Our 8 Favourite Pressure Washers for Home Cleaning

Nothing stays sparkling clean forever, particularly outdoor surfaces exposed to smoke, dust, soot and dirt. To make quick work of heavy-duty maintenance cleaning, we've selected the best pressure washers that may very well make your life easier.

Best pressure washer Australia

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To keep your hard surfaces affected by the elements clean, you can either spend hours scrubbing away by hand, or blast it off efficiently with a pressure washer, also known as pressure cleaners.

We know which option we’d rather pick! Whether you have long driveways, paved patios or a tiled balcony, there’s a pressure washer fit for the job to ensure it’s kept sparkling clean. And don’t forget your outdoor furniture, sports equipment and exterior windows - these too could all use a good clean from time to time also.

Pressure washers are either petrol, battery or electric powered, and the type of pressure washer that best suits you will depend on how often you use it, the size and location of the job and the amount of build up that needs to be removed. 

A smaller battery operated washer will easily do your pot plants and small patios, but if you’re needing to clean long driveways or large areas of sandstone, for instance, petrol powered may be the way to go. Electric lends itself well to a variety of jobs and settings but remember that you will need to have a power source close by.

Also consider the PSI, which stands for pounds per square inch, and refers to the amount of cleaning pressure the washer can produce. 

The higher the PSI, the higher the pressure, so while a small 300 PSI washer might be enough for car windows and light build up on your bicycle, it won’t be able to provide the oomph needed for heavy build up on a large driveway. On the other hand, there’s no point in choosing a model with a very high PSI if your car and bike is all you want to clean with it.

So, with all that in mind, if you’ve been thinking about adding a pressure washer to your collection of power tools, we’ve done the research and rounded up the best pressure washers for home cleaning, fit for a variety of jobs and purposes.

Karcher K4 Premium Full Control

1. Karcher K4 Premium Full Control

Gives you convenience and versatility where you need it most

What we like
  • Safe for all surfaces with moderate build up
  • Easy to use
  • Compact with easy storage
  • Efficient water flow rate
What could be better
  • Not suitable for very heavy duty work

The best overall pressure washer in Australia for home use is the Karcher K4 Premium Full Control, ideal for surfaces with moderate levels of build up, dirt and grime. It works for all surface types, offering simple user friendly features and easy storage even in small spaces. It’s our favourite pressure washer for home use with usability at the forefront. 

The maximum PSI of 2100 will be plenty for general use on your driveways, tiles and sandstone with an efficient water flow rate of 7L/minute. There are three pressure settings as well as a detergent setting to suit any job, as well as easy pressure regulation thanks to the adjustable Vario Power spray lance so you can easily find the best setting fit for the job at hand. The large LED display lets you see what setting you’re using at a glance. 

Armed with user-friendly features such as a telescopic handle, low centre of gravity for stability and wide base that doubles as a second handle for easy carrying and lifting, you can tell that Karcher have really thought about ease of use.

The generous 9m hose conveniently coils to easily avoid hazards as well as making for neat and tidy storage, and don’t worry about disconnecting the power gun and spray lance - you can leave this attached when in storage, making for the quickest clean up.

Jet-USA TX770

2. Jet-USA TX770

Heavy duty petrol powered beast to tackle heavy duty jobs

What we like
  • Powerful commercial grade washer suitable for the toughest jobs
  • Large wheels and ergonomic handlebar for comfort
  • Five pro-tip nozzles included
What could be better
  • Very heavy and can be hard to lift and store

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With an ultra powerful 4 stroke engine, the Jet-USA TX770 is the best petrol pressure washer in Australia, boasting five pro-tip nozzles and a 30cm commercial grade hose which makes it ideal for heavy duty jobs around the home and garden. Its massive maximum petrol pressure of 4800PSI will handle surfaces with the most stubborn dirt and grime with ease.

Armed with high quality components that are a result of over a decade of experience, this Jet-USA is appropriate for commercial use yet still user and budget friendly enough for use around the home use if you have tough domestic jobs to tackle, including cars, driveways, windows and decks, even paint stripping. The integrated detergent nozzle and tank lets you add your preferred detergent, whether it be car cleaner or degreaser, and the nozzles can be adjusted to best suit the job at hand.

The huge, puncture proof wheels roll effortlessly over every terrain and the wide rubber feet ensure safety and stability when in use. It’s also easy to start and control with a handy hose reel to keep everything neat and tidy and out of the way.

Its unique horizontal design makes it easier to store between uses, with the top handle removable to make it as compact as possible in storage. At 35kg it’s not lightweight nor suitable for storing up high, but if you have the storage space its ruggedness will ensure no job is left undone. 

Bosch Fontus

3. Bosch Fontus

Lightweight and versatile cordless pressure washer for smaller outdoor cleaning jobs

What we like
  • Super lightweight and easily portable
  • Perfect for smaller jobs
  • Generous run time of up to 60 minutes off one charge
What could be better
  • 281 PSI not enough for large jobs or heavy build up

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The Bosch Fontus is a nifty little unit and our pick for the best cordless pressure washer in Australia. With a maximum 281 PSI of cordless power, it won’t be able to cope with those big jobs but it is super versatile for all those smaller cleaning jobs around the home and garden such as outdoor furniture, bicycles, pot plants and your council garbage bins. 

Ultra portable and weighing in at under 9kg (or under 12kg with the battery installed), it’s ideal for carrying up and down the stairs in homes on steeper lots that don’t have a lot of hard surfaces with heavy build up. Equally suitable for quickly throwing in your boot for picnics or camping trips, it has a shower jet setting gentle enough to wash the kid’s or dog’s dirty feet before piling back into the car.

Powered by Bosch’s rechargeable 18V battery which is compatible with all Bosch cordless systems, this is also a really good choice if you already own other tools in the Bosch cordless family. With its 15L water tank and battery run time up to 60 minutes, you won’t have to worry about it dying on you before the job is done.

Multipurpose with four spray patterns and a separate SmartBrush especially for windows and bicycle wheels, it has an extendable handle, spray gun holder and inbuilt accessory storage for convenience. 

Bosch Universal Aquatak 130

 Best For Car 

4. Bosch Universal Aquatak 130

The best electric pressure washer for light to moderate jobs, and perfect to clean cars

What we like
  • Ideal for cars with specific settings
  • Compact body for easy storage and transportation
  • More power than similar sized battery powered pressure washers
What could be better
  • Hose and cord length could be longer

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We love the versatility of the Bosch Universal Aquatak 130, combining a lightweight and compact body that can be easily moved around with a range of useful settings for moderate sized outdoor cleaning jobs. 

The Aquatak 130 is also our choice for the best pressure washer for your car, with a variable fan jet setting perfect for the job and ergonomic handle and nozzle for easy maneuvering into tight spots. It also features a 450mL high pressure detergent nozzle so your car will be sparkling clean sooner than ever.

This is a corded electric model that gives a lot more oomph than a similar sized battery operated model. Its 1885 maximum PSI will be enough to handle light to moderate build up and dirt on medium sized terraces, brickwork, windows and driveways. With a cord length of 5m, it comes with a 6m PVC hose but if this is not adequate, longer hoses are available to purchase separately. 

The three-in-one nozzle features fan, rotary and pencil jet settings for stubborn dirt to suit a range of jobs and its motor pump is quieter than most, making any job much less of a headache.

All the parts just click into place so set up is super fast and easy and you can get straight to work, and in fact there is no assembly required - simply take straight out of the box and get right to work!

The WORX Hydroshot

5. The WORX Hydroshot

The lightest pressure washer on our list ideal for small jobs and travelling

What we like
  • Super lightweight at under 2kg
  • Draws water from any remote source
  • Great for keeping in the car or boat
What could be better
  • Battery life could be better

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The WORX Hydroshot portable pressure washer is a cordless model powered by a 20V battery that is interchangeable with other WORX garden and household tools. Being ultra compact and lightweight weighing in at under 2kg, it’s ideal for throwing in the back of the car or boat or for carrying all the way to the back of large properties.

With dual operation, you can use the WORX interchangeably for watering your plants as well as regular pressure washing with up to 320 PSI of cordless power, which is up to ten times more powerful than a regular hose. While it can’t tackle the big jobs with heavy build up such as driveways, it’s perfect for quickly cleaning dirt and grime off bikes and sports equipment, windows, gutters and outdoor tools and furniture. 

There are five adjustable pressure settings, variable pressure control and a rotating head for versatility to suit the job at hand. We found the handle and trigger to be comfortable enough in the hand with no cramping, and it’s easy to access and engage the different settings. 

We like that the Hydroshoot draws fresh water from any remote source, and not necessarily a pressurised source, so it can be used virtually anywhere. 

Jet-USA RX525

 Best For Concrete 

6. Jet-USA RX525

Corded electric high pressure washer that gives maximum power for tough jobs

What we like
  • 3200PSI ideal for heavy duty jobs like concrete, pavers and sandstone
  • Lightweight body maneuvers easily
  • Simple operation
  • Great accessories
What could be better
  • Hose and cord length could be longer for greater reach

The RX525 is a corded electric pressure washer from market leading Jet-USA, boasting a powerful maximum PSI of 3200 to make this the best pressure washer for concrete and pavers, effectively removing stubborn dirt. 

With all the power of a petrol washer combined with all the convenience of modern electric operation, it features simple automatic start-stop operation and five bonus attachments which all click neatly into place onto the body. Its upright body is easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces and a cinch to store, and we love the relatively quiet operation

The included Vari-Nozzle, Angled, Turbo, Brush and pencil jet heads ensure there’s a suitable setting for all surface types and cleaning needs, and the 450mL detergent bottle is hardy and convenient. Water flows at a maximum of 6.5L/minute, making it much more water efficient than your hose or shower.

Our only complaint would be that the hose, at 5m long, may not be long enough to reach the corners of your driveways but it will certainly be adequate for your courtyard pavers, decks and cars. 

Bosch Easy Aquatak 120

7. Bosch Easy Aquatak 120

Reliable and compact with more oomph than you’d expect

What we like
  • Perfect for apartment balconies and courtyards
  • Decent power for a small model
  • Good selection of nozzles and settings
  • Broad base for stability
What could be better
  • Many accessories not included and must be purchased separately

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The Bosch Easy Aquatak 120 is little brother to some of the larger models in the Aquatak range and represents great value for money, but it certainly doesn’t skimp on useful features and usability. 

Best for small to medium sized jobs, the ultra compact unit can be moved around effortlessly and is a great choice for smaller townhouses or apartments that need a little concentrated cleaning on paved outdoor areas, balconies and garden furniture.

Also suitable for outdoor furniture, bikes and windows, you can easily reach to the top of your sliding glass doors thanks to the long nozzle handle and ergonomic handle, or scoot down to the car with it for a quick once over.

Its 1740 maximum PSI is generous for such a small and compact unit which weighs just over 5kg. Despite its weight and thanks to the super stable broad base, it won’t topple over on slopes or uneven ground. 

With in-use spray gun storage to store the handle safely, the Easy Aquatak features a decent selection of nozzles and settings and variable power as well as a 450mL high pressure detergent bottle with nozzle so you can soap up and clean all in one motion. We love that all the included accessories simply click into place, and with dedicated places on the machine to store these, storage couldn’t be any simpler. 

Advwin 3500 PSI

 Best For Deck 

8. Advwin 3900 PSI

Inexpensive highpressure washer that can tackle heavy duty jobs

What we like
  • Great value for money
  • High powered for larger jobs
  • Easy and intuitive twist nozzle
What could be better
  • Body not as sturdy or comfortable as others
  • Not a lot of different settings

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High powered yet budget friendly, the Advwin 3900 PSI is our pick for best affordable pressure washer and is the best washer to buy if you’re on a tight budget. This is a corded electric model that really packs a punch!

Powerful enough to tackle larger, dirty areas such as driveways, patios, decks and courtyards, it has enough settings and variables to also clean your car, bike or garden furniture, making this a fantastic value all rounder.

Its big wheels make transportation over any terrain easy however the handle is not particularly comfortable in the hand and while there is storage for the nozzle on the unit, it isn’t as sturdy or as easy to use as other models.

The spray lance adjusts easily and intuitively by simply twisting the nozzle to suit the job at hand and while its range of settings isn’t as broad as some, what it does have will be perfectly adequate for the average home user. It comes with useful accessories including a removable soap bottle, built in 10m hose with reel, cleaning pin and brushes which all attach onto the unit in dedicated spaces so nothing gets lost.