Best Steam Mop: Our Top 12 Picks

We’ve selected the best steam mops currently available for all types of floors and home cleaning jobs, from premium to affordable, with a buyers’ guide on how to choose one.

best steam mop australia

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The house never feels really clean until the carpets are vacuumed and the floors are mopped, when you can wiggle your toes over a clean surface without friction or sticking. If only mopping wasn’t the absolute worst chore of any home! However, with a steam mop, this dreaded chore becomes super fast and easy, without labour and without chemicals.

Modern steam mops have become a worthy investment, as the simple technology of steam production is not an expensive luxury, but is a huge time saver and effort saver. Compared to scrubbing floors or struggling with a heavy mop and bucket that is already dirty after a single pass, the steam mop is an underrated marvel.

In fact, these days steam mops are often so light and versatile they can be put to all kinds of uses. They’ll happily tackle sticky floors and polish your tiles, but can also be used on upholstery, curtains, clothes, some even have attachments for cupboards and windows! 

The high heat is fantastic on tough stains and more hygienic than cleaning with rapidly cooling mop water. Not only that, the high heat means your steam cleaned floors are already near dry by the time you’re done, reducing the risk of slipping or redirtying the fresh surfaces.

The best part is that steam mops do this super thorough cleaning without the harsh chemicals and disinfectant needed for a mop. They plug straight into the wall to retain a high heat, cutting the mopping time in half without overpowering chemical smells, or being a danger to pets and babies.

We can’t promise you’ll look forward to mopping, but the steam mop is definitely a game changer that will likely push floors up a few rungs on your least-favoured chore list forever.

We’ve done the research and put together this list of the best steam mops available in Australia, and a guide to choosing the right steam mop for your needs.

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet

 Best For Carpet 

1. Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet

Ideal for families with pets, for deep carpet and upholstery cleaning

What we like
  • User-friendly
  • Water tank easy to refill
  • Robust power for deep cleaning
  • Light and manoeuvrable
What could be better
  • Expensive
  • Occasionally leaks when left stored full

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The Bissell ProHeat 2X is the best steam mop for anyone looking for a solution to the problem of constant fur and hair, and it’s worth every cent. The exclusive pet clean up system is perfect for removing pet hair, stains, and odours from your carpets and couches.

This impressively lightweight machine is a dream to manoeuvre around your carpets, with a simple action to change between wet and dry functions

We are in love with Deep Clean Mode that uses dual dirt lifting power brushes and heatwave technology to lift dirt embedded deep within your carpets to leave them spotless. However, the cleaner does spend much more water in this mode and you will probably have to refill the tank a couple of times to clean the entire house.

The Express Clean Mode provides a more strategic amount of formula, designed to take only about an hour to fully dry, highly effective with the 2-in-1 pet upholstery tool and 3-in-1 stair tool that suck stubborn stains and odours out of couches and stairs. This mode isn’t as thorough as Deep Clean, but is a fast and easy way to give the whole home a once-over to keep it looking its best.

The foot-activated pretreater is fantastic for targeting stubborn stains, and removes up to 66 times more allergens. 7.6 m power cord and 2.4 m hose give a decent length for full coverage, and the cover packs this machine up nicely into a low-profile footprint that can be stored inconspicuously.

Kärcher SC 4 EasyFix Premium Iron

2. Kärcher SC 4 EasyFix Premium Iron

Multifunctional kit for cleaning all kinds of surfaces

What we like
  • Powerful and constant steam
  • Removable water reservoir, easy to refill
  • Features an integrated storage compartment
  • Comes with a good variety of attachments
What could be better
  • Not budget-friendly
  • Pipe gets hot after prolonged use

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The Kärcher SC 4 is a versatile steam cleaner that is great for refreshing carpeted floors and furniture, but also easily takes on cleaning hard floors, tiles, wash basin and taps, mirrors, and cleaning the interior of your car. It can even be used for ironing curtains or other fabrics!

Though this cleaner is pleasantly lightweight and compact for carrying around the house, it is also powerful, with a 2000 watt 3.5 bar steam pressure system. Apart from removing dirt, the Kärcher SC4 kills 99% of all common household bacteria and germs, and comes with a suite of accessories that can be easily adjusted to clean a range of surfaces without using any chemicals.

Other convenient additions include an integrated cable storage compartment, accessory storage compartment, and a parking position for the floor nozzle that make the cleaning process easier. It has a hook-and-loop system for attaching and changing the floor cleaning cloth, which means zero contact with dirt for your hands. 

The water tank is conveniently designed and easy to refill, but at a capacity of only 1.3 litres, expect to refill regularly and wait at least 3 minutes for it to heat up each time. 

PurSteam ThermaPro 211

 Best For Tiles 

3. PurSteam ThermaPro 211

A 10-in-1 steam mop and carpet cleaner with detachable handheld unit

What we like
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Fast heating with strong steam
  • Light compact design with detachable handheld unit
  • Versatile and functional
What could be better
  • Noisy
  • Short cord
  • The mopping pad comes off easily and doesn’t make full contact with the floor

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The PurSteam ThermaPro 211 is one of the best steam mops for tiles and hardwood, but also suitable for cleaning other surfaces in the home such as carpets and upholstery without chemicals. It is ideal for glass, sealed stone, stainless steel, and sealed tile, so you can keep your kitchen and bathrooms spotless with minimal effort.

The PurSteam ThermaPro 211 is light, easy to manoeuvre, and features adjustable modes so that you can adapt the steam according to your needs. We find this steam mop to be a fantastic versatile option for thorough cleaning through the entire house, as it provides a high standard of cleaning and offers a 2-year warranty plus a free replacement.

The main complaint with this machine has been that the design of the mopping pads makes it hard to keep full contact with the floor across the area of the pad, which can in turn make them prone to coming unstuck and slipping away from the head.

The 340mL water tank is small and heats in under 30 seconds, to provide 20-25 mins of cleaning. While this means regular refilling, it’s also a small amount that will provide water to the handheld unit for extra portability.

Kärcher SC3

4. Kärcher SC3

Effortless deep cleaning of small homes and kitchen

What we like
  • Comes with multiple attachments for detailing
  • Built-in compartment to store cables and parts
  • Long and sturdy pole, no more bending
  • Lightweight and portable
What could be better
  • The power cord is short and not retractable
  • Small water tank needs regular refill

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The SC3 steam cleaner from Kärcher offers many options for cleaning the entire home, from the living room to the bathroom to the kitchen floor, and removing tough grease from oven doors and hobs. It’s suitable for tiles, stone, wood or laminate floors, as well as for windows, taps and basins, or for stubborn stains from upholstery and carpets.

The extra attachments and brushes are all you need for getting a high quality clean from your machine. The best feature of this cleaner is that the device is ready for use and heat-up in just 30 seconds. The heat pressure is excellent, perhaps too good on some older paint jobs, so you’ll want to be careful to avoid any mouldy or flaking walls.

This isn’t really a steam mop designed for the largest homes, as the power cord is a little on the short side and does not retract. The water tank has a capacity of 1L of tap water, which does not need to be removed for refilling. Just pour water in the cylindrical tube and she’s ready to go, no chemicals or manual scrubbing of surfaces needed. Removing dirt is thankfully simple, and does not require touching the cloth. 

Bissell PowerFresh Slim

5. Bissell PowerFresh Slim

A convenient steam cleaning wand for speedy clean ups

What we like
  • Easy to manoeuvre and store
  • Versatile utility with a long cord
  • Adjustable steam power
  • Ideal for cleaning corners
What could be better
  • Occasional leakage
  • A bit heavy for one handed cleaning

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The Bissel PowerFresh Slim is a versatile and convenient steam cleaning wand that reaches all over the home and stores neatly in a compact design. Exceedingly popular reviews agree that this mini-but-mighty cleaner is an excellent refresher for family homes.

This cleaner is extremely versatile, as you can clean almost any surface in your house with the extra accessories from the set. Safe for most types of hard floors: hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, granite, and marble, but also for the kitchen and bathroom sinks, countertops, stovetops, microwaves, upholstery, pet and children’s toys.

At under 3kg and with a water tank of 350mL, expect regular refills to cover large spaces, but thanks to the slender design and extension options, it is a suitable option for fast clean ups for the whole house. That said, it will be difficult to reach higher areas as you might with a vacuum, because the heavy end requires more body strength to lift.

The Smart Set Steam Controls design allows you to choose between high or low steam as you need it, 1600 or 1350 watts accordingly. It has an extension tube and an extra-long 7.6m power cord for all those places that are hard to reach. Practical storage for all accessories and tools mean you can change on the go, and it comes with a 2 year warranty.

Vax VX24S Steam Fresh Combi Steam Cleaner

6. Vax VX24S Steam Fresh Combi Steam Cleaner

Superior blend of steam and detergent for extreme cleaning efficiency

What we like
  • Detachable handheld unit, long cord
  • Set up and operate with no fuss
  • 2 separate chambers for water and detergent
  • The triangular mop shape perfect for corners
What could be better
  • Trigger is hard to push
  • Trigger can become tiring after prolonged use
  • Some attachments are flimsy

The Vax VX24S is our favourite steam mop for cleaning sealed hard floors and for deep cleaning carpets. A combination of steam power and detergent that ensures a clean home with 99.9% efficiency in removing harmful bacteria. 

The best part is that you won’t need any buckets to obtain best results, as the 500mL water tank is a decent capacity and heats up water in 20 seconds thanks to 1600 watts of power. Some users have encountered difficulties starting the steam cleaning process. It is important to read and follow instructions carefully before initiating the cleaner for the first time. Be cautious and make sure there is an appropriate amount of water and detergent in the tank, secure the water tank and check the temperature. Then once the green light turns on, the machine is ready to start cleaning.

Practically speaking, the design of this combination cleaner has several positive key aspects. The triangular mop shape enables you to reach and thoroughly clean in all your corners and small niches. The included cleaning tools and additional brushes feature a carpet glider and 2 microfibre cleaning pads, and we are grateful to see a lovely long 8 metre cord that allows coverage of huge areas. 

Bissell Select Steam Mop

7. Bissell Select Steam Mop

A simple slender steam mop that’s easy to use and store

What we like
  • Easy steam trigger
  • Lightweight smooth motion
  • Two microfibre mop pads
  • Small footprint
What could be better
  • Cord does not retract
  • Modest steam output

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The Bissell Select Steam Mop is our favourite steam mop for ease of use. An inexpensive mid-tier option that is slender and simple. The steam trigger is easy to work with and the modest footprint makes this mop useful in multiple areas of the home as well as easy to store.

The triangular steam mop head is fairly small and flat, 30cm across the base of the triangle and 18cm from top to bottom, making it better for corners and around furniture rather than large areas. 

This steam mop comes with two microfibre pads, one soft pad that you’ll use for most regular cleaning, and a pad with scrubbing strips for stickier messes. The pole is situated at the back to allow maximum room for the head to snake under appliances like fridges.

Using the steam function by squeezing the trigger on demand is easy and allows excellent control over the mop, as it’s quite lightweight and smooth to manoeuvre. The small size allows the mop to heat fast and work fast.

The removable water tank is easy to fill and lasts longer than expected. This is because the mop is sparing with the steam, and you may find you need to keep the trigger held down for the entire duration of cleaning. This will be a plus for people who are nervous to oversaturate older floorboards or more delicate finishes.

Black & Decker 7 in 1 Steam Mop

8. Black & Decker 7 in 1 Steam Mop

An affordable pro steam mop packed with features

What we like
  • Removable handheld steamer
  • Excellent steam and heat is great value for money
  • Excellent accessories
  • Top heavy unit easily reaches high places
What could be better
  • Cable does not retract
  • Cumbersome to store mop and accessories
  • Top heavy unit requires more effort on floors

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For a great quality steam mop that does everything, the Black & Decker 7 in 1 is a superb all-rounder that won’t break the bank. The 6 accessories will cover every unusual steam mop job you might have from floors, to grout, to upholstery, and our favourite squeegee tool, which makes the Black & Decker 7 in 1 the best steam mop for glass.

The included hose and accessories are versatile and effective, and are a luxury for this price range. They turn and lock in place easily, and work really well with the high steam output. The grouting brush is a miracle worker in between greasy kitchen and bathroom tiles, and the detailing brush is great for concentrating on tough spots. 

The squeegee tool is an excellent glass cleaner that makes showers and windows like new in seconds. Also included is a bonnet for this squeegee tool, greatly widening the usability of this mop for upholstery, curtains, and spot cleaning.

Because the design of the mop has the water tank at the top, this is an easy unit to reach up curtains and high walls. However, if you’re looking to spot clean without the detailing brush, it will require extra effort to move.

This isn’t the smallest or most compact set, and all these accessories aren’t easy to store. The mop doesn’t come apart once assembled, so you can’t even use the box it came in. There’s a key-hook on the back of the handle to wall mount the main unit, at least.

The mop head is a good size and easily tilts and pivots around furniture, and the mop produces plenty of steam after only 15 seconds to heat up, making the entire clean lightning fast. Considering the inclusions and speedy high-powered clean, this steam mop is a bargain.

Haan SI-A70 Multi Steam Mop Cleaner

9. Haan SI-A70 Multi Steam Mop Cleaner

Smart technology steam mop that leaves surfaces dry in seconds

What we like
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Decent water tank
  • Long pole and long cord length
  • Strong continuous steam
What could be better
  • Some plastic parts feel flimsy
  • Doesn’t stand up by itself well

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Similar to a stick vacuum, the Haan SI-A70 Multi Steam Mop Cleaner is suitable for use on multiple surfaces such as carpets, tiles, walls, timber flooring, and many more. The additional parts (brush and nozzle) enable you to clean even the hardest-to-reach places, making this our best mid-tier steam mop that is both effective and affordable.

We find this steam mop best for primarily cleaning floors, as it dries really quickly and gives great results. It can be difficult sometimes to remove deep stains or grease, and though the water in the tank heats up in 20 seconds, it has to be refilled quite often for larger jobs. However, that more compact design makes it lightweight and easy to manoeuvre around thanks to its ergonomic handle.

You won’t need to use any chemicals since the high-temperature steam system cleans and sanitises by killing 99.9% of household germs and bacteria. It has quite a long cord of around 7.6m and a water tank suitable for tap water with a capacity of 350mLs. The Ultra-Microfiber pads have 4 layers and create a streak-free, quick-drying and effortless cleaning.

H2O HD Steam Cleaner 5 in 1 Multi Purpose

10. H2O HD Steam Cleaner 5 in 1 Multi Purpose

Steam mop with many functions and maneuverable 360° mop head

What we like
  • Fantastic all-rounder
  • Easy to set up with clear instruction
  • Produces steam quickly and constantly
  • Mop head with a triangular shape for corners
What could be better
  • A sling to hold the handheld cleaner could be included
  • No storage bag for accessories

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This versatile steam mop features a whopping 5 year guarantee for a reason. The H2O HD Steam Cleaner 5 in 1 Multi Purpose is the best all-rounder steam mop, suitable for cleaning almost any kind of surface in your home, especially marble, ceramic, stone, laminate and sealed hardwood floors, or even carpet refreshing and removing stains. While being a great all-rounder, we would pick this one as the best steam mops for wooden or timber floors.

The best part of this steam mop is that you can get a great super hygienic finish without using chemicals or detergents, thanks to the sanitisation options it offers. The powerful 1500W machine quickly heats up the whole 450mL capacity water tank in just 30 seconds, offering large capacity in such a slim design. 

Users love the long 6 m cable and plentiful additions for cleaning the bathroom and kitchen surfaces. The extra parts in the set for window cleaning and transformation are fantastic and allow you to convert the mop into garment/curtain steamer or for toys deodorisation, but it would be great if they included a storage option for all these accessories.

The foldable handle and slim design are so convenient and lightweight, making it easy to carry around and reach up curtains or over garments. The triangular shape of the mop head also makes it a convenient machine to get into corners. 

Maxkon 2.1L High Pressure Steam Cleaner Mop

11. Maxkon 2.1L High Pressure Steam Cleaner Mop

Very powerful machine with a large water tank

What we like
  • Comes with 17 accessories in a nifty storage box
  • Ability to control the amount of steam and pressure
  • Outstanding steam performance
  • Alert light for low water level and auto shut off when water runs out
What could be better
  • The soft pipe and steam gun can get hot during use

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The Maxkon is one of the best steam mops for hard flooring and removing stains from upholstery or carpets, and even limescale and mould from tiles and taps. This versatile machine delivers extraordinary cleaning performance with just tap water and no additional chemicals. It is very effective for cleaning bathroom or kitchen floors, windows, shower cubicles, glass, grouting, ovens or other heating elements, ceramic hobs, and more.

The Maxkon 2.1L High Pressure Steam Cleaner Mop is a very powerful device with 2000 W heating and a powerful 4.0 bar of pressure. It heats up in one minute and has a continuous steam technology and a dual-tank system. With the smart system, you can add water anytime in the refill section during cleaning, which is extremely time-consuming.

Bear in mind, it is a bit bulky, and people find it sometimes difficult to move around the house. But on the other hand, the water tank is quite large and you won’t have to constantly refill it. A disadvantage might be that you cannot see how much water you have left. However, with the warning light indicates a low water level as well as an auto switch-off feature, you won’t have to worry about any of those safety issues.

Timsolo 12 in 1 Foldable Steam Mop

12. Timsolo 12 in 1 Foldable Steam Mop

Versatile and portable device for cleaning and sanitisation

What we like
  • Budget-friendly
  • Versatile utility with a wide range of attachments
  • Detachable handle and adjustable head mop
  • Long cord can be wound on the handle for convenience
What could be better
  • Not the sturdiest

The Timsolo is an excellent affordable little steam mop that has a wide range of applications, delivering a high-quality clean to floors, carpets, windows, kitchens, bathrooms, as well as ironing and dusting with its special additions. The versatility and great results make the Timsolo 12 in 1 Foldable Steam Mop our best budget steam mop.

Our favourite feature is the user-adjustable steam control that can adapt the 1300 watts of power to the level of steam best suited to your cleaning needs. The water tank is a decent 400mLs, which lasts longer than expected, but this means less steam pressure that may not be that effective on more stubborn stains.

The long power cord, detachable handle and its 180º triangular steam mop head will easily get into any difficult-to-reach corner, and the super light 2.6kg body makes this steam mop ultra mobile for reaching into tight spaces and under furniture. It’s even great for car interiors and sanitising furniture or toys.

Things to consider when buying a steam mop

The steam cleaner has evolved into a safe and comprehensive device suitable for quickly cleaning the entire home, removing 99.9% of household bacteria and mites without chemicals.

With this goal in mind, you should look at some features that would best suit your cleaning needs and the hot steam power will not damage your inventory.

Type of flooring. The most important thing to check is whether the type of steam mop that you like is suitable for your choice of flooring. Most of the options on the market are designed to work well on tile and laminate floors, but hardwood or timber floors are more delicate and you should be cautious with them. Also, if you want to clean your carpets with the steam mop, check whether this possibility is available.

Tools included. If you want a device that will enable you to clean more surfaces than just a mere mopping tool than you should consider the products with more accessories included in the kit. The powerful steam will enable you to remove grease out of the oven, clean your bathroom to perfection, and even clean your windows or car. There are extremely practical scrubbing brushes and pads, as well as some upholstery tools and carpet gliders that will instantly refresh your home without spending money on expensive professional cleaners. The mopping pads are usually machine-washable, but it is best if you have at least two of them for your best convenience.

Water tank size and Heating time. Most of the products have an average water tank of around 0.5 l or less. You will probably have to refill the tank a couple of times, and if you are using the deep cleaning option you’ll do the refill quite often. But there are also some options with larger water tanks if it causes you a problem to do it. It is very useful to know whether you can use tap water, as not to cause additional expenses, and all of the products on our list are designed for tap water use. The heating time is also quite optimal, and it is desirable to be under a minute.

Mop design. It is nice for the steam mop to be lightweight so that you can easily manoeuvre it around the home and clean with it. Also, if you have a lot of heavy furniture at home it is good to have a steam mop with a suitable head shape for reaching and steaming those places. It also depends on your budget, as the cylinder steam mop types are the most expensive but most efficient as well.

Cord length. A very important thing to consider, which I usually undermine, is the length of the cord, especially if you want to clean stairs or far-reaching places. There are also some cord-free options on the market, but they would require recharging. We would recommend you know the average cord size that you need for cleaning your home when comparing products.

Steam power. This is an important feature, as there are also some less powerful devices on the market whose power is equal to a regular cleaning mop. If you are looking for a good steam cleaner, make sure it is powerful enough to remove dirt and clean deep stains, otherwise, you will have an average product and still have to do the hard work manually.