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best toilet brush australia

10 Best Brushes for Spotless Toilets

While the toilet brush is not the most celebrated household item, it is a necessary tool to have in your home. Here are our top picks for the best toilet brushes in Australia.
best lint remover australia

10 Best Lint Removers for Clothes, Carpets and Furniture

If your clothes, carpets or furniture are notoriously covered in lint or fur, then a lint remover is a really handy cleaning tool to have to get rid of them in a jiffy. Check out our list of the best lint removers at various price points, whether you prefer electric or manual ones.
Best pressure washer Australia

Our 8 Favourite Pressure Washers for Home Cleaning

To make quick work of heavy duty maintenance cleaning, one of these pressure washers may very well be your new best friend.
best steam mop australia

Best Steam Mop: Our Top 12 Picks

We’ve selected the best steam mops currently available for all types of floors and home cleaning jobs, from premium to affordable, with a buyers’ guide on how to choose one.
best microfiber cloth australia

Best Microfiber Cloths in Australia for Cleaning

We’ve listed our selection of the best microfiber cloths along with a guide on how to choose one, for different types of surfaces and cleaning tasks.
best dyson vacuum cleaner

Best Dyson Vacuum Cleaner: Which One is Right for You?

So you’ve decided to bite the bullet and get one of those sleek and sexy Dysons everyone’s been raving about. But which one is most worth the investment?
best stick vacuum australia

Top 10 Best Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Wish your home would look as fresh as cleaning day, every day? Try a quick vac with a stick vac! Here’s our guide with the best stick vacuums in Australia, for carpets and floors that know our dusty country all too well.
Best Handheld Vacuum Australia

7 Best Handheld Vacuums for Fast and Efficient Cleaning

Portable and lightweight, handheld vacuums are great options for fast spot cleaning and for tackling tight spaces. Keep reading to check out our choices for best handheld vacuum cleaners in Australia this year and how to choose one.
best iron australia

Best Irons for Smooth Gliding

If you’re looking for a new iron and don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered for every need and budget. Keep your family’s collars crisp and skirts sleek with our guide to the best irons in Australia.
best garment steamer australia

Best Garment Steamers in Australia: Our Top 10 Picks

Looking for an easier way to iron your clothes and get a smoother look or to sanitise the upholstery, curtains, toys and remove any bacteria or germs? Here is a list of the best garment steamers.

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