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Kleva Mealio Hot & Cold Blender Review

If you’re looking for an all-rounder blender, the Kleva Mealio Hot & Cold Blender is one to consider in the Australian market. It can cook, heat and blend, making it quite the versatile kitchen appliance. We got our hands on one and put it through the tests to see if it is worth the hype.

Kleva Mealio Hot & Cold Blender Review

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  • 8 preset programmes that are easy to use
  • Triple lock safety lid
  • Not too noisy
  • Heats up food while blending in less than 30 minutes
  • Includes cleaning brush


  • Cleaning can be tricky
  • Heavy
  • Small capacity
  • Motor not as powerful as others on the market

Review Summary

The Kleva Mealio Hot & Cold Blender is marketed as a professional-grade meal maker that boasts precision heating and powerful high-speed blending. We were excited to give it a go when we received our test unit. After putting the blender through its paces, we think that it’s a handy kitchen appliance to have, especially if you make soups and sauces often as this is its standout feature. Check out our review below to find out more about what we liked and what we weren’t fans of with the Kleva Mealio Hot & Cold Blender.

Overall Rating: 

Motor power

Ease of cleaning



Build Quality

noise level

Key features

  • Intelligent touch panel with 8 preset modes
  • Triple Lock Safety Lid
  • 1.2L Borosilicate Glass Jug
  • Auto timer (10 minutes to 12 hours)
  • Hot and cold blending
  • Auto clean setting

The Kleva Mealio Hot & Cold Blender provides a lot of versatility due to its 8 preset modes which allows you to cook up warm soups, sauces and soy milk, as well as blend up smoothies, juices and crush ice. It’s straightforward to activate one of the preset functions and is generally quite intuitive to use.

Its standout feature is its ability to make hot soup from raw ingredients in under 30 minutes, which we think is pretty impressive. It provides a lot of convenience with that function, as well as its auto timer mode which allows you to prepare your ingredients and have it start blending later on even while you’re busy.

Overall, we found that the Kleva Mealio Hot & Cold Blender was great to have in the kitchen, especially if you’re busy and need to be able to get some cooking done without having to stay in the kitchen.

What we like about it

With one of its main features being its ability to make hot soup, it’s no surprise that it’s one of our favourite features of the Kleva Mealio Hot & Cold Blender. It has two soup options - Soup and Thick Soup, which is great for those of you who might prefer soups of differing textures. It’s a useful feature to be able to throw in raw ingredients and let the blender do its thing, rather than having to keep an eye on a pot on the stove.

Kleva Mealio Hot & Cold Blender Review
Kleva Mealio Hot & Cold Blender Review

We also quite liked the auto timer function. Although we wouldn’t go so far as to put our ingredients in and have it start blending only 12 hours later, it’s a handy feature for those who might be busy at a later time and want to prepare the ingredients first. It’s quite convenient for planning ahead with meal times.

Kleva Mealio Hot & Cold Blender Review

The Kleva Mealio Hot & Cold Blender is also versatile with its 8 preset functions. We liked that it was easy to activate the chosen function. It has all the basic settings that a blender should have, on top of some additional ones such as the quick crush mode and auto clean setting. Noise level is also an important feature for us as we have a baby and toddler at home. We loved that it wasn’t too noisy, unlike our old Kmart blender which startled our children when in use.

What we weren’t huge fans of

While there is an auto clean function, it is a little cumbersome as you still need to wash off the soapy water once the cleaning has been completed. You also need to be quite mindful of not touching the sensor on the lid and the motor with built-in heating element at the bottom of the jar as it could cause damage to those parts. The blender is also not dishwasher safe, which could be a dealbreaker for some who prefer to be able to chuck dirty dishes and appliance parts in the dishwasher for thorough cleaning.

Kleva Mealio Hot & Cold Blender Review - lid
Kleva Mealio Hot & Cold Blender Review - bottom jar

We also found that compared to other blenders we’ve used, the Kleva Mealio Hot & Cold Blender is not as powerful. It has a 800 watts motor compared to the Breville Fresh and Furious at 1100 watts and the OPTIMUM G2.6 Platinum Series Blender at 2400 watts (check out our review of this blender here). If you’re looking for a powerful blender, then this might not be the one for you. However, despite that, the Kleva Mealio Hot & Cold Blender was still able to mix up smoothies and soups and we didn’t find any particular issue in relation to its motor power for our purposes. This is something though that you might want to consider depending on what kind of ingredients you’re intending to blend up.

Kleva Mealio Hot & Cold Blender Review - comparison

Left: Mealio Hot & Cold Blender vs Right: Breville the Fresh & Furious

Although the capacity of the jug is 1.2L, for hot blending, the recommended capacity is only 800ml. We found that the jug wasn’t nearly big enough for us to make enough soup for our family of four. If you’ve got a large family or would need to cook for a large number of people, the blender jug capacity might be an important factor for you. Given its small capacity, we also thought that the Kleva Mealio Hot & Cold Blender had quite a heavy jar base. It was not the easiest to move around, so we ended up having to leave it on the kitchen benchtop. Having said that, it is lighter than other similar models like the Ninja Foodi Blender Cold & Hot (4.2kg vs 5.68kg), albeit with a smaller capacity.


Overall, we were generally quite pleased with the Kleva Mealio Hot & Cold Blender and its features. Although we didn’t think we would use certain functions such as the auto timer, we ended up finding it quite handy during our busier days. It’s a great blender to consider if you’re looking for a hot and cold blender, and it’s a bonus that it’s a professional-grade one too.