12 Best Electric Kettles in Australia for the Kitchen

Whether it’s for a morning caffeine kick to jump start the day, or a cosy cuppa to relax in the evenings, every great kitchen needs a great kettle. Sleek and quiet, glass or steel, find your new best bevvy buddy with this guide to buy the best kettle in Australia this year.

best kettle australia

There’s nothing like waking up to your morning ritual: slide into some fuzzy slippers, turn on the music, and stand over the kettle for your morning hot cup of coffee or tea. Electric kettles are the staple of every Australian kitchen.

We use kettles so frequently it can be easy to take them for granted, but they are the kitchen classics above even toasters for versatility and daily use. You really notice the difference once you’re stuck without one. Boiling water on the stove for a couple of days fast reveals the true worth of your humble little kitchen companion.
A good kettle is an inexpensive investment that will save you time and effort for years and years, although some of the latest models can make a tempting argument to upgrade early! It may not seem like the most glamorous purchase, but a sleek new kettle and toaster set is a fast way to change the look and accent of your kitchen, without the expense of new paint or tiles.

Gone are the days of our grandparents’ charred stovetop kettles that made that horrible whistling noise when they were done. Nowadays, we have sleek and quiet kettles, beautiful glass kettles, and some are even programmable to your favourite temperature!

With so many great looking and high quality kettle brands out there, it can be hard to know where to start. So grab your favourite mug, kick back, and let us guide you through our top 12 best kettles in Australia for this year.

Breville the Soft Top Pure

1. Breville the Soft Top Pure

Excellent design with soft-open top and cordless convenience

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The best kettle in Australia is certainly the Breville Soft Top Pure. The latest in their super popular Soft Top series, the Pure is just more of those same great features we love, with the newer additional ability to go cordless for the ultimate convenient cuppa.
Cordless is the future for all the newest kettles on the market, and this Breville is making a strong stride for the trend. The Pure has a multi directional base with cord storage wrap, concealing a 2400 watt element for fast boiling.
The Soft Top series is so named for their signature safety opening, an easy to press button that releases the lid slowly to avoid splashing or steam burns, requiring no balance of strength and control from the user. Opening most kettle lids is such a dangerous and effortful task it seems absurd that all kettles don’t have this safety design as standard.
The dual sided water window is large and easy to see with capacity up to 1.7 litres, and the soft grip ergonomic handle keeps large amounts of water balanced in your hand. Pouring feels comfortable and manageable, an important feature that can be hard to find.

Sunbeam Café Series Quiet Shield

2. Sunbeam Café Series Quiet Shield

A feature-filled smart kettle perfect for precision temperature boiling

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Black tea and coffee drinkers will fall in love with this smart kettle with variable temperature controls and countdown timer. If that’s not enough, the Quiet Shield is the quietest kettle for early risers that don’t want to wake the whole family.
Variable temperature controls are the huge time saver you didn’t know you needed. People that enjoy green tea will want water no hotter than 80 degrees to avoid that bitter scorched taste, and this avoids the guesswork and time cost of waiting for the kettle to cool. Black tea or coffee is too hot without milk, and by the time it’s cool enough you’ve forgotten to drink it.
This kettle lets you enjoy your cuppa right away by boiling to your optimal heat for green tea, white tea, oolong, or coffee. An LCD screen is nice and visible at the controls, to show you what temperature you’re boiling to and how much time is left to boil.
Families with babies will also love the sterilising function, that continues a rolling boil for 5 minutes to ensure the water is safe for babies to drink from the bottle.

Russell Hobbs Brooklyn Kettle

3. Russell Hobbs Brooklyn Kettle

The quietest kettle with perfectly balanced shape and fast boiling

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This stylish kettle in matte black with copper accents is a beautiful ode to coffee and a great stable kettle for long lasting daily use.
The first thing to notice is how quiet this kettle is, you can boil all 1.7 litres with impressive speed, and the quiet “shhh” will not bother anyone sleeping nearby.
The true beauty comes in when you first turn on the kettle to reveal the illuminated blue light in the water window, attractively lighting up the kettle so you can easily see the dial in low light. The blue light against matte black and copper trim is a real modern-meets-classic aesthetic that looks stunningly impressive.
One thing so important to heavy items you use every day, is the shape and design that can make a product awkward or easy to use. The Brooklyn kettle has excellent balance and a sturdy smooth handle that feels great to use. The pouring spout is thoughtfully shaped to ensure a single stream for precision pouring without splashes or drips.
With removable anti scale filter and lengthy 2 year warranty, this trendy kettle brings a relaxed and rustic look to your kitchen with great functionality and super fast boiling.

De'Longhi Distinta Moments

4. De'Longhi Distinta Moments

An elegant design that both matches and enhances modern kitchens and offices

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This beautiful kettle brings a subtle luxurious touch to your kitchen or office with cordless functionality and gorgeous matte finish. The light weight and classy modern design makes this the best electric kettle to bring in and out for guests.
The large 1.7 litre capacity is marked out on down the spine, semi-hidden behind the handle, contributing to that sleek look. Also hidden is the cord, when you want to bring the kettle to the office for those long meetings. The cord coils up neatly inside the fully detachable swivel base, for full freedom of movement and non-slip feet for added safety.
Other safety features include auto shut off at boil, auto shut off on removal, thermal cut off to protect the element, and anti scale filter to prevent formation of limescale.
De’Longhi also sells a matching toaster and Nespresso machine with similarly high reviews, for those looking for the ultimate matching style set.

Breville the Compact Kettle Clear

5. Breville the Compact Kettle Clear

The best glass kettle for light portability and ultra fast boiling

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This compact cutie is the same high quality and features Breville are famous for, this time set in durable, thermal shockproof German glass, with stainless steel trim.
Kettles boil at a huge energy cost, and for households with only one or two people, every re-boil of the standard 1.7L kettle wastes a month of electricity for running the fridge! This ultra light 1L compact kettle cuts the costs without cutting quality, for the ultimate in tea for two.
The premium glass will never crack with temperature changes and is stain resistant, a fantastic window for seeing the boiling progress at a glance. Many people love glass kettles, not only because it looks great, but because you can also see early buildup of impurities and intervene before it catches.
Ergonomic handle and feather light build make this kettle a dream to hold and pour wherever you want, with 360 degree swivel base to go cordless for even more freedom around the house.
Finally, Breville’s Soft Top lid is a safety must, to easily allow the lid to open in a controlled way without splashing.

Morphy Richards Aspect Cork

6. Morphy Richards Aspect Cork

A high quality quiet kettle with a quirky corky design

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This unique kettle is a quirky addition to any home kitchen, with all the features you want with quality materials and craftsmanship. The cork effect on the base and handle looks natural without looking plastic and tacky, and leaves a great impression due to its premium matte finish.
Sections of the 1.5 litre capacity are marked to be easily visible through the large water window under the handle, sitting over the illuminated on/off switch, ideal for finding what’s important in the wee hours with low light.
The lid has a ring pull handle which is perfectly safe and removes easily, but will require you to be mindful about the direction the steam will travel when opening.
The Aspect Cork also features a removable limescale filter to keep your water its cleanest, and failsafe electricity cut off to protect your product from surges. It also comes with a nice 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, double the standard length.

De'Longhi Icona Capitals

7. De'Longhi Icona Capitals

The eye-catching statement kettle that’s simple and long lasting

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When your priority is decorating your kitchen with class and taste, but you also need a functional kettle that lasts, De’Longhi is a safe bet. The Icona Capitals series is an artistic set of bold colours inspired by the world’s greatest cities, and we can’t deny we have a soft spot for the “Sydney” in Opera House white.
The kettle itself is great to use, with a large satisfying switch, bottom heavy shape for stability, and lid that pops firmly. The top does take a little strength to remove, but the tight seal created helps keep in heat for a faster boil and slower cool down.
Safety protection comes with auto shut off at boil or removal, and auto thermal cut off to protect the stainless steel concealed element. The shape of the kettle and its base really contributes to this too, with the base fully detachable for cordless functionality with flat non slip feet.

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle

8. Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle

An economic take on smart kettles with OLED screen and variable temperature controls

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With temperature monitor and digital controls at the touch of your thumb, the Viomi is a futuristic smart kettle at a fraction of the price.
With a sleek matte finish, simplicity is the theme of the design here, despite the high tech features. The element inside is fast, and the stainless steel will cope with daily boiling without producing harmful substances like plastic and is resistant to limescale.
The smart features are all handily located on the handle, where an HD OLED screen displays the current water temperature with two easy touch buttons for boil to 100 degrees, or warm to one of 4 settings for milk powder, baby rice powder, tea, or coffee.
Despite only 1800 watts, the kettle boils water quickly, comparable with 2400 watt competitors. Safety features such as auto shut off at boil and auto cut off to protect from dry burn are all tested to Australian standards.
Only complaint from us is that there’s no water window, which adds to the look but will mean overfilling your boil, which wastes energy.

Morphy Richards Accents

9. Morphy Richards Accents

The fast and reliable mini kettle that fits anywhere

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This mighty metallic mini machine is a great compact kettle for personal use, with fast boiling and easy manoeuvrability for the easiest cup of tea. Morphy Richards Accents is the best non plastic kettle for light weight and freedom of portability, in beautiful brushed stainless steel.
The small compact body is the perfect size for two large cups of coffee before you need to re-boil. The look and size fit perfectly with small kitchens and student dorms, and the 360 degree swivel base means the handle can slide to wherever it takes up less space.
A hinged lid releases easily with a single button, and the light 650 grams body weight makes it easy to fill and place effortlessly. The ergonomic handle is sturdy and despite the lightness, the kettle feels solid and high quality.
The water window is large and one of the clearest we’ve seen, and the illuminated on off switch helps visibility for use in low light.
With a removable limescale filter and generous 2 year warranty, this little kettle is a guaranteed companion for true tea lovers.

Sunbeam Diamond Kettle

10. Sunbeam Diamond Kettle

The fastest kettle for large groups

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At home in the office or large family kitchen, this stylish kettle with diamond trim is safe to touch and lightning fast, making it a great kettle for meetings or mornings in your madhouse.
The balance and shape make this kettle feel very light and compact, and without water the kettle feels almost toy-like in its sturdy large grip handle. The lid releases with a single easy button under the thumb with only a light press.

At capacity, this kettle can boil 7 cups of water in a matter of a couple of minutes thanks to the ultra fast boil 2200 watt concealed element. Even with several boils, the outside of the body is merely warm, making it safe for bumps and clumsy hands.

Despite its impressive metallic look, this kettle is actually mostly plastic in the body, with only the base and concealed element in stainless steel. This should not be an issue if clean water is the only thing to enter the kettle, but if impurities start to build up after several years, the kettle should be replaced rather than de-scaled.

Russell Hobbs York Kettle

11. Russell Hobbs York Kettle

The simple kettle that performs decently well in all areas

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For a long-lasting kettle with the safety features you need and none of the extras you don’t, this is a simple kettle that handles well, boils well, and pours well.

The push button releases the lid on a spring, which makes the kettle fast to fill, and sits on a 360 degree swivel base making it easy to place. The easy dolly switch lights up red when on, making it easy to see when finished without any annoying beeping.

The concealed 2400 watt element is a nice fast boil, covered in simple brushed stainless steel for easy cleaning. The water window is made of BPA free plastic, not glass, so be aware of this if you have strong plastic concerns.

Kambrook Pour with Ease

12. Kambrook Pour with Ease

A super light kettle that offers extra features for an affordable price

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An economic value kettle, this Kambrook is a basic model that’s light, quiet, and long-lasting. If you need a cheapie kettle to do the job, this one has a great pour that won’t spill, and will keep the water inside warm for more than one cup without re-boiling.

BPA free plastic makes up the body of the kettle, giving it great lightness even when filled to its 1.7 litre capacity. BPA free plastic will never release toxic particles during the boiling process, making it perfectly safe to drink, but it’s good to be aware that several years of use can build up a certain taste due to collected impurities.

The multi-directional swivel model allows the kettle to sit at any angle for lefties and righties without moving the base unit. The lid release is an easy touch pop-up lid that allows easy and fast filling.

Dual water windows are large and clearly marked to view water levels easily, and the dolly switch is illuminated to immediately show whether the water is currently boiling.
Safety features include auto shut off and removable limescale filter, making it easy to clean and maintain.