Top 10 Best Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Wish your home would look as fresh as cleaning day, every day? Try a quick vac with a stick vac! Here’s our guide with the best stick vacuums in Australia, for carpets and floors that know our dusty country all too well.

best stick vacuum australia

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If you’re finding vacuuming a cumbersome chore, the lightweight cordless stick vacuums of the modern world may be just the cleaning tool you need to keep the place looking neat on a day-to-day basis. 

Stick vacuums sit neatly on charge waiting for work, much more ready and manoeuvrable for quick jobs when you don’t want to pull out your barrel vacuum or upright vacuum. They tend to average 2-4 kilograms, light enough to be an appealing alternative for people with less mobility and space.

Keep in mind, the stick is not really designed to replace your barrel or upright vacuum. On max mode, they usually only run around 15 minutes, and max mode doesn’t usually live up to the standard of a barrel or upright, because of the small motor for that light weight.

Essentially, when it comes down to it, you want to be paying for strength, battery and features, rather than brand names or attractive design. That said, we quickly discovered that Dyson’s V-Series managed to come out on top at three different price points, so they may have earned their fame for dominating the market.

Dyson is not the only choice though, we’ve found some interesting alternatives that can satisfy in terms of performance and price point.

So, in order from most expensive to most affordable, here's our selection of the best stick vacuums in Australia for 2021.

Dyson V11

 Best For Carpet 

1. Dyson V11

Easily Dyson’s best cordless stick vacuum yet

This latest and greatest new model from Dyson is absolutely the top-of-the-range stick vacuum in Australia right now that comes with more features than you can shake a stick (vacuum) at.

This beauty features the ultra-new technology in a motor-powered vacuum head that automatically senses changes in flooring and adjusts its suction power accordingly. There’s nothing more satisfying than moving from a hard floor to carpet and hearing the turbo kick in!

The other unique stand-out feature here is an LCD screen displaying the battery charge remaining, and other quality-of-life features such as when the filter needs a changeover, or location of blockages affecting the performance. A little video clip will even run on this screen to show you how to remove a detected blockage, a simple yet dead useful feature we can’t wait to see in future vacs.

The basic model is loaded with attachments: a combo tool, a crevice tool, a mini soft brush, a stubborn dirt brush, a storage clip, and a mini motorised tool, which is just perfect for those extra-filthy baby seats in the car.

On top of all these features, the high-powered motorised head can reach up to 140% of the suction of their previous V10 series, and with their largest battery yet, up to 60 minutes of vacuuming will cover even quite large spaces. This is the first time a stick vacuum may be able to replace your regular corded vacuum, so if you need both, the V11 is worth the extra expense.

Among all the different variants of this model, if money’s not an issue the Dyson V11 Outsize Pro is hands-down, definitively, the best stick vacuum Australia has on offer right now.

Tineco Pure ONE S12

2. Tineco Pure ONE S12

A high-tech smart vacuum for large houses

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The Tineco Pure ONE S12 is a smart stick vacuum that truly feels like that futuristic addition that belongs in the house of a smart home enthusiast.

The main selling feature here is a dust detection sensor that automatically adjusts suction to the optimal cleaning power for the job, giving you a longer runtime for greater coverage.

And in case that runtime isn’t enough, Tineco includes a spare battery with this model, to offer a total runtime of a whopping 1 hour 20 minutes across the two batteries. This is the longest battery we’ve ever seen on a stick vac, making it perfect for large spaces. 

The high-torque powered brush is the brush you’ll use for basically all situations, but if you have fancy finished hardwood floors, you may want to stick with the soft-roller powered brush. While not as powerful, the soft bristles are gentle on older varnish, vacuuming dust and pet hair out of the cracks while gently buffing.

The Pure ONE also features phone app connectivity to monitor performance, filtration, and battery of the machine and detect issues. The app keeps you updated with alert schedules for maintenance and instructional videos for operation and cleaning.

But if you’re not much for apps, it’s not strictly necessary. The vacuum itself has an LED touch display with almost the same information, in a small and intuitive panel above the handle.

The handle also features a capacitive touch screen embedded into the groove, so you can manually swipe with your thumb to increase or decrease power control.

The wall bracket charges the unit automatically when not in use, with space for the ten included accessories, brushes, and nozzles.


3. LG CordZero A9NEOMAX

The ultimate vacuum-and-mop combo with washable filtration system

There haven’t been many stick vacuums that can mop while you vacuum, and hopefully there’ll be a stronger demand for them in future, because this is a wet and dry stick vacuum that proves it can work!

The A9NEO series comes in NEOMULTI for multiple floor types, NEOMASTER which comes with a power nozzle, and NEOMAX for a powered mop attachment.

If you have tiles or hardwood floors, it is absolutely worth the extra ~$100 to get the NEOMAX. While it won’t replace your manual mop completely, the mop head is separately powered, so it’s actually quite effective for daily use. The dual mop pads spin outwards like a floor buffer, with similar polished results.

For all models, the centre of balance in the handle allows effortless vacuuming up walls, and four different lengths allow family members with different heights to easily adjust the shaft to their height, to avoid stooping and reduce muscle effort.

The A9s also feature a five-stage filtration system, with double cyclone, pre-filter and post-filter. Any particles of dust remaining will be caught in the delicate HEPA filter for full removal of all particles.

Each filter can be removed, handwashed, and reused. The vacuum comes with a spare cloth filter in case you want to vacuum again before the washed one is fully dry.

Particularly noteworthy attachments included are the couch pet hair remover and the bed thumping feature, which removes dust mites and allergens from mattresses and couches, a real lifesaver for a family with pet allergies.

The dual battery pack clicks in and out easily of the handle, allowing the option of charging the battery while the vacuum is stored, rather than awkwardly hanging up the whole machine to charge.

Charge the spare battery while you vacuum your home, and together they’ll amount to about 80 minutes run time on normal mode, or 60 minutes with the power nozzle, more than enough for even large spaces.

Dyson V8

 Best For Pet Hair and Hard Floors 

4. Dyson V8

High-tier digital motor with a choice of model for pets or hard floors

At the top of our upper-mid-tier options, an older Dyson series comes in to clean up with two distinct models of the same superpowered digital motor; the Animal Extra, and the Absolute.

First the Animal Extra: as the name might suggest, this is the best stick vacuum for pet hair. The mini motorised head is amazing for digging deep into carpets to pull out pet hair, allergens, and deeply ingrained dirt.

The size and efficacy of this powerful tool makes it perfect particularly for stairs, upholstery, and car seats. You know, all the places your pets love to curl up and shed.

The Absolute, on the other hand, comes with a soft fluffy roller head that is perfect for buffing hard surfaces while it vacuums, making it the best stick vacuum for hard floors.

The fibres in this head alternate between carbon fibre and soft nylon, so you can rely on it picking up your regular debris as well as fine dust particles, without scratching any delicate surfaces.

The Animal Extra is perfectly fine on wooden floors too, but with the Absolute you’re going to get a very effective clean on hard surfaces, and a great shine on gloss-finished floorboards.

Other than that, these two vacuums are identical. Both models have a half-litre dust capacity with hygienic dirt-ejector button, docking station, and Dyson multi-tools.

The strongest feature of the V8s is the awesome direct-drive vacuum head, much like the Dyson V7 Motorhead model (also on this list), but with about 150% of the power of the V7 version.

The digital motor is the absolute gold standard for this price point, surpassed only by the upgraded digital motor of the Dyson V11 series.

The V8s have whole-machine filtration, with two layers of dust-removing cyclones to ensure catching every particle down to a third of a micron.

With up to 40 minutes run time on standard, this vacuum will get through a decent space with enough time left over to go over your pets’ sleeping spaces with the motorised mini tool.

Roborock H6

5. Roborock H6

The closest competition for Dyson’s V8, with less suction but stronger features

With the Roborock H6 stick vacuum, air filtration purifies air in five stages to filter particles down to a quarter of a micron. Essentially, no tiny dust particles are ever going to be coming out the back end of this machine. 

The dustbin is easily removable to wash and replace, as are the cyclone parts, to keep your machine strong and effective for minimal effort.

The heads include the usually multi-purpose brush tool, a narrow head for niches between appliances, a flexible hose tube for getting around corners, and a thin nozzle for between couch cushions and computer keyboards.

Between these attachments and the weight of the unit, this is definitely the model to beat in regards to manoeuvrability. At 1.4kg, this light little vacuum has easy reach to gracefully remove dust and dirt from ceilings and above cupboards.

A powerful 420W motor delivers 25 000 pascals of great suction, really nice for such a light machine. This maximum is achieved automatically when the machine senses that it’s moved to carpets, a function we would expect only from the higher-tier more expensive products.

The informative OLED screen displays the current mode, how much charge remains in the battery, and any other notifications to alert you to maintenance and filtration needs.

This model also features a convenient power lock, which allows you to choose whether to use the vacuum in trigger or lock modes. Trigger mode causes the vacuum to turn on and off with pulling the trigger, whereas lock mode gives you the traditional continuous vacuuming without needing the trigger. Certainly easier on older and arthritic hands.

Up to 90 minutes of runtime on the lithium-ion polymer battery on Economy Mode will easily cover a larger house.

Dyson V7

6. Dyson V7

A high-powered motorised dirt-eraser for small homes

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The V7 is a mid-range stick vacuum from Dyson that makes the list for its power and manoeuvrability to cost ratio, despite missing out on some of those premium features of the more recent expensive Dysons.

The whole-machine filtration was a great addition to the V7s, catching smaller particles and allergens by filtering the air through the entire unit to avoid leaking dusty particles.

The V7 series is also when Dyson started adding a hygienic dirt ejector to their vacuums to avoid covering your hands with filth when emptying the dust box.

For a machine with excellent suction and power, the Dyson V7 is surprisingly quiet. This unit features acoustic control, where the air vents and open-cell foam allow the airflow to stream around the motor itself, reducing noise levels without sacrificing power.

For such a minor price difference, there’s really no reason to opt for the enhanced model with “Motorhead” vacuum head.

The Motorhead model is identical to the basic, but features a drive within the actual head of the vacuum cleaner, agitating and lifting dirt with far superior power before sucking it into the chamber.

Both models quickly transform to handheld vacuums, and with the easy clip-on combination tool attachment, the vacuum converts to the perfect size for cleaning your car seats and other tricky to reach areas.

The most notable difference between this model and Dyson’s more recent superior vacuums is battery technology. The battery on V7s is a little on the short side, so this is a vacuum cleaner for a small place, or else for daily quick-cleans.

This model gets up to 30 minutes run time on standard, 20 minutes when the motorised head is used, or 6 minutes on MAX mode.

Bosch Athlet

7. Bosch Athlet

A premium vacuum cleaner at a midrange price

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The Bosch Athlet stick vacuum cleaner has only recently hit shelves and has already hit #1 Bestsellers List for Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner on Amazon, for being half the price of the premium products with mostly competitive specs and features.

The integrated sensor monitors the filtration and constantly measures airflow rates while you clean, to keep the vacuum running at an optimal level of power without wasting energy and battery power on inefficient sucking.

The motorised brush is powerful and works well on any hard floors or carpets, so Bosch has decided to not include any attachments or accessories with this product, which is quite unusual for a cleaner this price.

A 0.9L dust container makes this vacuum certainly roomy enough for a daily clean in a larger house, and the battery will back that up too. 60 minutes runtime on the durable lithium-ion battery is sure to let you finish off the whole house in a single cleaning session. 

A switch with three settings allows you to control the power of the machine, Level 1 for a standard daily clean, Level 2 for something more difficult, and Turbo Mode for stubborn dirt.

The unit is self-standing, great for fitting into any niche or corner with a small footprint.

Devanti Handstick Vacuum Cleaner 2-in-1

8. Devanti Handstick 2-in-1 

A vacuum that can get into any kind of small car or hard-to-reach area

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This peppy little vacuum can get up to 8000 pascals of suction from a 150W motor located in the handle of the machine. One benefit of the location of the weight means the vacuum head can rise easily, so excellent for vacuuming spider webs out of ceiling corners and above cupboards.

The other benefit of the motor location is how easily the shaft can be detached from the top, allowing quick conversion to handheld mode and back in seconds flat.

The handheld mode is definitely a winning feature on this product. Small, portable, and with the included nozzles and adaptors, this is definitely an easy choice for people who need to keep their work car clean and vacuumed for clients.

As for design, this is quite a mobile little machine. The 160-degree swivelling head can be fitted with a range of nozzles and adaptors included with the machine. A full body length of 116cm is quite a decent shaft, which will certainly be a relief to your tallest family members.

A half-litre capacity for the dust receptacle is a little small, but with about 25 minutes of battery, this is a nice lightweight vacuum to do a quick little zippy-clean after dinner time.

Aucma Vacuum Cleaner

9. Aucma Vacuum Cleaner

The best cheap cordless vacuum with decent motor and battery

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Despite the price, The Aucma Vacuum Cleaner is quite a powerful little machine. On max power this vacuum gets up to 9000 pascals of suction, and a switch adjusts the head for different floor types for better movement.

The brush nozzle clicks in and out easily, locking into place, so removing hair is no problem at all. The 1L capacity canister is emptied with a one-click dumping button, so ease of use has definitely been a priority in designing this product.

A V-shaped brush allows dirt to travel into the centre of the vacuum head, shifting deeper dirt more easily into the shaft for a more efficient clean.

This model even features an LED light across the front of the cleaning head to allow you to vacuum in darker places where dirt can be harder to see.

A flat base design allows the vacuum to stand up when charging and not in use, which is a nice feature to give a small vacuum an even smaller footprint.

The battery lasts 45 minutes on standard, and 25 minutes on max power, definitely not a bad deal for this price point.

Bissell Featherweight Vacuum

10. Bissell Featherweight Vacuum

The deceptively powerful petite corded stick vacuum perfect for small spaces

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The Bissell Featherweight is our pick for best affordable stick vacuum cleaner. This lightweight vacuum is not cordless, but makes up for that with some serious suction.

The Bissell Featherweight vacuum lives up to its name at only 2kg, but you may not notice the light weight once you turn it on. This vacuum is so powerful it sticks to the carpet like glue!

The 4.5m cord is admittedly a little on the short side. If you’ve got a small space and you don’t mind the cord, the benefit of corded is the extra power they can afford from being connected to the wall, and of course, the battery won’t dwindle over time.

The internal canister is also a bit smaller than most, so this is one best suited to a small apartment. Happily, it’s very easy to click out and empty, which is definitely a relief when the canister is small, because you will be doing it every use. 

The vacuum head, again, around 23cm wide, for a cleaning path that might be a bit narrow for a large space. Of course, it also fits better into nooks and crannies than wider heads. This model also converts to a handheld for couches and small messes, but the handheld does get a bit blowy, for having so much power pulling air through a small area.

The suction power is really very impressive, this little guy picks up absolutely everything, the first time.

How to choose a stick vacuum

Here’s what to consider when purchasing a cordless stick vacuum, in order of priority.

Battery life

When looking through cordless vacuum specs, the most important thing is not the nice app integration or the dozen tool attachments, it is battery life. The batteries are the lifeblood of stick vacuum utility, and very little in the way of fancy features can make up for poor performance and longevity of the product.

Batteries should be as high a voltage as you can afford, at least 18V, to get decent suction and longevity. Avoid NiCd batteries, they are older battery tech that isn’t going to last as well as the modern Li-ion and NiMH batteries.

The ideal stick vacuum will give you one (or even two!) Li-ion battery packs that easily click in and out, can be replaced for less than the cost of half the machine, and are included in the warranty of the vacuum cleaner. Check the warranty! Some sneaky manufacturers like to make a separate warranty for the battery that only covers a couple of months.

Ease of use

For elderly or less mobile people, a light stick vacuum is a worthwhile investment to stop you putting strain on your back with an upright vacuum, or bending down for barrel vac or a dustpan and broom.

In this case, you want to look out for stick vacuums that are extra light (under 3 kilograms), have a motor lower down for a lower centre of gravity, a telescopic shaft that will adjust to your height, and a switch that will turn on the vacuum cleaner rather than a trigger that needs to be held down.


Many modern stick vacuums have a motorised head that will roll dirt and debris with brushes to agitate it out of the carpet. This is how stick vacuums can stay competitive with large motored vacuums connected to a power source.

These heads are safe on hard floors and carpets, but if you have mostly hardwood floors, you can reduce the wear on them with a special fluffy roller designed to cling to dust and pet hair without the brush wearing needlessly on your gloss-finished wooden boards.


If you have no sensitivity to dust mites, pollen, or pet hair, the filter is not a terribly important consideration. Look for models where the filter is easily removed, washed, and replaced, to keep your vacuum performing in peak condition.

For asthmatics and people sensitive to allergens, the filter is very important, because tiny dust leaks do push out through the back of the machine, stirring up the settled dander and pollen and worsening symptoms temporarily without removing the source. Sensitive eyes should be on the lookout for HEPA filters, multiple-stage filters, and filters that are thrown out and replaced rather than washed, for best results.


Usually, a crevice tool and “multi-tool” with a small brush will accompany your purchase. These tools are all you’re going to need for 90% of your vacuuming needs. Some stick vacuums seem to come with a dozen attachments, but the ones to look out for are a flexible attachment to get around corners, and a pet hair brush if you have pets. Tools clutter up your drawers, so big bonus points to any companies that store them on the body of the vacuum, or on the wall-mounted charging dock.