10 Best Digital Baby Scales for Accurate Weight Tracking

Here’s a handy list of the best baby scales in Australia on the market today, for easily weighing baby safely and accurately at home. We have chosen these digital newborn and toddlers scales based on their features and value for money.

best baby scales australia

Regular check ups with your trusted family doctor are the best way to ensure your baby is developing optimally and on track. Aside from checking hearing, eyesight and that age appropriate milestones are being met, your doctor will also measure baby’s height and weight to determine that your baby is growing and feeding well.

As these appointments can sometimes be months apart, it’s understandable if you feel a little anxious about your baby’s growth between visits and need some reassurance. This is where good quality baby scales come in.

Putting your mind at ease, they will allow you to weigh your baby accurately at any time with no need to wait for your next appointment. This is particularly useful if you’re concerned about your baby’s weight gain or the amount of milk or food your baby is taking in, or if your baby was born prematurely.

Digital scales give an ideal balance of accuracy and convenience as they deliver fast, clear readings anyone can read and interpret. Battery operated, they tend to be compact and lightweight and easy to store or travel with. The accuracy of domestic digital scales range from good to excellent, however none will likely be as accurate as specialist medical scales you would find at the hospital.

Despite this, and whilst you should never replace your baby’s check ups with domestic baby scales, they still serve as a useful tool for between visits and for tracking purposes. Some parents may just want to do a weekly or monthly weigh-in to tell friends and family, for a photoshoot or for the baby book, and digital baby scales will certainly do this job nicely.

Read on for our comprehensive list of the best baby scales in Australia, chosen for their accuracy, ease of use and for any sized budget.

Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale

1. Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad

Highly accurate smart scales and ideal for babies with weight issues

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The Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad features accurate built in scales that connect via bluetooth to your smart phone for tracking, making it easy to track your baby’s weight gain between doctor visits. It also doubles as a hygienic and practical change pad with a cushy foam surface that wipes clean and is comfy for tiny bodies.

Accurate to around 5g, you can track even the smallest of changes to baby’s weight which is so important when dealing with a baby who is, or is at risk of, being underweight. The results are so reliable and precise that you can accurately measure how much your baby is drinking at every feed making these the best baby scales for breastfeeding, particularly if you are anxious about your baby’s milk intake or need some reassurance.

This can really help to support your breastfeeding journey, putting your mind at ease and allowing you to simply enjoy your time with your baby.

Your baby’s growth is automatically recorded and plotted in an easy to read graph format which you can share with your family or doctor, or compare against the WHO growth percentiles. You can also record nappy changes, nap and feeding times all via the Hatch app which is compatible with both iOS and Android, providing comprehensive and invaluable insights into your baby’s growth.

Beurer BY90

2. Beurer BY90

With Bluetooth connectivity for accurate and no fuss weight tracking

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Correct to 5g, these accurate and dependable baby scales from Beurer are perfect for babies up to 20kg and are ideal for those who wish to track their baby’s weight as accurately and as seamlessly as possible.

With Bluetooth connection straight to your smartphone, it’s easy to keep a record of your baby’s growth that you can then share instantly with your family or doctor. Alternatively, the scales cleverly remember the last ten measurements, just in case!

The curved weighing tray is comfy and safe for baby to lie in, minimising rolling and wipes clean quickly. Non slip rubber feet makes sure the scales stay put when in use, and as one compact unit with no removable parts, storage is simple. The integrated tape measure also allows you to measure length and head circumference and is securely attached to the scales so it will never be lost.

Complete with hold and tare functions, you can choose either kilos, pounds or ounces with the press of a button, and the reading takes mere seconds to determine. For these reasons, these scales are exceptionally user friendly and well performing. 

Smart Weigh Comfort Baby Scales

3. Smart Weigh Comfort Baby Scales

Simple, reliable, no fuss scales with dependable accuracy

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These digital baby scales from Smart Weigh are our pick for the best combination of accuraçy, portability and convenience. Correct to 10g, they’re suitable for use in babies and toddlers weighing up to 20kg. Multiple high precision sensors deliver accurate and consistent readings every time via the backlit LCD display. Your reading is given in a matter of seconds in either kilos or pounds.

The large, easy clean surface for baby to lie on also features raised edges to minimise rolling. We especially love the tare function, which allows you to place any soft blanket down on the scales first so baby doesn’t have to lie on a cold surface. However, care should always be taken that this doesn’t cause potentially dangerous slipping.

With a classy, slimline design, these scales are easy to store either horizontally or vertically and weigh less than 2kg so moving it around won’t be a chore.

The auto off feature means you won’t be using up battery power unnecessarily in case you forget to turn it off manually, and it also has a low battery indicator so you know when it’s time to replace the 2 x AAA batteries. These baby scales are a top choice for those who want accuracy, reliability and convenience and can do without all the extra bells and whistles found in smart scales.

Oricom DS1100 Digital Scales

4. Oricom DS1100 Digital Scales

Our pick for the best toddler scales

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With a changeable base you can use for both babies and children up to 100kg, these digital scales from Oricom will last you years.

Newborns and young babies lie in the curved cradle, and toddler and older kids can stand on them like regular bathroom scales. With such a generous upper weight limit we daresay these scales could serve many adult occupants of your home also, making these an excellent choice for longevity and versatility.

Super simple operation with just the touch of one button, these scales are correct to 10g so while they are not hospital grade or the most accurate of our picks, they will be perfectly adequate for most families whose babies have no serious medical problems concerning weight.

Results are close to immediate and read from the large digital display which can be seen from metres away. We appreciated the last weight memory which is useful for forgetful parents!

With simple lines and smooth surfaces, these scales are easy to wipe clean and compact enough to store in small spaces if taken apart into two pieces (main scales and the infant cradle). The pieces are really easy to put back together so assembling and disassembling is not an issue. 

iPouch Digital Baby/Pet Scale with Hold Function

5. iPouch Digital Baby/Pet Scale with Hold Function

Accurate readings at a budget friendly price

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Designed for pets as well as babies up to 20g, these digital scales from iPouch represent great value for money.

These are some of the most accurate baby scales on our list, correct to 5g. The reading is shown on the LCD display which sadly lacks a backlight and is therefore unreadable in the dark. You can switch instantly between kilograms, pounds or ounces with the press of a button.

The tare and hold functions are useful for struggling babies (or pups!) and the large, stable base with a slight lip discourages rolling and keeps wriggly babies safe. The unit, though not heavy at under 2kg, still feels sturdy and like it would survive a few knocks. It’s slim enough to store vertically in tight spots.

These scales do take longer to produce a reading than is preferable for baby products and whilst very accurate in terms of sensitivity, there does seem to be slight variation between readings. We would still recommend these for families with both young children and pets who are progressing normally and have no medical concerns or need for super accurate scales. For those who really just want a monthly reading for the baby book, these will do the job perfectly.

iSnow-Med Multi-Function Digital Baby Scale

6. iSnow-Med Multi-Function Digital Baby Scale

Easily removable cradle allows use by the whole family

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Suitable for newborns, these versatile scales from iSnow-Med feature a removable cradle that lets older children and even adults use them like regular step-on bathroom scales. With a maximum weight of 100kg, the whole family can make good use of them.

Our favourite feature is that the cradle where baby lies has a handy inbuilt ruler so you can measure your baby’s length at the same time as its weight. This feature is relatively uncommon in baby scales but is so useful and simple we can’t believe we don’t see it more often and is a definite pull for this product.

These scales are accurate to 10g and are therefore not the most suitable for young babies with weight issues but as general purpose scales do the job well. The readings are consistent and fast, displayed on a blue backlit LCD screen which you can read even in low light.

The hold function is very useful when you’re dealing with wriggling babies who just won’t lie still by locking in the average weight for the period you’re pressing the button, and the tare function is of course ideal so you can put a soft blanket down first. While great for easy cleaning, the cold moulded plastic is not the comfiest place to be lying.

Chicco Baby Comfort Digital Electronic Scale

7. Chicco Baby Comfort Digital Electronic Scale

Designed ergonomically, these are the most comfortable scales for your baby

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Designed with ergonomics in mind, these compact digital baby scales from trusted baby goods brand Chicco ticks all the boxes when it comes to easy, no fuss and comfy weighing.

With a weight range between 30g and 20kg, it weighs in increments of 10g which is shown on the LCD screen. Next to the screen are two large buttons - one to power on, and the other is the ever useful tare function. Additionally, these scales remember the last reading which is a practical addition for brain fogged new parents. We also love the vibration damping feature which acts to stabilise the weighing and still give an accurate reading even if baby is wriggling all over the place.

The tray is designed for comfort and dips a bit like a bowl so baby lies snugly inside with little room to roll. The only downside to this is that once baby outgrows the scales they will be difficult to use with an older baby and certainly won’t be tolerated by toddlers, despite the 20kg upper weight limit.

We appreciate that the unit is one gently curved piece which not only looks classy, but there are also no pieces to take apart and store and no corners which makes for the easiest of cleaning.

Leogreen Baby Weight Scale

8. Leogreen Baby Weight Scale

Updated scales feature convenient USB charging

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These Leogreen Baby Weight Scales are an updated model featuring new USB charging alongside the regular battery power, the choice is yours.

Four high precision sensors provide accurate readings to 10g which were consistent with the measurements from our doctor.

The extra long, 70cm infant cradle features the elusive inbuilt ruler and is removable in two pieces, transforming these baby scales to scales that can be used by the whole family, pets included, with an upper weight limit of 100kg. The sturdy, reinforced non slip base gives peace of mind, even on slippery surfaces like wet bathroom tiles.

There is room for some movement from baby when lying on the scales though not enough for a full roll with the gently arced edges preventing this well. Like most of the scales reviewed here, the surface is hard plastic and not the comfiest, though a blanket or towel will fix this (hello tare function) and there are no hard to clean corners which is a big plus for parents.

As a bonus, a tape measure is included which can be used to measure head circumference as well as length so you can track all aspects of your baby’s growth between doctor’s visits. 

Everfit Digital Baby Weight Scale

9. Everfit Digital Baby Weight Scale

Unique tray makes these scales suitable for older children with no removable parts

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The Everfit Digital Scales from Giantz is ultra slim and compact and suitable for weighing babies and toddlers up to 20kg. Its high precision sensor is accurate to 10g which will be more than enough for most families.

Featuring a unique tray, it gently slopes at the edges for comfort and to prevent rolling but is also large and flat enough for older babies and toddlers to sit or even stand on safely. Because of this clever design, you can weigh your child in multiple positions without ever having to swap out trays and cradles.

Four buttons are used to operate these scales which is more than most, however they are well marked and easy to use with the usual tare and hold functions as well as a unit toggle - choose kilos, pounds or ounces. Our one complaint would be that the LCD display is on the smaller side and has no backlight so you will need to be close and in good light to see the reading.

Ultra slimline with no removable pieces and at just 5.5cm deep, it takes up very little space and is so easy to pop in and out of the cupboard as needed. We also love the wide, sturdy base with non slip feet to keep the scales put and there’s little chance of tipping to put your mind at ease. 

AccuMed Baby Scale

10. AccuMed Baby Scale

These multi piece scales are our pick for easy storage

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These multi use scales from Accumed can be used by all the whole family, from newborns to adults and pets alike with a maximum weight of 90kg. Featuring several high precision sensors to give the correct measurement, these scales are correct to 10g each and every time.

There are a few different pieces to these scales - the main body which can be stood on like ordinary bathroom scales, and another two pieces that lock together into the main body to provide the infant tray to weigh young babies or pets. While you might think that a two pieced infant tray is finicky and annoying, it actually makes the whole thing so much more compact and therefore easier to pack away, store or travel with. The tray also features a ruler to measure baby’s length in either cm or inches.

The unit is easy enough to wipe down however there is a small groove that runs around the edges where dirt can get trapped if you aren’t diligent with regular cleaning.

Readings are quick and displayed on the backlit LCD within a couple of seconds. There’s a hold function for extra wriggly babies, tare function and the option to choose between kilograms and pounds, so these scales tick all the usual boxes and offer great value for money.