can be tossed in the washing machine after a particularly messy meal. Removable trays will often be dishwasher safe, and many trays are layered with two or even three trays stacked on top of each other so you can remove the top one for cleaning, revealing a clean tray underneath ready to go.

Avoid high chairs with lots of nooks and crannies in the cushions for food to hide. Don’t forget the legs and base of the high chair either, you might be surprised how far food can fly!

How comfortable is it?

Comfort for your baby is equally important, as he will be spending every meal time over the next few years in his high chair. Look for a soft padded seat and appropriately sized seats. Many high chairs come with an infant insert for small babies to keep them secure, and can be removed as they grow. It’s also worth considering the space between the tray and your baby when seated – the closer the better, without being too snug – so baby can easily reach his food and the amount of food dropped in his lap is minimised. Some trays are adjustable for this purpose.

Where will it be used?

Where will you use the high chair? Will it have a permanent home at the dining table, or will it be moved around the house? Do you need it to fold down between meals and stored? Consider its weight and portability especially if it will be travelling up and down stairs. Some high chairs have a larger base than others which could be tricky in tight spaces, and some legs splay out further which could be a potential tripping hazard.

How long will you use it for?

Most babies will start eating solids at around six months of age or even a little younger, and continue to use the high chair into toddlerhood. Look for high chairs that will grow with your child. The seat of the high chair should be roomy enough to allow for growth over potentially several years. There are also many high chairs on the market that can be converted into booster seats or toddler chairs, adding to its lifespan and providing more versatility.