10 Best Portable Change Mats for Baby

To change nappies without the stress, a portable baby changing pad can be a life saver. Keep clean and tidy on the go with this guide to buying the best portable change mat for you and bub.

best portable change mat australia

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We all know the sound. Hearing that tell-tale “rumble in the jungle” while out and about with your baby can be quite the sticky situation! Rather than root around the bottom of the nappy backpack looking for those elusive nappies, wipes and creams, many mums swear by a portable changing mat.

A clutch can hold all of those changing essentials in the one convenient place, as well as unfold to protect your baby’s bottom from rough and wet surfaces. (Or protect your friends’ carpets from your baby’s bottom!)

On longer day trips out of the home, a clutch sits in your baby bag or pram to keep all your changing necessities in the one organised change station, so you can change your little one quickly and easily before he has a chance to bless you with any new accidents.

On neighbourhood walks to the shops, or carrying your bubba in a sling, you’ll prefer to save on space and bulk, and simply take a nifty changing clutch with the bare essentials and your keys, phone, and wallet inside.

Bambino Mio Grab and Go Change Wallet

 Best For Cloth Nappies 

1. Bambino Mio Grab and Go Change Wallet

Baby change wallet with great capacity in a slim stylish package

What we like
  • Practical and stylish changing station
  • Large size and well padded
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Big pockets for accessories
What could be better
  • Not machine washable

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Our choice for the best portable change mat in Australia today is the Bambino Mio Grab and Go. This is the most deluxe of all change mats, this stylish baby change mat barely even looks like a change mat at all, and it is ideal for cloth nappies users since it has a generous internal pocket to store cloth nappies.

On the outside, the durable fabric has a cool denim appearance that looks like it might house an iPad rather than nappies. On the inside, cute hummingbirds in a repeating pattern hide marks that an older toddler might make.

The large cushioned mat is extra soft on your baby’s bottom, and water resistant covering makes this mat easy to wipe down to keep clean and looking gorgeous.

Apart from the style, what we particularly love is the quilted cushy padding, which is really the perfect thickness to keep babies comfy without being too bulky when folded to a thickness of approximately 4cm.

The size of this mat means it has enough space to hold approximately four nappies, or two and a light jumper. The pad is extra-wide when fully unfolded, to help you avoid contact with the more suspect public toilet change tables.

The top zipped pocket has easy access to your baby wipes whether the change mat is open or closed. The interior pocket at the bottom cleverly keeps nappies between your baby’s legs for easy access, while also being protected by the mat.

Bambino Mio also sells a matching change bag that this change wallet is designed to fit into.

Skip Hop Pronto Signature Changing Station

2. Skip Hop Pronto Signature Changing Station

The multi-feature all-rounder is the perennial favourite of city mums

What we like
  • Cushioned and removable head pad
  • Extra-wide and wipe clean changing mat
  • Sufficient mesh interior pocket and zipper front pocket
  • Transparent case (less time consuming when reloading)
What could be better
  • Can become bulky when at full capacity
  • Might not be suitable for cloth nappies
  • Once opened, the accessories pocket is on the top so might be hard to reach

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The ever-popular Skip Hop Pronto portable baby change mat is the one we see out in the wild the most, and with good reason.

Attractive patterned designs make this change station easy to find when you need it quickly, without being garish in public.

The pockets inside are very large, enough to take two nappies and a light jumper, as well as the provided wipes case. There’s an adjustable clip that can tighten the fold somewhat smaller, but if you fill it to capacity it’s unlikely to fit inside a nappy bag.

With an easy clip at the corner, it can attach to a pram, or the strap of your nappy bag or backpack instead.

The way that the clutch folds is designed to support baby’s head on the most cushioned section, or if you prefer, the changing pad section can be unzipped to detach it from the rest of the supplies, and it’s a cinch to wipe down.

Honestly, I once accidentally machine-washed one of these and it came out bone dry, so I can personally attest that this thing is completely waterproof, including the stitching!

KeaBabies Changing Station

3. KeaBabies Changing Station

Go hands-free with this slim changing station packed with functional features

What we like
  • Extra long, adjustable strap for multiple carrying options
  • Slimline and lightweight
  • Machine washable
  • Multiple storage compartments
What could be better
  • Foam padding not as thick as some

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One for the busy mum or dad, we love the KeaBabies Changing Station for those looking for a hands-free option that doesn’t skimp on the features. The long, adjustable strap can attach to your pram, wrap around your hand or arm, or even over your shoulder like a handbag for multiple carrying options.

Slim and lightweight, folding down to a thickness of only 3cm, it’s small enough to fit into your nappy bag for longer outings yet still unfolds to a generous size with wide wings for extra coverage.

Holding up to four disposable nappies, it also has a decently sized zippered section that will hold a packet of wipes as well as a couple of other small pieces such as tubes of cream, dummies or bibs.

The waterproof surface is easy to quickly wipe down as needed, but for bigger messes it’s also handily machine washable and even tumble dryer friendly (low heat only). For this, the change mat surface unzips from the zippered compartment.

This change mat also features a cushy built in pillow area for bub’s comfort and to protect his little head from bumps if you’re changing him on a hard surface. The body of the mat is fully filled with foam for comfort, though it isn’t quite as thick or lush as other options on the market.

There’s also a handy external front pouch you can use to store your keys or phone, making this an excellent take-all for short trips or when you don’t want to lug around a full nappy bag.

Suessie Diaper Changing Station

4. Suessie Diaper Changing Station

The best portable change mat from Australia that’s big and begging for the beach

What we like
  • Extra-wide and long mat suites taller babies
  • Plenty of compartments
  • Bonus toy loop
  • The changing pad can be detached from clutch bag
What could be better
  • Bulky
  • Two internal stretch bands aren’t tight enough and far apart
  • The straps could be better
  • Can take a little while to dry completely when wiping clean

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The Suessie is an excellent all-rounder from Sydney’s Bondi area, and the best choice for mums who want all the features in a huge portable change mat large enough to use on the sand.

This totally waterproof change mat is the largest in our top 10, unfolding to a maximum size of a whopping 95cm, so you can be sure that you’ll get great coverage no matter where you choose to change the baby outdoors.

With large size comes extra storage, and this clutch can take quite a lot. The large internal zip pouch should hold a light change of clothes, while the mesh pocket could separately hold up to four nappies.

Two external zip pockets are fully accessible while open or closed, to store your keys, wallet, and phone, and some sunscreen and a rashie for bub.

Two internal stretch bands allow you to stow your wipes for super easy access. It’s worth noting though, that these bands stretch out quite far for a full large packet, so a wipes packet that’s nearly empty will be able to slide out and need to be moved to the zip section.

The change mat is unzippable from the clutch, so if you don’t need the mat, the clutch on its own can hold your supplies at only a third of the size of the two together.

Naturally, all those features and the super-large size does leave this change mat a little on the bulky side. You’ll want to keep this one in the car, or as a light replacement for your regular nappy bag.

Bambino Mio Change Mat

5. Bambino Mio Change Mat

This cute little mat is popular for its small size, softness, and adorable designs

What we like
  • Suitable for washing machine and tumble dry
  • Lightweight and does not take much space
  • Very soft and nicely absorbent pad
  • Available in a variety of colours and patterns
What could be better
  • No compartment for accessories
  • Not a wipe-clean material
  • Small size

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The Bambino Mio is an adorable change mat that is an easy pick for mums that just want a tiny backup in the handbag for a short walk around the block.

Easily the smallest of our picks at only 60cm in length, this mat may not cover babies over 6 months old from head to toe, it’s really more designed just to catch accidents in the nappy area.

Happily, that small size also means it folds down smaller than the others. With a hook-and-loop fastener, this light and compact change pad would fit even into a small handbag.

Rather than a waterproof wipeable surface that will repel little wees, the Bambino Mio mat has an absorbent quilted padding that lines the inside of the mat, allowing this change mat to be both super soft to lie on, and to hold accidents inside to be washed later.

These pads are machine washable and can be tumble dried, but because they work by absorbing rather than repelling the wee, you might want at least two for when the first one is soiled. But with designs this cute, you might want at least two anyway.

JJ Cole Changing Clutch

6. JJ Cole Changing Clutch

The small travel change pad that looks like a purse

What we like
  • Great size and stylish design
  • Easy to use and wipe clean
  • Fold-out pocket for wipes and nappies
  • Features a built-in, attach anywhere strap
What could be better
  • The fold-out pocket is small
  • Not much storage
  • Can become bulky

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This sweet little change clutch by JJ Cole comes in a range of designs and looks more like a small purse than a change mat.

The entire unit itself is quite small when folded, only 24x14cm, yet folds out to a decent 48x70cm round mat.

The clutch pocket holds a small wipes packet and one or two nappies, perfect for a walk around the neighbourhood shops. That said, this clutch is unlikely to be suitable for all-day picnics, you’ll likely keep this in the nappy bag for longer outings.

JJ Cole also sells a matching nappy bag that this change mat is designed to fit inside.

Lekebaby Travel Nappy Changing Mat

7. Lekebaby Travel Nappy Changing Mat

All the features, plus a head pillow for squirmy head-bangers

What we like
  • Additional padded head pillow for baby
  • Many compartments with great capacity
  • Detachable mat from the clutch
  • Easy wipe clean and waterproof fabric
What could be better
  • The clip could be looser
  • The strap is short
  • Machine washing is not recommended

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The Lekebaby Travel changing pad is Amazon’s #1 top selling best portable changing station, and it’s easy to see why, as this pad is essentially a more affordable dupe of the Skip Hop Pronto, with a couple of unique features.

The zippered mat detaches from the clutch for quick trips, and features a unique pillow sewn into the water resistant pad.

The pillow will really be a big relief for mums with fussy bubs, because using a regular thin mat on a public change table or at a shopping centre can often result in your wriggly baby knocking his head quite painfully, creating further anxiety and stress in change rooms.

The clutch has an interior mesh pocket for a couple of nappies and an interior zip pocket for wipes and a spare onesie. An external zip pocket is roomier than it looks to fit your phone, some keys, and a wallet.

Lekebaby also sells a matching nappy bag backpack that this change mat is designed to fit inside. The design is quite unique and feature-heavy, so if you’re looking for a matching pair you might want to check this one out.

iZiv Baby Changing Pad

8. iZiv Baby Changing Pad

For those who just want a simple affordable mat with extra storage

What we like
  • Adjustable strap and clip for desired length
  • Clutch bag and changing pad can be separated
  • Breathable and waterproof materials
  • Portable and lightweight
What could be better
  • No extra storage pouch for cream and wipes
  • Accessories can be hard to reach, since the pockets are located on the top of the mat

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The iZiv Baby Changing Pad is a folding change mat that is lightweight and simple, yet it unfolds to be quite large, with enough room to store essential items.

Slim and flat when folded, the waterproof polyester will slide easily into any nappy bag or backpack, and also has a loop on the side to hang from a pram.

For storage, the clutch features large zippered and mesh internal pockets to keep several nappies, creams or wipes, and an adjustable strap and clip to contain the extra bulk inside.

The foldable changing pad unzips and detaches from the clutch, to keep messes away from the nappies and clothes in the mesh pocket.

iZiv Portable Clean Hands Changing Pad

9. iZiv Portable Clean Hands Changing Pad

The smart changing mat that keeps your baby’s hands away from mischief below

What we like
  • Loops for favourite toys
  • Machine washable and tumble dry
  • Hands restriction design
  • Easy to fold
What could be better
  • Might not be suitable for bigger or more active babies
  • No storage compartment

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The iZiv Portable Clean Hands Changing Pad is a clever changing pad with wings designed to fold out and around your baby’s arms, trapping his arms near his toys and keeping his grabby little hands away from the mess!

The Velcro used to bring the wings together is smooth, and will grasp together firmly without scratching bubba’s arms or attaching to your clothes.

The mat even has a couple of toy rings sewn in to attach your baby’s favourite fiddling toys to, definitely a great way to distract determined babies away from your work.

The extra material used for the wings does mean the changing pad folds up into a pretty bulky clutch, so you’ll want to keep it on or under the pram, rather than in the nappy bag.

Isoki Change Mat Clutch

10. Isoki Change Mat Clutch

An affordable slim clutch with three pockets

What we like
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy wipe-clean padded mat
  • Available in different colours and fabrics
  • Ideal for going out with minimal stuff
What could be better
  • Small size
  • Does not hold many accessories
  • No strap (can’t be attached to the pram’s handle)

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The ISOKI change mat clutch is our top budget pick for having three separate pockets, something hard to find in the most affordable options.

The sufficient internal pockets have enough room for wipes and nappies, while a smaller external zip pocket on the front will keep your keys and rings safe from prodding any soft baby bottoms.

Even better, the ISOKI folds up surprisingly thin, at only half a centimetre thick when closed. This means not only can you keep it under the pram or in the nappy bag easily, you can slide it into your laptop section if you’d rather just take your backpack to the park.

How to choose a portable change mat

When looking for a portable nappy change mat that’s going to suit your needs most closely, you should consider the size, carry capacity, and where you plan to take it.


The entire point of the clutch is to organise your necessities into a convenient travel change pad, but the size will determine what kind of convenience you’re going to get.

If you have an extremely large mat, you can always rely on having a surface large enough for your baby whether in contained spaces like the shopping centre baby rooms, or open spaces like the park. Large mats also usually mean more space inside for your essentials.

On the other hand, a small mat will take up less room in your bag, be more convenient to carry whilst holding your baby, and be faster to clean.


Similarly to size, capacity is a trade-off between convenience of speed and weight and convenience of extra supplies.

An important question to ask yourself is, “Do I want to take the clutch instead of the nappy bag, or inside the nappy bag?” Inside the nappy bag, you’ll want a light, small, foldable changing pad that just keeps a nappy and a few emergency wipes.

Another consideration is your baby’s propensity to spit up. Some babies spit up at every feed, and if this sounds like you, you’ll want the largest capacity to bring some spare clothes, bibs, and a terry towel, if you can fit it.

To replace your nappy bag on shorter outings though, you want the capacity to at least take a light change of clothes and a couple of nappies and a plastic bag, in case your baby has an overexcited vom or sudden poop-splosion!

Outdoors, indoors, or office?

Some of these change mats are elegance itself, but may trade on necessary features to keep you looking professional. If you’re dropping the baby off at your work’s crèche, the last thing you want is to be juggling multiple bags spilling toys and nappies out of your clutch in front of your colleagues and clients.

However, spending long days at the beach is also not going to be suitable for a sleek little change clutch, and any place where there’s lots of sand, dirt or dust is going to require the largest mat you can find. The largest mat with the largest capacity will also leave plenty of space for wet bags and a clothing change for those messy outdoor areas.

If you plan to mostly be at shopping centres, cafés and plazas though, the best portable changing station is going to keep your essentials in fast, easy access. The pad is likely to sit mostly in the pram, or attached to the pram handle. The shopping centre change tables or public fold-down change trays are fairly contained, so a large mat isn’t really needed. The priority instead will be on convenient access to your necessities in a cramped bathroom, and for this you’ll be looking for a mat that detaches from the clutch, so you won’t need your pram awkwardly crammed up against your legs.