The 10 Best Maternity Bras for Breastfeeding

If you are expecting a baby, or just gave birth and started those breastfeeding sessions, we highly recommend getting a nursing bra as part of your maternity wear, so here’s a list of the 10 best maternity bras in Australia for new mums.

best maternity bras australia

A maternity bra is a must-have for breastfeeding women. The reason is very simple, when baby arrives, your regular bra will not be able to adapt to your changing breasts, both in size and sensitivity. You will need a flexible and comfortable bra that will make your life easier, and the pain more bearable.

Some of the most common features of all nursing bras are their practicality, stretchy material, smooth and silky feeling on your skin and of course, easy access to your breasts.

Especially in their first couple of months, babies need their intimacy with mum, as they will find it hard to get used to life outside the womb. While spending most of the time with your little one, make sure to be in the best possible mood and comfort. A good bra will definitely help.

We understand the frustration of mastering breastfeeding, especially if this is your first time, your little hungry baby is crying and you are trying to get ready as fast as possible. These top 10 maternity bras come with an easy open-and-close clip, super convenient and quick to use whenever and wherever you need.

In this buying guide, we made sure to cover all the needs and features. We did the research for you, all these nursing bras have been carefully selected by our team, so you can sit back and get the one you prefer in terms of size, type and price point.

1. Medela Maternity and Nursing Bra

Supreme stretchable nursing bra

This is a premium maternity bra and one of the best nursing bras available on the Australian market. Its unique wire-free, seam-free, and tag-free design makes it very flexible and every mother’s necessity.

Providing excellent support and understanding your breast size fluctuations, this bra will definitely be one of your favourite ones. Also, it is highly recommended by lactation consultants as appropriate for the nursing period.

The best feature of this maternity bra is the stretch fabric that adjusts to the changing shape of the breasts. Mummies especially like the possibility to open and close the nursing clip with just one-hand enabling them to hold their baby with the other while preparing for nursing.

The Medela Maternity and Nursing Bra is specially designed for maximum comfort, due to its adjustable fit. The most surprising thing is that though it is very soft and ultra stretchy, it lifts and supports just where needed and it is completely invisible under clothing. As women’s bodies change during pregnancy and after giving birth, this bra simply adapts to your needs, making it easy to breastfeed your baby anywhere and anytime.

2. Mamaway Second Skin Seamless

Stretchable cup size for large breasts

The ability to stretch up to 3 cups of its size, still providing the greatest structural support is what makes the Mamaway one of the best maternity bras for large breasts. It will provide you with the ultimate comfort and adjustability, with its practical one-piece moulded design.

Its extended bra hooks cater to your changing under bust, while the adjustable shoulder straps are ideal for varying breast sizes.
The Mamaway Second Skin Seamless distributes weight so evenly, that it helps in preventing back pain. Also, this bra is antibacterial and odourless and it is a perfect solution for both pregnancy and nursing. You will be able to feed your baby effortlessly, as it features drop-down clips that may be opened and fastened with just one hand. Also, it opens widely, giving you so much space for a comfortable feeding process.
It truly feels like your second skin as it is such a quality fabric and practically invisible under clothing without the underwire. It stays strong due to its premium fabric from nylon and spandex mixture and comes in several colours of nude, purple and black.

3. Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

Luxuriously soft fabric, adapting to your shape

This is one of the top ultimate seamless, comfortable and wire-free nursing tops. Whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as your body changes, you will have to provide your breasts with a comfortable feeling. This nursing bra has the key to provide you with that quality nursing experience, due to its unique features and design.

The Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra is for any time and place, whether staying at home with your baby or when out and about in the park or shopping, you will get the support you need. It has a possibility to stretch in 4 ways, as the fabric quickly adapts to your shape and it comes with removable foam inserts for additional shape and discretion. Also, the knit-in zones around the bra cup provide excellent lift and support.
The ‘B’ nursing bra clips allow the cup to completely drop-down for skin-to-skin contact, so you are perfectly connected with your baby. Very easy to open and close with just one hand, this bra has many sizes to choose from. It comes in many colours, so you may choose from black, butterscotch, ivory and pink ice.

4. Bonds Maternity Wirefree Contour Bra

Extra supportive and stretchable bra

This Australian design is one of the mums’ favourite brands as it is remarkably comfortable and flattering. It is made from cotton and elastin, making it a stretchy and smooth fabric with adjustable bra straps. Wire-free, yet so supportive, this bra is so easy to open with just a one-handed nursing clip. The inside is with a removable foam cup so that it helps create a smooth and even silhouette, specifically designed to satisfy any mother’s needs.

The Bonds Maternity Wirefree Contour Bra makes the nursing preparation time much quicker with the dropdown cup for feeding baby with ease. It has a minimalist design, but it’s still a well-contoured nursing bra for any size and perfect all-day support.
This practical maternity bra is crafted to give a flattering shape and is a must among mums. You may choose from a variety of colours and enjoy your days in comfort and style without any worries.

Even more, during the course of your pregnancy, when your body is experiencing changes, this premium quality stretchy bra will make your days much more pleasant, so you can look and feel fabulous.

5. Berlei Barely There Cotton Rich

Designed for comfort and enjoyment

This maternity wire-free bra is made of soft and breathable cotton-rich fabric inside and out, for mom’s extra comfort. The bra provides simplicity and convenience due to the seam-free cups and the comfortable padded front straps with extendable padded hook and eye.

It is very suitable for any occasion, providing great support, no matter the size. You may choose from black, white or soft powder or make a combination of more of them.
Feeding will be very quick and stress-free, this bra has a one-hand nursing clip and supportive panel. The bra delicately shapes on the contours of your body, as the design fits perfectly to any age, size or shape. You will feel absolutely confident and stress relieved, as you will barely feel the bra on your skin.

The Berlei Barely There Cotton Rich nursing bra is such a stylish and comfortable nursing bra designed to support breastfeeding. It is a very thoughtful design, made with so much love and mums in mind. With a 100-year-old tradition in the bras industry, this Australian company offers this truly amazing product for perfect satisfaction and mother’s comfort during the first days of motherhood. Definitely one of our favourites.

6. Bonds Maternity Wirefree Crop Bra

Ultimate stretch, double-layer bra

The excellent feature of this bra is the maximum stretch and the double-layered, boasting minimal seams. It opens with only one hand and the maternity clip drops-down for a smooth feeding process. Also, it features removable foam cup inserts, as to create a more even silhouette. This is a bra with a great mix of comfy features, and the support you need just in the right places.

The Bonds Maternity Wirefree Crop Bra might transform into your favourite bra and you will not want to remove it ever. Very comfortable racer-back style bra, that is cotton-rich and seam-free. Also, the fabric is super soft matt elastic, and there are varieties of colours to choose from. The ultimate product for every day engineered to help mothers feel confident in their vulnerable moments.

This is one of mum’s favourite designs and the reason is the simplicity and comfort it offers. The all-day-long support it gives, while still enabling a contoured shape makes it the perfect choice for mums. Created to last, this is a good product for both pregnancy and breastfeeding, as it cuddles your body and adjusts accordingly.

7. WingsLove Seamless Nursing Bra

Mother friendly and super comfortable model

This bra is a wire-free, seamless-type with full-coverage design. Very easy to attach and reattach with the one hand clip for quick access to the breasts. Made of 93% nylon and 7% spandex, a great mixture for a super soft and breathable fabric that will make you feel comfortable during the day.

The WingsLove Seamless Nursing Bra also comes with removable nursing pads which are designed to reduce friction. It has a wide and stretchy bottom band that perfectly supports your breasts. Also, this will prevent sagging and loosening of the bra. The straps also have an adjustable design. Created for either pregnancy period or breastfeeding, your delicate body will feel nothing but comfort with this nursing bra.
This maternity bra with a flattering shape is super comfortable and affordable, making it one of the best nursing bras on the Australian market. The cups provide maximum coverage, but there are also some size extensions to fit every mother. It offers you a range of colours to choose from black, red, ivory and nude.

8. Medela Maternity and Nursing Tank Top

Ultimate comfort and an extended silhouette

This is ideal for cold weather and your body will thank you for considering this premium product to cuddle your sensitive skin. It has a special design with many benefits to offer. While providing you with a comfortable feeling, it is also excellent for tummy-slimming and creating a flattering figure.

The Medela Maternity and Nursing Tank is made from soft, breathable cotton fabric, wire and seam-free, and extends your silhouette. Convenient length, as you may still cover your body with more layers and have easy access for nursing. The bra is wire and seam-free, gives excellent support and it also features an easy one-hand open-and-close clip, making the whole process a piece of cake.

Very easy for wearing in pregnancy or while nursing, it features full drop cups that make the breastfeeding process much easier. It is created for mothers with an active lifestyle, as it is discreet, but still comfortable enough to wear it while sleeping. No matter your age, style, size or occasion, this ultimate top is a must for every mother, as it will perfectly fit in your wardrobe and on your body.

9. Medela Easy Expression Bustier

Practical, comfy and super quick-expression bustier

This expression bustier is created for easier and hands-free pumping. It perfectly adapts to the body, thus providing the ultimate fit and comfort so that you can have an enjoyable experience while expressing breastmilk. The fabric of the bustier is stretchy and it has superior no-slip support. This is an excellent maternity product, designed for busy mothers.

The Medela Easy Expression Bustier comes with an integrated top hook, simply zip it up and you are ready to go. It just adapts as your body changes and makes your life so much easier. It is designed to be used with all Medela double electric breast pumps, so you are double reducing the pumping time. A reliable and very convenient item for everyday usage, it is simply a unique experience in your rare moments of privacy.
This expression bustier bra will add confidence and make you feel like a super mum, as you can easily use it at any time, whether at home or work, your baby will never be deprived of their mummy’s superfood. For your best convenience, the material of the bustier, 85% nylon, 15% spandex/elastin, is machine-washable.

10. Gratlin Removable Pads Wirefree

A mixture of simplicity and functionality

This bra is very similar to the sports bras, simple, comfortable and suitable for nursing sessions. It is wire-free and seam-free with a front clip down function and enables you to have maximum comfort. The most special full coverage design is modest, yet with perfect support and comfort. The high panelled front makes you feel super comfy as your breasts stay in position and allow you to move with confidence.

The Gratlin Removable Pads Wirefree is the one of the most convenient bras for breastfeeding, as the soft stretch cups adapt to your shape both during pregnancy and afterwards. It is on this list for a reason, as it provides just the support mother needs, while still enjoying its smooth, silky and stretchy touch.

You can find it in black, beige and silver-grey colour, and it is an excellent product with a good price and great functionality features. It is designed to prevent sagging, with an additional side panel to support ribbing and side sling. It is super comfortable, so you might even sleep with the bra. With all the features that breastfeeding moms love, this is one of the ultimate products, simple and stylish enough to fit your everyday outfit with ease.

How to choose the best maternity bra

Breastfeeding is not an easy task. However, mothers mastered it for centuries as it is very natural, but also the most convenient and healthiest way to feed your infant. It is normal in the first months of motherhood to experience an increase of sensitivity and emotionality, blame it on the hormonal changes.

You have a tiny human to take care of, and might find it hard to get enough sleep, but it won’t be like that forever. That is why you should get the most comfortable products by your side so your journey can be a tad easier.

The maternity bra can be worn during your pregnancy, as well as after giving birth, making it practically an essential item of your collection. Some mothers find it more suitable to sleep with the bra, as this solves the leaking problem, and these types of bras will make that process much easier as they are practically invisible on your body and you won’t feel them at all.

Due to changes in the size of the breasts on a daily basis, the Australian Breastfeeding Association recommends a wire-free breastfeeding bra. The wire might put some pressure on the breast and if it is fuller it may increase the risk of blocked milk ducts or creation of mastitis. This is the main reason, though there are some flexible nursing bras with wires that customise well enough.

With so many maternity bras on the market, it is overwhelming and very difficult to find the perfect one, without any knowledge of the body changes that will come afterwards. That is why we’ve listed several features to consider before shopping, so you can be an expert in choosing the right bra.

Material. You may find various mixtures of materials on the market and in choosing from diversities it is most important to feel it comfortable on your body and to be able to stretch enough, as your breasts will constantly change their shape, so you will need the most adaptable one. The elasticity will provide you with the necessary flexibility and adjustability to the constantly changing body and breasts.

Comfort and design. The best nursing bras are the ones that combine comfort and practicality. Look for one that is not only super comfortable but also with some stylish details. From wireless and seamless, up to excellent breast support, the range of choice is large and versatile.

Easy to open. The nursing clips of the bra must be easy to attach and detach, with one hand, as you will hold your hungry baby with the other. This is essentially all you need to know about the bra to simplify the process of feeding and make it quicker.

Price and Cleaning. You will use this product only for a while, and you will probably need to buy two or three due to maintenance and frequent washing. Therefore, you don’t have to spend a fortune for a bra and there are many affordable maternity bras on the market that will easily transfer into your favourite bra afterwards as they are super comfy. The bras are usually hand washed and in this way they last longer, as they are quite delicate.