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best lawn mower australia

8 Best Lawn Mowers in Australia

If you’re in the market for a lawn mower but don’t know where to start, here’s a buying guide and a list of the best lawn mowers currently available in Australia with petrol, electric and manual models, and for all budgets.
best robot vacuum australia

10 Best Robot Vacuums in 2021 for Every Budget

We've selected the best robot vacuums to buy this year based on their features, for different floor types and for all budgets, from the top notch to the more affordable ones, with a guide on how to choose the most suitable for your needs.
best mop australia

Best Mop in Australia: Our Top 12 Picks for Every Floor Type

Traditional, dry, flat or spray mop, here’s a comprehensive buying guide with the best mops in Australia, for all budgets and for every need, so you can narrow your search and get the right one for you.
best wet and dry vacuum cleaner australia

7 of the Best Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners in Australia

Instead of collecting dust and depositing it directly into a bag or filtered chamber, wet and dry vacuum cleaners use a dual bucket system to separate liquids away from the solid debris, safely into a waterproof collector to prevent potential electrocution that can occur when attempting to vacuum liquids with an ordinary vacuum cleaner.
best leaf blower australia

Top 8 Best Leaf Blowers for a Clean and Tidy Garden

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to tidy your pathways and garden, these convenient leaf blowers will blow you away with their efficient cleaning power and speed.
best magnetic window cleaner australia

7 Best Magnetic Window Cleaners to Wash Glass In and Out

Magnetic window cleaners, also known as magnetic glass cleaners, are an ingenious invention that allows you to achieve a professional clean on not just one, but both sides of your window or glass simultaneously.
best oven cleaner australia

5 Best Oven Cleaners for Efficacy, Ease of Use and Safety

Despite how often we use our oven to keep our families fed with the tastiest roasts, pasta bakes and homemade pizzas, ovens are among the least frequently cleaned appliances in the home.
best bagless vacuum cleaner australia

Top 10 Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaners in Australia

Bagless vacuum cleaners are jumping in popularity every year. They’re cheaper to run, faster to set up, and kinder to the environment.
best dyson vacuum cleaner

Best Dyson Vacuum Cleaner: Which One is Right for You?

So you’ve decided to bite the bullet and get one of those sleek and sexy Dysons everyone’s been raving about. But which one is most worth the investment?
best car vacuum cleaner australia

Top 10 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners

There’s nothing like going on a drive to enjoy the great outdoors… if only it would stay outdoors! Cars take a lot of dirty shoes, crumbs, and spills, and if your vacuum cleaner’s too awkward to get in all those narrow spaces, then a dedicated car vacuum cleaner is sure to make your life easier.

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