Best Garment Steamers in Australia: Our Top 10 Picks

Looking for an easier way to iron your clothes and get a smoother look or to sanitise the upholstery, curtains, toys and remove any bacteria or germs? Here is a list of the best garment steamers.

best garment steamer australia

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A garment steamer is a device created for obtaining a wrinkle-free, smooth surface on clothes, curtains or soft furnishing. As the water in the tank heats up, it creates power steam and releases it through the nozzles onto the garments. Not only it removes wrinkles from clothes effectively, but also, it can be used for sanitation or de-odoration purposes and is said to remove 99% of bacteria.

These features make it a suitable device for people who hate spending time with a traditional steam iron, or think that ironing is a complete waste of their time, but on the other hand, do like to look good in a shirt or suit at work or to wear a well ironed dress for a special occasion.

While you must know that the garment steamer does not provide equal quality ironing as the iron itself, it is highly practical and powerful enough to get the job done most of the time.

Another great usage of the garment steamer is the possibility to disinfect your home. If you want to use the steamer for this purpose, then you should also consider some other features, such as portability and continuity in steaming.

With such a vast choice on the market it might be difficult to choose the best and most beneficial one for your case. So, to help you select the model tha most suits your budget and needs, here’s our selection of the best garment steamers to buy in Australia this year, from most expensive to most affordable.

Tefal Ixeo QT1020

1. Tefal Ixeo QT1020

Extremely efficient ironing and steaming

The best upright garment steamer in our list is the Tefal Ixeo QT1020, this professional device can really make anyone fall in love with ironing clothes. We recommend this model especially if you're gonna use it on a daily basis, for smooth ironing results with no wrinkles (or bacteria).

Not only for clothes though. Once detached from the main unit, it offers the option of steaming and sanitising your upholstery, curtains, bed linen, toys and more. 

The Tefal Ixeo best features are the built-in patented three-position board and the ergonomic upright design. On a 30° angle you get high-quality ironing and steaming.

It does have some additional accessories in the kit, such as a fabric brush for thick garments. The unit's power is 1600W and the water heats up fast, in just 45 seconds.

Looking at online reviews, among other steam stations, users seem to be extremely satisfied with the Tefal Ixeo garment steamer, and enjoy their ironing sessions far more than using a regular iron.

Bear in mind this garment steamer does require some practice, so at the beginning you may have challenges adjusting the steam and the pressure to the board, but once you get the hang of it, the final result is almost always perfection.

We also like that it has an adjustable height, and that it is lightweight and convenient to move around the house, thanks to its small wheels.

Philips ComfortTouch

2. Philips ComfortTouch

The most powerful garmet steamer

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The Philips ComfortTouch garment steamer is ideal for dress and shirt lovers. It is made for all ironable fabrics and garments, as well as for silk or other delicate materials, without any risk of burning.

It features a fabric brush for deeper steam penetration, ideal for thicker garments or upholstery, as well as a garment hanger, protective glove and adjustable double pole.

The Philips ComfortTouch Garment Steamer has an easy rinse descaling function which ensures long and effective usage. Also, the automatic switch to standby mode (when the water tank is empty) is a life saver.

Its power is 2000W, which makes it the most powerful on our list, and has up to 5 steam settings. The detachable water tank has a capacity of 1800 ml, heats the water in less than a minute and provides 40 minutes of continuous steam.

People find it an extremely useful tool in their homes, and the only comment from users refers to the cord length, which is a tad short at 1.6 metres. Nevertheless, it is a highly praised garment steamer with some innovative and improved features, especially in relation to the flexibility of the head and the steam plate.

Tefal Pro Style IT3440

3. Tefal Pro Style IT3440

Easy to use and highly effective upright garment steamer

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The Tefal Pro Style IT3440 steamer is excellent for any types of fabrics. It perfectly irons and sanitises even the most delicate ones. With an exclusive vertical support and adjustable steam output, in addition to garment ironing, it is also suitable for sanitising upholstery, curtains or bed linen.

The best feature of the Tefal Pro Style is its versatility for either intensive steaming sessions or simple last minute, quick ironing. It heats up in 45 seconds and it has a power of 1800W. The patented press and steam system, as well as the large metal steam head provide effective steaming results and deep diffusion through the fabric fibres.

Some people find it hard and heavy to move around the house, so it might not be the best option for steaming curtains and upholstery, especially for multi-storey homes. That said, the majority of the reviewers enjoy its ironing functions and describe it as the most effective iron they've ever had.

At 8 kg, it's true that this unit is not lightliweight, but the very compact design and removable water tank make it a compelling solution nonetheless.

Conair Turbo Extremesteam

 Best For Business Shirts 

4. Conair Turbo Extremesteam

High-quality steaming and easy fold travel system

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The Conair Turbo Extremesteam is the best handheld garment steamer, it offers a combination of iron-like performance with the power of steam, for professionally smooth fabric surfaces.

We especially like it for traveling, as it is small and fits in a suitcase, hence we also recommend the Conair Turbo as the best garment steamer for business shirts.

The heats up in 40 seconds and offers a 200 ml water tank. This means that you will have 15 minutes continuous steam without any tank refill. The manufacturer says that it delivers 50% more steam compared to the previous Conair garment steamer model, thus saving time and finishing the job in just one simple glide.

You may choose which attachment to use out of the three available in the set: silicone band (for better results), fabric spacer (for delicate and fine fabrics) or the bristle brush (for deeper and perfect press).

Not exactly the best solution for heavy wrinkles (grab your regular iron for that), but for a quick everyday steam it does the job well. Nevertheless, it’s advanced steam technology, high temperature and easy fold travel system really makes a difference in our everyday life, offering a great look in no time.

Philips Steam&Go

5. Philips Steam&Go

Horizontal and vertical steaming, ideal for travel

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The Steam&Go is one of the best garment steamers under the $100 mark, and it offers both vertical and horizontal steaming. It is great to steam horizontally on places such as cuffs or collars (which are hard to reach), or for a quick vertical steam while getting ready to get out. 

Ideal for holiday or a work trip, this steamer will get you ready for any occasion. It comes in a heat resistant storage bag for your best convenience, as well as with an accessory brush and protection glove.

The Philips Steam&Go is ready to use in less than a minute, it has 1300W power and you will have continuous steam for around 20 minutes. Its smart flow technology on the plate heats up to an optimal temperature and automatically provides continuous steam. It de-wrinkles even the most delicate silk fabric.

The main disadvantage is its water tank of only 70 ml, which means frequent refills and reheating. However, this is relatively normal for its compact design. In our opinion, the Steam&Go is a good value for money option and we especially like the fact that it does not require an ironing board.

Tefal Access Steam Plus Garment Steamer

6. Tefal Access Steam Plus

The most powerful handheld garment steamer

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Forget about your ironing board because this steamer will be your best friend for either ironing or sanitising. It is very safe for any type of fabric and even the most delicate are effectively handled.

In addition to steaming garments, it effectively kills up to 99.99% bacteria, due to the combination of temperature and steam pressure. Therefore it is quite suitable for sanitising upholstery, curtains, bed linen or kid’s toys.

The Tefal Access Steam Plus has an exceptional aluminium heating soleplate with ceramic coating and ultra-fast heat-up time of just 40 seconds. Its power is 1600 Watts, which makes it one of the most powerful on this list (this spec is especially impressive for a handheld model).

It has a steam lock position, so you won’t waste any of that precious water in the 190 ml removable water tank. 

The cord length is 3m and there are four smart accessories in the set: fabric brush for heavy fabrics, steam bonnet for delicate fabrics, door hook for easily hanging your clothes and a tidy bag for storage.

Sunbeam SG1000

 Best For Curtains 

7. Sunbeam SG1000

Time saving, easy to use and very practical

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The Sunbeam SG1000 is a very practical and handy garment steamer, convenient for everyday usage. It quickly irons garments, providing fast and acceptable results, at an affordable price point. 

We also recommend it as the best garment steamer for curtains as it is suitable for many types of fabrics, and you will find it very useful for de-odouration or sanitation of the upholstery in your home. It is very lightweight, less than 2 kg, which makes it super easy for handling.

The Sunbeam SG1000 provides up to 20 minutes of continuous steaming. It has a 300 ml water tank (one of the biggest in the realm of hanheld steamers) and 40 seconds heating time. The set also includes accessories for delicate and heavier fabrics, lint removal and more.

You can operate it both vertically and horizontally, so it's a good option for people who hate to get the ironing board out. It's not the most powerful model out there, but it works perfectly fine if you're not looking for perfect results.

WiredLux SteamSmart S200 PRO

8. WiredLux SteamSmart S200 PRO

Good quality and versatile affordable steamer

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The WiredLux SteamSmart S200 PRO combines elegant design with cutting-edge technology into a portable de-wrinkler and odour eliminator, around the $70 price point. 

Made of high-quality material, this steamer is recommended for busy families. It is safe for even the most delicate and un-ironable fabrics, silk, wool, linen, tulle, jeans, embroidery or lace. It comes with some accessories, such as a folding hanger, fabric brush and a carry bag.

The SteamSmart S200 Pro can be used in both flat and vertical position and it is 100% leak-proof, leaving absolutely no wet trails on the garments. The design is very lightweight, only 0.6 kg, super convenient for holidays or business trips, as it does not need an ironing board.

Though it offers some excellent steaming results compared to its price, it has a quite small water tank of only 100ml and you will be able to have effective, continuous steam for just around 10 minutes. It has a power of 900W and it is ready for use in just 25 seconds. All in all, it is excellent for quick handling of garments, traveling, refreshing or removing dust with the brush.

Kambrook SwiftSteam

9. Kambrook SwiftSteam

Portable and powerful garment steamer, perfect for last minute jobs

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The Kambrook SwiftSteam is an affordable portable garment steamer ideal for final touch ups on school/work uniforms before you leave home. It has no need for an ironing board and fits in a small space.

With its fully detachable 250 ml water tank and 1100W power, the SwiftSteam one of the best and most powerful portable steamers in the market. Its 360° swivel cord, plus its lightweight and ergonomic design, enable easy manoeuvrability, and weighing in at around 1 kg, it is highly praised for its practicality.

Though offering some excellent steam pressure, it still does not provide the same result as an iron. Nevertheless, it is a great little product for on-the-go or quick use at home, or a perfect gift for a student who hasn’t mastered the art of ironing yet. We especially like that it heats up quite quickly, and that it is suitable for delicate materials.

Vinteky Handheld Portable Garment Steamer

 Best For Travel 

10. Vinteky Handheld Portable Garment Steamer

Multifunctional, affordable and perfect for travelling

The Vinteky is the most affrodable garment steamer in our list, providing acceptable performance for those who are not looking for perfection.

It is a multifunctional item, suitable for any material, perfect for ironing, dry-cleaning, hair and dust removal or disinfection of upholstery, curtains, toys etc. Besides being the cheapest model, this is also the lightest one, with a weight of just 650 gr. This makes it perfect for traveling without burdening your luggage.

The Vinteky Handheld portable steamer is made of a high-grade ABS material with exquisite workmanship, very strong and extremely durable. The design of the steamer provides constant temperature and is easy to use for either home or final touches in a professional environment. It comes with a handheld steamer brush providing a powerful, continuous steam and satisfactory ironing outcome.

Though it is highly practical and convenient for on the go, it does not have that much power to de-wrinkle tougher fabric. Also, the water tank is quite small and attached to the device itself. The set comes with 2 removable hair and dust brush heads which are very useful and easy to attach and adjust. They are always handy, especially if you have pets at home, it will only take you a minute to remove the hair from your garments prior to leaving your home.

Types of garment steamers and how to choose

Think of the type of clothes on which you are going to use it, and whether you plan to steam other items in your home with the same appliance. Plan if you need it for home use or travelling purposes and whether you will use it on a regular basis or just occasionally. There are many types of garment steamers on the market including: standing, handheld or travel steamers.

  • Upright steamer. These steamers are for home use and are the most expensive ones, they are more bulky which means will take up more space. They do have good size water tanks and you can steam much longer than the other models, as they provide the best steaming result. The models with wheels are better for transportation around the house.
  • Handheld steamer. The handheld ones are in the mid-size range and they are very convenient for ironing and steaming as they heat up quite quickly and provide continuous steam for around 20 min. They are also portable for traveling and have sufficient power to get you the desired result.
  • Travel steamer. The travel steamers are the least expensive and highly portable items as they are extremely lightweight (under 1 kg). Hoewer, you can steam only for a limited time (around 10-15 min.) since their water tanks are attached to the device and are quite small. They are a perfect choice for holidays and business trips since they are compact enough to fit in any luggage.

Key features to look for

Depending on your preferences, budget and needs, look for the following features when choosing a garment steamer.

  • Variable steam. There are some steamers that offer various setting types and options regarding the steam power. In this way you can adjust the power according to the fabric or else. Look for the wattage of the device so that you know how powerful they are, since usually they are not as powerful as an iron, but the steaming process offers the same effect.
  • Water tank size and heating time. The water tanks are typically small sized ones, and usually they provide continuous steam for around 15 minutes. When selecting a garment steamer, look whether the water tank is detachable and compare their sizes. Also, the heating time is optimal, but in most devices it is under a minute.
  • Accessories. Nozzles, brushes and other items for handling more delicate fabrics are always useful to have. They are extremely handy if you have a pet at home and use the steam power to remove them quickly and effortlessly. Some designs feature a hanger which creates a perfect ironing set and it is very convenient for ironing. The more bulky ones also have wheels and this helps you transport them easily from one place to another. However, they do take much more space in your home.
  • Warranty and Price. Garment steamers usually have one to two years warranty, some even more. It is always good to know that, as you get the idea of the producer’s confidence in its product. The portable traveling steamers are around $30, and the standard models’ price is in the range from $50 to $400.

Is a garment steamer worth it?

If you are a frequent traveller, want to take care of your garments cautiously, don’t like ironing, and want to save time, a clothing steamer will suit you.

For some delicate fabrics, or tailored garments, like accessorised jackets, wool sweaters, silk blouses or dresses, suits etc., garment steamers are an even better choice than an iron.

The fact that you won’t press them on the board and leave sharp creases, rather simply let the heat gently go through the material and naturally de-wrinkle it is far more desirable.

They are an excellent alternative to ironing or pressing clothes. Not only are they much faster, but they are also more budget friendly than irons. We simply love that they save us time and that it takes just seconds to do the job in an effective manner.