15 of the Best Toys for a 3-year-old Boy

Are you looking for the best toy for a 3-year-old boy, to support his development and further enhance his curiosity? Here you can find plenty of gift ideas for educational, yet entertaining toys for toddlers, so you can instantly choose the one that best suits your budget.

best toys for 3-year old boy australia

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We know that it is hard to keep 3-year-old boys engaged and occupied, since they are constantly pursuing fun! It is time you provide them with some educational toys that will encourage their imagination and start learning through some fun activities.

It is recommended that kids spend no more than 2 hours per day on screen entertainment, computer or TV. Rather, let them nurture the health benefits and enjoyment of pure playtime with games that encourage physical activities and brain development.

At the age of 3, they are eager to explore, pretend and invent games beyond their (and your) imagination. Some of the activities that they love are painting and drawing, dancing, playing games, engineering and constructing, riding, imitating, bathing and many more.

We recommend buying them a toy according to their personal preferences and interest and simply watch them increase their self-confidence, social and cognitive skills through imaginative play. It is also very important to choose kid toys that are harmless and safe to use.

We know that the market is overflown with toys, making it so hard to choose the most appropriate one for your boy. In our list we made sure to include only the toys and games that guarantee educational development, in order to make your pursuit for the ideal gift easier.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the best 15 toys in Australia for a 3-year-old boy. We start with the most expensive models down to the more affordable ones.

Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit for iPad

1. Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit for iPad

Introduction of kindergarten subjects with fun games

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If you want to give your preschooler a head start and inspire him to love learning through creative games, then you should consider this kit. The Osmo Starter Kit is one of the best developmental toys for a 3-year-old boy, designed to increase your child problem-solving and fine motor skills and use creativity and critical thinking in finding solutions and receiving feedback on their outcome.

The all-in-one kindergarten prep set contains age-appropriate, fun games that will help your child understand the world and acknowledge the basic math and literacy techniques. It features:

  • Osmo Base and Reflector for iPad
  • 19 cardboard pretend play Costume Pieces
  • 38 silicone Sticks/Rings (BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe) to practice letters, numbers and shape forming
  • Silicone game play mat
  • Stackable storage for game pieces
  • 6 Game Apps: Shape Builder, Counting Town, ABCs, Costume Party, Stories, and Squiggle Magic
John Deere Sit n Scoot

2. John Deere Sit n Scoot

Great for encouraging imaginative play

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If your boy enjoys riding wheeled vehicles, loves animals, farms, and singing “Old McDonald”, this tractor will be a real hit in your home. It has a 3-in-1 design that enables an adult to push the toy, the child to push it, or drive it. Not only the tractor has its original noise (!), but also the four little animals in the set make realistic sounds.

The John Deere Sit n Scoot, one of the best toys for a 3-year-old boy, has multiple playing options for creative playing. It is excellent for fine motor skills development, as well as for balancing. The box features the following:

  • Press the horn to hear “Old McDonald”
  • Four farm animals included (pig, horse, sheep, and cow)
  • Removable walk-behind bar for parent-push
  • Three volume settings (normal/low/off)
  • Activity playset area
Dinosaur Toy Stem

3. Dinosaur Toy Stem

Pull apart toy dinosaur with music and lights

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One of the best birthday gifts for your 3-year-old toddler is this vibrant musical dinosaur, especially if he is into building and constructing. It is an excellent choice for dinosaurs fans as it makes roaring realistic dinosaur sounds, while the colourful lights are a highly enjoyable feature. It also comes with screwdrivers for boosting focus and attention while developing fine motor skills and imitating dad.

The Dinosaur Toy Stem’s parts are suitable for your toddler’s small hands to hold and play. It is made of top quality and child-friendly materials. The Dino kit is highly recommended for enhancing cognitive skills and improving hand and eye coordination. This interactive 3D puzzle set is also ideal for playing with friends and it contains:

  • 14 toy blocks
  • 1 regular and 1 Philips toy screwdriver
  • 12 screws
  • 6 batteries
Lego Duplo Steam Train

4. Lego Duplo Steam Train

Building set for creative boys

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This toy is specially designed for little hands and engaging your toddler in building an actual track and a locomotive with sounds, lights, with the ability to change directions. The pieces in the set are very easy to build, thus encouraging your boy to improve cognitive skills and spatial thinking.

The LEGO DUPLO Steam Train and Building Blocks have a free optional app and remote control for even more playing possibilities. This is one of the best gifts for a 3-year-old boy in Australia, especially if he is a train or building fan. The set includes the following accessories:

  • Train station
  • Coal tipper
  • 2 LEGO DUPLO action figures + an animal figure (squirrel)
  • Simple toy train track (with 16 pieces)
  • Buildable Push & Go Locomotive (with lights and sounds)
  • Passenger carriage,
  • 5 Color-coded action bricks,
  • Tree, refueling can, suitcase, bread, and a spade
The WeDo Game

5. The WeDo Game

Fun family activities

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If you are looking for a way to spend quality screen-free time with the entire family while playing fun and creative activities, this game set is all you need. It is very simple to play with no specific rules or right and wrong answers; just pick a card from the pile and follow the instructions. Every activity is to be played for around 20-30 minutes, over and over again.

The WeDo Game is a collection of 30 different activities designed for a subtle educational challenge, but also a lot of fun, creativity, and imagination. Also a great option among travel games. It is an ideal present for a weekend or holiday playtime with all the family members engaged. Some of the activities include:

  • When I grow up (choose my future job)
  • Hunt 4 love (pick things from the home that you love)
  • Measure me (learning how to measure things)
  • Squeaky clean (wash and sort toys)
John Deere Monster Treads

6. John Deere Monster Treads

Perfect toy for outdoor playtime

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This is a great toy for any boy that enjoys farm games. It is a tractor with oversized wheels, made of sturdy plastic material which has motion-activated sounds and multi-coloured lights. Whenever the boy moves it forward and backward, the lights change their colour. Let your child’s imagination run wild as he creates his own farm with this ‘must-have’ farm item.

The John Deere Tractor is one of the best outdoor toys for a 3-year-old boy on the market, with a great durable and sturdy design. Kids simply love its unusual size, sound, and light effects, and it is just fascinating to drive it on any terrain.

  • Multicolored lights on the wheels
  • The faster the tractor rolls, the faster the light changes
  • Includes motion-activated engine sounds
Coogam Clamp Bee to Hive

7. Coogam Clamp Bee to Hive

Recognising, sorting and counting educational toy

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This is a great wooden toy for pre-school preparation. The set includes a beehive and 7 bees which have to be stored using tweezers into a storage box. It has a delightful, colourful design that attracts the kids to play while developing their fine motor skills.

Your boy’s sensory stimulation is further encouraged as they try to match the same colour bee into the hive. It is ideal for hand-eye coordination when grabbing the bees with the tweezers and carefully placing them inside the box.

The Coogam Clamp Bee to Hive is one of the best birthday toys for a 3-year-old boy, as it is excellent for toddlers who have just started learning the world. It is made of non-toxic and eco-friendly material and with an ideal size for small hands grasp. The package includes the following:

  • Wooden beehive
  • 7 Wooden bees
  • Tweezers
  • Storage box
Remoking Construction Car Toys

8. Remoking Construction Car Toys

Engineering set with music and lights

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This toy for boys is perfect for puzzle solving, creative playtime moments. It is a bulldozer with an adjustable spade and chimney that bounces up and down. It also has lights and music when driven back and forth. Your engineer will be able to screw on the wheels with a real electric power drill that works on batteries and emits sounds, as well as with a hand drill for the tiny parts. This is an excellent stimulatory tool for improving mental and hand coordination, as well as distinguishing the forms.

The Take Apart Construction Car Toys contains a set of 25 items and once fully assembled the car has sounds and lights. It is truly a delightful experience to watch how your little man patiently reassembles the parts while mastering his coordination abilities.

  • Plastic hand and electric drill
  • Screws
  • Car parts (for assemble, take apart, reassemble, fix and repair)
Melissa and Doug Food Groups

9. Melissa and Doug Food Groups

Wooden food set for planning and preparing meals

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This toy introduces five types of food groups (fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, and fish products), teaching your boy to sort them and prepare breakfast, lunch, or a snack and have fun with them. The pieces in the set are completely made of wood, perfectly safe and eco-friendly. It is an ideal toy for igniting imagination and inspiring your child to imitate parents in their everyday activities.

The Melissa and Doug Food Groups is an excellent educational toy, as a part of a kitchen for the chef or as a stand-alone toy. Preparation of healthy meals might be one of your boy’s favourite activities, and this food introductory set simply triggers their curiosity. This sturdy wooden set contains:

  • 4 Wooden crates (baskets for sorting and storage)
  • 21 Solid wood food pieces (including watermelon, milk, cheese, fish, steak, eggs, and many more)
Bohs Literacy Wiz

10. Bohs Literacy Wiz

Vocabulary learning game

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If your boy is interested in learning the letters and how they sound, this literacy wiz might be what you need. It is ideal for recognising letters, learning spelling, and word building through simple vocabulary. There is a holder with a flap and 52 letter cubes that should be ordered according to the picture and word on the cards. Your toddler can spell up to 5 letter words and increase its word volume. It is an excellent memory game for developing concentration and focus. This entertainment game is best when played in a company of an older sibling, other family member, or a friend.

The BOHS Literacy Wiz Fun Game is a great educational game for English language beginners. The set includes 60 cards, double sides printed, with 120 words and pictures for:

  • Object and Letter Recognition
  • Spelling and Pronunciation
  • Word Building
  • Early Vocabulary Learning
Apsung Large Aqua Doodle Mat

11. Apsung Large Aqua Doodle Mat

Colourful water drawing playmat

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This magical drawing mat guarantees fun drawing with just water and no other chemicals, ink, paint, no mess whatsoever, or possibility to harm. Made of non-toxic and soft material (the front – knitted rain-coat fabric and the back – water-resistant nylon material) it is a safe way for toddlers to express themselves. After 3 – 10 minutes, the mat is completely dry and the drawing fades away, ready for another drawing round.

The Apsung Large Aqua Doodle Mat is also an educational toy, as it helps your boy learn the alphabet and numbers, exercise hand-eye coordination, and improve his colour perception ability. It is a smart aqua mat, with excellent dimensions (70 cm x 100 cm) ideal for folding and storing after the playtime ends. The set comes with:

  • 3 Pens
  • Design Booklet
  • Magic roller
  • Sink
  • Set of Stamps (with 4 different designs) + BONUS 6 Stamps
  • 4 sets of Drawing Molds
Remoking Board Game

12. Remoking Board Game

Rewarding and entertaining game

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If you are looking for a fun party game for your boy’s birthday party or a simple educational toy for a toddler to learn the basic fruits, animals, numbers, alphabet, then this board game offers you all of it. By using the clues cards in the set, which show 3 patterns, the player should find the corresponding pattern as fast as he can, and use the detective ring for covering. The player with the most collected rings is the winner. The game board and the cards have pictures of food, animals, letters, numbers, and fruits, perfect for colour recognition and identifying items.

The Remoking Board Game is definitely one of the best toys for 3-year-old boy in Australia, as it is interactive and encourages brain development, focus, and concentration. The board game playset includes the following:

  • Game board
  • Hourglass
  • 60 pcs Clues Cards
  • 60 Detective Rings
  • 12 pcs Detective Marks
M Sanmersen Kids Piano Mat

13. M Sanmersen Kids Piano Mat

Built-in songs on a portable mat

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If your boy is into musical instruments, dancing, and playing, this musical mat will really make him happy. It is made of soft, high-quality material that is durable for endless jumping, foldable, and easy to clean with just a wipe. It also has a possibility for volume adjustment and a pretty good size (100 cm x 42 cm). Simply open it on the floor and allow your kid to discover the sounds with his hands or feet while identifying colours, numbers, animals, and notes.

The Kids Piano Mat is the best toy for stimulating your toddler’s hearing development. This mat is excellent for parties as the kids will enjoy and the public will be amused. It includes 10 piano keys, 9 demo songs, and a record/playback function, as well as 8 tones music styles:

  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Accordion
  • Trumpet
  • Vibraphone
  • Oboe
  • Guitar
  • Flute
Best Learning My First Piano Book

14. Best Learning My First Piano Book

Interactive, book-sized piano

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This piano book is an ideal gift for a 3-year-old music lover. It is actually an illustrated songbook with a colour-coded key chart, songs, and musical instruments. It fits easily on the bookshelf as it is quite compact (completely flat) and with a hardcover made of sturdy material. Apart from having the actual piano tunes and keys, it is also polyphonic, which means your boy can play, and hear multiple notes simultaneously.

My First Piano Book is an excellent toy for indulging all the senses, as well as for logical thinking, creativity, and imagination. There is practically no easier way to learn how to play piano! The book offers:

  • Polyphonic Keyboard (with 20 real keys)
  • 10 Popular Children’ Songs (Twinkle, Twinkle; Mary Had a Little Lamb; The Wheels on the Bus…)
  • 6 Musical Instruments (Piano, Flute, Saxophone, Guitar, Accordion and Harp)
  • Record and Playback functions
Boon Pipes Building Bath Toy Set

15. Boon Pipes Building Bath Toy Set

Set of leaky pipes with unique shapes

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This is an ideal bath toy for a 3-year-old boy, which will simply make bath time spectacular. These bath pipes are actually quite a simple design, but very effective for any future engineer or plumber. They are in vibrant colours, unique shapes, and functions for water flow through them. The design of the toy is especially effective for problem-solving and ingenuity development. They are made of plastic and are BPA free, very simple to use or maintain clean.

The Pipes Building Bath Toy is a set of 5 pipes with a size of approximately 17 cm each. They can be used individually or as a chain for pouring water. Also, they can be attached to the tiles or tub for easy access and endless playing. The pipes come in 5 different colours:

  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • White