Top 10 Best Tower Fans in Australia

Modern tower fans are an attractive and gentle way to keep your house cool while blending into your home. Keep it cool and breezy with our guide to the best tower fans for the Australian summer.

best tower fan australia

Tower fans are not usually the most popular choice in Australia. With summers that regularly hit the 40s, many homeowners are looking for pedestal fans for a strong blow, evaporative fans for a cooling effect, or a portable air conditioner to loudly beat out the summer heat.

Unfortunately, with living spaces getting smaller and smaller, floor space is becoming a premium, and with more people working from home, loud coolers are creating impossible environments for focusing or taking calls.

Enter the tower fan. Cooler than a pedestal fan, stronger than an evaporative cooler, quieter than a portable air conditioner, and less than half the size of any of them, a tower fan may be just what you need to beat the heat this summer.

Tower fans swap wide-and-bulky for thin-and-tall cooling, taking up less space in your room for more efficient cooling for the footprint. They tend to burn less power to save on electricity, keeping the room slightly cooler when in use.

A common misconception is that fans cool down the room. In fact, just like any appliance, the energy transfer makes the temperature hotter where they plug in, merely temporarily cooling air pushing against your skin. A tower fan is an excellent investment because it moves still and dry air around the room gently, without burning excessive energy or stealing away your precious floor space.

To better understand what you’re buying, we’ve got you covered with this buying guide to the best tower fans in Australia, so you can relax in cooler comfort all summer long.

1. Dyson Cool Tower Fan

An unbeatable cooling blast, child-proof and pet-proof

Dyson has taken the trophy yet again for the product that is far and away most expensive but is decidedly the best tower fan for cooling down your living room this summer.

Air multiplier technology amplifies the surrounding air to unload a cool blast of a whopping 500 litres per second. But for all that air production, this is not a loud machine. Although this fan can make a decent noise of up to 53 decibels at the highest speed, it’s a dampened “white” noise that you’ll barely notice until you suddenly turn it off.

We’ve found this is actually extremely easy to sleep in front of, because the sound is barely perceptible, yet it drowns out other creaks and house-settling noises. On the other hand, the LED display is tiny but very bright. If it bothers you, you’ll need blu-tack or tape to cover it.

The safety of this fan will be of keen interest to those with curious toddlers and pets around the house. No more blades means no more danger to little fingers! Even if a rambunctious child does manage to pull the machine over, the fan automatically switches off, and the 3-kilogram unit is too light to do damage.

Safety also comes in the unusual form of being easy to clean. There is no awkward safety grille, blades, or parts that need opening, so this fan is far less prone to becoming an allergy-inducing dust trap. Even with dust that does settle on the machine, a simple wipe with a damp sponge keeps the fan good as new.

2. Goldair 90cm DC Tower Fan with Wood Finish

A beautiful quiet tower fan that looks as good as it feels

If you’re looking for a small tower fan for the living room to avoid the clunky cheap look of a pedestal fan, this is a gorgeous option with clean lines and a Scandi-inspired finish, that doesn’t sacrifice fan power despite the lower consumption rate.

Although the hard-blow feel is not quite as high as other top-tier towers, this fan will result in a markedly cooler room simply due to its lower energy draw. The eco DC motor runs at only 25 watts, saving on energy costs and the electric heat production of the fan.

Eight speed settings allow finer control over the rate of the gentle air flow, with wide oscillation and ultra quiet operation. These controls can be found on an attractive flat tactile pad at the top, or an intuitive remote control for adjusting across the room.

Choose your runtime on a timer for up to eight hours, and between three wind modes: normal for steady continued air, sleep mode to decrease fan over time, or natural mode for cycling between speeds to simulate a natural outside breeze.

 best for large room 

3. DeLonghi Dual Oscillating 360°

Dual fans allow multi-direction for quiet and effective cooling

This large tower fan features dual fan outlet movement, a brilliant innovation that needs to be higher up companies’ list of priorities in future. Multi-directional air means that more space can be covered and strategically set up, to push air with the most efficient path for encouraging a cross-breeze. Despite a decent air output, the noise production of this DeLonghi tower fan is also remarkably low and steady.

After setting the lower wind outlet, twist the upper outlet around like the head of an owl, to double the set range of 80 degrees of oscillation. Or else, set up to blow directly over two kids in their bedroom. Settings are all fully remote controllable, and the LED display will light up so you can see what you’re adjusting in the dark. The auto dimming function dims and then turns off the LED display after one minute, to avoid beaming down on sleepy eyes.

Another excellent innovation is DeLonghi’s genius “eco” mode that senses temperature in the room and adjusts the fan for optimal air movement. Other modes included are natural mode to simulate outside breeze, sleep mode to gradually decrease speed while you sleep, and regular mode on low, medium, or high speeds.

Depending on your view, the only drawback of the machine may be the size. Those looking for a tower fan specifically are often wanting something a bit slenderer than this fan’s 30x30cm footprint, and the shape is surprisingly wide.

The tower is still nowhere near the space hog of a pedestal fan though, so if you’re looking for the best of both worlds, this is a great compromise and the best cooling fan we can recommend.

 best for allergies 

4. Kambrook 114Cm Touch Display

A decent all-rounder with air filter for a fair price

With good air flow and easy set up, this tower fan is already a good value purchase, but the stand-out feature is the large dust filter that spans most of the length of the back of the tower.

For those with allergies, this will be a big breath of relief, as floor fans are unfortunately adept at spraying pollen, dust mites, and dander over the room with the air. The air filter is fully detachable for easy cleaning and maintenance, and can be washed easily under cold water and left to sun dry to kill dust mites.

Controls can be adjusted through a tactile touch plate disguised as the top trim, a classy solution to keep controls accessible without spoiling the inobtrusive look of the tower fan.

Otherwise, a small remote with clearly marked buttons can be used, slotting away neatly at the back of the tower when not wanted.

The Kambrook offers natural breeze simulation mode, or reduction mode to decrease fan speed over time. The fan is programmable to turn off automatically after up to seven hours, and a convenient carry handle at the back makes this light, 3.4-kilogram fan extra portable, to chase stale air away from you as you move around the house.

5. Sunbeam Super Slim with Night Mode

A sleek attractive tower with great air flow

This modern elegant beauty ticks all the boxes of what most people are looking for in a tower fan: a discreet and classy look that takes up very minimal space, but does not sacrifice anything in air movement. Despite the super slim size, this tower fan has managed to stay competitive with higher-cost and larger tower fans in terms of air flow and features.

A discreet touch pad at the top can display settings in a dull matte white, not overly obvious, but rather strategically placed around the button controls so you can check settings at a glance. These lights black out in night mode, turning on briefly when adjusting settings with the similarly sleek remote control hidden in the back.

It is strange that Sunbeam has marketed this fan as being one to sleep soundly to, when the looks and features would make it far more suited to a living room. Yes, it has a night mode, but this slimline shape means that internals fans are smaller and run a little noisier than others, pushing air faster and harder to make that decent impact on air movement.

While still reasonably quiet, sensitive sleepers may find this machine noise a bit too “vibrating” in tone to sleep to. This noise will be unnoticeable in a living room, and the smaller fans will be less likely to develop a rattle several years from purchase.

6. Sunbeam Loft 99cm FA7450

A powerful but quiet tower fan with portable handle

Sunbeam’s sleek Loft tower fan brings highly portable air to any room, thanks to a large easy handle and variety of remote controllable settings.

This unobtrusive fan provides a decent 70 degrees of oscillation at low, medium or high for up to 8 hours of timed runtime. Even with good airflow, this tower fan is super quiet, running at less than 45 decibels on its highest setting.

Two modes offer two types of breeze settings, a steady mode that maintains airflow, or a natural wind setting that cycles between low, medium, and high, to simulate a natural breeze through the room.

A remote control is included so you can adjust all these settings without getting up, and the front informative panel can display your current setting in a mild dim red that won’t keep you up at night, but is still perfectly visible across the room.

The footprint of this fan is also impressively small, at only 22cm². Unfortunately to keep such a tall tower steady, this means packing in over 5 kilograms into the base. Now 5 kilograms is a heavy backpack, not unmanageable to move around by any means, but could be a bit of a strain going up stairs, or for older family members.

7. DeLonghi DETF115

A great choice for offices, with intuitive controls and dust filter

This ultra-slim tower fan is a great economic choice for stylish offices that want a natural-feeling breeze and some calming air movement around the room.

The tower shaft is so thin and light you’re likely to forget it’s there, oscillating at three different fan speeds that can be chosen by remote as the day changes. The remote is rather more intuitive to use than the buttons at the top panel, but if you prefer not to use it, it hides away in an easy-to-find-without-looking spot at the back of the fan.

The top feature of this fan, apart from its discreet modern look on a budget, is the rhythm wind mode that simulates a semi-random ebb and flow of natural-feeling breeze, keeping the air moving more naturally as if outdoors on a calm day.

A dust filter is also an important feature for offices with computers and other fan-cooled tech, and the countdown timer up to 7 hours will save you from having to remember to turn it off when you’re ready to wrap up work.

This tower fan is economic and easy to use straight out of the box, with intuitive controls and programming so simple that any new user could operate it.

 best for bedroom 

8. Sunbeam Neo Tower Fan

An inexpensive fan for easy breezy sleeping

For people that want to sleep in front of a gentle breeze, Sunbeam has brought out a tall and discreet fan with sleep mode, to turn off all bright panels and keep your bedroom dark and cool all night.

Did you know that falling asleep can happen faster with the fan on? As you’re just drifting off, our bodies drop a couple of degrees to conserve energy. Falling asleep in front of a fan can encourage this process, but you won’t want the fan to continue eating power all night.

To save on energy once you’re asleep, the Neo Tower Fan has a timer that can automatically turn off after a pre-set number of hours: 1, 2, 4 or 8.

A remote is a no-brainer, so you can adjust settings from the bed without getting up. The remote slots neatly into a storage area concealed at the back of the fan when you don’t need it.

Of course, being designed for sleep, this fan keeps a quiet white noise of less than 50 decibels on its highest setting.

 best for kitchen 

9. Omega Altise OT803MW

An adjustable fan to direct upwards while you work

This quiet 3-speed fan features wide angle oscillation with manual tilt adjust, and a 2-hour timer. Manual tilt adjustment is quite an uncommon feature of tower fans due to weight balance, but it is a welcome one when preparing meals in the hot kitchen while standing.

The two dials at the top are quite intuitive to use and clearly marked. The top dial has low, mid, high, off, and then the same four again with oscillation. This thoughtful layout is no problem to operate the Omega Altise in the dark.

The bottom dial is a twist timer to a maximum of 120 minutes, so you can set your fan up for sleeping without waking up cold in the morning.

Although not as whisper-silent as more expensive models, the noise-to-air ratio is remarkably good for this price point. The sound made is also a pleasant constant white noise with no rattling.

At a very reasonable price, these features make this floor fan a great inexpensive option, as long as a remote isn’t necessary.

10. Goldair 81cm Tower Fan

The cheapest and quietest tower fan that loses nothing in great performance

This cheap tower fan is an excellent choice for those looking for a temporary fix or an extra fan for when guests stay over.

There’s not much in the way of features to discuss here. The Goldair tower fan is easy to set up and does a great job without getting bogged down in extras.

A simple dial at the top twists between six modes: low, medium and high, and the same speeds with oscillation.

This small tower fan is compact and portable, complete with a discreet carry handle in the back of the unit, and a slim base area to tuck away neatly into corners.

This is a fan that really packs an air punch to compete with machines twice its price, without any extra drain on your power or excessive noise to speak of.

How to choose your tower fan

When picking a tower fan, it’s important to understand what you want from it, and why you’re opting for a tower instead of a pedestal fan, box fan, or portable air conditioner.

Reviews around the web are usually helpful, but sometimes customers haven’t fully understood that tower fans are not designed to be as strong as pedestal fans, and are instead intended to gently cool rooms without taking up valuable real estate on your floor.

For that reason, it might be wise to ignore most 1-star reviews, unless they remark on awkward operation or misleading specs, and focus on what positive reviewers say.


Living room, bedroom, or office?

Considering which room will need the most cooling is an important consideration for tower fans. A larger living room will need a somewhat stronger blow, and you may start prioritising aesthetics of the design. Look for tower fans with decent air flow, and a wide oscillation range to keep air moving.

For bedrooms, check if the machine has a timer setting that will turn it off automatically after a pre-set number of hours, to avoid waking up with a chill at 3am. Also look out for sleep settings that will dim the display and reduce the fan speed over time, so you won’t be startled awake by a sudden silence.

In your office, tower fans are great because they aren’t noisy enough to distract you, and they keep you cool while you’re typing up close to all that heat-exuding tech. A dust filter is an excellent bonus to keep an eye out for, because recycling dust into your computer is a fast way to clog up the fan. A clogged computer fan will shorten your computer’s life and also make it run much hotter in the office!


Controls, displays, and settings

A remote control is handy for changing settings from across a room or from your bed, but check that the remote can be stored in the unit when not in use, to avoid getting lost.

Displays should show settings at a glance, bright enough to see across a room, but dim enough to avoid being distracting at night. Ideally, the display will minimise the real estate of the display by showing settings with light placement that can be learnt after a few days, rather than large bright numbers.

Settings often offer a “natural” mode to simulate a natural breeze by varying the fan speed at random intervals. For keeping air moving without being too blowy or noisy, this is usually more effective than simply setting to low speed, so comes strongly recommended if a blowy fan is not needed.