Amazon Australia “Prime Day” 2023: All There is to Know

Get your clicking finger pumped and prepped for Prime Day sales this year, with this guide to everything you need to know about snapping up the best deals for the fam and for yourself, too!

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2023 is finally coming!

Like every year before, Prime Day is the ultimate sale that signifies the end of the financial year and the mid-year sales in July. It's the perfect opportunity to scratch our discount-hunting itch and snag incredible deals.

With HUGE percentage sales (seriously, think “50% off” on some sales) on a wide variety of consumer goods and electronics, you may find yourself sorted for Christmas presents extra-early this year. Don’t forget a few presents for yourself too, because after this crazy year, you’ve definitely earned it.

When is Amazon Prime Day?

Very soon! Stay up late on the 10th of July to log in at midnight. For 48 hours over the 11th and 12th of July 2023, you get to be the kid in the candy shop, snapping up all the best deals that Amazon has to offer. If the time slips away from you, an extra 17 hours of deals until 5pm AEDT on the 13th of July are still available through the global store, thanks to our Aussie time difference.

The advantage of a behemoth company like Amazon to run a huge international sale is that they have the resources and manpower to offer insanely low prices on all kinds of best selling products, making up for the low profit margins with their Prime subscriptions, marketing, and forming customer online shopping habits.

How do I get in on this action?

First, you’ll need an Amazon Prime account. $9.99 per month or $79 per year gets you free 2-day delivery from Amazon, free premium streaming on Prime Video, a wide array of free Kindle reads, free monthly Twitch subscription, and a bunch of other extras and discounts on Amazon.

But if that’s not worth the ongoing cost for your needs, we recommend getting the free 30-day trial and milking it just for Prime Day! Amazon is thankfully low-pressure about your involvement, and cancelling the subscription is easy to do – although convincing your partner to finish binge-watching The Boys before the trial is over, not so much.

What kind of deals will be available?

The early deals for Amazon Prime members have already started! So far, members can access:

  • A free 4-month subscription of premium Amazon Music Unlimited
  • Rent popular movies on Prime Video Store for $2.99 or less. Non-subscribed Prime members can also add select channels for just a dollar per month for two months
  • A free 3-month trial of Audible with bonus editor-chosen audiobook per month, and
  • A free 3-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited

Are you seeing a pattern? Yes, the best and longest deals are reserved for Amazon-owned products. Amazon Echo Shows, Echo Dot speaker clocks, Kindles, Ring camera doorbells and Fire TV sticks are all going to be awesomely popular, so you can have Alexa play Calm Down in every room of the house.

What deals come to fruition specifically are for Amazon to know and us to find out, but if previous years are anything to go by, big-ticket items like 4K smart TVs, phones, games consoles, smart watches, and wireless headphones are our most hotly anticipated. More expensive items mean more dollars saved on those hefty 50% discounts, so if you see something you’ve been wanting, snap it up fast because the best deals can disappear in mere minutes.

What's more? Samsung has been awfully chummy with Amazon over recent years, so if you’re in the market for a new phone or tablet, this is the time to add those items to your watchlist in preparation for Prime Day. Other big brand names that tend to make an effort to align themselves with Prime Day include Sony, Sandisk, Philips, and Corsair.

And attention to all robot vacuum seekers! Yeedi is offering an incredible discount of nearly 55% on their highly popular Vac 2 and Vac 2 Pro models this year. Don't miss out on this amazing deal – keep an eye on them!

So is this basically like Black Friday?

It’s similar to Black Friday, but better for you, and better for Amazon.

Black Friday is a moment where consumers suddenly remember that Christmas is coming in a few weeks and do all their Christmas shopping. There’s a great spike in sales, but no specific company is ranking it any better than others, and customers were planning to spend this kind of budget on their Christmas shopping anyway.

Prime Day gives Amazon the opportunity to leverage their excellent sales reputation with the sheer endlessness of their near-infinite catalogue, offering huge 40%-and-over discounts on products that people genuinely want, and without any competition from other stores.