Shark Detect Pro Cordless Vacuum Review

An outstanding stick vacuum that effortlessly alleviates the burdens of daily cleaning tasks. It offers a delightful user experience, boasts a plethora of practical features, provides robust suction power, and is exceptionally easy to maintain.

Shark Detect Pro review

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  • Auto empty station is a game changer
  • Detect system is actually useful
  • Good performance and features
  • Build quality and clever design


  • Battery life is somewhat disappointing

Review Summary

The Shark Detect Pro is a top-tier stick vacuum cleaner featuring a self-emptying system that enhances ease of use, streamlines cleaning tasks, and adds a touch of enjoyment and convenience to maintaining clean floors.

Priced fairly for the value it delivers, this product offers exceptional performance, advanced technological features, and a robust station that automatically empties the vacuum after each use.

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Ease of use

Battery life

Ease of maintenance

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What is the Shark Detect Pro

The Shark Detect Pro is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner offered in two variants: one with only the stick vacuum and another with an auto-empty system. In this review, we'll be focusing on the variant equipped with the auto-empty system.

Manufactured by SharkNinja, a company originally from Canada and now based in the US, the Shark Detect Pro competes directly with Dyson, boasting impressive technology across its range of vacuum cleaners and beauty products such as hair dryers.

The standout feature of the Shark Detect Pro is its "detect" system, which utilises sensors on the motorised head to identify different floor conditions, optimising cleaning tasks and enhancing battery efficiency. We'll delve deeper into this feature later in the review, but it's undeniably the key selling point, along with the auto empty system, which offers significant convenience and boasts a more appealing design compared to competitors such as the Kogan A9 and LG A9T.

Shark Detect Pro motorised head

In the realm of direct competition, the Shark Detect Pro squares off against the Dyson V15 Detect, typically priced around $900 when heavily discounted. In contrast, the Shark Detect Pro with the self-empty station retails for $700, while the variant without the self-empty station costs $600. Within the $500 to $700 price range, alternatives to the Shark include the Miele Triflex HX2 and the Samsung Jet VS90, albeit without the option for a self-empty bin.

The Shark Detect Pro occupies a compelling position in the market, offering a range of compelling features. Now, let's delve into our findings in more detail.

Unboxing and parts

We've been putting the Detect Pro through its paces for the past month. The stick vacuum arrives disassembled in the box, along with the self-empty unit. 

Assembling it is a breeze; all the parts click together effortlessly in under five minutes. We've designated a corner in our home, specifically in the laundry area, to house the self-empty system. It sits neatly on the floor with a small footprint, boasting a sleek and tech-forward design that aligns perfectly with my personal taste.

Shark Detect Pro auto empty station
Shark Detect Pro station and stick vacuum

However, there's a minor inconvenience regarding power supply. The self-empty unit requires a nearby power outlet, and while the unit's power cord is adequate for most setups, it fell short in our laundry area.

Our power outlet sits at approximately 1.5 metres from the floor, necessitating the use of an extension cord. It seems Shark assumes that most power outlets are located a few centimetres from the floor, prioritising neat cable management. Nonetheless, a slightly longer power cord would offer greater flexibility in various home setups.

Real world Usage

After integrating the Detect Pro into our daily cleaning routine for a few weeks, it's clear that this vacuum is a standout choice. Its performance surpasses that of most stick vacuum cleaners, and its clever design makes it remarkably user-friendly. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say it's enjoyable to use, motivating me to clean more frequently due to its sheer convenience.

Shark Detect Pro main unit

One of the standout features is its self-cleaning station, which not only keeps it organised in storage but also eliminates the need for wall attachments. For those who prefer to keep their devices in plain view, it's a visually pleasing addition that maintains a tidy appearance when stored away.

When it's time to clean, there's no hassle of unplugging from the charger like with other stick vacuums. Thanks to wireless charging while stored in its station, you simply pick it up, power it on, and start cleaning—an elegant and effortless solution.

While the unit's weight is notably front-heavy due to the motorised head, the stick itself is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. The joint connecting the stick to the head is exceptionally well-made, offering excellent build quality and manoeuvrability. By simply twisting your wrist, you can easily navigate around furniture.

My personal favourite feature, however, is the joint between the main unit and the stick, which allows for easy access under furniture with the press of a button. This ingenious design makes vacuuming under beds and sofas a breeze.

Shark Detect Pro under furniture function

Once you're finished cleaning, simply return the vacuum to its station, and the auto-empty process begins immediately, transferring dirt from the vacuum to the station's reservoir. The reservoir's sleek and techy appearance, coupled with its magnetic connection to the station, makes emptying it a breeze. Additionally, there's a convenient button on the station, featuring a "night mode" symbol, allowing you to disable the auto-empty function if desired—perfect for reducing noise during late-night cleanings.

Shark Detect Pro station reservoir handle
Shark Detect Pro station reservoir detached

Another thoughtful feature is the auto-empty system indicator, which alerts you when it's time to empty the station.


The performance of the Shark Detect Pro Cordless ranks among the best stick vacuums available in Australia in its category, rivalling even Dyson's top offerings on the market, all at a relatively lower price.

Our extensive testing across various surfaces, including tiles and carpets, with different types of debris and food particles, has yielded highly satisfactory results. On carpets, for instance, where cheaper units often struggle with embedded hair and debris, the Shark Detect Pro excels. While it may not remove everything on the initial pass, its auto-detect system, indicated by a red/yellow/blue light, and motorised head effectively lift carpet fibres, aiding in suction and ensuring thorough cleaning.

Regarding the self-empty system's impact on performance: unlike with other stick vacuums where users tend to neglect regular dirt emptying, the Shark Detect Pro eliminates this issue entirely. Each time you pick it up for use, you're assured of peak performance because the stick vacuum is automatically emptied after every cleaning session. This ensures consistent and efficient operation without the need for manual intervention.

Auto detect mode

The default mode upon powering on the Shark Detect Pro for vacuuming is the "detect" mode, which utilises technology embedded within the motor head to identify objects on the floor. It dynamically adjusts both the suction power and the speed of the brush in the motor head accordingly.

Shark Detect Pro red LED
Shark Detect Pro yellow LED

When the head detects dirt on the floor, indicators on both the head and the unit illuminate red. As cleaning progresses and the area nears cleanliness, the indicators transition to yellow and finally to blue once the area is deemed clean, signalling that you can move on to the next section. This feature proves particularly beneficial on carpets, where small particles may be difficult to spot visually. Without the detect system, one might unknowingly pass over dirt, but with the indicator, users are encouraged to continue until the area is thoroughly cleaned.

Shark Detect Pro motorised head with yellow LED
Shark Detect Pro motorised head with blue LED

Additionally, the head can detect the type of flooring being cleaned. When on carpet, the vacuum automatically increases suction power and accelerates the brush speed for more effective cleaning.

Furthermore, the head can detect edges, such as when the vacuum approaches a wall. In such instances, the suction power of the vacuum intensifies to effectively remove dirt from edges. Moreover, the LED light on the vacuum changes to illuminate the area near the edge, providing enhanced visibility for more precise cleaning.

Other modes

The Shark Detect Pro features two additional modes: the power mode and the eco mode.

In the power mode, the vacuum operates at maximum suction power continuously, ensuring thorough cleaning but consuming more battery power in the process.

Conversely, the eco mode is ideal for users seeking to conserve battery life, making it suitable for tasks such as vacuuming an entire house in one session.

Battery life

It's important to keep in mind that with stick vacuums, exceptional battery life isn't typically expected. While the Shark Detect Pro Cordless performs comparably to its competitors, it won't sustain prolonged use for cleaning a large house without needing a recharge, which can be time-consuming. While it's feasible to vacuum an entire house in eco mode, the other modes, such as the auto-detect mode and the power mode, offer limited autonomy, lasting approximately 15 minutes at maximum.

Shark Detect Pro battery

Upon picking up the stick vacuum from its station and using it for just a couple of minutes, you'll notice a swift drop in the battery indicator from four bars to three. In my experience, when tackling common areas like the living room, kitchen, dining area, and corridor, the battery indicator quickly diminishes to one or two bars. As a result, there's insufficient battery power to continue cleaning in carpeted areas like the bedrooms, which require more power for effective cleaning.

One aspect I've pondered since acquiring this product is the detachable battery, reminiscent of those used in drills or power tools. The battery itself is compact and lightweight, prompting speculation about the possibility of purchasing a larger battery in the future. This innovation could revolutionise the stick vacuum market, as I'm not aware of any other brands offering this option. While a larger battery might increase the weight of the main unit slightly, the Shark vacuum is already lightweight, so the additional weight wouldn't be overly burdensome. Overall, I believe the inclusion of a larger battery, or the possibility to purchase one as an extra, would be a welcome advancement for users seeking extended cleaning sessions without interruptions for recharging.

Hand vacuum mode

The Shark Detect Pro can also function as a hand vacuum, and the version equipped with the self-empty station comes with three attachments: the Duster Crevice Tool, the Pet-Multi Tool, and the Wide Upholstery Tool.

Shark Detect Pro handheld mode
Shark Detect Pro attachments

Unlike some other stick vacuums I've owned, these attachments cannot be stored directly on the stick itself. Instead, they must be stored separately, with the self-empty station featuring a slot to accommodate one attachment at a time.

As a hand vac, it performs admirably, leaving little to be desired. However, one minor critique I have is regarding the length of the tube between the main unit and the crevice tool. I feel that an additional 10-20 cm of tubing would facilitate reaching difficult spots more easily. Unfortunately, due to the design of the main stick portion, the attachment can only be affixed directly to the main unit or at the end of the stick, in place of the motor head.


The Shark Detect Pro Cordless Vacuum with the auto-empty system comes highly recommended for users seeking effortless daily floor maintenance. Throughout our testing, we've found ourselves rarely reaching for our traditional barrel vacuum cleaner. This vacuum proves incredibly convenient for quick daily clean-ups, managing children's messes, and consistently maintaining spotless floors.

However, the main drawback lies in its battery life, which prevents us from completing thorough, full-house cleanings in one session.

The auto-detect feature proves genuinely useful, enhancing the vacuum's efficiency, while its meticulously curated and elegant design adds to its appeal. The auto-empty system stands out as a game-changer, significantly elevating the overall cleaning and maintenance experience.

In summary, the Shark Detect Pro Cordless Vacuum with its auto-empty system delivers an exceptionally satisfying cleaning experience, making it an excellent choice for daily floor upkeep.