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6 Best Magnetic Window Cleaners to Wash Glass In and Out

Been searching for a smart way to keep both sides of your windows clean? Here’s the list of the best magnetic window cleaners on the market in Australia today, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying crystal clear windows.

best magnetic window cleaner australia

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Magnetic window cleaners, also known as magnetic glass cleaners, are an ingenious invention that allows you to achieve a professional clean on not just one, but both sides of your window or glass simultaneously.

No more balancing on ladders or roof gutters to reach the outside of your second floor windows, no more hiring expensive abseilers to clean the exterior windows of your top floor apartment. With a magnetic window cleaner, you can do it yourself conveniently from the safety and comfort of inside your home.

Designed to simplify the whole window cleaning process, it’s a one step process which washes, rinses and dries both sides of the glass all in the one swipe. Sounds almost too good to be true!

These cleaning tools are essential products for those of us who live in high rise apartments or have otherwise hard to reach windows and want to keep them clean ourselves. They’re the only safe way of cleaning the outside of high windows that are wider than your arm, and much easier too.

As they are compact and don’t take up much space, they’re easy to store in even the smallest apartment and are quick and easy to set up, use and put away again, so window cleaning doesn’t have to be quite the chore you expect it to be.

From single to double and even triple glazed windows, there’s a magnetic window cleaner to suit them all. The key to choosing the best magnetic window cleaner for you is to know the thickness of the glass you will be using it on as the magnet strength will vary between models to suit different window thicknesses.

Products designed for triple glazed windows will be much stronger than those designed for, say single glazed windows or car windscreens, and it’s important to choose the correct magnet for your window or glass type. In some instances, the strength of the magnet can be so great that it can actually damage or even break glass that is not thick enough.

Let’s now get into the details and see what are the best magnetic window cleaners to buy right now for every window type.

Tyroler Bright Tools The Glider D-4

 Best For Triple Glazing 

1. Tyroler Bright Tools The Glider D-4

The ultimate in magnetic window cleaners, adjustable to suit almost any window or glass

What we like
  • Adjustable magnetic control
  • Handles all different glass windows and thickness
  • Comes with 2 additional extra soft and absorbent cloths
  • Very powerful magnet
What could be better
  • Not budget-friendly
  • A bit fiddly on small windows
  • The Velcro patches are weak and can get torn
  • Not perfect when cleaning the edges

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We have selected the Glider D-4 from Tyroler Bright Tools as the best magnetic window cleaner available. For the ultimate in magnetic window cleaners and the absolute best for high rise apartments and other hard to reach windows, you can’t go past this tool.

This smart magnetic window cleaner is fitted with easy to use knobs for adjustable magnet strength to suit almost every glass window with a thickness between from 2-40 mm, ensuring it will work efficiently on almost any type of window, from single to double and every triple glazed.

Four ultra powerful magnets work hard to hold both parts of the unit together. Simply spray your favourite detergent on both sides of the window, hold the large piece on the inside of the window, place the small piece on the outside, and then twist the knobs to find the sweet spot where the two pieces hold together while you slide it across the glass with ease.

The custom design includes four hardworking squeegees to clean in all directions as well as two microfibre cloths to create a useful surface for cleaning, which are guaranteed for at least 300 washes for effortless cleaning and a streak free finish.

A generous 190cm safety string is attached to the outside part to catch it if it should accidentally fall.

Window Mates

2. Window Mates

This Aussie original boasts an extra large, extra absorbent sponge for a thorough clean

What we like
  • Australian made that guarantees streak-free
  • Cleans and dries both sides at once
  • Includes 2 extra sponges and 2 blades
  • Super strong magnet and safety cord attached
What could be better
  • Tricky to clean near the windows edges and corners
  • Does lose the grip sometimes

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The original magnetic window cleaner, this Australian made and owned product easily cleans single glazed windows and shower screens up to 10mm in thickness. The heavy duty frame encases the special magnets that hold the two pieces together as well as two large sponges for washing - simply add your choice of detergent and water and lather up for glasses cleaner than ever before!

Its unique design lets you wash and dry your windows in one clean movement for ultimate efficiency, however you can only use this window cleaner in one direction (the magnets will separate if used in the opposite direction), which is indicated by little arrows on the handle, so you might have to practice a little before you’re able to use it like a pro.

Extra sponges and rubber blades are included so you can replace the pieces as needed, as well as a safety string in case the outside piece becomes unstuck. Whilst not the strongest magnets available, the Window Mate will certainly do its job around the house.

The size of the unit is comparatively large so you could have some trouble fitting it into tight corners, however the obvious advantage to this is you can clean large areas of glass much faster than you would be able to with a smaller window cleaner and is our top choice for large windows.

Tyroler Bright Tools The Glider D-3

 Best For Double Glazing 

3. Tyroler Bright Tools The Glider D-3

Ideal for thick double glazing and exterior windows

What we like
  • Compatible with 20-28 mm thickness and double glass windows
  • Premium quality squeegee made with 100% natural rubber
  • Extremely strong magnet
  • Safety cord and 2 additional microfiber cloths
What could be better
  • Not great for corners due to the shape
  • Does fall off sometimes
  • Need practice to get used to and get the best result
  • Requires strength due to powerful magnet

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The Glider D-3 is the ideal window cleaner for glass thickness between 10-28mm, and the best magnetic window cleaner for double glazing. Perfect for those hard to reach windows of high rise apartments, multi level homes or even your office, the four rare earth magnets are guaranteed to maintain their strength time after time so you can be sure of a thorough clean.

All edges of the Glider D-3 feature 100% natural rubber blades so it can be used in all directions, and the included microfibre cloths provide a useful surface to trap dirt and grime as well as give a clean finish with absolutely no water marks.

So simple to use, simply remove after use, throw them in the wash and they’ll be good to go again; in fact, they are guaranteed to retain their top quality for at least 300 washes - that’s a lot of windows!

Tyroler Bright Tools The Glider D-2

4. Tyroler Bright Tools The Glider D-2

For single and double glazing, this will suit most household windows

What we like
  • Ideal for 8-18 mm thickness and double glazed windows
  • Prevents accidental drops with safety cord
  • 2 extra micro cloths
  • The magnet has a lot of strength
What could be better
  • Not easy for initial use and need some practice
  • Small contact between the cloth and the glass

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Tyroler Bright Tools Glider D-2 is perfect for single or double glazed windows between the thickness of 8-18mm. This highly rated cleaning tool is the result of years of vigorous testing and prototyping and is the perfect solution to clean every window spotlessly with minimum effort.

The rare earth magnets are the most powerful magnets made and will never lose their power or strength, so you can expect reliably smooth gliding and an even finish. Double sided squeegee technology offers the best in quick drying with no water marks left behind.

Both sides of the window or glass need to be quite wet for the smoothest results and it can take a bit of trial and error to begin with. You should also be mindful that there are no large areas of built up dirt or grime as this can affect the efficiency of the magnet. However, the extra long safety string will give you peace of mind; attached to the outside piece, simply loop the ring around your finger so you can catch it in case it falls.

Tyroler Bright Tools The Glider S-1

 Best For Cars 

5. Tyroler Bright Tools The Glider S-1

The best cleaner for thin glass and car windshields

What we like
  • Suitable for 2-8mm thickness and single glass windows
  • Includes 2 microfiber cloths for drying and shining
  • Outdoor part with strings for extra safety
  • Durable with a powerful magnet and a high-quality rubber
What could be better
  • String is short
  • The binding of the velcro to the magnetic base isn’t strong
  • Need to move slowly with strength so the 2 parts don’t come off
  • Tricky to get into the corners

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A great option for thinner windows and glass between 2-8mm in thickness, this hardworking little Glider S-1 is our best choice for use on car windows and windshields, shower screens and highrise single glazed windows.

Utilising its compact size efficiently, the microfibre cleaning pads take up all available surface space and can simply be thrown in the wash after use. They’re framed with 100% natural rubber latex blades which are promised to never wear out or need replacing. This is low maintenance at its best!

The two sides hold together securely with Tyroler’s four signature rare earth magnets which are guaranteed to never lose their power, resulting in an equally superior clean on both sides of the glass. The magnets provide good grip for almost no lag between the pieces even through a very wet microfibre pad.

It comes with a handy separator for safe storage and a long safety string for the outside piece in case it falls, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

lanliebao Magnetic Glass Wiper

6. Lanliebao Magnetic Glass Wiper

Corner friendly with an adjustable gear to suit the thickness of your glass

What we like
  • Comes with 5 different gears that suit various glass thicknesses
  • 6 cleaning clothes for 3 different purposes
  • Anti-drop knotted safety rope
  • Durable and high-quality materials
What could be better
  • For very large windows, the rope is not long enough

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The Lanlibao Magnetic Glass Wiper boasts a unique and compact triangular shape so you’ll be able to get in to clean every corner with ease. Armed with powerful internal magnets to lock the two sides together, enjoy a reliable clean on both sides of the glass.

Five gear adjustable magnet force lets you tailor this wiper to best suit the thickness of your glass. Due to the incredibly strong magnet force, this cleaning tool is unsuitable for glass that is less than 7.5cm thick but can comfortably handle glass thickness of up to 30mm which will make it a solid window cleaner for double glazing.

The textured cleaning cotton effectively washes as well as traps dirt and dust and itself is easy to remove for cleaning or replacing. Rated as high as car windscreen wiper blades, the all natural rubber latex squeegees dry windows perfectly and stand up to wear and tear.

For peace of mind, there’s a 2m long safety string in case of the outside part becoming unstuck as well as an anti pinch mechanism to avoid your fingers becoming trapped between the two pieces.

Simple to learn to use, take apart and clean, its small size of 16x14.5cm makes it more suitable for smaller windows rather than large areas.

Features of a good magnetic window cleaner

Here are the common features of magnetic window cleaners to look out for when making your choice.

Magnets. As noted above, the strength of the magnets should be appropriate to the thickness of the glass you intend to use the cleaner on. All the products listed in this guide will note the glass thickness the product has been tested for.

Cleansing pad. Frequently made of microfibre, which actively traps dirt and grime in its pores, cleansing pads are also frequently made of traditional sponges or cotton. Whatever the material, consider how you will wash and care for it, and whether or not it is easily replaceable. Also consider the size of the cleansing pad. Larger pads will clean larger areas of glass more quickly, however smaller pads might be better at getting into tight corners.

Squeegee blades. Responsible for drying your windows streak free, look for quality rubber blades that are situated at the edges of your window cleaner for the best clean.

Safety features. Safety strings or cords attach to the outside piece of your window cleaner and wrap around your wrist, so in the case the magnets separate you’ll be able to easily retrieve the outside piece. Another common safety feature to look out for is an anti pinch piece or column, which spaces the magnets apart so your fingers don’t accidentally become trapped between the strong magnets.

How to use magnetic window cleaners

As the name suggests, magnetic window cleaners work by strong magnets which work together to hold the two sides of the cleaner through the glass.

  • Simply prepare your cleaner by adding water and detergent to the cleansing pad as described in the instruction.
  • Hold the inside piece against the interior glass, the outside piece on the outside, and the magnets will lock the two pieces together.
  • Gently move the inside piece and the outside piece will move with it, cleaning both sides of the glass simultaneously.
  • It’s a good idea to start off slowly and gently to make sure the magnets stay together, but once you get the feel for it you’ll be cleaning windows in record time.