Fun N Well Foldable XPE Baby Play Mat Review

A king size foam play mat that’s great for clothes-free tummy time due to its waterproof surface. It’s also very large and thick, giving your bub heaps of space to play and explore safely.

Fun N Well Foldable XPE Baby Play Mat Review

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  • Very large
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Folds up for storage
  • Double-sided with fun designs


  • Folding grooves a slight hassle to clean
  • Not sure about durability

Review Summary

As a first-time mum, I didn’t know how valuable it would be to have a large, waterproof baby mat for playtime. After multiple poos and pees on our cloth play mats, I finally decided to get a waterproof one.

The Fun N Well Foldable XPE Baby Play Mat is a reasonably-priced option that is really big when unfolded completely. It has great little features beyond its size and waterproof material that’s been great for my little one and I.

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The features

Fun N Well Foldable XPE Baby Play Mat Review

For a play mat, you’d think there wouldn’t be a lot of features given it’s just a mat. However, I was impressed by all the small inclusions with the Fun N Well Foldable XPE Baby Play Mat which make it a really great option if you’re on the lookout for one. The package contains the play mat itself and a handy carry bag.

Here are all the features of the Fun N Well Foldable XPE Baby Play Mat:

  • Large: It’s massive at 197x178x1, great as a tummy time mat
  • Waterproof: Pee and poo-friendly, easy to wipe up and clean
  • Thick material: Foam mat provides shock absorption on hard floors
  • Non-toxic and non-allergenic: Important for babies who tend to lick everything and have sensitive skin
  • Foldable with carry bag: Folding mat is easy to store, with carry bag for easy travel
  • Lightweight: Easy to carry and move around
  • Double-sided design: Playful design on each side to keep things interesting 
  • 3D embossed alphabets on surface: Great stimulation for bub

See what I mean? Heaps of great features.

Fun N Well Foldable XPE Baby Play Mat Review - material

What I love about it

Up until I got the Fun N Well Foldable XPE Baby Play Mat, I was using cloth play mats and only had one large one and a few small ones. The small ones were great for when bub wasn’t learning how to push up through his arms or roll over yet. However, once that started happening, we needed a bigger activity mat that allowed him to push away from the mat without pulling back the mat at the same time. The cloth mats also weren’t great for clothes-free tummy time.

Fun N Well Foldable XPE Baby Play Mat Review - thickness

I first chose to get the Fun N Well as it was really large, thick and waterproof - features that ticked the boxes for my main reasons for getting a new play mat. There’s heaps of space for your kids to explore and learn to crawl or roll safely, overall great for general baby activities.

It’s also super easy to clean - I just use a damp cloth or some sanitiser wipes for sensitive skin to keep it clean. It’s great not having to think about having to wash and dry the play mat in time for the next use (which as you will probably know, is very often). This also means I just need the one mat instead of having a few to ensure I have a mat on hand while waiting for the others to dry.

We also try to do clothes-free tummy time fairly regularly, which gets pretty messy with a cloth mat that then requires a wash after a poo or pee.

There are cloth mats with waterproof backings like the Rudie Nudie play mats that help prevent any liquids from getting onto the floor beneath it. However, it still requires washing which is something I wanted to avoid having to do regularly.

I also considered getting the Truboo Baby Play Mat, but it has a fabric edge that I wasn’t a fan of - you never know when poos or pees could get on it and it would be impossible to wash properly. (If you can tell, I’m pro as-little-washing-as-possible given all the baby clothes and washcloths that need washing already!)

The Fun N Well Foldable XPE Baby Play Mat is also foldable - a great feature for my purposes for two reasons:

  1. I live in an apartment, so being able to fold this up and store it away in a small closet when needed is really handy.
  2. The play area can be reduced if needed - just fold it in half and you also get a thicker surface. Useful for smaller spaces when being brought out and about.

The design is also great, featuring different designs on each side and embossed alphabets. Sometimes my little one keeps entertained just from rubbing his fingers along the alphabets during tummy time. The version I got with the roads graphic is also something I think would be great when bub is older and understands what roads are, bringing another layer of fun into playtime.

Fun N Well Foldable XPE Baby Play Mat Review - design

Lastly, as it’s made of a non-allergenic and non-toxic foam (free from Phthalate, Lead, BPA, heavy metal and formaldehyde), it’s great for bub’s sensitive skin and their tendencies to want to lick everything. I also found that when using cloth play mats, as my little one has eczema, his skin tended to get a little red from when he tried to move around and his skin rubbed against the cloth fabric. So far, as it has a smooth material, this abrasion doesn’t seem to be happening with this play mat.

What I’m not a huge fan of

Fun N Well Foldable XPE Baby Play Mat Review - grooves

With the ability to fold the mat and its thickness, comes the need for grooves to allow it to be folded. Dust and dirt tends to settle in the grooves over time. However, it just requires some diligence, making sure to clean between the grooves when cleaning the rest of the mat. This isn’t a huge issue for me, just a minor inconvenience which trumps the positives.

Due to the way the grooves are designed as well, the mat can only be folded certain ways. But again, not a massive issue once you get used to the various folding combinations.

What to keep an eye on

Fun N Well Foldable XPE Baby Play Mat Review - wear and tear

I’ve noticed that a small part of the top layer of the Fun N Well Foldable XPE Baby Play Mat seems to be coming off a bit after a few months of use. However, this hasn’t been a problem yet as there aren't any signs of breakage or loose detachment that could be a hazard. Like with any other baby products of this kind, such as toys or activity gyms, these things are something to keep an eye on and address or replace if needed.

However, I’ve only used this mat for a couple of months, so time will tell on the mat’s durability.


Overall, I’m really happy with my purchase of the Fun N Well Foldable XPE Baby Play Mat. It addresses all my needs in a play mat and is really easy to maintain. While it does show some signs of wear as mentioned, it’s at a reasonable enough price point where I would be happy to purchase a replacement if necessary.