8 Best Lawn Mowers in Australia

If you’re in the market for a lawn mower but don’t know where to start, here’s a buying guide and a list of the best lawn mowers currently available in Australia with petrol, electric and manual models, and for all budgets.

best lawn mower australia

If you’re one of the millions of Aussies with a lawn on their property, then you need a way of maintaining it so it looks neat and tidy year round. Lawn mowers are made just for the job and are one of the most important garden tools to have on hand, so it’s wise to make an informed decision on the best lawn mower for you.

With so many different varieties, types and models of lawn mowers available, it can be confusing, especially to a first time buyer.

Firstly, you want your lawn mower to reliably cut your lawn, but you also want it to suit you, your lifestyle and your lawn and property type as best as possible.

For example, if your backyard is predominantly a courtyard with just a small amount of lawn around the edges, the type of lawn mower you choose will be different to what you would choose if you had a much larger property covered with bumpy terrain.

Types of lawn mowers

Here’s a quick introduction to the main types of lawn mowers available on the market today which are all featured in our buying guide.

  • Petrol powered. Whilst you can expect to spend more time maintaining petrol powered lawn mowers, you can also expect them to run longer and more powerfully than electric mowers, making them the absolute best choice for very large lawns.
  • Corded electric. Requiring no petrol to operate, corded electric lawn mowers are lighter and easier to use and maintain than petrol powered mowers and will be much cheaper to purchase than battery powered electric mowers. One advantage is that the run time is practically unlimited as long as the power supply is maintained, which brings us to the next point - the length of the power cord. Unless you are lucky enough to have access to outdoor power points, it’s unlikely the cord will be long enough to reach every corner of any yard that isn’t very small. Extension cords can of course be used but be mindful of cord management so it doesn’t accidentally get caught up in the mower’s path.
  • Manual. If you only have a small lawn to maintain and want as little fuss and maintenance as possible, then a manual, unpowered lawn mower might be the best choice for you. Simply push along your lawn for precision cutting. Silent in operation, you’ll have happy neighbours all year round and, for better or for worse, using it requires a bit of a workout for you so you can get your exercise in whilst you mow your lawn.
  • Battery powered (cordless). Newer to the market are battery powered lawn mowers, marketed as the more environmentally friendly option. Easy to maintain, they are typically lightweight and compact, super easy for anyone to use and can be taken anywhere a corded mower can’t travel. Battery powered lawn mowers can be surprisingly powerful however they probably won’t be able to match the power of petrol operated mowers, and are best suited for small lawns in urban areas. Consider how long the battery will last on one charge and if this will be enough to cover your entire lawn.

Note: keep in mind that the battery is often sold separately to the lawn mower - look out for terms such as “skin only” or “shell” which indicate that the battery and its charger is not included. The battery itself can be quite expensive; in some cases almost as much as the lawn mower itself, and whilst it may very well end up paying for itself over time, be mindful of the combined upfront price.

The best lawn mowers to buy

Read on for our list of the best lawn mowers currently available in Australia to suit every need and budget.

Bosch ARM 37

1. Bosch ARM 37

Corded lawn mower with a super short grass length option

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This corded, electric lawn mower from trusted lawn mower brand Bosch cuts and collects reliably and efficiently simply by plugging in and pushing a button. Its intelligent design combines a powerful 1400W Powerdrive motor for a cleanly cut lawn with space saving features for no fuss, easy storage. Not only do the handles fold down twice, but the 40L grass box stacks neatly on top of the unit when not in use to really maximise your storage space.

The long, 10m power cable ensures you can cover every corner of your small backyard and the cleverly integrated grass combs allow you to cut close to the edge of your lawn neatly with no need for a separate lawn edger. The adjustable lever lets you choose grass height between a tiny 20 to a longer 70mm, however it may struggle if faced with particularly thick or unkempt grass.

Bosch’s signature ErgoFlex handles help to fight fatigue and pain from poor posture, encouraging a healthy working posture with multiple adjustment switches so you can tailor to your optimal level of comfort.

This is a great all rounder with fuss free operation for most urban backyards and we recommend the Bosch ARM 37 to those who don’t need the raw power (or hassle) of a petrol lawn mower but aren’t ready or don’t want to opt for a battery powered mower.

Giantz Lawn Mower Electric 40V

2. Giantz Lawn Mower Electric 40V

Twin lithium batteries power this super light mower perfect for smaller backyards

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This cordless, electric lawn mower is fitted with twin lithium batteries for a whopping 40V of power, and it’s quick 60 minute charge time ensures it’s ready for work when you need it, tackling bumpy terrain and even steep slopes with ease.

Super light to push, with some even comparing how easy it is to pushing a child’s toy lawn mower, you’ll have lawns of up to 300m² cut in no time, and is best suited to modest sized urban gardens. But no fear, the instant one push start is fitted with a childproof lock so you don’t need to worry about little hands getting into potentially dangerous situations.

Whilst the Giantz lawn mower doesn’t offer the longest battery life we have seen, you should get a solid 30 minutes out of each charge. Unlike many other battery powered lawn mowers, the batteries and charger come included in the package, making the Giantz the best value lawn mower in our list.

The side adjusting lever allows you to select from six grass height settings ranging from 25-75mm and the single premium alloy rotary blade gives a 34cm cutting width. A two-in-one model, either collect your clippings in the large 30L catcher bag to keep them off your freshly mowed lawn, or choose the rear discharge setting to reduce your workload with nothing to empty later.

With foldable handles, a carry handle for transportation and the entire unit weighing in at 12.5 kg, it’s no problem to store and move around the property for different jobs.

Powerblade 18"

3. Powerblade 18"

Quality steel deck encases a powerful, easy start engine with four-in-one versatility

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The best self propelled lawn mower in Australia is currently the Powerblade 18”, a petrol powered four-in-one lawn mower offering you versatility depending on your needs, powered by an easy start 175cc engine and featuring variable speed control. With mulch, catch, direct rear or side discharge options, this is a fabulous choice for a wide range of Aussie properties.

Four cross cut swing blades produce smooth, precision mowing and a whopping seven height settings are offered, adjustable via an easy each handle.

The 10” no puncture rear wheels handle any bumps and uneven ground with ease and the smaller, 7” front wheels are specially designed for quick, responsive maneuvering. The 45cm cutting width is one of the widest offerings of all our featured lawn mowers and is certainly a selling point if you have large areas of lawn to contend with.

The high grade, all steel deck and front bumper ensure that the Powerblade 18” looks and feels as sturdy as it is. Ergonomic, soft grip handles are a pleasure to hold and adjust and the accessible cup holders are a handy bonus.

Greenworks 24V

4. Greenworks 24V

Ultra lightweight and ideal for those who care about their carbon footprint

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EPA and Energy Star approved, Greenworks 24V is a cordless, electric mower ideal for the environmentally conscious, requiring 35% less energy than petrol powered lawn mowers. It’s compatible with either the 2Ah or 4Ah 24V battery which is sold separately and can be used with any other Greenworks power tools, providing ample power to handle most relatively flat urban backyards.

It features a 33cm cutting width and 30L grass catcher which is easy enough to remove and empty, as well as a safety key which must be engaged for the mower to work.

Arriving in its box disassembled into many parts, it’s a good idea to put aside plenty of time for assembly. It does come with assembly instructions in the box rather than needing to search for it online which we appreciate, however its intricate diagrams may be a little confusing to some.

Once put together, it’s sturdy, good looking and ultra lightweight at just 8.3kg thanks to the high quality plastic used to construct the body. Because of this, you’ll find it easy to push and manoeuvre around your lawn with a tight turning circle. Its padded handlebars adjust and fold down for easy storage and transportation so it’s easy to carry it from your backyard to your front and back again.

Bosch CityMower 18

5. Bosch CityMower 18

Our best electric lawn mower for everyday, urban use

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The best cordless lawn mower is the Bosch CityMower 18, a battery powered, lightweight model for effortless maintenance of urban lawns with a rotary blade cutting system and 31L grass box capacity.

With Bosch’s customisable ErgoFlex handles, it’s easy to maintain a comfortable and spine healthy posture whilst mowing without the strain and fatigue than you’d expect. Thanks to this as well as its light weight at just 9.9kg, the CityMower is easy to maneuver and steer and can handle garden lawns of up to 300m² with a 32cm cutting width.

The simple three step lever allows you to choose grass height with a range between 30-60mm, and grass combs make it convenient to mow near the edge and along walls and hedges for quick, neat results, eliminating the need for a separate lawn edger.

Although not included, the compatible, rechargeable 18V battery features an advanced battery management system to keep your mower running longer and stronger than ever. A full charge cycle takes 95 minutes to complete and best of all, it can be used with all of Bosch’s cordless systems, minimising both long term expense and inconvenience to you as well as environmental impact.

Ryobi 18V ONE+

6. Ryobi 18V ONE+

Perfect for quick jobs, smaller properties and urban lawns

Considered a light duty model suitable for gardeners of all abilities, Ryobi 18V ONE+ is an electric, cordless mower that can tackle lawns with grass length up to 10cm. Its compact size, with a 33cm deck width, makes storage super easy and whilst it probably doesn’t have the extra oomph required to handle large areas, it’s perfect for smaller lawns and nature strips, garden level apartments and townhouses.

It’s powered by the Ryobi 18V ONE+ battery, which you will need to purchase separately. This may seem like a hassle, but the battery is compatible with all ONE+ power tools so you can swap between jobs easily all with one battery. Over time, that’s less expense to you as well as less impact to the environment, which is a win in our book. When using the 5.0Ah battery (recommended for this model), the runtime is a short and sweet 30 minutes off one charge, and best suited best to smaller urban environments.

The extendable handlebar adjusts to comfortably suit all users and its operation is so simple and foolproof, it’s suitable for everyone to use, even beginners. It boasts a one push, instant start and saves you the hassles associated with petrol mowers, runs surprisingly quietly and is effortless to manoeuvre. There’s an easily adjustable grass height lever and a 35L catcher to make tidying up simple.

Baumr-AG 780SX

7. Baumr-AG 780SX

The best petrol lawn mower that will tackle large properties with ease

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Perfect for larger lawns, this advanced, self propelled petrol lawn mower delivers a high power output with an easy, efficient start. The air cooled 220cc engine powers the four high quality steel cross cut rotary blades for a quality finish every time.

With extra large, puncture proof wheels to easily tackle bumpy terrain, you’ll love how easily this mower glides over even the toughest lawns with minimal effort on your part. The handlebars are adjustable to seven heights for comfort and there’s even easy reach cup holders so you can keep hydrated on the job.

Baumr-AG 780SX boasts a generous cutting width of 45cm for quick work of larger lawns and adjustable cutting height with range between 25-75mm. Its ultra durable high grade steel bumper and deck feels sturdy without being overly heavy or clunky, and engine noise is quieter than you’d expect.

The excellent mulch function ensures ultra fine clippings that break down easily. It features a large 55L catcher, or for the convenience of no emptying, you can also choose from side or rear discharge - side is best for saving your shoes, whilst rear will make sure clippings stay off your garden beds and footpath.

Bosch Manual Garden Lawn Mower AHM 38G

8. Bosch Manual Garden Lawn Mower AHM 38G

Easy to push with clean results every time, this manual lawn mower ticks all the boxes

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This manual lawn mower will make quick work of small lawn areas. Our choice for best push mower, it’s ultra convenient and lightweight. Simply start pushing and the cylindrical five curved blades will get right to work delivering an even, clean cut right across your lawn - no ripping or pulling.

Designed specifically to cut grass as efficiently as possible without getting caught, the horizontally mounted blades cut against a fixed bottom blade which can be adjusted for a grass height between 15 and 43mm.

The large 25L grass catcher can be attached and detached as needed, and it’s compact enough to not get caught up between your feet when the mower is in use. Thanks to the large, high geared side wheels, this mower is easy to push and maneuver even on bumpy terrain, and offers impressive stability around tricky areas such as lawn edges and garden beds.

Weighing just 7.5 kg, you can keep this in your shed and pull out to use at a moment’s notice with no cords or batteries to contend with. It’s ideal for those with small lawns or nature strips who don’t need or want an electric or petrol powered mower yet still want to maintain a neat lawn with minimal fuss.

How to choose a lawn mower

Here we go through some of the common features you should think about when choosing the right lawn mower for you.

Cutting width and height. The wider the cutting width, the faster you will be able to mow your lawn, however mowers with wider cutting widths will also be larger in size. This could potentially make storing and transporting them more difficult. Ideally, the cutting height should be adjustable with several height settings, but certainly make sure it’s able to cut as short as you prefer, as some models struggle to cut to very short lengths.

Ease of use. Your lawn mower should be easy for you to maneuver and push in all environments you plan to use it in. Self propelled models are the ultimate, as they push themselves. For trickier terrain, look for large wheels which will handle bumps with ease.

Weight. Following on, lightweight lawn mowers will be easier to push, pack up, transport and store. On the flip side, lighter models may not have the oomph you require if you’ve got a large lawn to contend with.

Comfort. Ideally, the handlebars will be height adjustable for your comfort and spine health. Ergonomically designed handlebars are best, but look for models that have padded handlebars to reduce fatigue (and blisters!) over time.

Mulcher v grass box. Mulchers chop up the cut grass very finely and deposit them back onto the lawn, either to the side or the rear. Good mulchers will do this evenly so your lawn looks neat and tidy - there shouldn’t be any obvious clumps visible. A grass box, also called a grass catcher or collector, will simply collect the grass clippings inside a box which you need to empty after you’ve finished mowing. A grass box with a larger capacity will require less frequent emptying, and you probably won’t want to stop to empty it mid-mowing. Some lawn mowers give you the option to choose between mulch or grass box settings.