Best Mop in Australia: Our Top 12 Picks for Every Floor Type

Traditional, dry, flat or spray mop, here’s a comprehensive buying guide with the best mops in Australia, for all budgets and for every need, so you can narrow your search and get the right one for you.

best mop australia

The satisfaction of having a clean and disinfected house is priceless, especially if you have small children or pets at home. It does not have to involve a lot of hard work or high-tech products to reach the results you want. You simply need to find the right and most suitable mop materials in accordance with your floor type at work or home.

The best mop for you is one that helps you finish the job quickly and efficiently, it is reliable, easy to use and convenient to store. You can’t even imagine the change you will experience by simply upgrading your mopping tools.

Types of mops

Before getting to the list of mops, let’s have a quick look at the different types we can choose from.

  • Traditional mop. This type is excellent for heavy-duty home cleaning, built to last and excellent for either professional or home use. These mops feature a certain type of bucket wringer (spinner or press wringer) that helps you extract the extra water of the mop.
  • Dry mop. This type of mop is designed for cleaning dust, hair or dirt from the floors. The head mop material is convenient for removing the content without even a drop of water. Some of the models on our list offer a possibility for both dry and wet cleaning, due to the cloth material.
  • Flat mop. This type of mop is ideal for maintaining clean large areas, without using a lot of water and still obtaining a hygienic surface. They are convenient for everyday use and most effective for use in warehouses, shops, decks or other places without a lot of furniture. They are also good for quick shining of the exterior of your car.
  • Spray mop. This mop has a refillable bottle attached on the pole and a button on the handle that triggers the spraying while you are mopping. It is an excellent replacement of a bucket and very convenient to add some extra disinfectant, vinegar or essential oil in the water instead of mopping several times.

Whether you are a fan of the traditional mop and bucket system, spray or dust mops, or a mop with a microfiber head, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve reviewed 12 of the best mops on the Australian market today, with some truly extraordinary features. Our detailed review offers the relevant information you need to make a decision quickly. Also, at the end we’ll give you some tips on what to look for when choosing a mop.

Boomjoy Microfiber Flat Mop

1. Boomjoy Microfiber Flat Mop

The best flat mop and bucket system

Price AUD: $52.99

Our top pick for the best spray mop in Australia is the Boomjoy Microfiber Flat Mop. Whether you want to clean wood, cement, marble, tile, vinyl, stone, bamboo or glass floors, this microfiber mop pad can be used safely on all these surface types. It has a pole made of stainless steel, a handle made of premium foam, PP bucket and 3 microfiber pads which absorb water quickly, easily hook hair and remove dust.

The Boomjoy Microfiber Flat Mop is also one of the best mop and bucket sets, perfect for your spring clean. Upgraded from its previous version in order to provide a hands-free bucket-and-mop system, you won’t need to have any hand in contact with the dirty mop pads.

The mop head itself has a 360° swivel joint for easy joint and slot cleaning, removing dust and stains from every corner. After you place the mop into the water, you should put the wet mop into the dry side and it will wring out by a simple push and pull motion.

The handle and bucket design are quite sturdy, though we hope for some improvements in the length of the pole with newer versions. It is somewhat short, especially for taller people and there is no additional pole attachment. Nevertheless, we consider this mop as a great choice for home use or by professional cleaners.

Boomjoy 3-in-1 Flat Spray Mop

2. Boomjoy 3-in-1 Flat Spray Mop

Mop, Spray, and sweep - Our top pick for best microfibre spray mop

Price AUD: --

If you are not a fan of dragging a bucket full of water around the house, the Boomjoy Flat Spray Mop allows you to move around effortlessly, while delivering a convenient solution with its 3-in-1 functionality.

The Boomjoy Spray Mop can be used for both dry and wet cleaning, and is best for vinyl planks. This mop has a gentle yet high-density microfiber pad that absorbs water quickly and easily picks up the dust, hair, and dirt. It comes with an in-built rotating bristle brush roller, making cleaning hard floors and short pile rugs a breeze.

With a 360 degree swivel joint, you’ll be able to reach any corner or narrow space. The design of the mop features a refillable 400ml water bottle which you can add disinfectant to for better cleaning results. Simply fill the bottle with water and your favorite cleaning solution, then spray as much or as little liquid as you desire.

The Boomjoy comes with a sturdy steel-made handle and pole with an ergonomic trigger handle allowing you to clean your floors without having to bend down. This mop is a lot more durable in comparison to other models made from plastics, and comes with machine washable microfiber cloths for quick and easy cleaning.

360 Degree Rotating Spin Mop

3. 360 Degree Rotating Spin Mop

Functional and durable mopping system

Suitable for any smooth surface and thorough cleaning, this rotating spin mop is one of the best mops in Australia, with some excellent features at hand. It has some great details such as a splash guard, drain hole and cleaning dispenser which will help you finish your home cleaning process,  while minimising any inconveniences. This mopping set definitely offers much more than just a traditional mop and bucket system.

The 360 Degree Rotating Spin Mop has an innovative design, featuring a sturdy material and wheels on the bucket. The rotating, electrostatic mop head is super absorbent, made of microfiber and is easily detachable for machine washing. The extended handle is also fully adjustable from 85 cm to 128 cm, suitable for different heights. With a bucket capacity of 11 L, you can easily add floor cleaners through the soap dispenser attached, maneuvering the bucket around the house using the wheels.

The material of the entire set is made of stainless steel, with an extendable and adjustable handle and 4 round microfiber mop heads making this mop great value for money. You won’t have to worry about it rusting or breaking.

Magic Spin Mop and Bucket Set

 Best For Laminate Floors 

4. Magic Spin Mop and Bucket Set

Foot pedal regulated rotating mop, featuring a scrub brush

Price AUD: $45.99

If you are looking for something more than just plain mopping of the floor, then this set offers some good options, especially for pet lovers. It is easy to use due to the fact that not only you can use the foot pedal and have your hands-free, but also you can directly press the handle to customize the moisture level.

Great for regular and deep cleaning, the Magic Spin Mop and Bucket Set is one of the best mops for laminate floor, tiles and wood, as it features a strong brush head for effortless scrubbing. The mop head has two functions: the microfiber cloths can be used for wet or dry cleaning (very good for removing hair), while the brush mop head can be used for removing stubborn stains on floors and ceilings. You can even use your foot for changing the mop head.

We find it especially convenient that you can lock the handle after finishing the mopping and you are provided with 3 washable microfiber mop head replacements.  With a 360 degree swivel function, the entire mop can easily reach every corner in your home. The best part is the Splash Guard which keeps dirty water splashes and sprays inside the bucket.

Sabco Rinse N Wring

5. Sabco Rinse and Wring Flat Mop

A compact mop and bucket system, deal for hard floor surfaces

Price AUD: $101.70

The Sabco Rinse and Wring brings effortless cleaning with no splash back. This mop and bucket system is suitable for large indoor floors, ideal for timber, vinyl, tiles, polished concrete or any hard floor surface. It is even good to use in large clear areas such as gymnasiums and halls.

With a soft grip handle for comfort whilst mopping, this mop comes equipped with a dual chamber bucket with twin wash and dry power blades that allow you to clean and dry your mop hands free. It has been designed slimline and compact for cleaning flexibility and easy storage. The 2 microfiber pads provided can be used for wet or dry cleaning as the microfiber material is great at attracting and lifting dust from hard surfaces.

Although the bucket is made from plastic, the 130cm pole is made from sturdy aluminium. Just keep in mind some of the joining parts of the mop head are made from plastic and may require a softer touch to avoid breakage. With microfiber mop pads that are machine washable, cleaning up is quick and easy.

Pullman 16L Mop Bucket & 2 Mop Heads

6. Pullman 16L Mop Bucket & 2 Mop Heads

Effortless and effective cleaning

This is a classical heavy duty mop and bucket system, with some upgraded features that make it good enough for both home use or by professional cleaners. It is suitable to use on any smooth surface or floor type, featuring 2 mop heads and 16 L bucket. The 1.5 m handle is made of aluminium and it is easy to attach the mop head in place.

The Pullman Bucket & Mop functions through a pedal arm system to easily wring out the mop. Very simple and easy to use, this mop is highly praised for its reliability and simplicity. The mop heads are quite lightweight, but made of high quality material, which make the mopping process much more convenient.

Though the bucket is made of plastic, the bucket handle and the pedal arm are made of a sturdier steel material, which ensures durability of the product. Still, you should be careful not to break the bucket, as the entire system would fail to be used appropriately. The spring might be weaker than you expect, but it works as intended and gives satisfactory results.

Mr. Siga Professional Microfiber Mop

 Best For Wooden Floor 

7. Mr. Siga Professional Microfiber Mop

Versatile, long-lasting and highly practical mop

Price AUD: $36.99

If you are looking for a mop that can be used for wet and dry cleaning, the Mr. Siga is the best mop especially for wooden floors and on a number of other floor types (tile, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, waxing, marble). 

Apart from cleaning floors, it is also very effective for cleaning windows, cars, and stairs. This set features a dust removal scrubber and 3 double-sided microfiber and plush mop cloths, alongside the 360 degree swivel pole with a double locking telescopic system.

The MR. SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop adopts an innovative fabric clip-on design that firmly holds the cloth in place. The change of the machine washable cloth is also a simple procedure, very easy to perform. And the extended handle can be locked in a position that best suits you.

Excellent for using on the tiles in your kitchen and bathroom, and one of the best for wooden floors in your living space. It is able to effectively attract fine dust and hair particles. And the ability to wax and shine your hardwood floors with the plush cloth is a highly praised feature. Though the handle is made of plastic, the material is quite sturdy and high quality, so there is no need to worry about it breaking.

Sabco Compact Spin Mop Set

8. Sabco Compact Spin Mop Set

Compact design and easy to use

Price AUD: $38.98

This quality mop is ideal for any smooth indoor surface, and it is one of the best for wooden floors, due to its greater control of water release. It has an efficient spinning system, as well as a 360-degree mop head which gives you good hand control and enables you to easily clean every single corner of your home.

The Sabco Compact Spin Mop Set includes a replaceable microfiber mop head, an extendable metal handle and a round bucket. Once you clean a certain area with the mop, simply rinse it and spin the mop until it is dry. The spinning action triggers the drying of the mop in the same chamber.

It is very lightweight and comes with a good spin motion so you can effortlessly drain the excess water from the mop head. The mop head is machine washable; although you could use a laundry bag to minimise the “wear and tear”. Even though it looks bulky, it is actually quite compact for storage. Just be sure that the mop head is completely dry prior to storing it, as it might create mould otherwise. This cleaning essential kit is completely hand operated, no foot pedals here, this is an entirely manual job.

Spray Mop Microfiber Flat Mop

 Best For Tiles 

9. Spray Mop Microfiber Flat Mop

Built for heavy-duty and effortless cleaning

Price AUD: $21.99

If you are looking for an easy spray mop, best for kitchen or bathroom tiles, but also versatile for other household floor types, such as hardwood, vinyl or laminate, this mop can tackle all the hard jobs for you. It is ideal for offices, shops, and warehouses, but it is also good and safe for home use. Due to its soft and comfortable hand grip, you will be able to move it around very easily and pick up more dust and dirt than other regular mops.

This Spray Microfiber Flat Mop is an all in one set, including a 700 ml refillable bottle attached to the aluminium handle and a microfiber cleaning pad with a generous size (41 cm), while the pole is 127 cm long. The best feature is that you can add disinfectant to the water to obtain a more hygienic space.

The 360 degree swivel head mop design features a non-scratch scrubbing pad, so you can simply clean all the stubborn spots. The cloth absorbs the water and it is easily replaceable, with absolutely no effort. The set features 2 mop heads, however they are not machine washable, but are very easy to clean.

Mastertop 360

10. Mastertop 360

Two-sided cleaning pads for wet and dry cleaning

Price AUD: --

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces, this value for money mop is safe to use on tiles, marble, wood, ceramics or other smooth areas. The high quality material of the mopping pads ensures good absorption and wide usage in the home or office areas.
The Mastertop 360 features 4 mop cloths (double sided and machine washable), 3 connection rods (to change the length of the mop from 70 to 110 cm), 1 scraper and a mop base. With the possibility to clean on dry floors (with the chenille side) and wet surfaces (with the coral fleece side), it provides great versatility and saves you time on vacuuming or wiping with sponges or cloths.

Be sure that the head mop is appropriately and tightly connected before use, as it might loosen up and fall off while mopping. The handle is sturdy and durable, though we don’t recommend you to be too harsh with it or heavy-handed while mopping.  Like most other mops, this one also offers a 360 degree flexible rotation and it has a mop head size of around 45 cm, good for cleaning larger surfaces.

Masthome 5L Spin Mop Bucket System

11. Masthome 5L Spin Mop Bucket System

A convenient, hands-free, mop and bucket set

Price AUD: $39.99

Among the best spin mops, the Masthome comes with a 5L stainless-steel bucket and pole ideal for cleaning hard floor surfaces, kitchen and bathroom spaces. The 360 degree, rotating mop allows you to easily reach underneath furniture and clean any narrow space. In addition the handle height can be adjusted from 107cm to 128cm for suitability of different heights.

The bucket has a system to clean and dry your mop hands-free. Simply unlock the lock on the mop handle, press the mop up and down, and it will do the rest. It also comes with a small bottle to add your favorite solution to for a thorough disinfecting. There are no wheels to move the bucket around, but at 5L maximum capacity it’s not a problem to lift and move as you please.

In addition, the draining bucket has a folding handle and a convenient water outlet so you do not need to lift the bucket to pour out the dirty water. Equipped with 3 microfiber mop heads you‘ll be stocked up with enough mop pads to last up to 1 year.

Masthome Large Hardwood Floor Microfiber Mop

12. Masthome Large Hardwood Floor Microfiber Mop

A versatile flat mop for hard floor surfaces

Price AUD: $22.99

One of the best mops for hardwood floors in Australia is the Masthome Flat mop, it delivers a sturdy metal mop frame ideal for hard floor surfaces, perfectly sized for both home and office use.

This wet and dry flat mop comes with a microfiber dust mop great for collecting loose debris like pet hair, dirt and dust. And the wet mop pads provided give you a deeper clean for spills, marks, and stains.

There is a sponge attached to the mop frame which lies under your chosen mop pad. This helps increase the contact area between the mop pad and the ground. This allows the mop to better conform to the ground while also enhancing your water absorption. The flexible mop head allows you to lay it completely horizontal, ideal for getting to those hard to reach spaces underneath stairs and furniture.

When it comes to cleaning the mop itself, you will need to get your hands a little dirty, unlike some of the hands -free mop and bucket systems mentioned earlier. However, this set comes with a scraping dust tool which can be used to remove the dust from the mop cloth before placing it in the washing machine for a thorough clean. The pole and mop head are detachable for easy replacement, cleaning, and storage.

What to look for in a mop

If you want to buy a long lasting mop, one that won’t have to be replaced too often, sturdy and high quality, then you should look at the more expensive options, as they are often equipped with higher-quality materials and features.

  • Head mop design. The material and width of the head mop is an important feature to look for. Most of the mop versions on our list have a 360 degree spinning system, which makes for easy mopping of even the hardest-to-reach spots. Check how many cloth replacements there are in the set and how they attach and detach. Also, it is very convenient if they are machine washable, for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Microfiber vs Cotton mop head. Microfibre mops might be more expensive than a cotton mop head, but they do last longer, especially if you’re planning to machine wash your mop head regularly. A cotton mop is also very heavy when wet, making the cleaning process more labour intensive. A microfibre mop head will also help reduce usage of water and cleaning solution.  
  • Pole design. The material of the pole should preferably be sturdy and durable (metal, aluminium, stainless steel). If it is made from a lighter and poor material it is more likely to break even with small-scale pressure. It is important for the pole to be adjustable, otherwise there is potential for back injuries if you mop on a regular basis and the height does not suit you.
  • Bucket or bottle. The buckets are usually made of plastic and even though they are quite sturdy, you should be careful when pressing with the mop to do the squeezing, as you might damage them. They usually have a wringing mechanism installed on them that allows you to remove the water with minimal effort. Some of the models feature wheels on the back of the bucket or an ergonomic handle, which further increases portability.

If you don’t want to move the water in a bucket around the entire house, then consider the ones with a refillable bottle attached on the pole that are also quite convenient to use, or the flat mop versions.

The most important thing to consider is the type of flooring (tile, hardwood, vinyl, concrete etc.) and whether you will use it for indoor or outdoor floors. Once you‘ve got this ticked off, then think of your preferences and look at these types of mops available on the market to choose one that will make your life easier.