The Ninja Blast Portable Blender Review

We got our hands on the Ninja Blast Portable Blender and gave it a thorough test over a few days. In this review we share our thoughts on this unique product.

Ninja Blast Portable Blender Review

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  • Compact and sleek design
  • Rechargeable with good battery life
  • Clear instructions and manual, making it easy to learn
  • Powerful performance for a small machine


  • Cleaning and maintenance on-the-go can be challenging
  • Small capacity at 470ml
  • Not universally suitable; carrying around a blender may seem unconventional

Review Summary

The Ninja Blast, designed for blending on the go and crafting fresh smoothies on demand, stands out as a portable blender.

While it carries some particularities, it proves to be a well-thought-out product, reasonably easy to operate and maintain. Its features cater to those seeking a distinctive blending experience, making it a noteworthy choice for those in search of something unique.

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What is the Ninja Blast and how to use it

The Ninja Blast offers a distinct proposition as a portable blender, catering to users seeking on-the-go blending options in various scenarios. With a 470ml capacity, it suits single portions and operates on an internal rechargeable battery, conveniently chargeable through a USB-C port.

The need for a portable blender arises from the common issue of liquids separating and losing their appeal when delayed in consumption. The Ninja Blast addresses this by allowing users to give their drink a quick remix on the spot, ensuring a uniform and appetising blend. Additionally, it caters to those who prefer to pack their ingredients and blend later, making it ideal for creating dressings, dips, or protein shakes on demand.

The blender's functionality is straightforward – load it with your chosen ingredients, blend, and drink directly from the opening on the top lid. However, a critical point to note is the need to keep the base attached when the liquid is inside. Unlike traditional blenders, detaching the cup (also called the "vessel") will result in a messy experience, requiring users to break away from muscle memory habits.

Ninja Blast with ingredients

Cleaning the Ninja Blast is a reasonably simple process. After consumption, it's advisable to keep all components attached, remove the lid, and rinse it along with the cup. Once emptied, unscrew the cup from the base and give both parts a quick rinse to eliminate any residual remnants. The base is water-resistant to a certain degree, allowing for the blades and outer parts to be rinsed without concern. However, users should avoid submerging it or using a dishwasher.

Ninja Blast washing the cup
Ninja Blast washing the cup 2

If you plan to use it regularly, one notable consideration with this type of product is that, when on the go, you may not always have the opportunity to clean it immediately. For instance, if you're on a train or traveling, once you finish consuming your smoothie, failure to rinse the Ninja Blast promptly may result in leftover liquids settling, making it challenging to clean later on.

Ninja Blast washing blades and base
Ninja Blast base after washing


The Ninja Blast stands at a height of 25cm, with a footprint resembling that of a water bottle. Its compact design allows it to effortlessly fit into the side pocket of my backpack, much like a standard water bottle. This design choice is intriguing, and I appreciate the thoughtful consideration that Ninja has put into it. Given its nature as a portable blender, the emphasis on being lightweight, easy to carry, and user-friendly is evidently a priority.

Ninja Blast in backpack

The blades are affixed to the base, and when you unscrew the cup from the base, the blades become exposed. I must admit, this design is beneficial for thoroughly cleaning the blades. Additionally, the cup's bottomless structure simplifies the cleaning process, allowing for effective and easy maintenance.

Personally though, I'm curious about the design aspect. It makes me wonder if it's feasible to place the blades in the cup instead of the base. This way, you could detach the cup from the base immediately after blending and only carry the cup for drinking, avoiding the need to carry the entire blender base, which could appear awkward. Additionally, having just the cup would likely result in a more straightforward maintenance and cleaning process. With the blades in the cup and less exposed, it could also potentially enhance safety.

I believe Ninja has given careful consideration to the aspects mentioned above. It poses a challenge to maintain the device's compact and portable design while ensuring it remains easy to clean and operate.

Overall, users may need some time to adapt and develop their own maintenance routine after consumption. Ideally, rinsing the device immediately after use is recommended. If you choose to rinse it on the go, be mindful that wiping it afterward might be necessary to prevent moisture on the outer part.

Ninja Blast components after washing

Buttons, operations and battery life

There are 2 buttons, one for switching it on and one for starting/stopping the blending. Around the blending button there’s an RGB light that indicates various status and functions:

  • Solid purple: Ready to blend
  • Flashing white: Vessel and base not aligned
  • Solid yellow: Low battery
  • Solid red: Need to charge
  • Solid green: Fully charged
  • Flashing green: Charging
  • Flashing orange: Blades are blocked
Ninja Blast color codes

The rechargeable battery lasts between 15 and 18 blending cycles, depending on the ingredients. The outer portion of the stop-start button flashes yellow when the battery is running low, providing a timely indicator. With a USB-C charging port, the blender can be conveniently charged using the included cable or any other USB-C cable with a 15W plug. A full recharge takes approximately 2 hours.

Blending performance

While the Ninja Blast may not match the power of larger blenders, its 7.4v battery ensures sufficient strength for blending frozen fruits, crushing ice, and creating various drinks. It excels in blending smoothies, dressings, and even tackles challenging ingredients like kale with ease.

Ninja Blast blending

When operating the Ninja Blast, it's crucial to follow a specific sequence by adding liquids first. This practice helps prevent the blades from getting stuck during the blending process.

It's worth noting that this portable blender isn't as powerful as your standard home blender, so incorporating a liquid element is essential for optimal performance. While it handles vegetables and fruits admirably, users should exercise caution with harder ingredients like nuts, as they may pose a challenge to the blender's capabilities.

In some instances, depending on the mix, you might find it necessary to blend twice for a smoother consistency. This isn't a major issue, unless, of course, you happen to be dealing with a low battery situation.

Ninja Blast ready to drink

Quick comparison with the competition

Ninja Blast BC100


BlendJet 2


95 x 255 mm

80 x 320 mm

76 x 230 mm





Max Capacity




Blending cycle

30 sec

20 sec

20 sec

Hot liquids blending




Blade Type

6 Point stainless steel

4 Point stainless steel

6 Point stainless steel

Product Warranty

1 year

1 year

Option to purchase an up to 3-year warranty





Dishwashing Safe

Vessel & Lid

Vessel & Lid



Blend mode

Blend mode

Blend mode, Pulse mode, Lock mode

Final thoughts

In my personal encounter with this blender, I find the overall experience to be positive. However, it's important to acknowledge that this product falls into a niche category and might not have universal appeal. Its utility is limited to specific circumstances, making it a niche product rather than a versatile appliance for everyone.

Considering its specialised nature, the value for money may not be outstanding for all users. Currently priced between $69 and $99, depending on available offers, it's a matter of individual perspective. At the lower end of the spectrum, around $69, it could be deemed a reasonable investment for those looking for a unique gadget to showcase at the office or as an intriguing gift idea.