9 Amazing Teething Toys for Baby’s Relief

Approaching baby’s teething period? No worries, we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide and list of the best teething toys in Australia.

best teething toys australia

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Don’t get mad at your babies when they sometimes get a little fussy during their teething phase. Time past, several illnesses were ignorantly attributed to teething. Funnily, many believed teething could cause severe sickness that may even become fatal.

Today we know better. Although teething can irritate your little one and may even cause slightly elevated temperature, it shouldn’t scare you, cause it rarely gets worse. If your baby feels sick, find out why. But if all you notice are fussiness, drooling, and swollen gums, you may simply order for a teether.

Although these symptoms are typical of a teething child, do well to consult your doctor before you make any conclusion.

Are baby teethers necessary?

Not entirely. Although these toys may not be considered a necessity, many parents consider them a lifesaver. Teething pains can be a horrible experience, both for the babies and even for you (the parent).

When your baby starts to teeth, it practically affects everyone: your baby, you, the entire household, and, in worse cases, the neighbourhood.

Your one-time ‘calm and collected’ little one can surprisingly turn weepy, fussy, and even enraged. Sadly, your baby is lost about what’s playing out. All they feel is the excruciating pain, which can be frustrating for every concerned party.

So, if teethers promise comfort, and some peace for you and your household, isn’t it a worthy investment? During their teething stage, simple chewing can bring great relief to babies’ gums.

Interestingly, teething toys offer a lot more than mere pain relief. For instance, babies are inquisitive beings and, as such, love to test out things in their mouths. This common practice helps modify their motor skills positively. It teaches them to maneuver their tongues in their mouth and makes them more curious about the world around them.

Even without toys, watching your little ones closely, you’d find them chewing on their blankets, fingers, and anything they lay their hands on. This act boosts their comfort and overall development.

When is best to give your baby teethers?

Typically, babies may start developing their first tooth at about four to six months. And since teething pain precedes the visible teeth eruption, your baby’s teething pain may come a week or two before.

Since teething is imminent, it’s only wise to prepare for it as soon as possible. A general rule thinks you should have a teething toy as soon as your baby clocks two months. This helps prevent a rush purchase.

Planning ahead for foreseeable situations as a parent will help you a whole lot, most importantly, to prevent stress.

That said, when selecting the best teething toys in Australia, prioritize your child’s safety and the product’s effectiveness for alleviating teething discomfort.

Interestingly, the best teethers hardly ever come with high price tags. So, when finding out what exactly works for your baby, you can try out one or two without blowing your budget.

We understand how challenging it can be navigating through the boatload of options on the market. So, we took out time to research for you. Here is our selection of the best teething toys in Australia for your baby’s gum relief.

Sophie the Giraffe

1. Sophie the Giraffe

Entertains with its squeaky sound, a sure babies’ delight

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Sophie the Giraffe is our choice for best teething toy this year, this is arguably one of the most trending toys for babies on the market currently.

Sophie is designed to mimic a cute little giraffe. The BPA-free latex rubber is food-grade paint, which ensures your child’s safety. The toy’s squeaks attract and entertain your kids as they joyfully sink their gums (or teeth) in the doll’s feet, neck, or head.

Although Sophie teether is best fit for babies from birth to a year old, some parents say the size may be considered too large for babies under six months and hence may better suit older babies.

It is, however, worth mentioning that during washing, water often sneaks in through the squeaky hole. Cleaning out the water can pose a considerable challenge and may cause mould formation inside.

For a remedy, instead of submerging your baby’s Sophie, simply wipe down with a clean piece damped with soapy water and allow to dry.

Mizzie The Kangaroo

2. Mizzie The Kangaroo

It promotes your baby’s sensory skills

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Mizzie the kangaroo is another favourite teething toy among babies. The toy is made from 100% natural rubber, which makes it a safe, non-toxic option for baby.

The teething toy is particularly designed to promote your baby’s sensory development and relief her sore gums. The toy stimulates baby’s hearing, smell, touch, and sight senses. And the squeaks are a sure delight to your baby.

This is indeed a great baby shower gift. The toy has been tested and passes all toy-related safety standers in Europe, the USA, New Zealand, and Australia. What’s more? For a clean, simply wipe with a cloth soaked in warm soapy water. Neither submerge in water nor sterilize. Also, avoid dishwashers.

Jack N’ Jill Teething Gel

3. Jack N’ Jill Teething Gel

Soothes sure gums with its mild natural vanilla flavour

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The Jack N’ Jill Teething Gel product promises a soothing relief for your baby’s sore gums. The teether is made with ingredients typically used for short-term relief from teething related symptoms, including restlessness, inflamed gums, and irritability that comes with teething.

The teether is made of a soothing formula, which includes calendula and chamomile, a worthy natural alternative to Bonjela.

This unit is suited for children below four months. If you intend to buy this teething solution for your baby under four months, discuss it with your baby’s doctor.

If the redness, swelling, pain, and irritation persist or fever and rash develop, discontinue its use and relate your concerns with a doctor.

Quickly seek medical attention if you notice any allergic reaction or in the event of an overdose.

To apply, apply a pea-sized portion of the teething gel on your clean hands (or a tooth wipe) and rub gently on the target area. Apply four times daily or as advised by your healthcare provider. This certified cruelty-free product is made in Australia and every vegan’s best bet.

Bblüv Glüv Baby Teething Mitten

4. Bblüv Glüv Baby Teething Mitten

An easy-reach teether that allows your baby self-soothe their sore gums

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Bblüv Glüv Baby Teething Mitten is made of flexible 100% food-grade silicone intended to give your baby a soft chew for his sore gums. It fits cleverly into your child’s hands on either side, securely attached with an adjustable Velcro strap, which prevents the teether from dropping.

The glove teether can be worn without obstructing your baby’s routine. Besides, with the glove’s easy reach, parents do not always need to hold the teether for their baby.

Bblüv Glüv Mitten's bright colourful design with crinkle paper is meant to attract and stimulate your baby’s curious senses. It comes with a machine-washable wash bag to ensure your mitten stays clean when not in use or while on a trip.

Sophie the Giraffe Teething Ring

5. Sophie the Giraffe Teething Ring

Two ring-designed, for a perfect grip

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The version of Sophie the Giraffe has a natural teething ring, which is an excellent choice for your baby’s hurting gum. The rings are designed with two different surface texture, which gives your baby the freedom to choose based on his ages and other individual needs for better relief for sore gums.

The two-ringed design makes it easy for your baby’s little grip. This toy comes with a solid rubber, which helps for a firmer bite without breaking.

The teether comes from 100% natural rubber made from Heave Tree-derived latex and beautified with good-grade paintings which promise your baby a safe chew.

Besides the safety of both your baby and the planet, this collection features 100% organic cotton, natural rubber, and corn fibre, packed in beautiful gift boxes made with recyclable materials.

If you’re considering the best teething toy product that’d help stimulate your baby’s senses, and relieve their soothing gums, many parents recommend the Sophie la giraffe teething ring.

However, some reviewers think the product is relatively pricy and not so captivating (no sounds, no attractive colours).

Baby Banana Infant Teething Toothbrush

6. Baby Banana Infant Teething Toothbrush

A training toothbrush and an aching gum reliever

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As soon as you notice your baby’s first teeth set, your next priority should be on how to keep them clean. This silicone teether and training toothbrush comes handy.

The toy serves two purposes: to clean your baby’s teeth and massage their gum. The upper ‘peeled’ part of the banana features bristles are designed to clean and massage your little one’s gum while the peels help guide against choking as well as help them achieve a firm grip.

Thankfully, the teether is dishwasher compatible and freezer-friendly for extra cleanliness and soothing relief.

This particular product is the best fit for a little one between three to 12 months. However, there are other bigger models designed for older kids.

Notably, buyers are thrilled by the products’ affordability and efficiency. Also, its compact size allows the baby to maneuver the object into the mouth quickly and without any swallow risk. We do recommend cleaning by hand.

NatureBond Baby Feeder and Teether

7. NatureBond Baby Feeder and Teether

Multifunctional, serves as a baby feeder and a teether

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The NatureBond Fruit feeder and teether gives you value for money. The unit comes in candy-like colours so designed to stimulate your baby’s appetite for nutrients from vegetables and fruits.

This feeder-gum-teether also comes handy when it’s time to introduce your baby to solid foods during their weaning and teething phase. The multipurpose feeder also helps soothe teething-related discomforts, massaging the gums as they chew.

Talking quality and safety, this baby fruit feeder boasts the only FDA-approved and certified by Testing, Inspection and Certification(TIC) Bureau Veritas USA as free from latex, BPA, Phthalates, and lead.

The toy is designed for easy dismantling and washing, increasing your baby’s hygiene and overall health. The NatureBond feeder, unlike most feeders, have components that can all be dismantled for cleaning and washing purposes.

Even more, the feeder and teether comes with a turning knob, which allows you to adjust the teat length as well as extract fruit juices for your baby’s consumption.

Parents who do not wish to keep buying new teethers as their babies grow will find great delight in this product. The feeder comes in two sizes and with a bonus pack of six silicone teats/sacs o different sizes that can serve your baby as they grow. This flexibility and convenience place the NatureBond Fruit feeder some steps above competitors.

Malarkey Kids Munch Mitt

8. Malarkey Kids Munch Mitt

The crinkly sound keep your baby entertained, always

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This mitten has parts designed with nubby silicone for your little one to chew on. Simply place the mitten on your kid, sit back, and watch the action play out. The Malarkey Kids Munch Mitt is made with a water-resistant material that won’t absorb your bay’s drool. The mitt can be tweaked to fit either hand.

The devices also entertain your baby with a crinkly sound. Out-of-box, your baby teether is delivered with a travel bag, which can also serve as a wash bag. With the mist inside, your bag is machine washable and may be dried, but on low heat. This feature allows a regular wash, which is particularly advised for this product.

The pain-relieving nature, the crinkly sounds, and black and white colours help trigger learning in your child and, as well, boost their cognitive ability.

Nuby Chewy Charms Silicone Teether

9. Nuby Chewy Charms Silicone Teether

100-safe chewing with a variety of attractive colours

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The Nuby Chewy Charms teether is a thoughtful way to help your little one prepare for developmental changes as he grows. The unit is best suited for three months and older children. The teethers ring comes with a texture specially designed to offer soothing relief to your baby’s gums, making the transition a positive experience.

Also, the toy comes with different colour variants that look delightful to your kids. The silicone-shaped teether is comfortably soft and helps stimulate your baby’s gums and growing teeth, promoting a swift shift from nursing to biting/chewing.

The teething rings are 100% food-grade material. Besides, they meet all government-imposed safety standards and regulations.

How to choose a teething toy for baby

While you can never go wrong with the options on our product review list, there’s an off chance you want something more in a teething toy. When shopping for the best teether for your baby, here are some boxes to tick:

  • Texture. When selecting a teether, the best teethers for your child comes with some common attributes so designed to provide the desired soothing relief. One of such features is the texture. The best teething toys for babies may come in a semi-soft rubber-like silicone or may feature a rugged but textured material that is typically sourced from medical-standard plastic. While some babies may feel more comfortable with a softer teether, some others may be more comfortable with harder plastic teethers. Regardless of your option, just ensure the texture is non-toxic and can be refrigerated to offer extra cooling relief to your baby.
  • Clips. It’s common for babies to drop their toys. Besides that, it can so get annoying picking them every time they drop, it’s not hygienic as the ground can be dirty – it mostly is. To save yourself picking up toys and protecting your kids’ health, a teething toy with clips should do the trick. These options allow you to clip the teether to their outfit.
  • Easy-grip. Babies are better off handling products with rings. Toys with straight handles are typically trickier or your baby’s grip.
  • Sounds. Some products sound squeaky when bitten. This sounds can be great fun to your baby and often make them laugh. But these sounds can be irritating, particularly those times you need quiet. This is an important consideration to make. If you hate the noises, check if your baby would prefer something more peaceful.
  • Durability. Generally, durability is a universal quest among buyers. For the best teething rings, durability still count. You do not want to replace your baby teether every other month. Hence, when scouting, prefer a product with rugged silicone, wood, or rubber that can hold up to extensive usage. Remember, your baby can go hard on these teethers as they seek relief to their aching gum.
  • Cleaning. Keep in mind that teethers have a primary duty post –in your baby’s mouth. This calls for the need to ensure your baby’s toy is always clean. So, when buying the best baby teethers, ensure your preference can be easily cleaned and sterilized.In the review above, you’d find some good dishwasher-friend options that could be sterilized. They are your best bet.
  • Budget. As with any purchase considerations, the price tags are a top determinant. Thankfully, the best baby teethers do not automatically mean expensive. Many are affordable. While some prices are slightly up, generally, you can get a good number of these toys without emptying your safe.

Safety tips when using teether for your baby

If you decide to gift your little one a teether toy, here are some safety concerns to have in mind

  • Do not buy a teether that your baby can ignorantly swallow or choke on. Ensure the teething toy is large enough, long enough that it reaches the last molars but not to cause a choke. And while you want something soft for your baby’s tender gums, the material should be strong enough to prevent breaking into pieces.
  • Don’t give your babe a teether with liquid. they easily leak
  • It’s ok to refrigerate your baby’s teething toy but avoid freezing. The extreme temperature may damage the plastic.
  • Avoid tying teeter toys around your baby’s neck or any part of their body. This can put your baby in the risk of strangulation.
  • Teething necklaces too may offer safety challenges like strangulation or choking.

How many baby teethers should I acquire?

As many as you can. You really can’t communicate with your baby to know what they want before you make an order. You could get one, and your baby hates it. We really don’t know what our babies would love – our guesses may end up wrong. So, buy them an assortment of teethers.

That is also a cover when one gets damaged or misplaced. At least, they’ll have something to fall back to when their favourite option is ‘indisposed’ or missing.

You may consider buying about five teething toys for a start. Thankfully, you’d find some particularly cheap options on the market that well worth the buy compared to your baby’s constant fusing and crying.

Wrap Up

The best baby teether is an essentiality for new parents.

Passing through the teething period is no small feat for babies and their parents. To help make this process less irritation for your baby – and your entire household – ordering for the best baby teethers is no brainer.

In your search, you need one that is easy to clean, durable, efficient, and generally safe for your baby’s health as they battle their unexplainable pain.