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best citrus juicer australia

Best Citrus Juicers (Electric and Manual)

Get the lowdown on the best citrus juicers currently on the market, manual or electric, for oranges, limes and lemons, whether you’re keen on spending a bit more to get a top-of-the-class citrus juicer or if you’re on a budget.
The 8 Best Benchtop Toaster Ovens in 2021

The 8 Best Benchtop Toaster Ovens in 2021

In this buying guide, we’ve rounded up the best toaster ovens currently available in the Australian market for your kitchen countertop, at different price points, for baking, toasting, roasting and more, with some practical tips on how to choose one.
best rice cooker australia

10 Best Rice Cookers for Amazing Fluffy Rice

Looking for a humble rice cooker that’s just catered to cooking rice or one that has all the bells and whistle and then some? We’ve compiled a list of the best rice cookers with varying capacities and for cooking various rice types.
best coffee grinder australia

10 Best Electric and Manual Coffee Grinders for Home

Investing in a coffee grinder for your home can benefit you financially and deliver a fresher tasting, high-quality home brew. Whether you’re looking for an electric or manual unit, this guide will take you through our list of the best coffee grinders in Australia.
best microwave australia

Best 9 Microwave Ovens for Home in 2021

From simple reheating to full blown cooking, a microwave oven is a must in any home kitchen. We help you find the best microwave for your needs while understanding the different options in the market.
best stand mixer australia

Top 10 Best Stand Mixers in 2021

We've done the research and listed our top picks of the best stand mixers Australia has on offer right now for bread dough, pizza and baking at home, from top-notch to affordable.
best stovetop coffee maker australia

The 10 Best Stovetop Coffee Makers and Moka Pots

In this guide we have listed our top picks for the best stovetop coffee makers and Moka pots in Australia, to suit a variety of preferences and budgets.
best bread maker australia

9 Best Bread Makers for Baking Delicious Bread at Home

Whether you love sumptuous sourdough or golden gluten free, nothing smells as good or tastes as fresh as your own homemade bread. Get ready to get bready with this guide to the best bread makers in Australia.
best toaster australia

11 Best Toasters for Every Budget and Number of Slices

Here’s our selection of the best toasters in Australia, so you can choose the one that best suits your kitchen, whether it’s finally time to replace your “old faithful”, or just want an upgrade that delivers the perfect café-quality slice every time.
best kettle australia

12 Best Electric Kettles in Australia for the Kitchen

Sleek and quiet, glass or steel, find your new best bevvy buddy with this guide to buy the best kettle in Australia this year.