Best Irons for Smooth Gliding

If you’re looking for a new iron and don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered for every need and budget. Keep your family’s collars crisp and skirts sleek with our guide to the best irons in Australia.

best iron australia

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The steam iron is a tricky purchase. When you find one that works perfectly, it’s a game-changer that can take your clothes and linens from shoddy to chic like magic! However, a bad iron will waste hours upon hours of your precious time, yet deliver poor results.

A steam iron is one of the most popular appliances on the market, as anyone who works in an office will often need it daily. Even with no office workers, most households regularly need one for most landmark events in life, as well as interviews, formal celebrations, and social outings.

However, if you have serious ironing needs, you may want to invest in a more powerful steam generator. Steam generators tend to be much bulkier to fit the separate steam chamber (though there are some smaller options that will fit on the ironing board), but will ultimately save you time and effort by providing huge steam from a small light steam wand.

Whether you want a traditional iron or newer steaming tech, the best irons are portable, easy to hold and lift, have strong steam pressure, and will also feature settings to meet your specific needs. That might be vertical steaming, automatic shut down, turbo steam boost settings, or other less common options.

It’s quite common for households to go through several irons prior to finding the right iron which suits their budget and needs while reliably delivering optimal results. To help you sift through the options and find the perfect appliance for you, we created this guide to the best irons in Australia and how to choose them.

Braun CareStyle 7 Pro

1. Braun CareStyle 7 Pro

A safe, light, and user-friendly steam iron for excellent results

What we like
  • Generous removable 2L reservoir
  • Easy to carry with iron and cord storage
  • User-friendly system with powerful steaming
  • Simple descaling and maintenance
What could be better
  • Cord can become hot during use
  • Hard-to-remove water tank

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The Braun CareStyle 7 Pro is our pick for overall best iron in Australia, thanks to unique and innovative features that make ironing a comfortable and even enjoyable experience. For fast and easy ironing with great results, this is the best choice to make.

There is a smart “iCare” mode to protect your clothes against harsh temperatures, and an additional eco mode to save up to 30% energy cost for more delicate fabrics. For the toughest wrinkles in jeans and linens, a turbo option that uses high powered heat steam to kill 99% of bacteria in any ironable fabric is also included.

The enormous detachable 2L water tank is not the easiest to remove and certainly takes up a decent amount of space, but the iron and cord storage is thoughtfully compact and easy to store. However, caution should be taken to avoid the cord during use, when it can become worryingly hot to touch.

This iron features FreeGlide 3D Technology with 360° glide ability, which translates simply to an ultra-light iron that can easily pivot and glide over fabric. This iron is very manageable, gliding as effortlessly moving forward as backward, significantly reducing the time it usually takes to iron with the lower tier models. Ultimately, this easy manageability is what clinches the Braun CareStyle 7 Pro as our recommended favourite.

Philips PerfectCare Compact Plus

2. Philips PerfectCare Compact Plus

Effortless steaming in a compact steam system

What we like
  • Auto adjust temperature technology
  • Auto switch off function
  • Large detachable tank is easy to refill
  • Smooth gliding without burning
What could be better
  • No cord storage
  • The clips from the iron don't hold the cord well

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The Philips PerfectCare Compact Plus is the best steam generator for tight spaces. For a steam iron that produces top tier results in a range of modes without taking up your valuable real estate, this is the unit we recommend choosing.

With a detachable 1.5L water tank providing up to 1.5 hours of continuous use, we would expect this iron to take up so much more room, but true to its name, the Philips PerfectCare Compact Plus is compact and easy to store. Thanks to a generously long cord, the whole unit even fits on your ironing board! However, that cord can tend to get in the way in this position, so we recommend clipping it around the back where it won’t touch your wand or arm.

OptimalTemp technology and safety features such as automatic temperature adjustment and secure base locking make this iron a winner for multitaskers, or for homes where multiple members need the iron. Even if left face down for several minutes, you’ll never see a mark on your clothes thanks to the smart temperature auto shut down feature. This safer iron also comes with a calc clean container for descaling, at no extra cost. The descaler does not require cartridges, and will even remind you when to clean it.

This iron also converts easily into a vertical garment steamer for hanging clothes and upholstery, through the ultra powerful continuous steam mode with optional extra boost setting. Although this continuous steam mode is significantly louder than we might like, halving your ironing time without ever risking your clothes makes this feature a daily favourite.

Russell Hobbs Digital Steam Station

3. Russell Hobbs Digital Steam Station

A serious cut in your ironing time for busy households

What we like
  • Versatile storage and carry handle
  • Fully detachable water tank
  • Intuitive colour controls
  • Vertical steam option
What could be better
  • Shorter cord

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The Russell Hobbs Digital Station is one of the best steam stations out there for price, capabilities, and safety features. Super fast heating time and excellent steam pressure will knock those precious minutes off your ironing duties, saving your effort and time for more important things.

For households with large weekly loads of laundry, this is a machine to drastically reduce the time spent on your finished garments. The removable 1.3L water tank provides 4.5 bars of steam pressure that easily cuts through deep creases in any garment, finishing your regular laundry in seconds flat. 

Colourful digital controls and clever vertical storage make this machine a dream to use and store in convenient spaces in most homes. We do wish the cord could be a little longer, but this is only a drawback for those who would rather keep the base unit on the floor. 

The ceramic nonstick soleplate is nearly indestructible, making this one of the most sturdy and well built steam irons available. An anti calc cartridge is included for keeping your machine in top condition for the largest laundry chores, lasting you through years of heavy duty work. 

Philips PerfectCare Compact Essential

4. Philips PerfectCare Compact Essential

A powerful iron that’s as tough as it is tiny

What we like
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to clean and descale
  • Auto adjusting temperatures and steam modes
  • Powerful steam without burning
What could be better
  • Does not sit well on ironing boards
  • Steam performance could be more consistent
  • Impractical cord storage

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The Philips PerfectCare Compact Essential is the ideal solution for those that have big ironing needs in a small space. Despite the awesome steam power, Philips’ patented ProVelocity technology makes the super powerful generator extremely compact for easy storage.

Just because the unit is compact doesn’t mean it can’t deliver impressive power. 2400W of steam from the 1.3L tank is more than enough for over an hour of continuous steam ironing, to flatten creases and wrinkles in your clothes without hassle.

The anti-corrosive base houses a durable 5 layered nonstick soleplate with scratch-resistant surface. While robust, the soleplate still moves very smoothly over clothes and is a good compact solution to a decent range of ironing jobs. The smart calc system reminds you when it needs descaling, and does not require cartridges or other extra costs to maintain iron performance for years of regular use.

We love the fancy smart features on this mid-tier iron, like the OptimalTemp feature that guarantees against burns and damaged fabrics by automatically adjusting the settings to maintain the temperature. This makes it practically impossible to cause burns, allowing pros and laymen alike to get the most out of the machine. However, seasoned pros will probably be disappointed there with the lack of possibility for vertical steaming that most generators support. 

Nevertheless, the Philips PerfectCare Compact Essential is a great value for money choice due to its powerful steam production in a robust and compact package.

Philips Azur Elite

5. Philips Azur Elite

High intelligence and high power in an attractive sophisticated body

What we like
  • Even steam distribution
  • Multiple steam settings
  • Auto temperature adjustment
What could be better
  • Heavy
  • Steam features require regular refilling

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The Philips Azur Elite is a gorgeous traditional iron with the ultimate in modern tech, making it our pick for best traditional iron on the list.

Philips OptimalTemp technology maintains the temperature of the iron as it heats up with use and changes in thickness, to guarantee against burns and marks in any fabric. The intelligent steam release system and motion sensor works to automatically release steam as iron, stopping when the iron is no longer moving. This technology saves power usage and also avoids fire hazards with an additional automatic shutdown function to cover a forgotten iron.

Several modes to choose from include the DynamiQ mode for automatic steam delivery, MAX mode for continuous steam that will relax even the most stubborn creases, ECO mode for minimum steam that saves 20% of the energy cost, and an easy OFF setting that can be found instantly under your thumb without looking for it.

The water tank holds a generous 350mL, pumping 50% extra steam through your fabrics with the turbo steam power feature, for a steam output of up to 55g per minute. The extra container with extra quick calc release enables easy removal of calc in just 15 seconds for long-lasting steam performance.

The main drawback is that for this small traditional iron, it is surprisingly a little on the heavy side at 2.2 kilos before you’ve even filled it with water. But this weight is not unmanageable and adds further pressure to the plate, giving a satisfying feel to the light friction movement. Whether you’re ironing linen, cashmere, jeans or silk, this easy iron gives perfect results through effortless powerful steam.

Braun TexStyle 9

6. Braun TexStyle 9

A great performance iron with vertical steaming

What we like
  • Long cord
  • Automatic temperature adjustment
  • Effective and well-distributed steam
  • Heat up quickly with no leakage
What could be better
  • Poor spray button placement

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The best traditional iron with vertical steaming option is the Braun TexStyle 9, a perfect iron for those that sometimes have vertical steaming needs but do not want to invest the big dollars or space in purchasing a bulky steam generator. 

The iron itself is a good all-rounder that is powerful and robust for general ironing needs. The anti-drip system avoids drop stains marking your clothes, and you won’t have to change modes or temperatures across different fabrics, thanks to the iCare automatic temperature mode. However, some users complain that the iron sometimes accidentally sprays clothes due to the odd placement of the water spray on the handle.

For vertical steaming, 2400W is also efficiently utilised to produce impressive steam emission. It comes with 3 steam options: High steam, extra steam shot, and high pressure, to deeply penetrate the fabric and leave your clothes fresh and wrinkle-free. The iron automatically shuts off after 30 seconds in horizontal position, or 8 minutes in vertical positions, for safety and to avoid energy waste. 

Of course, the iron only has capacity for 33omL like a regular iron, so you will need to refill regularly if you’re planning any long steaming sessions. It will also take some time to fully heat up the water, so it won’t really be able to replace a steam generator in that capacity.

That said, this is a good value for money iron with serious steam features and a uniquely shaped soleplate that can reach and perform in a wide range of situations. And at only 1.59 kilos, it is also among the lightest high performance irons currently available.

Tefal Turbo Pro Anti-calc

7. Tefal Turbo Pro Anti-calc

High-efficiency steam iron with an exclusive calc collector

What we like
  • Anti-calc soleplate
  • Sturdy base and sleek design
  • Comfortable and effortless to use
  • Decently sized water tank with calcium filter
What could be better
  • Cord could be longer
  • Odd position of the spray button

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For anyone looking for an iron that’s comfortable and easy to use, with the possibility to steam garments vertically, the Tefal Turbo Pro Anti-Calc is a simple iron with excellent functionality for a wide range of ironing needs.

If you hate cleaning calc, the autoclean catalytic coating invented by Tefal helps keep the soleplate stain-free and ensures longer high performance ironing. The calc collector exclusive to this brand collects scale for you to easily dispose of, without affecting the function or the appearance of the machine.

The 2400W power heats this soleplate in record time, and gives you several setting modes to allow you to control that ironing power. The eco setting saves up to 20% energy, while Turbo Boost can tackle even the most stubborn creases. There’s also a smart auto shut off feature for safety.

It may not seem like the highest priority, but the super comfortable handle is heavenly to hold, and really makes a difference for long ironing sessions. Part of this comfort also comes from the ultra light friction soleplate that uses new Durilium Airglide technology to make gliding across clothes fast and effortless, with a high precision PowerZone tip to make sure small areas receive big heat in the short time of contact.

Braun TexStyle 7 TS715A

8. Braun TexStyle 7 TS715A

Precision tip for effective “long stroke” ironing

What we like
  • Wide soleplate and large water reservoir
  • Robust power with several precise steam settings
  • Auto-off feature
  • Constant and even steam pressure
What could be better
  • Not as easy to refill as other TexStyle 7 models
  • Can drip if improperly set

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The Braun TexStyle 7 is an iron to cover plenty of distance in long, even strokes, and will live its best life on tablecloths, sheets, and linens. An affordable all-rounder, this iron also features some extra steam options and has capacity for vertical steam shots.

The extra large water tank can hold a generous 400mL capacity, allowing it better space to act as a vertical steamer on curtains and hanging garments. The 2400W powers variable steam to adapt to many types of garments. The soft textile protector can gently handle your most delicate fabrics, while the triangular precision tip of this iron can produce powerful steam for focusing the heat to reach every area.

Our only critique is that the iron can tend to drip water from a horizontal position, if the steam is set too high for the heat of the iron. It means you will have to wait quite a while for the iron to heat in order to use the highest steam setting. That might be a deal breaker for the impatient.

The Eloxal soleplate with their patented anodised coat is scratch-resistant, and allows optimal gliding and steam intensity. Good temperature control, precise steam and extra wide soleplate make this simple iron a breeze to work with.

This is the best of the basic irons for this year, as it offers everything that you want from a simple iron, plus some extra innovative options at an affordable price. If you want a flawless and quick finish through a comfortable ironing process, then this is the iron for you.

Philips PowerLife

9. Philips PowerLife

Lightweight and long-lasting iron

What we like
  • Steam boost up to 180g per min
  • Vertical steam option
  • Heats up quickly and is easy to operate
  • Not too heavy and glides smoothly over garments
What could be better
  • The steam pressure is not as high as other competitors
  • Short cord
  • Can be tricky to check water level

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At around the $100 mark, the PowerLife is the best iron of the current Philips range, with almost all their best features in their simplest model. If you’re looking for a simple light iron that irons well without complications, this is one of the options on your list.

If you are tired of seeing water stains on your shirts, this iron’s Drip Stop System works flawlessly even when ironing delicate fabrics at low temperatures. You won’t have to deal with the messy calc cleaning either, as it features a built-in cleaning function that works with tap water. The iron also features automatic shut-off, switching off safely when left unattended. 

2400W heats water from the 320mL water tank impressively fast, providing strong and continuous steam for approximately 45 minutes. The body of the iron is only 1.26kg, a beautifully light iron with a comfortable ergonomic grip handle to allow light holding without ever slipping in your grasp. The dark colour of the iron looks sleek, but can make it difficult to see the water level in the tank, making it easy to overfill. 

The SteamGlide Plus soleplate guarantees smooth movements across surfaces, while the 5 layers of non-stick coating ensure long-lasting scratch-resistant performance. For a simple iron with all the top functions that Philips has to offer, this is a nice affordable way to get the best without overcomplicating the job.

Sunbeam Verve 65 Platinum

10. Sunbeam Verve 65 Platinum

Innovative features and ironing performance in an affordable iron

What we like
  • Easy gliding performance and long cord
  • Auto switch off function
  • The heat strip with changing light alert for safety handle and store
  • Heats up quick upon starting
What could be better
  • Heavy compared to other irons (1.7kg)
  • Long warning beeps can be annoying
  • Hard to see water level in reservoir

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The Sunbeam Verve 65 Platinum is a simple option with some unique features, such as an indicator that changes colour from red to black as it cools, showing you when it is safe to touch for storage. This iron is an affordable machine and good value for the steaming performance it offers.

Weighing 1.72kg does not make this the lightest iron, but 2400W and 300mL capacity should make up for the weight with decent power and functionality. The patented dual steam chambers optimise the steam pressure and deeply penetrate in the fabric, allowing faster and more efficient ironing. The 2.5 metre cord is a little longer than average.

This iron is a popular choice among Australians, who are mostly saying they love the iron despite the noise. The sound alarm that triggers when left on for a while is a safety feature there to remind you to unplug it, but many people find the noise loud and annoying. The automatic shut-down option and the fact that it does not drip water on the garments are highly praised for this low price point.

Kambrook Auto Advance KI785

11. Kambrook Auto Advance KI785

The best affordable iron

What we like
  • Lightweight and smooth gliding operation
  • Affordable and reliable with long lead and robust power
  • Adjustable steam and temperature settings
  • A collar tip for difficult to reach areas
What could be better
  • Small refill water up

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For a convenient little and inexpensive iron, the very affordable Kambrook Auto Advance is a simple iron that will suit most ironing needs. Despite the low price, features such as adjustable temperature and steam controls are still prioritised, as well as safety features like automatic shut off for when the iron is left unattended.

The FabriGlide soleplate glides smoothly and effortlessly over all ironable fabrics. It also has an option for a powerful shot of steam if you need some extra power on thick fabrics or stubborn creases. The anti-drip system and self-cleaning functions are strong positive aspects of this iron, ensuring long life and great performance. 

The steaming performance of this iron is highly praised. The iron heats up very quickly from 2200 watts of power and allows steaming actions chosen by the user. However, caution should be used when using this iron on delicates, because managing the temperature for the type of material is not automatic and can be finicky to adjust. Another popular element is the large 360mL water tank that is suitable for use with tap water. We also appreciate the generous 3 metres of cord length, which can be a rare find in steam irons.

How to choose an iron

Irons and steam generators will usually offer similar functions and features, but not all models are made equal. You will often find that Australian irons have at least 2200 watts of power, a cord length of 2-3 metres, anti-drip system, and both steam and spray settings to help with creases.

Prior to starting the iron, always read the manual thoroughly and carefully to get acquainted with your new product. Even a single read through will keep you savvy to options and features you otherwise wouldn’t know about, to get the most out of your purchase, and will ensure that you use it effectively and safely. 

Be sure to take an extra glance at the maintenance instructions! It can be easy to forget to de-calc and remove scale from the iron periodically, but this simple maintenance makes a huge difference in helping your new iron to last for many years to come.

Here are the main points to think about when choosing your next iron.

Temperature and steam settings

Iron settings are usually either manually chosen by the user from a dial or set of buttons, or decided automatically by the iron on the top tier models. Think about how readable you find the icons, or how awkward the dial under the handle may be to turn, as this is a hot appliance you don’t want to be clumsy around.

Automatic irons have proven to be quite reliable in self-adjusting to different fabrics and ironing positions, but users often prefer to override these settings for their own peace of mind around their delicate garments.

If the iron can produce steam vertically, this is super convenient for suits, dresses, curtains, and even upholstery. If this feature is a priority, check how much steam they produce at what pressure, because this is the strongest indicator of performance.

Water tank and iron weight

Traditional steam irons usually have a small water tank containing 200 – 400mL. This should theoretically be enough to provide small continuous steam from the iron for an hour, although traditional irons are not designed to continuously steam in a horizontal position. They should ideally be completely detachable, but at least easy to fill, and should heat quickly.

The steam generators have larger water tanks, usually 1.3 – 2 litres, and may take a couple of minutes to heat. The water tank is separate from the iron or steam wand, to ensure hours of steady ironing without weight on your wrist. Prioritise a light wand or iron, because this component quickly gets very heavy.

Soleplate design

Soleplates may be ceramic, stainless steel or anodised aluminium, and should be scratch-resistant and easy to clean. It is best if you have a non-stick soleplate, to reduce the likelihood of burning more delicate garments. The most modern soleplates often have a focused hotspot at the tip, to allow you to focus heat in those small spaces between buttons and tricky areas.

Automatic shut off safety

Automatic shut off is a standard feature you should expect of any iron, without it, the heat produced by irons creates a serious fire hazard. 30 seconds is the longest any iron should be able to stay in a horizontal position without turning off. The timing for vertical mode is more questionable, as no direct heat is applied, but you still need this feature to protect your pets and children, and to avoid damage to the iron.

Cleaning and maintenance

Over time, irons build up calcium and limescale which requires a small amount of maintenance from you to achieve effective performance over the life of your device. While easy enough to do, this can be very difficult to remember and keep your manual handy for. Fancier models have a self-cleaning system that automatically cleans the appliance, some have a slot for a descaling cartridge (buy a dozen with your iron so you’re covered for the next decade), while others have extra parts that need to be manually cleaned and handled.