11 of the Best Irons in Australia for Easy Gliding

Looking for a new iron? Here is an exhaustive list of the best irons on the Australian market for all budgets and needs, with tips on what to look for when buying.

best iron australia

If you still think that ironing is a waste of time and buying an iron a waste of money, then you still haven’t found the right one yet. Not only it may change your life, but it doesn’t have to burden your budget for the best and most optimal performance for your needs.

It is quite frequent for every household to buy several irons prior to finding the most suitable one. That is why it is important to know what you need from an iron (vertical steaming, automatic shut-down options, greater steam power, etc.) and to be able to rely on it.

A regular steam iron is the most popular device on the market. With its portability, yet strong steam pressure and various options, it allows deep ironing and adjustments to different types of fabrics.

On the other hand, if you look for an extraordinary ironing experience, saving time and effort, you should consider buying a powerful steam generator. It is more bulky (though there are some smaller options that’ll fit on the ironing board), due to the fact that the steam is produced in a separate generator, keeping the iron lighter than the regular steam irons.

Whether you look for a simple iron or a steam generator with excellent steaming functions, we made sure you have all the options in hand. Here’s our picks for best steam iron in Australia this year, outlining features, specifications and key details that you should look for prior to spending your money. Invest your time wisely in reading these valuable guidelines before buying, rather than waste a fortune in getting one impulsively.

1. Braun CareStyle 7 Pro

Safe, light and user-friendly steam iron for excellent result

This is one is a great laundry appliance in the world and definitely one of the best irons in Australia thanks to its unique and innovative features. The lightest iron embedded in the FreeGlide 3D Technology with 360° glide ability, guarantees comfort and enjoying experience. If you want easy and fast ironing with high efficiency, then this is the best choice you can make.

The Braun CareStyle 7 Pro has a smart and care mode, safe and gentle on all types of fabrics, even the most delicate ones (linen or jeans). It offers a turbo option for handling the toughest wrinkles and removing bacteria, as well as an eco-mode for 30% energy saving. It has a XL completely detachable 2 L water tank, 2400 W power, very easy to manage and 50% less time consuming than more affordable models.

We believe that the result this iron provides goes far beyond anyone’s expectations, and it might be the most beneficial product in your ironing career. We hope to see a better cord design with the next models, as it tends to heat up, and you should be cautious when handling it. Other than that, the possibility to iron backwards with the same effect and effortless movement as going forward is a tremendous benefit.

2. Philips PerfectCare Compact Plus

Effortless steaming and easy auto shut-off

This iron is one of the best steam generators on the market with an OptimalTemp technology, with safety features such as automatic temperature settings and no burns. Ideal for multitasking people, the steam generator iron won’t burn your garments even if you leave it face down and if it is not used for several minutes, it automatically shuts down. It locks securely on the base station and it is easy to descale through the Smart Calc Clean system, which reminds you when to clean it.

The Philips PerfectCare Compact Plus features an ultra-powerful, continuous steam and extra boost option, extremely useful also as a garment steamer for vertical curtains or refreshing hanging clothes. The 1.5l water tank is detachable, while the 2400W power and SteamGlide soleplate provides smooth, energetic and convenient ironing. It is quite compact and easy to store, and it even fits on the ironing board.

Once you try this powerful steam generator, it is impossible not to start loving ironing, as it makes life so much easier. Though the steam halves the overall ironing time, the steaming process might be a bit loud, so we do not recommend operating it during quiet time.

Among the features that we highly praise are the cord length, the safety lock-down option (extremely useful if you have kids around), the quick heat-up time (2 min), and the easy manoeuvrability.

3. Russell Hobbs Digital Steam Station

For busy households, this iron will surely cut your ironing time

A laundry appliance you will never regret buying is the Digital Steam Station from Russell Hobbs, in our view one of the best steam stations out there on the market for price, capabilities and safety features. It helps cut down the ironing time by a lot, leaving us with more free time and, honestly, making ironing time much more enjoyable.

If you have a large load of laundry to iron on a weekly basis, this machine will make your work extremely easy. Remove deep creases with ease thanks to its 4.5 bar of steam pressure and gliding through garment is a breeze.

The Russell Hobbs heats up in one minute, and the ceramic nonstick soleplate is almost indestructible, making this one of the most sturdy and well-built steam irons right now. The cord might be a little too short for our liking, but that’s really the only small drawback. An amazing steam iron with a removable 1.3L water tank and an anti calc cartridge, for real heavy duty work and busy households.

4. Philips PerfectCare Compact Essential

Powerful, lightweight and compact

This is yet another excellent steam iron with a durable, 5 layers coating (anti-corrosive base included) with a nonstick soleplate and scratch-resistant surface. The exclusive SteamGlide soleplate that moves smoothly over fabric makes it one of the best irons for clothes available on the market. The OptimalTemp feature guarantees no burns or any damaged fabrics, definitely a suitable option for both professionals and laymen.
The Philips PerfectCare Compact Essential has a 2400W steam power and 1.3 L fixed water tank for more than 1 hour continuous ironing. Also, it does not require any extra costs for cartridges as the Smart Calc System reminds you when to descale in the calc-clean container. The ProVelocity technology makes even bulky and extremely powerful generators like this one very compact for storage.
The only thing that we miss in this iron is the possibility for vertical steaming like other steam generators. Nevertheless, it is a great value for money option, with a powerful steam and effortless, smooth gliding on surfaces. The ‘no change in temperature’ option is a highly praised feature and we find it practically impossible to cause any burns on any ironable surface.

5. Philips Azur Elite

Smart and extremely powerful

This innovative and lightweight iron gives perfect results through effortless ironing. It has an intelligent steam release system and motion sensor, which automatically releases the steam and stops when you are not moving the iron. This is a very efficient feature and allows you to iron linen, cashmere, jeans or silk without any heat adjustment and no possibilities of burns. Are you always wondering whether you turned off the iron when leaving your house? Well, this one has an automatic shutdown function when unattended.

The Philips Azur Elite has several modes to choose from: DynamiQ (automatic steam delivery), MAX (it provides continuous steam for stubborn creases), ECO (minimum steam, saves 20% energy) and OFF (switch off the steam). It has a 350 ml water tank capacity and 2400W power. The extra container enables easy removal of the calc in just 15 seconds.

An extra option of offering 50% more steam through the Turbo pump is a much loved feature among users, making it one of the best irons this year. Though the iron might feel heavier (2.2 kg) and require frequent water refill, still it is nothing out of the ordinary for this type of product. In relation to the powerful steam ironing, it leaves you satisfied with the results, while some lazier family members will be surprised by how enjoyable ironing can be.

6. Braun TexStyle 9

Great performance and ability for vertical steaming

This is a perfect iron if you are looking for a vertical steamer alongside with some excellent ironing functions. The anti-drip system will leave your clothes without any drop stains and the temperature setting (iCare mode) ideally adjusts to any type of fabric. The possibility to automatically turn off after 30 seconds in horizontal and 8 minutes in vertical position is a highly praised feature, great for safety and energy saving.
The Braun TexStyle 9 features a 330 ml water capacity which is very easy to refill, and 2400W power with impressive steam emission. The 3 powerful steam options (high steam, extra steam shot and higher pressure) deeply permeate into the fabric, leaving wrinkle-free cloth. It has a self-clean function, super convenient for long lasting performance. You won’t have to change the mode when ironing different garments, or control the temperature.

You might have to wait a while for the water to heat-up, but our experience shows that it is a good value for money iron, and we love the FreeGlide design even backwards, as well as the triangular shaped precision zone at the tip of this iron. The iron weighs around 1.59 kg, and it is among the lightest on our list.

7. Tefal Turbo Pro Anti-calc

High-efficiency steam iron with an exclusive calc collector

This iron features a really comfortable handle and a possibility to steam garments vertically. The new Durilium Airglide Autoclean technology of the soleplate ensures the best glide for fast and effortless, yet high precision ironing making it one of the best steam irons to buy right now.

If you are tired of constantly cleaning the calc of your iron, this one has an Autoclean catalytic coating which was invented by Tefal. It keeps the soleplate stain-free and it ensures longer and greater performance.
The Tefal Turbo Pro Anti-calc’s 2400W power and quick heat-up time of the 300 ml water in the tank, as well as the several setting modes will help you control the ironing process. In Eco setting you may save up to 20% energy, the Turbo Boost mode helps you tackle the most stubborn creases and it also has a Smart Auto-shut off safety system.
Though we wish the cord length (2m) were a bit longer, the outcome and easiness of handling this iron are definitely not under question. The Power Zone and Automatic Steam function are extremely helpful features for obtaining maximum efficiency and adjusting the steam. The design on the iron (white and gold) is also very appealing.

8. Braun TexStyle 7

Precision tip for effective “long stroke” ironing

This is one of the best irons as it offers everything that you want from an iron and many more innovative options at an affordable price. If you want a flawless and quick finish through a comfortable ironing process, then this is your iron. The triangular shape, precision tip of this iron gives extra powerful steam for reaching every area and finishing half of the ironing job effortlessly.

The Braun TexStyle 7 has an extra-large water tank of 400 ml and a possibility for vertical steam shots, perfect for curtains or garments, you can practically use it also as a garment steamer. It has 2400W power and variable steam, enabling you to adapt to any type of garment. The soft textile protector is excellent for handling delicate fabrics. The Eloxal soleplate with patented anodized coat is scratch resistant.

The length of the cord (2.5 m) might be an issue and sometimes dripping of water when in a straight position might occur. The option for auto shut-off is a highly praised feature, alongside with the optimal glide ability and steam intensity. Its strength feels even more energetic due to the good temperature control, precise steaming and wide sole plate.

9. Philips PowerLife

Lightweight and long-lasting iron

This is a great iron choice as it has almost all the great features of Philips irons at an affordable price. If you are tired of seeing water stains on your shirts, this iron has a Drip Stop System that is great even when ironing delicate fabrics on low temperature. You won’t have to deal with the messy calc cleaning either, as it features built-in cleaning function and works with tap water.
The Philips PowerLife is an extremely powerful iron with 2400W and it has a 320 ml water tank, heating the water very fast. It weighs 1.26 kg and provides strong and continuous steam for approximately 45 minutes. The iron also has the automatic shut-off option and switches off on its own when unattended. The SteamGlide Plus soleplate guarantees smooth movements on the surface, while the 5 layers of coating (including anti-corrosive base) ensure non-stick and scratch-resistance long performance.
The colour design of this iron is a great aversion. As it is black, it makes it difficult to see the water level in the tank and you may overfill it. On the other hand, the ironing performance and possibility for vertical steaming, alongside with the comfortable and textured handle are simply awesome features. The ergonomic grip allows holding the iron firmly, without slipping or falling.

10. Sunbeam Verve 65 Platinum

Excellent innovative features and ironing performance

This iron has an exclusive option of changing the colour from red to black when it is not hot and shows you when to store it. Also, you will never have to wonder whether you’ve turned your iron off when leaving your home, as it has an auto off feature. We highly appreciate the steaming performance it offers and believe that it is a good value for money among the affordable options.
The Sunbeam Verve 65 Platinum weighs 1.72 kg and has a 2.5 m cord length. Also it is quite powerful with 2400W and a 300 ml water tank capacity. Its patented dual steam chambers optimise the steam pressure and deeply penetrate in the fabric. In this way, the ironing job finishes much more quickly and efficiently.
This iron is a frequent choice among Australians and they are generally satisfied with its performance, though they wish it would have been less loud when working. The automatic shut-down option and the fact that it does not drip water on the garments are highly praised characteristics. It also has a sound alarm that triggers once you leave it for a while which serves as a reminder that the iron is still on. Some people like this feature, others find it annoying.

11. Kambrook Steamline Detach Steam Iron

Convenient, easy to operate and great affordability

This iron is unique in its fully detachable 180 ml water tank, suitable for tap water. If you are a fan of choosing your own temperature and steam controls then you should consider this iron. Also, it has up to 3 ways of auto-off safety protection modes that turn the iron off when unattended.
The Kambrook Steamline Detach Steam Iron heats up very quickly, as it has less water in its tank and a 2200W power for steaming actions. The FabriGlide soleplate glides smoothly and effortlessly over all ironable fabrics. It also has an option for a powerful shot of steam if you need some extra power on thick fabrics or stubborn creases. The anti-drip system and self-cleaning functions are among the benefits of this iron, ensuring long life and great performance.
When using this iron on delicates, it requires caution in managing the temperature and types of material (especially clothes of linen fabric). However, the steaming performance and de-wrinkling it provides, as well as the fact that it is not a burden on your budget are among the highly praised features. It has a good 3 m cord length and offers a possibility for vertical steaming of curtains or refreshing your upholstery.

Features to look for when choosing an iron

Most of the irons and steam generators offer similar functions, but not all models adhere to the same standards. There are some things that differentiate irons when comparing them. Almost all items on our list are with a 2400W power, relative cord length (2.5 – 3 m), anti-drip system and optimal heating time.

Prior to starting the iron, always read thoroughly and carefully the manual instructions from the manufacturer and get acquainted with all the facts you need to know about the product. This will ensure that you use it properly, safely and harmlessly. Also, by adequately maintaining it, you will be able to use it for many years.

Here’s some features you should look for when choosing your next iron.

Temperature and steam settings

You may choose out of an automatic settings type iron or one with a manual setup of the temperature and steam pressure. Usually the automatic ones should adapt to the material, but some people prefer to adjust it according to their own preferences when handling more delicate fabrics.

Also, it is useful if the iron has a possibility to produce steam in a vertical position; it is super convenient for suits, dresses, even curtains or other upholstery. The irons differ in the amount of steam they produce, and this results in their performance. 

Water tank and iron weight

The regular steam irons have a relatively small water tank capacity of around 200 – 400 ml. However, this is enough to provide you with a continuous steam of about one hour, it is easy to refill them and the water heats quickly. As the water tank is attached on the iron itself, they are heavier than the ones featuring a generator.

The steam generators have larger water tanks or around 1.3 – 2l and it takes approximately 1.5 – 2 min to heat it. Also, there is a separate generator full of water that ensures you several hours of steady ironing and a lightweight, feather like iron. 

Soleplate design

Soleplates may be ceramic, stainless steel or anodised aluminium. It is best if you have a non-stick type of soleplate, and most of the products on our list are of this type. In this way, you will reduce the likelihood of burning more gentle garments. The most innovative irons feature a scratch-resistant soleplate which is easy to clean. 

Automatic shut-off

Whether you rushed out of home to work or ran to the kitchen to check the dinner, it is very good to know that this feature is included in your iron. Not only is it extremely helpful in avoiding any major accidents, but also it is super convenient if you have small children at home. 

Cleaning and maintenance

The irons may build a large amount of calcium and limescale. That is why they require impeccable maintenance if you want effective performance and long life of your device. Some models have a self-cleaning system that automatically cleans the appliance, while others have extra parts that need to be manually cleaned and handled. 

Price and warranty

The prices of the irons vary in the range of $40 – $200, while on the steam generators $200 – $500 and they usually have one or two years of guarantee of the products.