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Ninja Blast Portable Blender Review

The Ninja Blast Portable Blender Review

We got our hands on the Ninja Blast Portable Blender and gave it a thorough test over a few days. In this review we share our thoughts on this unique product.
best coffee machine australia

The 11 Best Coffee Machines for Barista Coffee at Home

Ditch the café coffee and make delicious barista-quality coffee at home (and put the savings back in your pocket!) with our buying guide and list of the best coffee machines money can buy in Australia.
Breville the Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine Review

Breville the Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine Review

As a home espresso enthusiast, I find this coffee machine to be an excellent budget-friendly option. While it lacks manual temperature control, it offers impressive features and consistent performance, making it beneficial for beginners.
best multicooker australia

Top 10 Best Multi Cookers for Saving Time in the Kitchen

Ready to save some serious time and energy in the kitchen? Multi cookers can help you do just that! We’ll show you how by identifying the handiest features of the top 10 multi cookers in Australia, to suit every family and budget.
best blender australia

Blend Like a Pro: The Top 10 Blenders for Smoothie, Soup, and More Lovers

This guide will take you through the top best blenders in Australia, with a handy guide on how to choose one, helping you decide which one is right for your needs.
Breville BBL620 Fresh and Furious Blender Review

Breville BBL620 Fresh and Furious Blender Review

This reliable and efficient kitchen appliance has been a game-changer for me as a busy mom. Its compact size, robust power, and auto-clean function make it a perfect fit for small kitchens, and the reasonable price is a budget-friendly bonus.
best slow cooker australia

Top 10 Best Slow Cookers in Australia

We have had a look at the best slow cookers available in Australia, identifying unique and specific features that will help you decide which slow cooker is the right one for you.
best knife sharpener australia

10 Best Knife Sharpeners for All Types of Kitchen Knives

A sharp knife is a safe knife, and a pleasure to cook with. Make your knives better than new with this guide to all types of the best knife sharpeners in Australia for all styles of blades.
best electric wok and electric frypan australia

The 8 Best Electric Woks and Electric Frypans for 2023

We’ve put together a list of the best electric frypans, woks and skillets to fill your family’s bellies with more healthy, delicious home-cooked food with a minimum of mess and fuss.
Kleva Mealio Hot & Cold Blender Review

Kleva Mealio Hot & Cold Blender Review

If you’re looking for an all-rounder blender, the Kleva Mealio Hot & Cold Blender is one to consider in the Australian market. It can cook, heat and blend, making it quite the versatile kitchen appliance. We got our hands on one and put it through the tests to see if it is worth the hype.

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