8 Best Bathroom Heaters in Australia (Portable and Wall Mounted)

No more shivering after your shower every morning with these portable and wall mounted bathroom heaters to warm you up quickly. We list eight of the best to suit a range of bathrooms, lifestyles and preferences.

Best bathroom heater Australia

Bathrooms can sure be chilly places! Typically tiled on all sides except for the ceiling, they are full of waterproof hard surfaces and typically void of any soft furnishings, save for a towel or two.

Because hard surfaces reflect the cold in the atmosphere, the air temperature inside bathroom spaces is actually lower than other rooms in your home - it’s not just your imagination! Together with the fact that most people shower early morning or late evening which are some of the coldest parts of the day, it’s no wonder that a good bathroom heater is on the must-have list of a home owner or renter.

An effective and more affordable investment than other bathroom heating tools such as heated towel rails, heat lamps and fancy heater exhaust fans, bathroom heaters can be installed quickly and easily.

This article helps you choose the best bathroom heater for your individual needs by reviewing honestly the eight best bathrooms heaters in Australia.

Here’s a quick rundown on the two types of bathroom heaters we’ve reviewed:

  • Wall mounted heaters. Fixed and often hardwired to your bathroom wall, these are a good option for homeowners as well as for those who want heat their bathroom regularly throughout the year or for lengthy periods of time. Off the floor, they maximise the often limited space, don’t pose any tripping hazard, and are less likely to get splashed. Convection and panel wall mounted heaters in particular suit those who live in colder climates, and larger bathrooms, but may take longer to warm up than fan heaters.

  • Portable heaters. Like the name suggests, portable heaters are not fixed in place and can be moved around and used anywhere with a power supply. They are ideal for renters. Typically fan operated, they deliver a blast of heat instantly and are better suited to smaller bathrooms, spot heating and short periods of use.

Read on for our list of the eight best bathroom heaters in Australia to suit every budget and preference.

Stiebel Eltron Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater

1. Stiebel Eltron Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater

The best bathroom wall heater in Australia is highly rated across the globe

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This German made, high quality wall heater from Stiebel Eltron is perfect for bathrooms, delivering quick heat when you need it most with minimal noise and an unobtrusive design. Highly rated both here in Australia as well as colder countries overseas, you can be confident that it will handle even the coldest of bathrooms in the dead of winter.

Cold air is pulled in from the top, releasing warm air from the bottom of the unit. This helps to heat the space evenly and quickly and is especially ideal for warming cold bathroom tiles. This heater also features thermostat control for efficient and even heating and the crossflow fan is impressively quiet, quieter than many smaller fans,

The curved design not only looks great, but means there are no corners to accidentally knock into when you stand up or move around the room. This heater sticks out from the wall around 15cm which could be a problem in very small bathrooms. It does, however, take up much less wall space than a similar performing panel heater.

With no power cord supplied, this heater needs to be hardwired. It comes with detailed instructions and is easy enough to install if you have the right skills, otherwise it will be a quick job for a professional. 

UFO Blackline Wall and Ceiling Mounted Infrared Heater

2. UFO Blackline Wall and Ceiling Mounted Infrared Heater

Energy efficient and completely safe infrared heating

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This radiant strip heater from UFO mounts easily on your bathroom wall or ceiling, either horizontally or vertically and provides powerful, almost instantaneous heat with just the press of a button.

Completely safe to use in small enclosed areas such as bathrooms, the heat is odourless and not affected by air, wind or moisture. It won’t dry out the air or your skin and heats only when you need it to for as long or short as you want - perfect for early morning showers or even for quick bathroom trips in the middle of the night.

With no fans or motors, it’s completely silent when in operation and the handy remote control means you can operate it from ground level. The casing is made from a durable yet lightweight rust free aluminium finished in a stylish matte black to suit any bathroom decor.

The hanging brackets required to mount this heater are included, along with full instructions, and there’s also the option of purchasing a stand mount which is ideal for renters who don’t want to damage bathroom tiles or walls. The generous 8ft power cord will be long enough to reach just about any powerpoint and any excess slack can be neatly tucked away for safety as well as aesthetics.

Energy efficient, almost all the energy consumed is converted back into heat so there won’t be any nasty surprises with your end of quarter power bill.

Stiebel Eltron 236561

3. Stiebel Eltron 236561

The perfect size for bathrooms with self learning capabilities

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The Stiebel Eltron 236561 is a 1000W wall mounted convection heater best suited to small spaces and effectively heating rooms up to around 10m2 in size. This is just about right for most family bathrooms. Mounted to the wall with the supplied brackets and hardwired to your power supply, installation is straightforward if you’re a bit handy.

Providing gentle and even warming, as a panel heater it’s quite quick, though not the quickest, to warm up, but a timer is included which includes clever self learning capabilities. This means the heater will automatically calculate the preheat time and adjust accordingly so your bathroom is already toasty warm by the time you step inside!

Very quiet in operation, we did hear a few random clicking noises here and there which is only a very minor complaint and really nothing to worry about.

The hardy splash proof steel casing makes this heater ideal for wet areas and the backlit LCD display is easy to use, even in the dark, and is water resistant in case of any splashes. Its ultra slim design at just 10cm deep means it won’t be bulky on your bathroom wall and is cool to touch in case of accidental contact. This is our pick for the best bathroom panel heater in Australia for its size, price and performance.

Lasko CD08200 Bathroom Heater

4. Lasko CD08200 Bathroom Heater

Specially designed for wet areas

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For instantaneous hot air when you need it all wrapped up in a bathroom safe and compact unit, you can’t go past this portable ceramic fan bathroom heater from Lasko. Featuring a special safety plug designed especially for use in wet areas, it can handle the high moisture environment of bathrooms with no compromise on performance.

Small and compact, it sits on a sturdy base that can handle a bit of uneven tiling. Simply turn it on for an instant blast of hot air, effectively spot heating cold bathroom tiles as well. Equipped with overheat protection, the ceramic heating element is self regulating for safety and it’s cool to the touch so easily moved around as needed.

The control panel is on top of the heater and very clear to understand and operate. There are two heating options as well as the Simple Heat option, which provides a full hour of high heat with the touch of a button.

Ready to go as soon as it arrives, just take this little guy out of its box and plug it in, making it a fantastic option for renters as well as those who don’t want the trouble of installing a heater to the wall.

Scenic Tech Bathroom Wall White Fan Heater

5. Scenic Tech Bathroom Wall White Fan Heater

Classic bathroom wall fan heater with high powered heating

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For simplicity at its best, take a look at this classic wall fan heater from Scenic Tech that delivers instant warm air with the press of a button. With 2400W of heating power, the heat is directed downwards and will easily reach all corners of your bathroom to create a cosy atmosphere.

As it’s installed up high as a permanent fixture to your bathroom wall, there are no annoying cords to deal with and no worrying about accidentally knocking it over, drenching with water or covering with towels or clothing, and is well out of reach of little hands.

The integrated thermostat for consistent temperature is a nice touch but we find it unnecessary as it isn’t the sort of heater you’d have running for long periods of time. As with all fan heaters, there’s definitely an audible noise when operating but not any worse than average.

The heater is finished in a warm white coloured casing and is by no means the height of design, however it’s simple and unobtrusive and will fit in with most bathroom decors. This is a great no fuss solution to bathroom heating if you only really need heating in short bursts, for example when getting out of the shower. 

Winterwarm WWDF20E

6. Winterwarm WWDF20E

Budget friendly and easy to use, best for smaller bathrooms

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This pull cord operated fan heater by Winterwarm is a cost efficient model best suited to smaller bathrooms and ensuites. Its 1000W of heating power is enough to do a solid job of heating the room effectively within seconds.

We love that this heater turns itself off automatically after 30 minutes of use so if you leave the bathroom in a hurry and forget to turn it off, you won’t need to worry about too much wasted energy usage or potential hazards.

This little heater also does a decent job of reducing humidity in the atmosphere, a bonus if your bathroom is prone to dampness and mould, has poor ventilation or no exhaust fan. It’s quite a bit noisier than the other fan heaters we’ve reviewed though, and protrudes from the wall further than other similar models.

It can either be installed vertically on the wall or horizontally on a benchtop, however note that with no power plug, it does require installation. The job is simple for those of us who are a little handy with full instructions provided, and once installed, its two year warranty ensures it will see you through winters to come.

De'Longhi Capsule

7. De'Longhi Capsule

Our favourite portable bathroom heater combines performance with style

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Trusted heater brand De’Longhi gives us this tidy portable ceramic fan heater designed for quick, effective spot heating or heating small spaces, making it ideal for bathrooms.

With ceramic heating technology, it heats and cools amazingly quickly and is as energy efficient as possible with its self regulating capabilities. This means that it can pick up on the temperature of the room and adjust its output to match, so that you and the room won’t be overheated.

Unlike many other small bathroom fan heaters, there are two heat settings to choose from to best suit the season and time of day. For spot heating, it will reach the desired heat instantly and for a whole room up to 10m2, will take just minutes to be adequately heated through. It should only be used in relatively short bursts however, as we noticed that all-too-familiar burning smell after thirty minutes of use on the highest setting.

This heater is beautifully styled in warm white with contrasting tones and will add a touch of class to your bathroom, standing neatly and solidly on the floor at a slight angle to direct the warm air up towards you. For this reason, it won’t heat tiles as effectively as other models. The ergonomic, always cool-touch handle is integrated into the design beautifully and is ideal for transporting around from room to room. Our pick for the best portable bathroom heater for performance and style.

Hysure Heating Fan

8. Hysure Heating Fan

Ultra compact and lightweight but packs a punch

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Hysure’s portable heater might look small, but really packs a punch and will effectively heat most bathrooms and laundries, even those on the larger side. Optional oscillation, both up and down and side to side, ensures all corners of the bathroom are covered with warmth. Aim it at your towel rail while you shower for a snuggly warm towel when you get out - no need for heated towel rails!

Enjoy the quick acting benefits of ceramic heating which self regulates for maximum energy efficiency. The Eco mode further adjusts the heat to the lowest possible appropriate setting for even more efficiency and power bill savings and for such a small and affordable model, we think it does this very well.

Best used sitting on a table or your bathroom vanity, it has a solid base well as automatic tip over and overheat protection in case of accidents.

It features a built in thermostat as well as an 8 hour timer. Now this may not have much use for the bathroom, but at just 1.1kg it’s an ultra lightweight and very portable heater and can be used in a variety of different home settings. It’s perfect for your desk as well as a touch of spot heating if you’re hanging out watching telly on chilly evenings, making this the most versatile bathroom heater on our list.