Rite Aid Baby Nail Trimmer Review

If you’re worried about clipping your little one’s skin when cutting their nails with baby nail clippers or scissors, the Rite Aid is a great alternative. It’s gentle and painless and there’s zero chance of accidentally cutting your baby’s skin.

Rite Aid Baby Nail Trimmer Review

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  • No risk of cutting bub
  • Battery last ages
  • Comes with files of various coarseness
  • Comes with portable case


  • A lot slower than nail cutting
  • May need to buy replacement filing heads

Review Summary

I had no idea how sharp babies’ nails could get and how fast they grew. We asked the midwives how to cut bub’s nails and they recommended using a nail filer which as you can imagine, took ages. Having then gotten a traditional nail clipper and subsequently accidentally cutting bub’s skin while trying to cut his nails, we got the Rite Aid Baby Nail Trimmer.

Overall, I love that it’s safe for bub’s sensitive skin and I don’t have to worry at all about accidentally hurting him while keeping his nails short.

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The Rite Aid Baby Nail Trimmer is, in a nutshell, a nail file with a rotary filing function. It’s battery-powered and has a rotating filing head so you don’t have to manually move it back and forth yourself like a traditional nail file - great when you have a wriggly baby.

Rite Aid Baby Nail Trimmer Review - with case

It comes with four filing heads that are designed for baby’s soft nails across different baby age ranges. As you can imagine, bub’s nails would be very soft in the early days, so the filing head for that stage is fairly fine in terms of coarseness. They then get gradually rougher for older babies. They’re colour-coded as well, so it’s easy to identify each one. The filing heads are catered to the following age ranges:

  • Pastel green: 0 - 3 months
  • Blue: 3 - 6 months
  • Light purple: 6 - 12 months
  • Dark purple: 12+ months
Rite Aid Baby Nail Trimmer Review - battery slot

It’s powered by one AA battery, so it’s really easy to replace whenever you need. It also comes in a portable case that contains the trimmer along with the other three filing heads (the fourth would be attached to the trimmer itself). If you don’t want to bring the portable case with you, you can actually remove the cover on the back and store one filing head at the back of the trimmer.

There are dual speed settings that can be adjusted to suit you and bubs. It’s also designed such that the filing head stops rotating if you put too much pressure on it to prevent hurting the baby's little fingers.

Rite Aid Baby Nail Trimmer Review - baby's hand

What I like about it

The main reason why I got the Rite Aid Baby Nail Trimmer and why I like it is because there’s no risk of cutting bub’s skin - at least not that I’ve experienced. The mum guilt of accidentally cutting your baby’s skin was too much for me to handle, so this was a very welcomed alternative. I previously looked at getting the Nail Snail Baby Nail Trimmer as it’s quite highly rated and recommended by a lot of mums. However, I did read that there’s still a risk that you could nick your bub’s skin if you slip while using it, so that was a no from me.

I love that there are various filing heads included to cater to the different stages of bub’s nail softness, which means you’re less likely to cause abrasion on their skin while filing their nails. It’s also really easy to change the filing heads - you just pull it off the trimmer and press the one you need on. Nothing complicated here.

It’s also great that the portable case it comes with contains all the filing heads, so you won’t lose them and you’ll have all of them on hand even if you’re on the go.

I’ve had the Rite Aid Baby Nail Trimmer for about six months now and have yet to change the battery, so that’s a plus in my books. I also haven’t needed to buy any replacement filing heads (available here if needed) so far, but of course that also depends on how frequently you’re using it.

Rite Aid Baby Nail Trimmer Review - holding a trimmer

The Rite Aid Baby Nail Trimmer is also really comfortable to hold and is easy to use. I can comfortably hold it in various angles. It’s also really quiet, so you can file away while bub is sleeping without waking them up.

What I’m not a fan of

The one downside for me of the Rite Aid Baby Nail Trimmer is that it does take quite a while to file bub’s nails down. It takes an extra bit of time too with a wriggly baby, which is usually most of the time. It also takes a bit of practice to get the nail smooth, as it can get a bit jagged.

However, now that I’ve used it for a few months, I’ve definitely gotten the hang of it and it takes me a lot less time to file bub’s nails down. It also helps to do it regularly (I do it daily), so that bub’s nails don’t grow too long, which will naturally take even longer to trim.


Overall, the Rite Aid Baby Nail Trimmer is a lifesaver in my eyes. I no longer have to worry about hurting bub by accident. It’s really easy to use and discreet, the battery lasts ages and I can easily bring it with me on our travels.

While I wouldn’t necessarily place it in the list of nursery essentials, it’s certainly become one of my favourite baby products.