8 Best Hair Curlers in Australia for All Hair Types

Here’s a handy guide to help you choose the best hair curler currently available in Australia, for different hair types and preferred style, from the top-notch models to the more affordable ones

best hair curler australia

Curly hair has always been a big thing in fashion, and it still is in modern dressings. When thinking of the best tools to make adorable curls, hair curlers are a core necessity. 

But before you choose your curling iron, remember that the market has several product options from different brands. This confusing lot can make selection pretty frustrating.

In your search for the best hair curler for you, there are some things you should first consider:

  • Are you curling short, medium, or long hair? 
  • Do you desire loose waves or tight curls?
  • Do you seek a complex multi-functional tool or something straightforward and uncomplicated?
  • Is budget a major constraint?

Why should I use a hair curler? 

Among other benefits, hair curlers are known chiefly for their convenience. In fact, the perks seem to increase with their evolving design and functionality. Here are some gains of using them:

  • Quick Heating - Hair curlers come with a technology that produces instant and even heat. This fast but regulated heat helps you save time without developing any hot spots that can damage your hair.
  • Distributes heat evenly - Since most hair curlers are metal, many believe they may produce excess heat that'll likely burn hair. That's not correct. Hair curlers have improved. Now, they come with a platinum coating to allow even distribution of heat. This design also prevents burns or scathes. Besides, hair damage seldom occurs when you buy a quality model.
  • Gentle sliding - Curlers are mostly made of metal with a polished surface, which aids smooth movement as it glides through your hair. This feature also helps prevent tangling, ensuring maximum protection against damage, and promotes consistent curls.
  • Ease of use - Great hair curlers are usually designed with user-friendly features. With basic directions, practically any adult can use most curlers. Operating a typical curler requires no particular skill. That means you can use hair dryers for your DIY sessions without any professional assistance and get those bouncing slay curls right in the comfort of your room.

From manufacturers' claims, customer reviews, and personal experience, we picked our top 8 best hair curlers on the Australian market for you to review, so you can choose the one that fits your budget and needs.

ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand

1. ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand

Comes with protective gloves, slim design, and great for tighter curls

What we like
  • Finger heat protection gloves included
  • Quick heating
  • Produces natural and beautiful wavy hair
  • Ultra-Zone technology ensures consistent temperature for hair protection
What could be better
  • May require some practice to master
  • Fixed temperature cannot be adjusted

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If you look for the best curling wand for different hairstyles, from deep waves to beachy curls, this product from GHD is a thoughtful pick. It features a tapered, round-to-oval shape with a 185C temperature setting, which promises to create long-lasting curls without drying out or damaging your hair.

ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand comes with a protective tip that helps you place it on a surface securely without any burn scare. Also talking safety, the wand comes with an auto-shut feature that shuts down after 30 minutes of inactivity. Plus, its dual voltage allows you to maintain your curly hairs while you trip around the globe.

The device's professional swivel cord also provides convenience and styling freedom while its heat protection glove add-on, sleek design, and ready-to-use indicator make the product stand out. 

While manufacturers claim the product does well for all hair types, it is most suitable for long hairs.

Conair Double Ceramic 1-inch Curling Iron

 Best For Beginners  

2. Conair Double Ceramic 1-inch Curling Iron

Its 30 different heat settings make your DIY sessions a breeze

What we like
  • Precise temperature control
  • Dual voltage capability
  • Smooth styling with ceramic coating
  • Easy to use
What could be better
  • Heat adjustment and power buttons are prone to accidental pressing due to their location
  • Not suitable for styling long and thick hair due to the short barrel length

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If you seek curls for personal use, nothing really fanciful and complicated, this Conair Double Ceramic 1-inch Curling Iron is a great pick.

For good reasons, we confidently recommend this unique double ceramic curling iron. The rose gold and white design makes it visually appealing. The ceramic build does not only make it gorgeous; it also aids even heat distribution. Besides, the material makes the device relatively more reliable and durable.

The Conair Double Ceramic Curl Iron features a 30 heat setting. The fast-heating technology produces up to 200 degrees. It also spots a Turbo Heat system that helps you handle more-difficult-to-style hairs. 

For safety concerns, the manufacturers, thoughtfully, infuses an auto-off feature that switches off the device when inactive for too long. This reduces the fear of leaving the machine on while you're away. 

The device comes with dual voltage. So you can have your curlers handy on your international trips. 

What's more? The price tag is surprisingly affordable, and users think it performs as much as (or even more than) the more expensive alternatives. However, some reviewers think the handle, particularly the white portion, could have improved quality.

Silver Bullet Celebrity Curls 3 in 1 Genius Curler

 Best For Long Thick Hair  

3. Silver Bullet Celebrity Curls 3 in 1 Genius Curler

The 3-in-1 curler comes with attachments that cater to both loose hairs and tighter curls

What we like
  • Variety of wand sizes included
  • Digital display screen
  • Heat-resistant glove included
  • Easy to switch between wand sizes
What could be better
  • Be careful not to burn your fingers because the wand gets very hot

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Rock your curls with Silver Bullet Celebrity Curls and slay on the red carpet. From mega waves to defined curls and all textures between, the Silver Bullet Celebrity Curls 3-in-1 genius curler is your quickest route. 

Its 25mm curling iron add-on allows you to handle brushed out waves and large chic curls. It also features a 19mm-25mm conical attachment designed for more-loose hairs and a 9mm-19mm attachment for tighter curls.

Impressively, the attachment offers a snug fit grip and locks into place quickly. The product features an adjustable heat technology, up to 230 degrees, providing heat settings for practically all hair types and designs.

Silver Bullet Titanium 210 IR Vivid Infrared Curling Iron

 Best For Short Hair 

4. Silver Bullet Titanium 210 IR Vivid Infrared Curling Iron

The 80˚C to 210˚C temperature settings offers flexibility for almost all hair types and style

What we like
  • Dual voltage capability
  • Precise temperature control
  • Long power cord
  • Digital display screen
What could be better
  • Heavier weight compared to other curling irons

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If you desire curled hair but don't want your hair dried out, this curler preserves your hair's glow and shine. This device features an infrared light strip that heats your hair inside. The Silver Bullet Titanium 210 IR Vivid Infrared Curling Iron with a 25mm titanium-infused barrel is mainly intended for short hair and creating smooth styles, while the 32mm barrel is more suitable for medium to long hair and creating larger curls. 

The ergonomic design comes with a digital display, which helps you monitor the temperature easily. Besides, you can enjoy flexible temperature settings 80˚C to 210˚C. 

The Silver Bullet curler has a long 360-degree swivel power cord that allows you to move around with the gadget seamlessly. With the curlers' dual voltage feature, you can use the device across major international destinations. This feature is a plus, particularly for travelers. 

With a two-year manufacturer's warranty, indeed, you won't be saving for a replacement anytime soon.

Silver Bullet Fastlane Ceramic Gold Curling Iron

5. Silver Bullet Large Ceramic Conical Curling Iron

This easy-to-use clamp-free device is excellent for creative styles

What we like
  • Clamp-free design eliminates the possibility of creases or marks on the hair
  • Variable heat settings
  • Includes a heat protectant glove
What could be better
  • May require some good practices if you haven't used a clamp-free curling iron before

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If you find it tough to handle clamp curling irons, you should consider this Silver Bullet curling wand. The Fastlane Ceramic Gold gives you stunning, large waves or beachy curls.

Interestingly, the device puts you in charge while styling. Even more, the easy-to-use tool comes clamp-free for improved creativity. 

Although some curlers come with more, from this product's 25 different heat setting options, you'll most likely find something suitable for your hair. Plus, its 19 to 32 mm barrel helps you achieve a good variety of curled styles and firmness.

This tool also features a digital display that is easy to read, intuitive, and easy to navigate. Talking comfort, the tool is remarkably light-weighted and commendably comfortable to grip and use. The easy grip and heat-resistance improve its convenience. 

The 360-degree swivel cord allows for enhanced functionality and a cool tip that helps guide against burns. As in most products on our review list, this also features a dual voltage that allows you to enjoy your tool anywhere in the world.

Remington 3 in 1 Multistyler Curl & Wave

6. Remington 3 in 1 Multistyler Curl & Wave

Cost-effective option for diverse hair styling needs

What we like
  • Three interchangeable barrels included
  • Multiple heat settings for personalised use
  • Easy to use, even for beginners
  • Budget-friendly option
What could be better
  • Lacks heat protection gloves
  • Bulkiness in storage due to the multiple attachments and lack of a carry pouch

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The Remington 3 in 1 Multistyler Curl & Wave is a versatile and convenient tool for anyone looking to achieve different hair curl styles with just one machine. Designed with Tourmaline Ionic Technology, this product prevents damage to your hair and leaves it shiny and smooth.

This hair curler comes with three distinct barrels: the 19mm small tong featuring a clip, which is ideal for defining curls; the 13-25mm clipless conical wand, perfect for creating beachy waves; and the 32mm wide tong with a clip, designed for creating loose curls.

We really like how quickly it heats up and how easy it is to use, even for those who are new to curling their hair. The temperature can be adjusted to suit different hair types, making it a great option for anyone with different needs.

It's worth mentioning that the Remington 3 in 1 Multistyler does not come with a travel case, which may affect its convenience for travel or storage, particularly given the multiple attachments included. However, its versatility and cost-effectiveness in allowing you to create a variety of hair curl styles with just one machine, makes it a highly desirable choice.

Silver Bullet City Chic Curling Iron

7. Silver Bullet City Chic Curling Iron

Fast even heating for quicker curls

What we like
  • Large barrel makes it easy to create waves or curls
  • Dual voltage
  • Long cord
  • Heat resistant mat is included
What could be better
  • The device can become too hot even on the lowest setting, making it too intense for some users

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Note worthily, here's the fourth product on our list from Silver Bullet company. The Australia-based company is known for professional prograde hairdryers, hair straighteners, hot brushes, trimmers, hot rollers, and curling irons. 

Silver City Chic Curling Irons barrels' surface comes smooth and creates charming well-arranged curls. The curler heats quickly, more so, evenly, no fears of temperature spikes and undesirable hot spots.

For safety, the device is designed with cool tips to prevent burns. Its heat-resistant handle with a comfortable grip also makes a statement for safety. Besides, it's dual voltage feature allows you to use your curlers on your international trips.

Remington Keratin & Argan Oil Nourish Conical

 Best For Fine Hair 

8. Remington Keratin & Argan Oil Nourish Conical

Specially designed with preloaded Keratin and Argan oil for shining sleek weaves and curls

What we like
  • Keratin and Argan oil infused coating
  • Built-in stand to protect counter or bench from heat
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Fast heat-up and quick results
What could be better
  • The temperature dial has no numerical indication; only high, low, and in-between are indicated with a wheel dial
  • Can be difficult to use initially due to its conical shape and lack of a clip to hold hair in place

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For healthy inside out curls, the Remington Keratin Curling Wand is one of the best hair curlers in Australia you can trust. The manufacturers promise the tool will improve your shine, repair and restore hair, and curb frizz. 

Interestingly, user reviews support this claim. The Remington Keratin Curler comes preloaded with Keratin and Argan Oil. This brings frizz-free sleek curls and weaves.

The device also delivers a natural kink-free appeal, which is, in most part, credited to the curler's 13mm-25mm conical size and no-clip barrel. Also, considering safety, the curling tool spots a heat protective glove as well as an auto-shut-off system that turns out power after extended inactivity. The long swivel cord comes with the typical saloon-like convenience and flexibility.

How to choose a hair curler

Quickly, here are some things to note when selecting a curling iron.

Check barrel Size. Your curling iron's barrel size determines how you do your styling and as well, the curls' size. If you want beachy waves or more-loose waves, go for a wider barrel. If you go for smaller irons, expect mermaid curls or spirals. Besides, a smaller barrel works best for thinner and shorter hair. If you have long, thick hairs, opt for wider barrels.

The material matters. Titanium, ceramic, and gold are the most common materials used for hair curlers' barrels. The ceramic option holds-in moisture, preventing your hair from drying and split ends caused by excess heat. Titanium and ceramic barrels work pretty much the same way. Titanium, however, heats quicker and stands more to frequent usage.

Heat Settings. Your preferred heat settings determine your curl style. The hotter the iron, the faster and tighter your curls. At lower temperatures, you get looser waves. However, note that higher temperature exposes your hair to more damage. For this, consider using a heat protectant whenever you use any heated appliance on your hair. Conclusively, go for the lowest possible temperature that still delivers your most preferred curls.

Ergonomic Design. The best hair curlers feature an ergonomic nonslip-designed handle, which offers you a firm grip and comfortable hold. Go for a design with well-placed switches for effortless operations.

Safety Features. One standard safety feature is a built-in stand designed to shield surfaces when you need to place your hot curler during short breaks. It would help if you went for one with an auto-sleep setting. This feature automatically turns off our curler after an extended inactive period.

Budget. Curlers come at different prices, based on their features. The you-get-what-you-pay-for saying is also true when buying. While there are several affordable products, the more expensive options are desired with more features and better materials. However, you can still get some pretty decent options without breaking the bank.

Types of Curlers. Too often, the terms curling wand and curling iron are used interchangeably. When shopping, note that these terms are different. For clarity, curling irons feature a clip that helps keep your hair in place during curling. While some clips are short, others can go the full length of your curler's barrel. These clips may cause little indentation on the curls. On the other hand, you'd get a smoother curl with curling wands since there are no holding clips. Besides, curling wands heat faster and gives quicker curls.

How Do Curling Irons Work?

If you're wondering the logic behind turning your silky straight hair into bouncy curls in seconds, here's how curlers work.

Typically, your hair appearance is determined by Keratin, an integral part of the cortex. The hydrogen serves as a glue that bonds the cortex together and keeps your hair in good shape. That's about how you got your wavy, silky, straight, or curly hair.

To achieve something different, two factors matter: heat and water. The idea here is that as soon as the hydrogen bonds break or weaken, it allows you to alter the shape before it gradually returns to its initial form.

Interestingly, curling irons are an easy way to get this result. It's simple: wet your straight, silky hair, run your curling wands, and anticipate the perfect bouncy curls that bring a whole new appeal.

However, do not forget. While you may get this result from a top-notch quality product, a low-grade solution may even ruin your hair. Note also that the results you get are temporary.

Hair Curling Tips

If you desire natural-looking curly hair, some trial and error will help you find what fits best. Let's discuss some tips that will help you stay on the right path.

  • Select the best size. Sizes (in diameter) usually vary from 19mm to 38mm. Your desired hairstyle and hair type collectively determine which curler is most fit for you. Typically, smaller barrels are best for tighter curls, while larger curlers work best for loose curls.
  • Prepare your hair with the right products. You may need a heat protectant for the best result and also to prevent damage to your hair. Applying a setting spray or hairspray before curling works fine. You may also consider running trial curling on different days after you wash your hair. Some say curls work better for dirty hair than newly washed options.
  • Allow your hair to dry. You may leave your hair to dry out naturally or use a dryer. Either way, make sure your hair gets completely dried before heating it with your curling tong.
  • Hair Clips come in handy. Clips help your curling process a whole lot. The clips help you divide your hair into sections to ease workability and produce a consistent result. When you're done, the clips will help keep the curls in the desired place for easy setting.
  • A texturing spray can hold the curls for longer. Unlike your transitional hairspray, this spray comes lighter and less intense. This spray helps your curling process greatly. Besides improving structure, it adds volume without impairing your curls.