11 of the Best Nasal Aspirators for Baby (Australia)

One of the most important items to tick off your newborn baby list before giving birth is a small, yet important tool that allows you to clear bub’s snotty nose regularly. So here’s a list of the best nasal aspirators for your baby currently available in Australia.

best nasal aspirator australia

It is very normal and common for babies to have snotty noses in the first year of their life, and parents should not worry about that. What they should worry about is the type of nasal aspirator they will choose and the way to perform the nose cleaning procedure, so to relieve baby from this uncomfortable situation.

Experience and practice have shown that this is one of the most used baby’s essential items, as babies definitely need our help in clearing their airways. Nasal aspirators are usually made of soft and pleasant material, so that they won’t hurt your baby’s nose or cause bleeding. Also, they are small and lightweight and you will find it handy to have one in your nappy bag when out and about.

Cleaning a child’s nose with an aspirator is not the most pleasant experience, we know, and babies might cry during the process, or feel a little pain. However, it is the best possible remedy for stopping any possibilities for future diseases and is definitely the most effective way to remove mucus from baby’s nostril. It is more efficient if you use saline nasal spray prior to sucking the content, as it will help you remove it easily.

On the market you may find a range of products, of different types and price points, from the most expensive and advanced models to the more simple and affordable ones. No matter your needs and budget, we are sure you’ll be able to find the right fit in our handy list of best baby nasal aspirators.

1. Oricom Nasal Aspirator HNA 100

Practical and easy to use electrical nasal aspirator

This is one of the best electric nasal aspirators on our list for enabling breathing in a fast and efficient way. It is created for newborns, infants and small children, so that you can quickly clear the mucus from their nasal passages.
The Oricom Nasal Aspirator HNA 100 has an ergonomic and comfortable design with flexible silicone tips. It is rechargeable, and it comes with an USB cable. You will be able to use it in a simple one-touch operation and have a clean and happy baby in seconds. With an easy on and off button and even easier cleaning procedure, you will be able to provide your baby with the best support for easy breathing and comfort. Simply wash the suction portion with water, and after it is dry you can use it again.
Also, the HNA100 is included as a medical device on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG 307470). As it is especially created for the needs of clearing nasal passages and thus facilitating breathing, this will be one of the most frequently used products in the first year of your baby’s life.

2. Bichiro Baby Nasal Aspirator

Very easy to use and even easier to clean

This is a perfect choice for removing mucus for both newborns and toddlers as it is extremely safe to use. The electrical nasal aspirator comes with three interchangeable nozzle sizes that easily adapt to the baby’s nose. Also, it is very gentle, since it is made of soft silicone and the nasal tips won’t hurt the infant, nor will enable bacteria infest.

The Bichiro Baby Nasal Aspirator is very efficient and removes the mucus without making much noise and has a mild suction, so that it won’t hurt the baby at all. Very compact and lightweight, it will be your companion on your trips and a very handy feature in the cold winter days when runny noses are more common.
One-button control and very easy to clean, thanks to its water-resistant design, which allows for heavy rinsing. It won’t damage the electronic components, and also the inner silicone bowl and sludge collection nozzle can be removed and cooked for sterilization. You will be able to keep it clean and hygienic without any trouble. It comes with a storage box and is just a great choice and value for the money.

3. Bubzi Co Baby Nasal Aspirator

Very popular nasal aspirator with awesome features

This long-awaited nasal aspirator has finally arrived in Australia, and it is believed to instantly relieve a baby’s discomfort. In under a minute you will be able to insert the nasal aspirator into baby’s nose and gently inhale until the mucus is out of the nostril. The special safety ridge prevents hurting your baby’s delicate nostrils and causing possible nosebleeds.

The Bubzi Co Baby Nasal Aspirator does not require any filter refills, as this revolutionary design needs only the parent to control the suction using their own breathing pattern. You can dismantle it in seconds and provide instant nose relief. Babies find it hard to fall asleep if their nose is blocked, that is why the nasal aspirator helps ease their breathing and nasal congestion caused by colds, flu, or allergies.

The Bubzi is one of the best nasal aspirators and you definitely won’t make a mistake as it is a premium must-have essential. It is extremely easy to clean rinse and clean, and there is also a storage case for hygienic purposes. No batteries, cords or USB chargers required, this nasal aspirator is very convenient for travelling and usage when necessary and out of the home.

4. Innovo Nasal Aspirator

Translucent bulb, easy to clean and use

Made of hospital-grade silicone, this nasal aspirator is suitable for your newborn or toddler, to clear their tiny noses and allow air to flow without any obstructions. The soft silicone and narrow tip make it easy to suck even earwax, as well as mucus out of baby’s nose with just 1-2 suctions within the baby’s nostril to achieve the desired results. Also, it is hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to the growth of bacteria, moulds, and fungus.
This aspirator has a translucent bulb and you can immediately see the removed content. In this way, you won’t have to ‘torture’ the baby wondering if everything is out of the nose. It is light and suitable for carrying it with you when out of home in a portable bag. You will be able to safely clear fluid or mucus buildup within your baby’s nose and/or ear and the revolutionary twister design allows the bulb to be easily twisted apart for cleaning.
The Innovo Nasal Aspirator features an excellent and revolutionary design which allows easy cleaning, simply wash and dry, and it is ready to use again. No extra filters required; BPA, phthalate, and latex-free, there is no plastic to worry about making it just an ideal choice for your precious baby.

5. NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator

Simple but extremely efficient oral nasal aspirator

One of the best baby nasal aspirators in Australia in the mid-price range is definitely the NoseFrida one. You can easily use it from baby’s day one up to 3 years old. It does not irritate the baby’s mucous membrane and it is super comfortable and non-invasive. It means that unlike the bulbs, it does not go inside the baby’s nose, but it forms a seal outside of the baby’s nostril and thus creates a vacuum.
It is powered by the parent him/herself as they suck the content out of the baby’s nose. The aspirator is very hygienic and also made of BPA and phthalate-free material, for your and your baby’s best possible support.
You will have to change filters, but that is very simple, and it comes with enough in the first package so you might not need to buy new ones again and again. Also, it does not need extra interchangeable nozzles or connection to mechanical appliances.

The NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator is an essential baby item, as without it your baby will have troubles in breathing freely. This is one of the parent’s top choices for their children’s runny noses.

6. Ritalia Baby Nasal Aspirator

High-quality oral nasal aspirator and very simple to use

This is a great oral nasal aspirator that is created to free the baby from any congestion or discomfort. It is super easy to use and the design allows the tube not to intrude inside the nose like other nasal douche and soft sucking systems. This aspirator is recommended by doctors and pediatricians for babies and small children, as it is made from a non-toxic plastic material, free from BPA or phthalates.

The Ritalia Baby Nasal Aspirator best feature is that when used it eliminates secretion from the nasal cavities and in this way it will accelerate recovery, improves breathing, and helps in the prevention of diseases. This is a very gentle nasal aspirator, and it is assumed to be one of the best nasal aspirators currently available on the market.

It is very hygienic and the filters that you need to change each time you use it are disposable. Once the mucus and all the bacteria germs are outside of your baby’s nose in the filter you will have to throw it away. Then, simply clean the snotsucker, place a new one and you are ready to use it again. As it is manual, it is much easier to handle it quickly and efficiently.

7. Fess Little Noses Aspirator and Spray

Very frequently used products with extra features

Suitable to use for newborn from day one, up to a 2 year old toddler, this is a great rubber bulb nasal aspirator with a very soft tip that is designed to gently suck the mucus out of the stuffy noses.

As it is approved by the National Asthma Council Australia and Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ’s Sensitive Choice programme, it will help you practice excellent hygiene of your baby’s nose, thus helping him/her to breath, eat and sleep better.

Fess Little Noses Aspirator comes with a nasal spray, which is a gentle saline solution that loosens and thins mucus. It is good to know that you can use it as often as you need since it is not medicated.

It is truly a natural way to relieve your little ones’ blocked nose very easily and it is also price friendly.

Parents should be careful when pushing the aspirator into the baby’s nostril and also should not squeeze it when it is already placed at the baby’s nose. The best positioning for taking mucus out of babies’ noses is when you place them upright, and then simply depress the spray pump. As this is a non-medicated procedure, feel free to repeat it several times. After spraying, wait a couple of minutes for best results, and then use the aspirator to gently clean the loosened mucus from the baby’s nose.

8. Briggs Baby Nasal Aspirator

Handy and easy to use

This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a simple version of a nasal aspirator and an ear wax syringe as well. The bulb is suitable for newborns and infants, it is a perfect size, holding 2 ounces and as it is made of high-quality, soft and flexible rubber which is suitable for both professional and home use. It is a very smart choice to stop the first signs of flu and also keep away some possible ear infections.

The Briggs Baby Nasal Aspirator has a classical style and is simple to use. The parent should gently squeeze the syringe to suction out nasal congestion. Once you’ve finished this process, just suck up some warm, soapy water and shake it around. Rinse it thoroughly with plain water and squeeze out as much as possible. It should dry by standing it up, tip down, and then you are ready to use it again.
Parents are sometimes afraid that mould can be created inside of it, but if you do practise hygiene regularly, and wash it thoroughly after each usage, this should not be the case. It is super convenient if you want to do the whole procedure manually and without any hard technological devices.

9. Safety 1st Nasal Aspirator

Nasal aspirator ideal for smaller babies

This is one of the least expensive nasal aspirators on our list, however, it has some great features that should not be undermined. It is best for newborns and small babies and it features a soft, flexible tip that is comfortable for the infant. It gently removes the excess mucus and helps your baby to breathe freely again.
The Safety 1st Nasal Aspirator is allowing you to clear baby’s breathing passage and improve their compression with a gentle suction. The design is specially created to allow the parents to view the mucus and be sure that the baby’s nose is clean. The nozzle is removable, so this makes it easy to clean it. Also, there are finger grooves, so you can place your finger and thumb properly and complete the process effectively.
The name of the aspirator says it all, it is very safe, and it is suitable enough to be your baby’s first nasal helper. It has an improved compression, therefore it will certainly meet your needs easily and effortlessly. This is a simple and budget-friendly baby accessory, perfect for everyday usage.

10. Tommee Tippee Baby Care Kit

All-in-one set, perfect for new parents

If you are looking for a complete hygiene set, this is one of the best on the market currently, as it includes all you need for the baby from day one. It is also a perfect gift for new parents, to make sure that they have all they need for their first days of parenthood and at top quality and price. Also, when you are traveling, you can rest assured that all you need is in the nursery bag. It is a truly multi-purpose kit with high-quality content.
The Tommee Tippee Baby Care Kit is composed of nine essential items for your tiny baby and they come in a convenient carry case, to be at your disposal at any time. The set is composed of the following:

  • Digital Oral Thermometer,
  • Brush,
  • Comb,
  • Scissors,
  • Nail Clippers,
  • 2 Emery Boards,
  • Toothbrush,
  • Nasal Aspirator.

 The nasal aspirator included in the kit is super easy to use, simply hold the nozzle up to the nostril and gently press the other nostril with your fingertips, squeeze the pump ball and in this way the aspirator will gently extract all the mucus from the baby’s nose.

11. Safety 1st Complete Healthcare Kit

Stylish design and 9 quality pieces for the utmost care of your baby

This is a super cute and very stylish set that combines all the essential home baby healthcare items, neatly wrapped into a clutch case. You will have all the pieces you need well organized and always handy, both at home and when travelling. You can use it from day one of the baby’s life, up to a grown-up toddler.

The Safety 1st Complete Healthcare Kit offers you a range of assortment of healthcare essentials for your tiny baby, folded and wrapped in a clutch case. The case has two clear-view storage pockets, so that you can always keep everything organized and easy to locate. It includes the following items:

  • 3-in1- Thermometer with case,
  • Thermometer probe covers,
  • Nasal aspirator,
  • Bottle medicine dispenser,
  • Easy-fill medicine syringe,
  • Toddler toothbrush.

Parents especially like this set, as they have all the tiny little things in hand and are very satisfied with the quality of the products as well. The nasal aspirator, as mentioned previously, is very small with a flexible tip and very easy to use and handle. It is safe for your baby, and also easy to clean and always keep it tidy.

How to choose a nasal aspirator for baby

There are several types of nasal aspirators that you can choose from, and they mainly defer in the manner of performing the sucking action.

  • Bulb nasal aspirator. This type has a ball on the one end that the parent squeezes manually, and a soft tip that you place into the baby’s nostril. Once the ball is pressed (do not press the ball while the tip is inserted in baby’s nose!), the mucus exits the nose as you release. You only might find it difficult to clean it thoroughly, but if done properly, there will be no problems.
  • Electrical nasal aspirator. This is the most advanced model, and is usually powered through batteries. Just press the button and it does the entire job itself, super easy and convenient. Then you can dismantle it and thoroughly wash it for future use. Parents must only be careful when placing the mechanical part of the product close to water.
  • Oral nasal aspirator. It’s quite new on the market, but it is super easy to use and affordable. One part of the aspirator goes into the baby’s nose, creates vacuum in the nose, and the other into the parents’ mouth, as they use their own strength to suck the undesired mucus out of the tiny nose. You will have to change filters with most of them so that you make sure that your baby is not in contact with any bacteria. They are also very easy to clean and all the parts are washable.

Are nasal aspirators necessary?

In the first year of their life, it is very normal for babies to have runny noses, and parents should not worry about that. It happens for several reasons, cold weather, teething, allergies, or other reasons. That is why medical experts recommend using nasal aspirators for easing the breathing process and clearing the baby’s airflow.

Not only that nasal aspirators are very good products to be used in your everyday life, but also they will help you make sure that your baby is always able to breathe easily, eat and sleep well. Having a happy baby is a crucial priority to any parent, and you should help your baby get rid of any unwanted content in their bodies since they cannot do that on their own.

They are absolutely essential items and the fact that they do not require any special medicinal products to use while performing the act of cleaning just verifies their strength and importance. Also, it is highly recommendable to remove only the content that is able to come out easily. You should not try very hard to remove some mucus, as in the next try it will probably come out easily.

Can you hurt baby with a nasal aspirator?

 Of course, you should be careful when you use them and not press too hard, so that you won’t hurt your baby, but it is practically very difficult to cause any great pain if performed properly. The feeling that it will be able to provide to your baby is incomparable with the tiny pain that they will feel.